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@Duga I suspect the test will run fine. The issue is found by looking in the 'RD -> CodeInspections' to see a "Procedure Not Used" in the listing.
> You will want to add the following test(s) to the ones already present in `ProcedureNotUsedInspectionTests`:
public void ProcedureNotUsed_NoResultForTestRelatedMethods(string annotationText)
string inputCode =
ok, that makes a bit more sense. thanks for the clarification
12:16 AM
Btw, all of them fail.
12:38 AM
@BigBen 3x3 2D array made me think of a 9 element matrix lol
I was so confused
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1:42 AM
Hi folks. Anyone that is using Arrays in VBA? I'm trying to put a value in an array within 2-times nested dictionary and it just won't work. And if it does, it resets the alterady inserted values... Don't know what do I do wrong...
splittedItem = "1"
curKey = "SP_V1"; colIdx = 1
list(curKey)("Values") is a Ubound=24 1D Array
When I do list(curKey)("Values")(colIdx) = splittedItem it won't even insert the item.
When i do
varArr = list(curKey)("Values")
valArr(colIdx) = splittedItem then it insers the value just find into array position (colIdx). BUT when the colIdx is changed to 2 in the next iteration, when the line varArr = list(curKey)("Values") runs, I see in the watch window empty array...
Starting to think I don't have brains for that. Or understanding of VBA... Because in Python, I would have this in 5 minutes. VBA? 2 hours and nothing... :-/
Don't know why the arrays resets.
2:22 AM
So I tried to write a "test" sub... Still happening. That means there is something I don't know about VBA :-/
Anybody with free time to try to look at this or try to fix it? :-D
Sub TestNestedDictArray()

    Dim str1 As String: str1 = "01|02"
    Dim str2 As String: str2 = "01|02|03"

    Dim coll As Collection
    Set coll = New Collection
    coll.Add str1
    coll.Add str2

    ' RESULT should be
    ' list = {
    '   "Values": {
    '     "SP_V1" = ("01", "01", "")
    '     "SP_V2" = ("02", "02", "")
    '     "SP_V3" = ("", "", "03")
    '   }
    ' }

    Dim list As Scripting.Dictionary
    Set list = New Scripting.Dictionary

    Dim longest As Long
    longest = 3  ' from all strX longest split
2:36 AM
@SonGokussj4 collections want to work with objects, not with arrays
A: Populating collection with arrays

jtolleHmmm...the syntax looks legal enough without having VBA in front of me. Am I right that your problem is that your code "compiles" and executes without raising an error, but that the array in the collection never changes? If so, I think that's because your A.Item(1) might be returning a copy of th...

basically if you need a mutable nested data structure, you need a custom collection class
hm, thinking ArrayList might work for this
@SonGokussj4 huh that inner loop looks wrong:
    For Each splItem In splitted  ' splItem = "01"

        list(curKey)("Values")(colIdx + 1) = splItem

    Next splItem
Yeah, the result comment is wrong. If you mean that.
LHS of assignment is constant at every iteration
Should be
' list = {
'   "SP_V1" : {
'     "Values": ("01", "01", "")
'   }
'   "SP_V2" : {
'     "Values": = ("02", "02", "")
'   }
'   "SP_V3" = {
'     "Values": ("", "", "03")
'   }
' }
LHS? I don't think so. curKey is changing (SP_V1, SP_V2), colIdx too and splItem too.
only splItem is changing in that loop
list(curKey)("Values")(colIdx + 1) is overwritten by each iteration of splitted
Oh. ok. my mistake.
Sub TestNestedDictArray()

    Dim str1 As String: str1 = "01|02"
    Dim str2 As String: str2 = "01|02|03"

    Dim coll As Collection
    Set coll = New Collection
    coll.Add str1
    coll.Add str2

    ' RESULT should be
    ' list = {
    '   "SP_V1" : {
    '     "Values": ("01", "01", "")
    '   }
    '   "SP_V2" : {
    '     "Values": = ("02", "02", "")
    '   }
    '   "SP_V3" = {
    '     "Values": ("", "", "03")
    '   }
    ' }

    Dim list As Scripting.Dictionary
    Set list = New Scripting.Dictionary
2:55 AM
you can't mutate the array, it's read-only once it's in a collection
wait what lol
Sub test()
    Dim foo(1 To 5)
    foo(1) = 42
    mutate foo

    Dim i As Long
    For i = LBound(foo) To UBound(foo)
        Debug.Print foo(i)
End Sub

Private Sub mutate(ByRef arr As Variant)
    arr(1) = 10
End Sub
prints 10 as expected
now pass arr by value
Well yes. This is expected. I know (to a limit) what's the difference within functionality of byref { byval
But that doesn't have anything to do with your statement that arrays inside collections/dictionaries are immutable. If i'm not mistaken.
why dont you just put the strings into the array before you shove it into the collection?
if arrays are immutable once inside a collection, then that would be what i would do
that would basically save you from the 2nd for loop altogether
actually no it wouldnt
3:10 AM
or only Add the array after you've written to it
@jcrizk I'm thinking how to elegantly convert those ranges into arrays. I almost had it with collections with .add but there was a problem where the "next split" was longer and I didn't know how to tell the program to put it into X position instead of first or second...
I'm now looking into ListArrays. Didn't even know they existed. But they are behaving weirdly too.
what I'm saying is that you want to assign to list(curKey)("Values") once, not to list(curKey)("Values")(i)
actually list(curKey)("Values") returns a collection?
you want to add to that collection
basically, avoid dereferencing the container from the collection you're building
i.e. the For idx loop that's first, should be last
well the parent items should be added last, is what I mean
i think part of the problem is he's basically trying to do a matrix transpose in vba
which isn't all that hard to do, but it just requires some thought
i'll make a minimal example of what im talking about lol
3:28 AM
I thought of that but didn't occur to me how.
I tried to :add: but there was a problem "where" to add.
Well I'm nearly finished thanks to that ListArray :-) That's what was missing. I couldn't do "collection(3) = ..."
are arrays 0-based when created through functions like Split()?
Arrays - 0 base
Collections - 1 base
ListArrays - 0 base
when adding to ListBox - arrays - 1 base
It's idiotic.
3:46 AM
@MathieuGuindon: Thank your for the ListArrays. They did the job! Finally it works.
now I can go to sleep :D Waking up in 40 minutes :-D
Sub TestNestedDictArray()

    Dim arlist As Object
    Set arlist = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList")

    Dim str1 As String: str1 = "01|02"
    Dim str2 As String: str2 = "01|02|03"

    Dim coll As Collection
    Set coll = New Collection
    coll.Add str1
    coll.Add str2

    ' RESULT should be
    ' list = {
    '   "SP_V1" : {
    '     "Values": ("01", "01", "")
    '   }
    '   "SP_V2" : {
    '     "Values": = ("02", "02", "")
    '   }
    '   "SP_V3" = {
    '     "Values": ("", "03", "")
@SonGokussj4 someone must be in college :0
@MathieuGuindon what is the difference between a collection and an ArrayList?
@SonGokussj4 here's an algorithm that i think would also help you

Option Explicit

Public Sub TransposeExample()
Dim str1 As String: str1 = "01|16"
Dim str2 As String: str2 = "02|16"
Dim str3 As String: str3 = "03|16|0|80"
Dim strColl As Collection
Dim arrColl As Collection
Dim newColl As Collection
Dim arrLen As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim longest As Integer: longest = 4

Set newColl = New Collection
Set arrColl = New Collection
Set strColl = New Collection
strColl.Add str1
oh jesus lol i gotta reformat that
what are the magic symbols for entering code in chat if not backticks?
fixed font for multiline
option next to send butotn
oh i see it thanks
i almost said it right away :(
3:57 AM
@SonGokussj4 here's a better formatting for it lol

Option Explicit

Public Sub TransposeExample()
    Dim str1 As String: str1 = "01|16"
    Dim str2 As String: str2 = "02|16"
    Dim str3 As String: str3 = "03|16|0|80"
    Dim strColl As Collection
    Dim arrColl As Collection
    Dim newColl As Collection
    Dim arrLen As Integer
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim j As Integer
    Dim longest As Integer: longest = 4

    Set newColl = New Collection
    Set arrColl = New Collection
    Set strColl = New Collection
just remember fixed font is the whole message only
so send code block separate from regular chat if you want the regular chat to stand out
ah, so @ signs wont show up for others when using fixed font?
@jcrizk no it will, just i mean its easier to read like this
<code block line 1>
<code block line 2>
<code block line n>
i stumbled through several messages misformatting things before i figured it out lol
4:13 AM
oh dont worry
i'll definitely forget until the next time i need to do it
@SonGokussj4 anyways, if you look at the newColl variable in the locals window in that algorithm, you'll see that it populates the items how you wanted them to be populated
4:35 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme I would like to :-D Free time. But nah. I work 5 year already :-) And no. No free day today. The other way around. I've got training for SolidWorks API :-D
@jcrizk But they won't highlight. :-)
@jcrizk Thanks. I'll look into that throughout the day! :-)
@theVBE-it'srightforme And you can backtik some code
But when you `backtick` more lines
It `won't show` as code anymore
@SonGokussj4 solidworks hosts VBA?
@SonGokussj4 also yeah exactly
anyways i hope you had a restful nap :)
i would think it would have to. could you imagine manufacturers that have literally the same parts, but have like 2 dimensions that they just size up/down a million times?
oh i guess AutoCAD does too doesnt it
yeah that makes sense now that i think about it lol
i've only ever used creo and i know that it hosts vba
well that makes it three different cad software that we know do so clearly it is a thing
just didnt think about the utility for that class of software shame
4:49 AM
there are also dudes stuck in the 80s and think excel is the hottest tech since 2019
when was excel first released?
before i was born
i dont know how old u are ;)
lul i assume the same for me if it was the 80s
all you need to know is that im definitely younger than excel lol
sounds like that might not necessarily be saying a lot at this point
5:12 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme I'm awake 40 minut. Just got my second coffee before my trip :-D
> Would it make sense to make make a child annotation called something like "TestAnnotation" -> make those test cases the new annotation type -> exclude anything that's a "TestAnnotation" from the results?

I don't know exactly how all of the pieces work together at this point, so that's my initial thought of how to implement excluding those annotations from the results.
@theVBE-it'srightforme Yeah. solidvision.cz/registrace Well I'm not sure what language they will show us. I hope VB.NET or C# at least. But I don't have my hopes up. There were some problem where we just can't figure out how to write the script to do things fast. Hope it's not program fault but our and will learn how to write it better :-)
@theVBE-it'srightforme We are using this one at our work every day. beta-cae.com/ansa.htm and it's using Python. It's a blast to write scripts for that :-) Ansa - preprocessor, Meta - postprocessor, Komvos - computing.
just beware of huge programs built with dynamically-typed languages like python. they're nice for small stuff, but they get to be a huge headache to maintain. And this is coming from someone who has to work with giant Matlab repo every day at work.
7 hours later…
12:19 PM
@this Of course they do. Communism sounds absolutely fantastic on paper - that's why so many young Americans are so enthused about it to. (OK, Socialism, but it's just a short jump from there to Communism.) It's only after a decade or so in practice that the veneer wears off and you realize it's far worse than the capitalism that you just voted (or "revolted") yourself out of.
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
It seems that linked servers are the best only option for cross-server querying. What options are available if establishing a link is no permitted for "reasons" by the owners of one of the servers?
@FreeMan i will add a stipulation to the notion that people are pro-communism. offering adequate, if not minimal, access to necessities (the big four: food, water, shelter, & clothing) is not a socialist principle. it is considered the requirement for a republic, ensuring that the people of the republic are in a capacity to both understand and accept the rule of law (paraphrasing roman text with that statement). it's a significant jump from communism to socialism, both ideally and in reality
karl marx indicated that a true socialism could not be achieved in one generation due to the reality that people can only change so much; until all of those that supported the changed are dead and gone will the changed world be accepted as the true reality
lenin in fact took a marx quote, removed that section, and used that in in address to the soviet union, in support of the preceding years of oppression as necessary
@Cyril "access to necessities (the big four: food, water, shelter, & clothing)" is the big ticket that seem to be most missing in socialist or communist countries.
:53357565 not purely a socialist principle... forgot that word and only just cautght it
@FreeMan completely agreed. going back to "on paper" those are provided, but if everyone is equal, you need to keep power some way, correct? oppression is simpler than core-communism
In other words, everyone is equal--just equally oppressed.
everyone not in power*
2:09 PM
@FreeMan Options: 1) Query "other" db, write data to file, import into "this" db. 2) Establish separate db connections in code, query "other" db, get data into string, insert/update "this" db with string of data
@Hosch250 some are more equal than others.
@FreeMan lol, that's a much better way of stating
@FreeMan Note: "this" database, not "@this" database. ;)
@Cyril people complain about how the "rich people" oppress the "poor people" in a capitalist economy. What they fail to realize is that the "poor people" have an opportunity to become "rich" under capitalism. Under social/comun-ism that opportunity does not exist. You're a have or a have-not and you're stuck there.
@theVBE-it'srightforme Many CAD/CAE suites have scripting support one-way or another and Excel integration one way or another. SolidWorks, Altium, EPLAN, AutoCAD. If there is VBA support it's usually not 100%, but quite useful to know.
@FreeMan i wouldn't go as far as to say "does not exist," but I understand and concur with the sentiment of your statement. my above point was directed primarily at the "young Americans" aspect of your response to Ben's linked article and the "short jump" from communism to socialism, reflecting what was listed in Rome's Republic, a strong basis for the American government's system of representation
didn't someone 'round here have some sort of an ODBC/SQL wrapper class? I've done some searching on the hub of gits and don't seem to be able to find one. (my git-fu is arguably quite weak)
2:17 PM
@FreeMan codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/71420/… is all i could quickly find from the chat-log
@Cyril Ah, CR! I new I had seen something somewhere! I think this is the one I was thinking of. Looking through it now. Thanks for the reminder!
> What you could do is toame the annotation classes for tests inherit a marker interface `ITestAnnotation` and exclude all results with such an annotation from the results of the inspection.

You cannot make the test relevant annotations inherit from some new annotation class, since they are already on a different hierarchy.
np and glad to be of help
> What you could do is to make the annotation classes for tests inherit a marker interface `ITestAnnotation` and exclude all results with such an annotation from the results of the inspection.

You cannot make the test relevant annotations inherit from some new annotation class, since they are already on a different hierarchy.
2:54 PM
@Cyril it's weird reading "a short jump from communism to socialism" - I usually think of communism as more extreme form of socialism, so it should be "a short jump from socialism to communism"
@FreeMan #ItDepends
@this it's a weird concept, yes... looking at ideology, communism is more defined than socialism, but the outcome of communism would be pure socialist society (weird to quote Jonestown transcripts without referring to "drinking koolaid"... but here we are). on the contrary, transitioning towards either communism or socialism, specific to "young Americans", the move from capitalist republic to socialist republic to democratic socialism (essentially communism), is a pretty big leap
in either situation, socialistic principles are utilized to push both communism and pure-socialism, which i take as the key-point in your statement
so in reflection of the above and tying back to "communism to socialism", the current communist/socialist governments (this is the painful part as it teeters between ideology and government, which are distinctly different) implemented communism preceding socialism. so the level of oppression, etc., are incredible; you have lost the four-necessities (touching on Freeman's above point) and are trying to "leap" to socialism... which is pretty f'ing impossible
i'm trying to be mindful of person's who have differing opinions, but my last statement is pretty impartial. sorry ='/
3:13 PM
Here's the thing, I don't think "pure socialism" is a thing. As you said, communism, as an ideology is more defined than socialism which is basically a hodge-podge of good things we like from other ideologies, without the bad things we don't want from other ideologies. However, the more power you give to the government, and by necessity, you must for several socialistic principles to function, the more liable you are to end up with a corrupt and oppressive government.
@this #OfCourse...
I remember reading a point made by a famous author that has unfortunately slipped my memory but the gist was that you should be more afraid of the politicians who are doing it for your own good than you should be of the robber barons. The reasoning is that the politicians genuinely believe they are doing a good thing, a service to the people, and thus their conscience is not perturbed compared to a baron who wantonly oppress and plunder the people.
it's an ideological point, looking at the coined term "utopia"
@this your final sentence is the crux of the problem. Funny thing, though, is that's the argument that's being used in defense of socialism. "Those Christians/Republicans/Capitalists are trying to control you! Join us, we'll set you freeeee !!!!"
9 most terrifying words in the English language: "We're from the government, and we're here to help."
3:18 PM
my personal take is that nothing is free of corruption/manipulation for one's own gain. wasn't trying to impart my position on good/bad, but present a tangential point to a statement made
@this part of the apology on the "which is pretty f'ing impossible", pretty much my thoughts were exactly as you laid out in your final sentence
also, i'm racking my brain trying to remember who wrote abotu vanderbilt/rockafeller regarding the oligarchs versus politicians
might have a eureka moment later... not thinking of it
@this wanna delve deeper into that?
> We're from the government and we're here to help. Now go plow up those crops you were going to use to feed your children. - Roosevelt, New Deal
@Hosch250 Seriously? That reads too much like a satire of him.
My paraphrase, but that's what happened.
3:33 PM
@FreeMan the trouble is that I don't have enough context.
I've done both for different reasons
They made the laws deliberately so they would primarily affect the sharecroppers, which was most of the southern black community and a good number of whites. The rich people didn't have to sacrifice their crops.
For example, I might use Access as the tool to do cross-server querying where I cannot use linked server. Or simply pull data to the front-end if the data is going to end up staying in the front-end.
@this I guess really what it comes down to is instead of INSERT INTO thisDB.table SELECT x FROM thatDB.table, I have to SELECT FROM thatDB.table, hold the data somewhere, then INSERT INTO thisDB.table
Whether you do it with Access or SQL Server, heterogeneous query is definitely unfun and absurdly slow. Thus, just importing data usually might outperform the hetergeneous approach.
Sounds to me you're better off just bouncing the data over the filesystem between the two servers.
and I need to figure out the connection string to the Azure-based SQL Server
3:38 PM
"They" would be my hang-up on your statement. Which "they" are you referring?
Sharecropping, the concept of providing a portion of one's land to be farmed by another, whereupon that lord would receive a portion of what was produced. After that system was deemed "oppressive", some states put in place laws that indicated what percentage of "portion" was appropriate, while there was a latter federal law put in place to provide stipends for owned land. After the stipend bill came into effect, states began to push "pro-farmer" bills which required a portion of the stipend go to the farmer, no
Once I figure out the connection itself, there's no reason, though, that I cannot connect to both servers from the same VBA code, right? I just can't use them in the same query.
i'm looking primarily at mississippi and alabama, the only two states i've done any research regarding feudal systems related to post civil-war through jim crow era laws
postscript, that's also going off of recollection from about 15-20 years ago when i was in college
You can use them in Access (I did say it supports heterogeneous query). If you're using ADO, then yes, you can't do heterogeneous; you have to use DAO + Access engine.
When connecting in SSMS, this is the Authentication method I've gotta use:
which means that this is the connection string format I've got to use, right?
uh, if that's what they told you to use.
AAD requires configuration
(it says "Active Directory" but you should read "Azure Active Directory"
3:45 PM
and not this one
that'd be Active Directory - Integrated
again, assumes that your IT has configured your environment to work with AAD.
If they haven't, you just use SQL Server Authentication
that's how I have to connect with SSMS - using "Active Driectory - Password" authentication.
I'm just never sure of exactly what things are called, so I don't not for certain which of the 10 bajillion variations of connection string I need to use...
Of course, this means I have to have my password in code shudder or prompt to provide it at run time
If that is how it work, then you need to use the keyword Authentication=ActiveDirectoryPassword in your connection string
Note that requires you to use ODBC 17 or OLEDB 18.
thanks, and OK. tries to figure out which version of which he has.... oh
@Cyril They being the politicians, lobbied by the landowners.
3:52 PM
FDR, IMO, was one of the worst presidents ever because of his New Deal, his 4 terms, and his general management of WWII before we were officially involved--i.e. the lend/lease program. Not saying it was bad in itself, but it was expressly against what a large majority of the country wanted--he was running the US as if he was dictator.
Yet you would never hear a bad word about him in the school.
@Hosch250 one thing i've never looked to read about... what was senate/congress doing at the time of FDR? guess i could see what kind of books pop-up for that topic. i have read a little on the checks and balances system during that presidency and the amount of "precedence" set for use of executive orders, etc., for circumventing that system
I've picked up this much from reading (auto)biographies.
3:57 PM
they always portray him as some kind of saint. It's not until you really get into college or reading good history books outside the school that you get to know who he was.
@Cyril Partially being lazy, probably a lot of infighting between the parties just like today.
As you evidently found out -- what made you want to go and find out?
I didn't try to find out.
I first got some glimpses of it reading a series of biographies by a black women about her ancestors growing up.
@Cyril That's the main weakness, IMO. The congress is habitually paralyzed and for that reason, presidents get much better images of being the benevolent and steady leader who rose to the crisis.
Then I started picking up more clues from other (auto)biographies from the 30s.
3:59 PM
If you look at the recent history of past presidents, they've gotten away with many new level of powers that has been never returned.
Then I got curious and started looking at specific policies and the fights he had to get them implemented.
Like the "emergency powers" for dealing with war conflicts or sending troops on a peacekeeping missions.
@this history books are written by the winners... i will say that back in the bush sr days my history teacher was pretty outspoken about executive orders and the gulf war, so we got some interesting tirades regarding LBJ, FDR, and the like
For example, he was unable to get the New Deal passed until he threatened to pack the court.
@Cyril I hate executive orders. From what I gather, they were barely used until the Civil war with Lincoln, and then they just got more and more and more prevalent.
IIRC, ever president since Lincoln has used more than their predecessor.
FTR, some point to Lincoln as the first big bad guy of abusive presidents.
4:02 PM
Yep, I've seen that.
@Hosch250 with the exception of garfield, i believe!
bad joke? lol
> I don’t like C# either, mostly because of the horrible documentation.
Had to see about a list of executive order counts: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
@Hosch250 x2
@Cyril 3K from FDR....
That bullying was legit.
4:07 PM
and with that, the later presidents seems not so bad in comparison. But that's a crappy comparison, since you can see that earlier presidents were in only one or two digits.
Grant was probably shocking at the time with c.200.
@this My understanding was Franklin Pierce was considered one of the first "bad guys" in office, by his contemporaries. he pissed off a LOT of people doing things that are still being fought over today
e.g., equal rights
And IIRC, a number of those were about reversing the reconstruction and giving the southern states and soldiers full statehood/citizenship again.
@Hosch250 yeah, which was much higher than Lincoln.
@Hosch250 I'm trying to remember which wars were occuring during each presidency for POR
4:10 PM
And then you get another big spike for T. Roosevelt.
@Cyril interesting. TBH, I know very little about presidents after James Monroe and before Lincoln. They were barely mentioned, if at all.
That was during the trust busting age and when they were first setting up the parks.
Grant followed up Andrew Jackson... who abused the F out of things, so I can imagine that Grant spent a bit of time with advisors drafting EOs to counter some of those antics until laws could be passed
oh my. I just realized now there's 2 Andrews.
I was about to tell you that it's impossible since Andrew Jackson was the 5th president
Johnson and Jackson?
4:12 PM
Yeah, I conflated the last name. :(
Yeah, Johnson was the one before Grant :)
@this i know most of my information from children, tbh. kids getting assigned presidents to report on, goign to their library to find books, talking to them about what they read
read "Andrew J" and stopped.
Jackson was the #7.
Johnson was #17.
need more caffeine.
4:13 PM
...doh, i f'd that up haha
so grant was after Johnson, not jackson, and cleaning up a lot of the abuses, tmk
johnson was hardcore anti-integration and put actions in place to make certain that people would not be seen as equal
T. Roosevelt's stuff seem to mostly be amending civil service regulations and putting people in places without examinations.
and grant was all "i just want more people to fight in the army" so he had to curtail all of the BS that accompanied Johnson's misuse of executive power
I like how that Garfield went down to only 6 EO.
he was in office for like 6 months
well, that makes him even better!
4:16 PM
need more do-nothings like him
Which might well have been part of the trust busting and breaking up cliques.
@Cyril He was in the hospital for 1 of them, IIRC.
@this i like that his "per year" is at 11
so he did almost all EO's in the first 4 months haha
so... looking up presidents and whatnot... i'm having a very productive day (i do have a lot to do, but man if this isn't more interesting)
oh, from the wiki, regarding A. Johnson:
"Johnson implemented his own form of Presidential Reconstruction – a series of proclamations directing the seceded states to hold conventions and elections to reform their civil governments.
When Southern states returned many of their old leaders, and passed Black Codes to deprive the freedmen of many civil liberties, Congressional Republicans refused to seat legislators from those states and advanced legislation to overrule the Southern actions. Johnson vetoed their bills, and Congressional Republicans overrode him, setting a pattern for the remainder of his presidency."
and did not know it, but yeah... regarded as the worst president in US history
Funny, for the first several years, T. Roosevelt specialized in reconstructing the civil service rules. Then there was a series of foreign administration changes (Midway Is., Panama Canal, etc). Then in his last years, it was mostly parks and stuff.
you're forgetting that the teddy bear was quite a warmonger.
4:22 PM
Restructuring military lands, creating parks, setting aside land for telegraph lines and lighthouses, restructuring (often additions to) reservations.
No, I'm not. Most of those were in his middle years, from a quick scan on Wiki.
@Hosch250 i will semi-misquote him... "business before pleasure, but never forget that ensuring those pleasures survive is an appropriate business" he then went on to set aside land for national parks refering to "reverence of the beauty is the greatest pleasure"
The Midway Is., Panama Canal, etc.
@Cyril come to think I can't think of a time where Congress had 2/3 majority to veto or override presdient in recent past.
@this that two-party system really makes it hard
I'm thinking of Spanish American war.
IIRC there were actions in Mexico and Cuba and probably few more islands
IMO, the teddy was first president to make America really imperial.
4:25 PM
@this He wasn't president then. He was in active service for that.
@this Yes. That's his major flaw.
@this That was the time of Pancho Villa? Or was that under Wilson?
Ah yes, I see - William McKinley actually presided over that but Roosevelt was the secretary.
Looks like Cuba independence happened first then Mexico in the next decade
There was the Panama Canal issue under him, and IIRC some fighting in the Philippines.
@Cyril granted but IINM, we had 2 party for the most of the country's life - the name of parties has had changed but it was mainly 2 parties, I think.
That said, one thing I understand is that within the party, things were much more fractured and tumultuous compared to today where they do much better job at making their peons toe the line.
I would say that other parties and splinter parties were more prevalent before WWII
whigs, federalists, bull-moose, etc.
Consider the primaries in recent few elections --- it's common to have a presumptive nominee several months before the actual convention happened.
In the 19th century, it was more common to enter the convention with no idea who will be the nominee and thus brokered conventions was more common.
4:35 PM
splinter groups, example "new federalists", helped to swing votes. since wwii, the party-centric focus became engrained
e.g., the issue people have with mcconnel, where he controls what goes to senate as the "majority leader" was pushed after wwii because of FDR and agreement of a majority leader and the president
@Cyril but they are just like today's Green, Constitutions, Independents, or Libertarians, etc ...
@this to an extent; those each started as splinter groups, and being in a splinter group was supported by both the existing party and the opposing party, presenting alignment for the represented persons
hence the "new federalists" comment
as a major party can 100% prevent something from being seen, party has become more important than representation
Seems to me we're saying the same thing essentially - the major party has become better at consolidating itself and keeping everyone organized
and in the process polarize the election so that we end up with 2 most lamest candidates they can field.
that's why I don't think we'll ever see say, Paul v. Sanders.
but rather Clinton v. Trump
@this copy; was focusing on why, since the last time 2/3 veto, it hasn't occurred. we're in alignment
was more describing how that could even occur back in the day, alluding to your point about the current polarization
@Hosch250 hey, maybe you know a bit more than I do RE: WPF. I have this code:
        public static void ChangeTheme(string theme)

            // merge in the resource dictionary
                    new Uri($"/Rubberduck.Core;component/UI/Styles/{theme}{(theme.ToLowerInvariant().EndsWith("theme") ? string.Empty : "theme")}.xaml",
                    UriKind.Relative)) as ResourceDictionary);
This works initially; the correct theme get loaded. However, when that code is called again, the theme do get changed but only for newly drawn contents. For toolwindows that are already open, it still has the old theme.
I already tried adding InvalidateLayout() and UpdateLayout() on all windows, didn't make a difference. Any idea why it might not responding to the request to change?
Mind, all have DynamicResource binding so it should be doing so at runtime.
4:49 PM
Well, I'm not 100% sure, but my guess is it's holding onto a copy of the old resource.
So you change it, but it's not seeing the change.
That's what puzzles me - it's should be all coming from the application's resource dictionary; I removed all the references to the theme XAML files in various XAML files.
Might be some copying going on. Or maybe it just plain isn't redrawing things because it doesn't see any changes.
Even when you ask it to redraw, there's a good chance it uses cached children, or something.
great. I guess I just need to find the manual override button.
5:09 PM
Anyone here remotely familiar with docker?
I'm having trouble with it :(
Specifically, I'm having trouble with getting two containers to connect.
I ran this command:
docker run --rm   --name pg-docker -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=docker -d -p 5432:5432 -v ~/Documents/my/volume/path  postgres
To load a postgres DB.
Then, I built an image from my ASP.NET Core source.
Then, I tried to connect to the DB and run a migration at runtime with a specific endpoint on my web app, and it fails to connect. I get the same issue when I just try to connect and pull data--it's a failure to connect, not a schema mismatch.
Here's how I'm running the web app:
sudo docker container run --rm -p 44380:80 my:tag
I leave the -d flag off so I can watch the logs.
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that's pretty funny
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