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12:01 AM
[Zomis/Games] 3 commits. 1 issue comment. 10 additions. 3 deletions.
[Minesweeper] New Users: 2, Games Played: 41, Bombs Used: 35, Moves Performed: 5580
12:13 AM
3 hours later…
2:50 AM
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18363.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.12527.21594
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

The Code inspection flags 'On Error GoTo -1' as a NegativeLineNumber.
'On Error GoTo -1' is typically the best way to clear errors after they are handled.

**Expected behavior**
It should not flag these as an error.

**Additional context**
10 hours later…
1:09 PM
> While I agree this is a bug, it's not the bug you think it is.

First, it is entirely intentional that the code with `On Error GoTo -1` get flagged. However, it shouldn't have been the negative line number inspection that gets flagged. Instead, it should have been the On Error GoTo -1 inspection that gets flagged.

We actually want to catch both cases of negative line number and the `On Error GoTo -1` because those are quite obscure and undocumented. The negative line number is likely an
> Based on the info you provide, you use the stable release version. This bug has already been closed in PR #5594, which is part of a later prerelease.

It is basically a duplicate of #5544.
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
4:00 PM
Gonna love it when Microsoft get too clever for their own good. I had a few files that I needed to rename, so I selected one and proceed to rename it. I then fat-fingered, probably hit shift & alt or something, that I selected them all and ended up renaming them all, but they can't be all same names, so they got xxx (1).txt, xxx (2).txt and so on.
Unfortunately, ctrl + Z saved me and I could undo the operation but I honestly have no idea why they would allow mass rename of files....
Yeah I've done that before, annoying.
I very much doubt anyone wanted the mass renaming feature... :)
4:43 PM
A: Pandas Weird Date For 00:00?

Thomas KimberExcel is notorious for lying. It stores information in one form, but shows you an edited version that hides the truth, leading to situations like this. Worse, it frequently takes inputs entered in one form and fundamentally changes their meaning, corrupting data and causing millions in damages. I...

Obligatory downvote for the personal rant about Excel lol.
Change time to be in the format of 7.385 scoops of peanut butter for each 395 Oreo cookies. Not sure how he’s going to redefine date and time.
5:00 PM
Well, for one thing, we could make hours and days and months all divisible by 100.
100 seconds = 1 minute, 100 minute = 1 hour, 100 hour = 1 day, 100 day = 1 month, 100 months = 1 year. SIMPLE!
5:12 PM
@this #BlameMicrosoft
@BigBen ^
Eh I wouldn't #BlameMicrosoft on this one. I think it's well documented.
While I don't disagree with your rant, it is basically a rant and doesn't really answer the question. — FreeMan 8 mins ago
100% agree with this.
eh. I blame 'em for being "helpful" with basically no way to disable it, forcing people into elaborate gymnastics to avoid having the "helpfulness" break stuff.
IOW, Reagan had it wrong.
It should have been "The most terrifying phrase in English language is "I'm from Microsoft and I'm here to help."
Actually you know what. Substitute Microsoft with Big Tech. Works still.
He was fortunate to not have to deal with the Big Tech. We were more worried about the Big Bank and the Big Phone back then.
5:32 PM
And Big Government.
Frankly, they've all gotten worse since then.
My question is who's wagging the tail?!? Certainly not the dog....
5:51 PM
@this IIRC The Simpsons had that in an episode with base 10 for time. HHCIB to get used to?
So, kids, today you'll go to school at 08:00. Then again at 32:00, 56:00, 80:00 and so forth. You get to learn some extra math keeping your time!
It couldn't possibly be harder than remember that there are 8 oz in a pint, 2 pints in a quart 4 quarts in a gallon and 5240 feet in a mile.
^ I think those are right, but honestly, who knows for sure and why do we have to waste brain cells trying to keep all that straight???
@IvenBach "Hey, kids, it's tasty time with Uncle Iven!"
6:07 PM
It's 5280 feet in a mile lol.
and 16 oz in a pint
8 oz is a cup.
@BigBen I can only assume that some English fool who happened to have a golden thingy on his head really liked the number 5280.
@BigBen If you mean US pint, sure. Imperial has it 20 oz in a pint.
Oh of course.
Remind me to ask for an imperial pint of beer next time at the bar.
may not work, though. I think lot of people think that they are using imperial system in US when in fact it's slightly different from what we use here.
May have to ask for a British pint then explain why when you get the weird look from .... uh, philistines.
6:16 PM
@IvenBach Thank you for the edumcation. I now see that I was sorely mistaken and malicious in slandering a English king for having liked a number 5280. I will therefore correct my ways and clarify that it's actually that they really really like their barley seeds.
I believe the spelling is ed-juh-m-cation
6:32 PM
Particularly amusing that Imperial has local differences... 1 US gallon = 128 fl oz. 1 UK gallon = 160 fl oz.
I guess that's why American cars get such terrible mpg (well, that and the fact that they're all 5L V8s!)
I surmise that when our founding fathers gave ol'George a fond farewell, they decided they should change up the measurements to show how un-British they were?
haha yeah I guess so!
what you saying? they no longer all 5L V8s... mostly turbo'ed V4s with the odd V6.
well depending if it's a pickup or not tho
which kind of is surprising. If America's all about "the bigger the better", why did the founding father decide to shrink the size of each unit?
@BigBen Yeah, whatever. You've made my point for me... :/
@mansellan Well, my car has a German badge and was made in Mexico and has exactly 1/2 of a 5L V8. Oh, wait, it's 1/2 of a 5L an 5/8 of a V8...
6:53 PM
@FreeMan Guessing its from the VW/Audi group then, they have done V5s for a while.
Well done! Well, not so much on the "V", but definitely on the 5.
A5 = nice car.
VW Jetta. Little cousin, not too bad.
(straight 5)
Still nice car.
I think someone somewhere made an odd cylinder count V engine. Mostly to prove that it could be done.
7:12 PM
yep, that's what I was originally thinking of: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VR5_engine. They're actually reasonably common in the UK.
#TIL they never sold them in the US
7:26 PM
We never get the cool stuff. 7l V8s all day long, but V5? Naaaaah...
They did ship the W12 Phaeton over here, but who the heck was gonna spend $80k on a Volkswagon???
That's what 50+ years of marketing yourself as "the cheap car" gets ya
lol yeah. istr the bugatti veyron uses the same basic engine as the pheaton, just... modified a bit :-)
> **Rubberduck version information**

> Version
> OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19042.0, x64
> Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
> Host Version: 16.0.13628.20448
> Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

When Excel is in "Design Mode", all tests are skipped with the message:
> "Something went wrong when trying to run @ModuleInitialize. Module skipped."

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Add a TestModule.
2. Add a TestMethod.

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