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12:29 AM
I completely forgot about the April 1st, I will try something tomorrow but I am afraid we have too little time to review and improve the writing :S (maybe you guys has already prepared something)
gotta run, by3!
2 hours later…
2:39 AM
Just a quick question: I'm running a recursive DNS, which is rate-limited to five queries per second to prevent DNS amplification attacks. I'm going to make this server public, so there will be a lot more DNS queries per second, but I still want to prevent DNS amplification. This is in my configuration:

rate-limit {
responses-per-second 5;
//other stuff below here that I won't paste into chat

Will that limit clients to five queries per second or will that limit _everyone_ to a collective maximum of five queries per second?
3:26 AM
@AustinBurk I think maybe your question would be just fine on SF.
I already tried, had a nice question set up too and _of course_ twenty-five minutes of stumbling through `man named`and Googling didn't give me the linked question when it was marked as a duplicate.

My question: http://serverfault.com/questions/585414/does-nameds-responses-per-second-rate-limit-option-limit-collective-queries-or
I deleted it but you should have enough rep to see it, looks like
@AustinBurk I do. In the question yours duplicated it gives you the answer: basically it limits the number of responses sent to each individual endpoint (not queries from!) to 5/sec.
eg. not a collective maximum

And the `window 5` line? I don't have that, maybe I should
I'm new to named
3:45 AM
@AustinBurk I meant to say identical responses, though the actual meaning of identical is itself specific. You should read the docs: kb.isc.org/getAttach/91/AA-00845/Bv9ARM.pdf
(that is a way better doc than the manpage for named or named.conf)
window I think is a bursting window? shrug
let's take a look
yes, window is the number of seconds for which quota can be banked.

Ah, before the client can send any more DNS queries
@AustinBurk wait up I'm writing a better answer on the dupe.
@FalconMomot At least mine looked nicer
What the heck??!
Dangit Host1Plus!
My VPS' internet connection likes to cut out every few weeks
It's not my fault
@AustinBurk Yes it is. Get a better host. :)
All my data's at Host1Plus

I signed onto their free vps service, my service got popular so I upgraded so they wouldn't kick me off
3:56 AM
@AustinBurk Erm, start getting the data out?
@TerryChia Yeah, and the system settings and apache, nginx, named, all those configs too
Set up just right...
@AustinBurk See, that's why those crap goes into chef/puppet/ansible scripts and into source control.
Except for iptables, I bought NAT support and it still doesn't let me do prerouting
@TerryChia Wat?
4:02 AM
@AustinBurk ?
@TerryChia I meant to look at my profile; I'm not really in any position to sign up for big expensive services; my own is costing me ~$140 a month already
@AustinBurk Dude, puppet is open source. So is chef and ansible. And $140/month for a VPS that loses internet connectivity every few weeks is ridiculous.
Errors since February 1st
@TerryChia nah, vps is only $8 a month plus the $10 I pay for backup 'slots' (2 of them), plus the NAT support and the extra IP address
Ignore the bit about the proxy, that's changing to DNS soon, hence my questions
And I run most everything through a company called Fastly
@TerryChia oh hey, not bad
A: Bind DNS rate-limit and values for responses-per-second and window

Falcon MomotYou should read the administrator reference manual for BIND 9.9. Basically, responses-per-second is the number of identical replies that can be sent to one single destination, per second. The definitions are tricky. A single destination is a block of network addresses, of the size configured i...

@AustinBurk Ehh, you are getting shafted on bandwidth charges from a reportedly shitty company. That's like EC2 level prices right there.
4:13 AM
Nonono, that's the cost from Fastly
I get 2TB transfer from Host1Plus a month, but the bandwidth is the terrible part
Fastly is amazing: everything works great, they have integration for all sorts of stuff, great APIs, and live statistics to boot
@AustinBurk Ah. Do you need CDN level services? They are very expensive.
@TerryChia Yeah
What's the service for anyway?
There's this app for Nintendo DSi called Flipnote Studio, and you could make flipbook animations and stuff
It's pretty great

Anyways, you used to be able to post your Flipnotes to Flipnote Hatena - http://flipnote.hatena.com - but (follow the link)
So I've reverse-engineered it and made my own
And I'm finishing my senior year at high school too
Tough stuff
Let's put it in perspective: A flipnote can be, at maximum, ~900KB.
I started the service February 1st...and there's been 1349.434GB b/w usage since then
Monetize it better... $100 a month out of your own pocket isn't really sustainable....
4:21 AM
I started selling T-shirts yesterday!
If that's is successful, then I'll accept people's offers to make more designs and have those made, move to one of those stores that are for paraphernalia re:Youtube videos and stuff
It's too bad I can't do advertisements
The DSi-side, which is what's most used, has a basic html rendering engine with no js, basic css, and proprietary image formats
I've been too busy to spend much time working on the regular website, and still figuring out how to clean up the raw audio from the flipnote
@TerryChia I should hit the hay anyways
Look at those statistics go! sudomemo.net
Alright, goodnight
3 hours later…
7:35 AM
@RoryAlsop yeah that's one of my sisters shots
Read "shorts" instead of "shots" ... Was wondering.
7:51 AM
@FEichinger heh no, photos not garments..
Punctuation is key as well, yes.
Anyone ever attempted using git programmatically for versioning files?
Not actively, no, but the system I'm working on does.
@FEichinger Interesting. How well does it work?
I have no idea, I don't come into contact with it too often.
7:56 AM
It struck me as a good way to get versioning and deltas for free if you are doing something like a file storage app for instance.
============================= 66131 passed, 65938 skipped in 760.12 seconds =============================
Blah, that's not good for my CPU.
8:24 AM
@TerryChia I used to run a team of programming gits that I was brute-forcing into versioning, does that count? :)
8:35 AM
That sentence took me longer to parse than I'm willing to admit.
8:50 AM
@FEichinger Took me longer to get rid of that position than I'm willing to admit too, was prolly the worst time I had in the IT industry ever. Imagine a team of developers in a medium-sized enterprise that didn't have an overview of what they're even doing and their memory lasting about a week long at best. It was ... Kafka-esque
9:20 AM
@TildalWave No. :)
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
@TerryChia Terry the merciless :)
It's a quiet Sunday ...
I guess everyone is not at PC's today, although I'd expect @AviD to perhaps be about..
I'm PC'ing today, 'cause I've damaged my knee so resting it at the moment
oh what did you do?
@TildalWave no idea, been doing a lot of walking lately, so I'm guessing either going up or down a hill I've twisted/pulled something.
not mega-bad but it seems to have been getting a bit worse, so resting it seems like an idea..
@RоryMcCune @ScottPack uses a Mac. ;)
@TerryChia yeah but those are just PCs with shiney shells these days
11:23 AM
@RoryAlsop probably uses an old mainframe.
@TerryChia steam-driven abacus IIRC
@RоryMcCune it's usually downhill that's the problem, you don't use trekking poles?
@TildalWave haven't been so far, but perhaps an idea.. some of the hills round here are quite steep and slippy..
@TildalWave "Trekking poles". Are those poles used by strippers in Star Trek?
@TerryChia OK hiking poles then :P
@RоryMcCune Did you put anything on your knees? I mean (since @Terry's around) some cream, not your wife LOL
11:28 AM
@TildalWave Heyyyyyyyy!
@TildalWave haven't yet, hadn't really thought about that, any recommendations?
and I don't mean whipped cream either
@RоryMcCune well for knees it's a bit tricky, best would be ones with MSM (methyl something something) in it like Bengay ... or alternatively, but only if you don't plan on moving much this week, vinegar soaked patches (mind that it'll soften your tendons and also bones tho, so you shouldn't stress them, but it does work)
@TildalWave cool ta might well try that :)
that "methyl something something" is according to Google methylsulfonylmethane .... I'm not remembering it LOL
2 hours later…
2:02 PM
@RоryMcCune I never much cared for the PC v. Macintosh thing. It only made sense when the IBM PC was actually a thing.
@ScottPack nah me neither really, I use all three main streams (windows/OSX/Linux) for different things..
@ScottPack BTW hows the new job going, you started yet?
I even just meant the terminology, but yeah I'm the same way. They're just tools man. Just like @TerryChia.
@RоryMcCune Aye, I started back on the 3rd.
@ScottPack wow time flies!
Tell me about it.
It's been going well. Most of it's been building out some foundational aspects.
cool. always takes time to settle in to new gigs I've found..
2:06 PM
So working on the automation systems and core infrastructure, provisioning, configuration management, logging, etc.
I figure I'm going to start with the SANS top 20 and work out from there. Most of that can be addressed with getting these things going. :)
sounds like it'll keep you pretty busy anyway...
@ScottPack Was that what they called your mom?
2:42 PM
@TerryChia what, Mrs. Pack?
Yeah, she received a terminal degree but not a doctorate, so it would be Mrs.
3:21 PM
"terminal degree" sounds pretty unhealthy
3:41 PM
Q: nginx webserver hardening

heinrich5991In the spirit of this question, how would one go to harden an nginx server, what are recommendations, best practices?

can someone please do something about this one ^ and its answers?
It's becoming a link exchange thread where answers are "this is too broad so I won't bother, but hey, here's a link you could read"
2 hours later…
5:56 PM
@RоryMcCune Was at the Scottish Tattoo convention with the kids. Was rather good!
My mate Alex won best large colour piece again
@RoryAlsop saw a couple of pics on FB looked awesome, flames and everything!
Flaming Rory sounds like a drink.
@RоryMcCune that girl with the flames and the almost there costume was awesome
@ScottPack it does - it must be so
@RoryAlsop was definitely an impressive look!
@RoryAlsop so does this mean your kids are getting into tattoos?
@RоryMcCune they have always been into them - but they aren't getting any until they are at least 25
5:59 PM
@RoryAlsop heh
@RoryAlsop Why 25?
@ScottPack It's much more than 18 - which is the legal age :-)
It's impossible to make a correct long term decision at 18 - tattoos require some thought if you aren't to end up regretting them
I remember a girl in high school getting a vine that encircled her belly button.
That's never going to go badly.
6:04 PM
@ScottPack hahaha - well, there is an outside chance that it will survive pregnancies and still look good at 60... but the odds aren't great
I should probably point out that she was a short and very fit cheerleader at the time.
Guys - those Mongo answers. The two have disclosed their affiliation, and they probably do have correct answers, but to me they seem less like answers with actual content, and more like 'follow the shiny link to our website'
@ScottPack mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sorry - got distracted for a second
It's fine, I get it.
I might just leave a comment on the mongo answers asking for more content and see what happens - and delete if they don't deliver the goods
seem reasonable
It also points out how unlikely the tattoo is to go well.
6:07 PM
link for those who haven't seen:
A: Encrypting with Mongo

Rob TurkFull disclosure, I am an employee of Gazzang, Inc a leader in big-data and cloud security applications based in Austin, TX. I'm hopeful that I can answer at least a part of your question. We have recently partnered with 10Gen to provide data security for their MongoDB customers. Our product zNcr...

A: Encrypting with Mongo

Dharshan SSL - To encrypt data in motion you need to use SSL. You need a special build of mongodb to enable SSL Encrypt data at rest - You can use volume encryption technologies like LUKS. Then your backups are encrypted as well if you use snapshots. At MongoDirector.com we can setup both SSL and disk ...

I commented the fuck out of that guy.
SO I see 3 flags on one and 2 flags on the other - I'm deleting them both :-)
Don't forget to mark my flags as useful and everyone else' as shite
@ScottPack hahahaha - for correct use of the Scottish word 'shite' I will do exactly that :-)
(or I would if I could)
right - spicy texan chicken time!
back later
Is Scottish use of shite different from standard British?
1 hour later…
7:27 PM
Standard British doesn't typically use the e on the end.
I call shenanigans. I hear "shite" from the English more frequently than I do the Scots.
How often do you "do" the Scots, exactly?
Oh, here's a bit of the slightly nsfw fire show
@FEichinger Not often enough.
@ScottPack pffffft - you flirt!
7:51 PM
@ScottPack I am not authorized to reply to this.
8:11 PM
@RoryAlsop Man, that nearly blew my head off, that loud it is LOL
@RoryAlsop You didn't read the new mod blog then did you? It's now possible to dismiss flags on same posts individually, not only in bulk like before
> Moderators are now able to provide separate resolutions for flags on the same post. When viewing a post with several flags, you can click on the individual flags in order to generate a pop-up for handling that specific flag. This will allow you to deal with situations where some flags are valid and others not, or instances where different manners of guidance must be given.
Ooh, didn't give me the option.
All the flags are on one line @tildal.
Didn't have the chance to try it out myself tho, so you're putting me in an awkward position, should I trust you or Grace? Hmmm....
8:30 PM
@TildalWave in this room you always trust the @rory :op
@RоryMcCune hehe fair enough
8:51 PM
I always blame mobile devices... In sure it will do as you say, on a proper machine.
9:49 PM
@Tildal - there's that offtopic question on space research over on Space.ex. Voted to close. you want me to flag it too? :-)
10:23 PM
@RoryAlsop neah I've dealt with it ... BTW, thanks for that flag on that Markov generator answer LOL
10:42 PM
saw a nice double iridium flare again, that's incredible, I didn't see any in years and now two times a double one in probably less than a fortnight's time
@TildalWave What's the ocassion?
@Krazer satellite flares, no special occasion just a clear night and me being bored off my tits
low orbit ones often fly in formation
11:24 PM
sounds relaxing

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