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12:15 PM
Hello, good mornnig !

Hey you who are reading, say only 1, to help the "New Brother".

What links (communities, books, movies, etc.) are "indispensable" for those who want to become a master in security?

@MagicHat there are none I would say are indispensable. No books will make you a master in security - it is about what you experience. Even a security degree from a university is the very beginning of your journey
Worth looking at any of the labs, as practice is better - eg CSX or OSCP
Idk, if some one ask that fo me about web developer i answer SO ! ;)

I gona say why, im from BR, here schools /university is wrost of the world(with single exceptions), and to much expansive, i learn 1 year in a university here, im learn to much more in SOpt(in 3 months, is like 2 yearrs in the classrom)... Is a simple context... Why i ask here...

Another example for things that marked like "indispensable" (i say that becouse i'm sure for each user here some things become special), if some one ask me about OS, Networks, my answer is only one special "TAnnembaum",,,
@RoryAlsop oh nice, i gona look that with patience..tks
12:37 PM
@MagicHat like I say, University would only be the start. I have hired people into infosec roles with degrees in Comp Sci, Music, Biology, PE - even no degree at all
@MagicHat ahh - well security is such a broad piece that would be impossible. You have crypto, privacy, networks, web apps, OS, cloud, authentication, role based access, monitoring and surveillance, behavioural analysis etc
And even Tanenbaum's book is really limited. It's a reasonable start point, but I wouldn't point anyone at it as an indispensable book as there are many better
@RoryAlsop Yeah, i think in first wolrd, education sholud be better of here (but im not weak, I do not create obstacles, I create bridges ), i think for some segments "autodidact" is a way, but i search for better ways to build an methodology for fast and deep learn, and so many articles say the diciple need a master...
@RoryAlsop Oh yeah, 7 layers.... I love 7... I dont know why, 7 follow me ever....
@RoryAlsop Realy:??? Say some fo me, i love new Authors, and if they are better of "TAnemmbaum", wow i want !
1:22 PM
@MagicHat Interesting - I've never really bothered with specific authors as most are too narrow. And any books I provide for my team are whatever is useful that time - and those change
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4:31 PM
Q: Can be Tor Colleration Attack used in court?

AriaSuppose I send death threats using Tor. Then, I send update again. Victim says it is me. Police checks logs on the server and at my ISP. The IP addresses do not match since I used Tor, but there's logged Tor traffic from my laptop which correlates with what was found on the server and at my ISP. ...

I'm wondering if this question can be migrated to its appropriate stack exchange site. It's an interesting question.
5:07 PM
Well, i dont read to much about security at now, but i think tests is best way, supported with techical knowledgment... With curiosity and perseverance...

I'll arrive there
5:37 PM
This popped up at the bottom of my Firefox just now: advocacy.mozilla.org/en-US/privacynotincluded. It might be of interest to some folks here.
5:49 PM
@defalt the only one that would vaguely consider it is Law.SE, but not in its current form. Closed as off topic
@RoryAlsop, might want to tell OP that.
@MagicHat Absolutely - I give lectures to uni students and schoolkids on careers in infosec, and the key thing I tell them is that there are a million paths into and through security as a career
6:05 PM
I might want to hear that lecture...
@RoryAlsop what are the requirements to accept migration of a question?
@defalt that is down to each individual site. We have a natural migration path to crypto, so etc., but not law. I left a comment about jurisdiction, but there could be others - best bet is to read their halp pages and tour, and read other posts there
halp pages, lol!
@NH. worth looking at on every site
not arguing.. spelling just cracked me up.
6:30 PM
@RoryAlsop This is true so many ways... Maybe infinit, who knows...

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