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[Minesweeper] 29 Games Played. 24 Bombs Used. 4295 Moves Performed. 6 New Users
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 issue comments
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> Ok, so if I add button to the form on my local copy of the database (opened from the batch file) for <client>, will that right be to the master database?.....or is that something you need to
^ from my coworker and fellow "coder". Never mind that I've been telling him for the last 4+ years that we're using git for version management and that things need to go into Dev then be migrated to Prod.
Of course, this is probably the first change he's done in the last 4 years that I might not clobber by following the correct procedure.
On the bright side, he asked!
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@FreeMan, if you don't have a documented procedure for making updates then it's your fault.
I have a checklist that must be followed to release a new version because automation is limited in MSAccess landia.
Doing testing should be a step on the checklist. He knows to do testing, right?
test... what?
Yeah, not a lot of test cases written. Code still isn't all that testable. :(
With access, there is code hidden in GUI elements and such. You have to go press all the buttons yourself or set up an AutoIt script with a screen recorder but the effect is the same.
I'm planning on eventually migrating my DB to SQL and then rewriting the front end in C#. I have one big Access project I wrote from scratch and I'm not sure I would want to do it again. Maybe smaller things but this is getting out of hand.
The tool was originally made to replace a single piece of paper. However that paper represented a very complicated process which was not being captured. Turned out to be more complicated than everyone said it was.
7:23 PM
Wait, what? The initial specs weren't complete?
That never happens!
7:56 PM
> FWIW, Another path that reliably generates constantly spinning ducks.
1. Open Code Inspections window
2. Open Test Explorer
3. Run a single test or a group of tests.
4. Code Inspections window presents constantly spinning ducks after the test(s).

Work around:
1. Close Code Inspections window (Test Explorer can remain open or be closed)
2. Manually initiate a Parse using the 'Ready' button.
3. After the manually initiated Parse is finished. Open Code Inspections...all is well.
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> Version 2.5.2.x (debug)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19042.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.14527.20276
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

Declare As Explicit Type QuickFix applies `Variant` type to `String` variables where the variable is assigned a `String` with line continuations.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Given

Sub Test()
Dim testValue
testValue = "Hello " & _
End Sub

2. See flagged Code Inspection resu
8:49 PM
@Duga What the actual ... apparently the state update for the test explorer is a mess
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[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1468 stars vs. [decalage2/oletools] 1824 stars
I think StackOverflow should have a cryptocurrency to reward users. Turning your fake internet points in to an object of nebulous real world value. I saw this April fools joke and I wish it wasn't a joke: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/227363/…

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