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12:00 AM
[Zomis/Games] 2 commits. 111 additions. 103 deletions.
[Minesweeper] New Users: 7, Games Played: 137, Bombs Used: 91, Moves Performed: 19090
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11:20 AM
@Duga I'm curious why these are always "unknown branch"...
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4:53 PM
Hacktober is coming.
Don't forget to pick an open issue and submit one each week to claim your shirts.
5:25 PM
Something you might want to talk to Vogel/Mat about: for the setup code, they should split that into a bunch of extension methods over multiple files.
Then they can call each extension method, but most of the messy logic is off in different files.
Something like:


This might have been done already; not worked on RD in ages.

    This also indicates that we really should batch updates to the UI.

They might want to consider doing that with inspections too, TBH.
^ Hosch mentioned that to me the beginning of the month. Forgot about it till now.
5:46 PM
@IvenBach He's still alive? Glad to hear it. I miss the young chucker...
6:03 PM
^ I wondered if he was doing OK, consider last time we talked with him, he lives (lived?) in Minneapolis. Not exactly a best place to live given the recent events over last few months.
What is preferred:
1) Add functionality based on current how code currently is, even if it feels somewhat incorrect. Knowing you will correct it once it's in.
2) Refactor and change, as needed, preemptively before adding the feature.
I know the likelihood of #ItDepends answers is pretty high on this open ended question.
I've unit tested where I am aware there should be tests.
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8:25 PM
> When within a function return variableOrStatementToEvaluate --> ` functionName = variableOrStatementToEvaluate`
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11:39 PM

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