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12:02 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 opened issues. 6 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 105, Bombs Used: 78, Moves Performed: 13509, New Users: 12
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11:53 AM
> This cropped up again, and when I found this issue I'd posted a while back, I thought it had bit me again. (It also made me miss @comintern again).

However, if you'll look at these two screen shots, it's not a `Get`/`Let` issue as identified above - the status bar indicates that they're both of type `variable:WebDownloaderStatus`, yet only one is being found and the other isn't. There are quite a number of places where `downloaderStatus` is referenced throughout the code, yet only 2 uses a
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12:55 PM
^♫In the issue 4848. If VBA is still alive...♫
1:42 PM
> It seems you are looking for a text search. The references of a parameter can never be the references of another variable, even if they happen to have the same name: they're not the same *symbol*. Find all references isn't looking at the text at all.
Now with that said when the commandbar says 10, clicking that button should be listing 10 items indeed. This does need attention.
1:54 PM
@Duga we need regex search/replace
@MathieuGuindon Does it have to be regex?
I think regex is great, but sometime we just want a simple search that gives a list of results. Unlike VBIDE's brain-dead F & R dialog... let's visit each result one by one, shall we?
@this I think the goal of that feature is a (regex )?search&replace
as long it replicate MZ-Tools', I'm happy.
@Duga I started with a text search trying to determine how many other occurrences of the string it had missed. I do get the difference between the token representing the variable in this method, and the parameter in other methods, but yeah, it does seem to be missing 8 or 9 variable tokens.
2:14 PM
@this regex is just the "how", the "what" remains "a text-based search" :)
but yeah when I say "regex search/replace" what I mean is "regex-enabled search/replace"
basically just a plain-text search would be kind of underwhelming, but then again if all that's missing is a checkbox to enable using regex, it's shippable too
I think that if it provides a grid of results that can be navigated to and reviewed in a list, it's already a big win even if it's not regex.
but agreed that regex is pretty important. Ditto for multiple line search/replace (!)
One thing we can improve over the MZ-tools' UI - providing a checkbox to indicate if this should be replaced or skipped. In MZ-Tools' version, you delete a line if you don't want this line to be included in the replacement. Kind of unintuitive and not everyone probably even know that they can even do that.
definitely checkboxes
and totally agreed, any search feature is better than well there's Ctrl+F/H, or there's this other add-in
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
I vote for full semantic search lol
when in doubt, overkill!
'TODO: Add Google search engine here
3:58 PM
update: potential exit strategy has turned into potential exit strategies ...all in the same firm. I might actually end up choosing my new team lol
should have done this a looooong time ago
4:23 PM
ok wth am I missing here?
> 'blackbox_initialize' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
"run blackbox_initialize" - like, sure, but it's not an executable
might be a issue with the path
e.g. not in right folder
or not in $PATH
@MathieuGuindon when the time comes, be sure to stock up on those purple velvet suits. They ain't cheap, ya know!
nah PATH is good, but I'm in GitCMD and need to be in MINGW64 I think
aka GitBash
wow I feel like 1991 learning DOS commands all over again
so it looks like I'm in %USERPROFILE% and I need to cd to a folder on another drive
A: Change drive in git bash for windows

JagratiIn order to navigate to a different drive just use cd /E/Study/Codes It will solve your problem.

3 mins ago, by Mathieu Guindon
wow I feel like 1991 learning DOS commands all over again
so much
whoo, it worked!
ok, blackbox initialized
4:42 PM
RE: CLI - Had the same feeling as I learned to use git.
It's already commenced: Wall-Mart --> Wall-Y-World --> Wall-E
I bet you that Wall-E writers totally wanted to work in WalMart but couldn't because of legal
Aside: I might be the only one but I never got how they leapt from Wal-Mart to Wally's World
(besides the obvious alliteration but that's all I see.... feels like a stretch for Mart => World)
Mart => Wart isn't too far off though
Mall Wart
now that makes more sense
it is a wart on the mall
4:55 PM
5:10 PM
#TIL appSettings can have a file attribute... this is exactly what I want! <appSettings file="secrets.config">
ok, some clean-up is in order first
> narrator: read the whole thing, Mat
damn, I didn't need blackbox for this
but with blackbox we can check-in ConnectionStrings.config into the repo so AppVeyor sees it... but it doesn't need to see it because I could just have the file uploaded on the web server and it just stays there... but wait no we want to be able to run it locally so it does have to be there, decrypted locally and encrypted in Git.
I just don't want the hassle of constantly needing to blackbox-encrypt/decrypt the connection strings and then forget once and push it to the repo and oops.
5:27 PM
so if the bus thing happens, and we put it on a new server, we can just use a new password and it'll work, right?
if we must have the original password, then that's a problem
if the bus thing happens someone somewhere needs to access the GD account.. I'd guess someone would be able to unlock my cellphone and access my browser with my account and all the credentials for everything (assuming it survives the bus thing ...now come to think of it I might need a better contingency plan)
@this with blackbox each user/admin/dev can register their own public key; assuming what I'm doing ends up working, the next step would be for you (?) to send me your public key so I can add you, and then a bus could come and you'd still be able to build, debug, and push to GitHub. If the CI is all configured, then just that would theoretically launch a web-deploy
@IvenBach That's exactly what I think of every time I see the number of vastly oversized people riding self-propelled chairs at wallyworld. (It's also what motivates me to get out and run most every day.)
@this I always ass-u-me'd it had something to do with National Lampoon's Vacation, since that's the Griswold's destination.
@MathieuGuindon you're not the only one with admin access to all the duck's things, are you? I thought Vogel or Hosch or someone else had it, too...
Maybe Comintern had it and took one for the team when they tried torturing it out of him?
5:44 PM
@FreeMan I have some access to some things, but not to GoDaddy or the social media
@FreeMan was it literally a big box retail? never seen that movie.
Seems like the best bus strategy is two part: A) stay the heck away from buses!!!, and 2) hand over a spare set of keys to someone trustworthy.
@this without reading the full article, this looks to be a decent summary. At least the first couple of lines were sufficient.
@FreeMan so it's a theme park.... which doesn't help to make sense of the abomination store-that-shalt-not-be-named
As noted, I ass-u-med that was the connection. When they arrive, it's shut down, looks horrible, and was a grand disappointment. That's pretty much how I feel every time the wife drags me into the mart-that-shan't-be-named, so I guess that reinforces the assumption for me.
6:18 PM
Q: Simple python COM server to expose scipy integration to VBA

GreedoI want to create a COM server to expose scipy to VBA code, as performing integration is kinda difficult and I don't know of any good VBA/COM libraries for this. My objectives are: As portable as possible Fast Maintainable Here's the python: # Requires C:\Users\...\anaconda3\Library\bin on the P...

6:36 PM
@QuackExchange should there be a tag?
ok so there should [eventually] be a tag, but not in this particular case, because the code under review is and the VBA/tB code is just for an example of what it looks like client-side.
7:28 PM
@QuackExchange there's that Mast diamond in comments!
7:58 PM
@BigBen /wave
8:16 PM
I can see that I have a lovely API when it requires me to manually spin up multiple threads just to use it.
one thread to actually perform the work and another to poll the status. I guess the concept of oh, I don't know, events were too hard.
and int he sample they even spin up a thread that does nothing.
9:06 PM
@QuackExchange o.O that beginner tag feels misplaced.
@IvenBach mumble mumble impostor syndrome mumble
And I thought I had it bad...
Maybe not. Beginner = " indicate that you are new to the language of your code"
10:13 PM
> Known conflicts have been resolved. Once this is merged it will permit me to move onto the next domino/PR #5731 and resolve it.
10:30 PM
11:22 PM
Anyone have any idea what a ....exe.depends file is? I tried to find more information but I'm getting bad results (it keeps wants me to look at depends.exe which is not what I am looking for, and then babble about make dependency files which is not that either)
11:37 PM
uh, iiuc, it's a way of pinning the versions of dependencies, for reproducible builds
as opposed to "I need somepackage.outthere" and getting whatever is current
and that's... exactly all I know about them.
I assumed that's what it did but I literally can't find the actual documentation about them....
My hunch is that if an .exe has a .depends file, it can't have a .config file, too but want to confirm that is the case.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck]: 1337 stars vs. [decalage2/oletools]: 1544 stars

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