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8:10 PM
Such a boring room
That's more like it
2 hours later…
9:41 PM
For as wordy as you E&L folks tend to be this room is awful quiet.
all the election discussion is taking place over in the main room.
10:16 PM
Whelp, posted my answers. Cheers to all of the candidates. :)
11:13 PM
@FumbleFingers how do you intend on handling inconsistencies? Here you voted to close, and rather then offering any way you felt would improve it simply speak down towards the question as though its the most ridiculous, question that couldn't possibly get, "anything useful/correct"
Q: Does the term "Methodical" have a negative connotation associated with it?

RyanIt seems to me that the only times I hear the term Methodical in journalism/press are to describe negative people such as killers or psychopaths. I don't believe methodical inherently has a negative connotation but it seems society over time through its use in the media has given it one. Does M...

While here you leave an extensive answer to a similar question that received 48 upvotes, and 100 point bounty
A: Does "so called" have a negative connotation in English?

FumbleFingersIt's true that OED's first definition for so-called is just called or designated by that name, but the most recent citation for that "neutral" sense is 1863. So even though OED don't explicitly identify it as dated/out-of-fashion, that's what I would say. The "current" definition is... Called...

11:30 PM
@Ryan I think this is based on a false premise. If you could demonstrate factually that "methodical" is always or mostly used with killers and psychopaths, then this would be more convincing. As it reads now, it looks like you are making an assumption based on your experience.
In the other question, OP states that he was specifically warned against using the phrase because it had a negative connotation and provides other supporting evidence that demonstrates some thoughtfulness about his confusion.
11:53 PM
@KitFox my question is not about what I did wrong. Its about what candidates plan to do about inconsistencies. Its not like ANY of the people that voted to close gave the reason you just did and asked me to give some citations as to why I think this. Particularly when I see the most adamant one of those that spoke against the question running for moderator I think its fair to ask them how they feel they could do a better job being consistent.

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