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[Minesweeper] Games Played: 113, Bombs Used: 71, Moves Performed: 14360, New Users: 12
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 5 issue comments
12:23 AM
why does designer love to yell The component 'Rubberduck.UI.Controls.LinkButton' does not have a resource identified by the URI '/Rubberduck.Core;V2.5.0;component/ui/controls/linkbutton.xaml'?
If I load the control itself, it's OK.
It's only when I load it through another control (e.g. Code explorer's xaml), it freaks out
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2:07 AM
@this Burninate it with fire nuked from orbit!
Would you like mustard and ketchup to go with it?
@MathieuGuindon is the language change supposed to work everywhere and immediately?
hmm looks like it's always like that - doesn't change language everywhere it ought to. I thought it was fixed but apparently not.
2:23 AM
@this aye, I noticed some inspection results are still Frenglish for some reason.
i had forgot to test that before I made the change so stashed the changes to verify it was in next, so I know that my changes didn't break something.
oh no, it's been like that for a long time!
no worries :)
I'm using an instance of WPF's Application and it seems to let me replace the existing Dispatcher.CurrentDispacther.Thread.CultureInfo with Application.Dispatcher.Thread.CultureInfo
However, I think I need to have the Application stay alive even if the addin get unloaded, based on the answers in this SO thread
Looks like just simply not shutting down the application get the same behavior we had, good.
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12:08 PM
@this a bit of brown mustard and a slice of Provolone cheese might make it tolerable...
@Duga wait... didn't you just do that?
Duga: I heard you're indecisive, darwinaliasoft
darwinalisoft: No, not really. Well, maybe, a bit. Wait, no, no I'm not! Umm... I'm not sure...
Ran into an issue with my production data load yesterday morning. I worked around it to get data loaded yesterday, but today, I'd like to nail down the issue and have a programmatic workaround if possible.
I issued my REST call and got some XML data back. Fed it into the stored procedure as normal and got this back
> Source: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0 Error Num: -2147217900 Description: XML parsing: line 1788, character 16, incorrect CDATA section syntax
I just pulled the data from yesterday again (by hand) and looking at line 1788 of the XML, I see this:
> <customer_id>30177</customer_id>
Character 16 is the > in <customer_id>
?asc(">") ->> 62
which, according to asciitable.com is a legit >, not some funky unicode character that only looks like a greater than sign.
Any idea why SQL Server would complain that a closing > is (or creates, or... whatever) an incorrect CDATA section?
The line above it is <globalId><![CDATA[b4fe957761520a39c0ac8d93a5617f66eeaddcdb4b08b387c9bbe7436ad05d31]]></globalId> which looks like a validly formed CDATA to me
and the line below is <account></account> which doesn't have a CDATA section either
^all 3 lines together for simplicity
Of course, some better error handling will allow me to trap errors like this then decide if I wanna continue processing or abort, instead of failing to catch the error until much higher up the call tree, logging and bailing...
1:23 PM
Also, @MathieuGuindon didn't you (or someone) have a database/ODBC wrapper class somewhere on GH?
I've been rummaging this morning and haven't come up with anything. :/
1:54 PM
@this i thought it was possible to change the settings of the Editor Format with a theme? E.g., the "foreground", "background", and "indicator" for Normal Text. I have seen the VBIDE accept some application colors, but the actual color of the modules, normal text, comments, keywords, etc., would still need to be set via a theme or individual settings
i believe you can download themes individually, to allow you to have editor format colors that aren't standard, but just providing a theme option using the standard colors could/would be nice, because going through and individually changing kind of sucks
i remember the first time i did it i had to make many adjustments to keep straight which was a "keyword" compared to "identifier"
now i'm working wiht black background with hot pink keywords and white indicators, where normal text is green... much more visually appeasing to sit in front of for hours compared to the white background wiht black text
i havne't figured out how to change the color of the dock background/text
2:26 PM
Getting there:
@Cyril I don't believe that is customizable. It follows Windows theme.
@FreeMan if you put those into a new nvarchar variable ,then cast it to xml, and it doesn't complain then the error is somewhere.
2:41 PM
@this i see that tool all the time and have no idea what it is... what're you capturing video with?
used Flashback Express, then online mp4-gif converter.
ahh; i was wondering if there was something native to windows that they put in
@this that was part of the much larger XML dataset that was passed in as nvarchar(max) then SET @xmlStream = CAST(@inputStream as xml) and @xmlStream is what was chewed on as it was inserted into #TempTable.
I know, my point is that if those line don't error in a small xml document, then it indicates that the error is somewhere else.
thoughts on where else it might be?
nothing programatically has changed.
oh... somewhere else in the XML stream.
brain's been working another issue for the last hour or so
2:47 PM
My thought is that there's a misformed CDATA earlier and that character was just the point where the parser threw up its hands.
ah, earlier. that makes sense.
It appears that a CDATA block should be <tag><!CDATA[the text]]></tag> is that the correct formatting?
is any text allowed between the inner [] or are there characters (other than a ]) that would need to be escaped?
I've got a Same day/next day in a CDATA section, would the / be throwing it off?
nah, couldn't be, have lot's of those in places I'd have had them before...
I don't think so. The only thing you can't have in a CDATA is the ]]>
which also implies that nested CDATA is a no-no
according to this they don't have to be escaped in the CDATA
weird. looking at it I don't see anything that's obviously malformed. Unless, of course, there is some weird unicode character in there that looks like English but isn't.
but, even at that, since it's an nvarchar CAST to XML, SQL Server ought to handle even unicode, should it not?
I believe this is property versus function. debug.print now() will return a system setting formatted date, which is a property inherited by Excel. If I use a native function, without specific formatting, I will get the standard English output. The use of worksheet.function in VBA is being treated as referring to the standard Excel format, not the same as being in a worksheet and using the format. — Cyril 2 mins ago
that is in relation to local returns versus english returns for things like format "ddddd"
I think that's a solid foundation, property versus function, as to when excel chooses which to display. Does that hold water with anyone else?
@FreeMan unicode shouldn't be the issue. Pretty sure you're not looking for a funky character but for a malformed CDATA.
@Cyril I stumbled on that because when the author says "function", the author means the functions used in Excel formulas, and not VBA functions, right?
from the post:

Debug.Print Format(Date, "dddd") 'output: vrijdag
Debug.Print [TEXT(TODAY(),"dddd")] 'output: Friday
Debug.Print WorksheetFunction.Text(Date, "dddd") 'output: Friday
so fucntions referenced in VBA, be it native or worksheet.function
my last sentence is pretty pertinent, as I can use the text() function in the worksheet and get another language, but not within VBA
#TIL you can write excel formula directly in VBA
with appropriate application references***
3:10 PM
Anyway, I am presuming that your Excel is non-english
MS basically did a half-assed job w/ globalization; the user-facing stuff are localizable but VBA stuff aren't.
mine is english, the person posting is dutch. i changed my system settings to french to test it and was able to verify
i would have chose dutch to be like for like, but i'd never be able to change it back because i can't read the prompts haha
yay for JvdV and Dutch questions :-)
@this the part that is killing me is the Evaluate reference ([])... i can't explain that part, jus tthe worksheet function and the format parts
@this All the ones I've looked at were most definitely of the form <tag><!CDATA[the text]]></tag>. I suppose that there could be a missing > or </ or something somewhere that's getting the parser out of sync.
the weirdest part is that it failed when called programmatically, but worked just fine when I pasted the data into a modified version of the CREATE PROC code.
that's the part that sorta had me thinking funky character. Maybe something VBA couldn't properly handle.
@BigBen ask and you shall receive!
3:17 PM
Yet, I simply executed a LogManager.Log statement in the immediate window to get the entire returned string into my log, opened the log with N++ and pasted the results into SSMS...
and, the translation through N++ may have cleaned something up.
@FreeMan were you able to test with StrConv() to see what is the unicode references for each character?
3 hours ago, by FreeMan
?asc(">") ->> 62
you can use a byte array, capture your string, returning the unicode references and also printing the asc() of the byte array
but not StrConv()
with the > copied directly from the returned string (not typed in by hand)
that would allow you to verify if a particular character is being interpreted.
3:44 PM
> Participating on this stack, these days, feels a lot like going to an amusement park and walking out of the bathroom, only to realize that they've closed up shop...the lights are still on but everyone is gone and the last bus is leaving.
3:55 PM
@FreeMan which stack?
narrator: all of them
stay tuned; they're going to announce new name: Stack underflow
@MathieuGuindon *It was about that time that Andy decided Shawshank was not for him
@Cyril wasn't it as soon as he set his foot in the jail?
Also, it's good thing he wasn't a Shaw or he'd have gotten shanked. (or is it Shaw that gets to shank everyone else? hmmm)
i believe that was the line before he started putting his plan in action to move the shoes, etc.
i can't remember who died that caused that (it's been ages since i've seen that movie)
4:20 PM
@MathieuGuindon yup
photography fixed link to the right question
I thought it was quite a nice analogy.
I was reading photo.stackexchange.com/questions/95012/… and was really, really confused... lol
my work here is done
woot, confirmed: yesterday's SqlException was because I was passing a SqlConnection to sub-components, which themselves passed that connection to sub-components, which themselves...
@FreeMan making a Kodak moment, eh?
@Cyril same!
4:27 PM
in seeing that there is a photography stack (did not know before freeman posted that), i had no idea how many stacks SE was holding...
@MathieuGuindon we all leak abstractions....
@Cyril over 100
pardon the relation (some folks hate reddit), but it's like SE is reddit's little brother, but without the browse subreddits feature
yeah, meta has some links to active, but the specific sites don't seem to link back up...
I'm liking reddit more and more tbh
i've been a user for quite a while; some of the subreddits are pretty solid (particularly the math and physics subreddits)
4:31 PM
and without moderators and a caring community, SE/SO is quickly going to be turning into a discussion forum but with a clunky Q&A layout
i've had a not great time with their VBA, though
I'm monitoring it. of course there's a lot of "code xyz for me please" crap, but I kind of expect that kind of crap on reddit -- just not on SO
and then once in a while I get a ping from a /r/vba mod on an interesting post, and answering that feels just as good as answering it on SO or CR
except now it's karma instead of rep
i don't feel the profiles give the same "meaningful" impact; seeing that you reached 90M people, versus you've got 100M karma is significantly different
i would say a big plus, which i WISH the r/vba would use, is to modify their required inputs for the subreddit to leave space for A) the title, B) the background, C) the issue, D) the question, and E) the related code. SE/SO have outright said they don't do that because it affects otehr stacks, when /r/ has the ability to be more customizable
if you don't fill out all aspects, the mod/bot unlists your question until you can fix it
5:14 PM
@MathieuGuindon Some groups would shut that down really fast.
Each subreddit can define their own rules beyond the basic ones Reddit requires.
And I agree. SE's primary thing was long-term visibility for the topic. But now that helping people is more important than providing a database of knowledge where people can help themselves, it's just not got the same impact.
OTOH, I finally sent this video to my dad from forwarding me irrelevant newspaper articles:
5:29 PM
So if SE/SO is all about helping the user, at what point do we stop down-voting/closing "gimme the codez" questions?
I'm getting sick of writing "SO is not meant to be a code-writing site."
@Feeds oddly fitting to the last topic mentioned haha
@BigBen start a new stack "Code Writing SE", populate it with bots that writes code, then redirect people there.
You jest -but seriously...
the amount of folks that just rip off code from an existing post, link to that post as the source of the code, and asking what to change to make it fit their scenario is already too high. if a bot-writing service existted, they'd just link to that to have someone explain what happened... then help them modify it
5:34 PM
who's to know whether they are writing to a bot?
it's like the macro recorder doesn't exist and people never read what google does
@this bot-ception
bot posting to a bot replying
I think you meant Decepticon. ;-)
@Cyril therefore the "gimme teh codez" posters will never run out of replies or suggestions or comments!
@this Combatrons!
@this hello, MIT? yes, I have a project for your AI team...
... with the stipulation that nobody will find out even though they've been posting questions and requests for weeks
5:49 PM
Does the main site chatroom never freeze?
I found an unfrozen room: The last message was posted 344 days ago.
@Hosch250 based on your finding, i would guess... no?
A: How would the actions of Hansel and Gretel in the Grimm tale be interpreted in modern law?

hszmvAssuming U.S. Jurisdiction: In the case of the The People vs. Hansel and Gretel Holztfaller: Ms. Gretel Holztfaller is charged with the following: 1 Count of Murder in the First Degree (Murder of Ms. Witch Hazel) 1 Count of Grand Larceny (Theft of precious metals and jewels from Ms. Hazel) 1...

...was that a "Hot Item" link or were you on that stack?
Hot item.
6:06 PM
guess i have to start paying more attention to those for some gold
6:20 PM
@BigBen then stop - and let it become the millions-of-eyeballs code-writing service the CEO wants it to be
I'm slowly coming around to that.
Well it's getting faster actually :sigh:
I wonder how that'll work for non-programming SE, though.
My hunch is that for those, they'll just keep on trucking.... right?
they'll just die and eventually shut down
Those barely get any love anyway. It's almost like they don't exist.
Eventually, they just "graduated" them all to get them out of the way.
I suspect that if ti came to that, they can just take their ball and go home
6:23 PM
the whole 100+ of them don't weight a hundredth of SO
Some of them are already coordinating leaving.
SE will be dead by the time SO makes their IPO
TBH, I'd think Discourse would be a better fit for stuff like Law SE
those topics lead themselves to discussion, not Q & A.
Most of the active Writing users quit, and they are at writing.codidact.com now running on Art Of Code's qpixel clone of SE.
6:25 PM
Others are talking of doing an organized move.
holy F i just misclicked and learned i can go between my tabs on Chromium browsers using Ctrl+1,2,3,4,etc.
I've spent some time at forum.codidact.org they're thinking things through. I hope it's not too much thinking and not enough doing, though.
@Cyril yep
Lots of big names from SE are over there
@FreeMan will check it out; thanks for the link
6:30 PM
@FreeMan Unfortunately, their lead architect is considering stepping down already as he's not very familiar with ASP.NET Core.
Codidact or qpixel? qpixel is Ruby On Rails.
I hate the name, but love everything else
I'm struggling to decide how much to get involved.
I'd need to give up a personal project, but on the other hand, it'll not really go anywhere anyway.
I mean, my personal project won't.
6:38 PM
well that's what we thought you meant :-)
tbh I don't see myself investing much time on there before it's live
once it launches, SE will bleed
Hanging around in the Discord feels like there are too many cooks in the kitchen.
actually scratch that, SE's already bleeding
Everyone has their pet project and wants to work on it.
And few of them have C#/ASP.NET skills.
"discord" is the perfect name for the platform then
6:41 PM
double lol
it's a shame they never did a series on "Supermans" or "Batmans" - now that would have been much more hilarious and more like the real life. :)
@this You mean the law question about Hansel/Gretel?
No, the comment about too many cooks
6:44 PM
imagine 10 Batmans all converging on the Joker and wanting the credits
I'm not sure whether the Joker would be literally shredded or whether the batmen would kill each other.
With the Joker's help, of course.
See? much more interesting!
plot twist
@Hosch250 oops
gets "System.InvalidOperationException: Invalid operation. The connection is closed" in the logs, wonders what's wrong. runs app through debugger, sees command.ExecuteNonQueryAsync running against a connection that was never opened.
"don't deploy on Friday" isn't happening today lol
6:53 PM
@MathieuGuindon ya know, I think some guy posted a post on CR about encapsulating connections....
wasn't me, was my mug
oh great, another one
connection is opened, but not passed to the SqlCommand
ok fixed. and now it all works, without MARS in the connection string
@Ze'evwantsSEtodoteshuva That popped into my head, too, but I'm not so sure. Attractive nuisance would hold the witch liable if the gingerbread roof collapsed on the children, for example, but I'm not sure that it absolves the children of their trespass or vandalism. The gingerbread house is attractive, yes, but there is no "nuisance" that would threaten to harm child trespassers. The source of danger is the witch herself, but people do not fall under the attractive nuisance doctrine. The house itself caused no injury whatsoever. — Nuclear Wang 27 mins ago
(yes, I put MultipleActiveResultsSet in at one point in desperation)
I would love to find a concrete case where MARS actually worked and made a difference.
Ah, but if they'd eaten enough of the house, they would have gotten cavaties and possibly diabetes
6:55 PM
TBH, my experience has been that MARS does nothing
^ so far, can confirm
the docs implies that for it to be effective, the client has to be configured accordingly (e.g. actually putting the results on separate threads or whatever)
but it ain't a "go faster" magical pixie dust
Until now I never expected the satisfaction of having a test be red...
It is a turd classification system. — Clint Eastwood yesterday
law.se is... interesting
ok, deployed. #BiteMeIJustDeployedOnAFriday
> Congratulations, you've earned the tag badge!
7:14 PM
but is it as classy as a wearing a tux to the office? (Office reference)?
"Bristol Stool consistency" I read that as "Brisket Stool consistency" and wondered what a nice brisket had to do with it. #TooMuchMrsMaizel
the funny thing is that I could very well come in on a Monday wearing a suit, and the next day wearing jeans, t-shirt and hoodie
@MathieuGuindon Technically, I could too. Practically, I can't as I don't have a suit.
hoodie it is!
tbh it's too cold for a suit. plus I'm parked underground, but across the street, so..
7:20 PM
@MathieuGuindon And you work in a bad neighborhood.
Where you have to check if the windows are broken as you pull into the lot before you go in.
bunny slippers for teh retirees
Matter of fact, I do that. It's kind of a shady neighborhood here, and I'm the first one in.
My old place was in a nice, wealthy neighborhood.
@Hosch250 lol by US standards it's a very quiet one
@Hosch250 this is like that time i said "i've never lived in a bad enough area to have Church's [chicken]
Depends which US standards you are referring to. I mean, the news is in the news because it's uncommon :)
7:24 PM
You talking Oakland,CA-quiet or Drury,MA-quiet?
cus the goat barking waking up the fire chief in Drury was all over the local news
Rochester-NY "quiet", I guess
LOL, so webster...
i lived there for 6 years; even when that guy started the fire and was shooting at firefighters, it was a "quiet" day for Rochester as a whole. was a weird time
i was like 1-2 miles from that whole thing
I read there was a shooting in downtown Seattle this week, 3rd & Pine. Pretty sure I walked down that street last spring.
that's crazy
7:28 PM
yarp; we were supposed to go over that way, but it was all blocked off by the police... so much for christmas eve!
@MathieuGuindon i'm always surprised by how often those moments happen... "i was there like a week before" or something related when awful thigns happen
7:49 PM
i think my browser is f'ing up, @BigBen
voted to close something, the menu never went away to "accept" my vote, so i closed the tab. came back to that question later (clicked on it in the list of unanswered questions) and my vote registered.
i made a comment saying i voted to re-open as the person made an edit after my vote registered... closed tab
re-opened tab (ctrl+shift+t), made another comment about what the confusion was and when i submitted that, my other comment went away... ctrl+f5 refreshed and it stillw astn't there
@Cyril May have been cleaned up as obsolete.
I've seen that happen with my comments before too.
copy; haven't seen that before, but figured second thing on the same post... couldn't just be a coincidence
you know, this pattern annoys me to no end: SELECT ... FROM widgets WHERE CategoryId = 2;
(there are several forms for it but at the end of the day, it's basically filtering for a specific ID because it has some programming significance)
That's a big leak right there.
I've probably been guilty of that before. What's wrong with it?
Yeah, what Hosch said...
8:00 PM
What's it leaking? Implementation details? Isn't the DB an implementation detail itself?
Is it OK for implementation details to know of each other?
no, the usual scenario is something like the following: "we want to create our custom categories but if you use category ID = 2 we require the application to have some special logic around it"
And CategoryId is an FK?
at the first, it might not be so bad. Later the client say, "oh, category id 4 should work just like 2. But it should do X, Y"
then later "oh, category ID 6 should do something else.
But the IDs should be invisible. They should be tied to names and have an enum table?
question: would where CategoryCode = 'FOO' (NK lookup) be better?
8:03 PM
Congratulations, you've now coupled yourself between the SQL Server's IDENTITY column and the programming in front-end around that ID.
Oh, I see.
Yes it should be invisible - and that's where NK seems to be better since you can control it.
I never use Identity.
For tables that are linked to an enum, I don't use identity
I explicitly set my keys. Either with a Guid.NewGuid() or with an enum.
8:06 PM
seems overkill. identity works perfectly fine
as for enums... I'll still have the Id column be a PK/identity, with a Code column holding the NK/lookup value. that way all joins are off a simple int identity PK, and if/when NK is relevant, it goes against an index.
mind, I don't do code-first anymore, so..
actually, haven't used EF since 6.1 I think
the problem is when they want both (e.g. ability to create custom stuff but have logic behind the stuff)
when it's just data, I use identity because it really is meaingless.
but when it becomes a part of application code, it's no longer just data
CREATE TABLE [dwd].[ShipModes](
	[_Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
	[_DateInserted] [datetime] NOT NULL,
	[_DateUpdated] [datetime] NULL,
	[_DateDeleted] [datetime] NULL,
	[Code] [nvarchar](5) NOT NULL,
	[Name] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,
	[_Id] ASC
	[Code] ASC
are you talking about client side view of the data fromthe server and the associated code for displaying?
I guess having a separate column just to indicate programming logic to use might avoid that problem would help.
_Id is simply NEVER relevant to anything outside the db
8:11 PM
@Cyril not necessarily just for displaying. Could be for running reports, or to do something. More general than that.
"how to present for a view" is probably more appropriate. view can be a report, webview,e tc.
ish. my reports routinely have more than a single source. I use stored procedures a lot.
you actually hit on where i was going with the "helper" column. I was going to ask if SQL had a predecessor-field, where you can indicate reference to logic
acknowledge a predecessor, in this case the call to a specific view for this line, execute said view, then return to the previous view on the next line.
hm, not following
i believe i'm trying to rehash my understanding of valueset predecessors in xml
essentially you check a predecessor (an ID written to a helper column) and use the style of the predecessor for the current field
ok, rabbit-hole turned up soemthing related to what i was thinking and i was totally off-base.
css checking style of another field (can defined preceding current task, inheriting a style), not the same as a style sheet, but an actual reference
my bad... should just stay out of SQL topics
8:25 PM
finished packaging my work app for MSIX. If you can live with its sandboxed restrictions, it's really nice tech.
@this or subclassing. or binary patching. I vote we do neither of those things.
for right now all I want to do is make RD follow windows theme
actual dark theme will be a separate PR
IDK if dark theme will make it before Avalon. I kind of rather not.
@Duga hey, battleship has 37 stars. that's pretty impressive for a demo.
I think binary patching's been done before, at least for VB6.
but... no.
binary patching => hex editing a DLL file to do something?
like the hack someone posted to change the color palette for VBIDE?
yeah, that. I might not have the right term.
istr some folk scanning for markers to do to automagically. sounds like an express route to pain central.
not to mention setting off all the klaxons in any decent fearware
(for some values of "decent")
8:41 PM
also: re keys - I've mostly seen people add identity to every table because #reasons. at a high level, it makes sense to choose a key strategy that meets the use-case, whether that's identity, guid, chosen, compound.... wth that does to query plans though, who knows. sql is voodoo... I know compound is probably not a winner.
I'm just glad that most of my work is front and (especially) middle. data tier is just storage to me atm, and that's how I like it.
it's more important to the database engine, really.
yeah that's what I meant. e.g. the pain mug just went through re temp tables.
@MathieuGuindon I remembered something else - if you use a separate column, don't you end up with queries like SELECT ... FROM Bar INNER JOIN Foo ON Bar.ID = Foo.ID WHERE Foo.Code = 'DoSomethingExtraSpecial';?
(I never get c.f. right...)
@this yes.... and it hits all the right indexes
8:46 PM
Annoying, though. You can't index for all Bars that are of certain Foos; you have to create 2 indices; one on Bar and other on Foo
I guess one can use indexed view, and I've used that but I can count the times on one hand because it's a PITA of its own.
honestly it hasn't been a problem so far
Cool. It did become into a problem for one of our clients some time ago. That's what made me want to shy away from 2nd column.
For that client, we created an indexed view to cut down on the contention.
but, my schema was meticulously created with a NK/unique constraint, an int identity (1,1) PK, and any other non-clustered index queries might need, for all tables
26 stars to go....
The client's schema did have the appropriate indices; the issue was that there were lot of people hitting the same part of tables' contents which translated into slow application performance. No errors, mind you. Just annoyed users staring at the hourglass getting slower and slower.
8:51 PM
see? voodoo. who's got time...
Once we moved it into an indexed view, that released a lot of pressure because they no longer had to go to the main table which was getting slammed all the time, IIRC.
well, SQL is an abstraction.
I think I need more indexed views in my life
@mansellan I assume you have enough time to write an well-optimized code path to read the data in an arbitrary fashion.
@MathieuGuindon not more than one hand, hopefully. The restrictions are unreal.
@this well, yes. but my I can see roughly how my code relates to what the CPU will do. Having to learn which magic incantations I have to chant to get a particular DBMS to devise a non-stupid plan is an abstraction too far for me.
8:54 PM
Hence why there's a whole industry dedicated to it.
maybe we should stop kidding ourselves and call all DBA & database developers as "dark magik wizards"
I have a view "OrderFollowUp" that has 29 sources (tables), some left-joined. the cost of normalization, I guess.
That said, I know I'd rather deal with SQL weirdness than figuring out whether I want to use bubble sort or merge sort.
@mansellan nah, 26 stars to having another 9K to go!
@MathieuGuindon starred
better get that MS blog post sorted then!
8:57 PM
yeah, that one's not happening though
oh, that's unfortunate
I honestly don't hink it's worth it making indexed view with 3 or more joins.
can't blame Ashley, she was literally bombarded with requests
@this oh
ah ok. never say never.
I think of it as mainly good for creating a summary view or maybe for join between 2 key tables.
8:58 PM
you have hansleman on speed dial, right ;-)
But! Our original query did something like 12 way joins.
@mansellan LOL yeah, right :)
We simply eliminated our 2 biggest tables from that, making it a 10 ways join with that indexed view.
That was enough to make a big difference.
Successfully got 12 questions closed today.... not enough.
8:59 PM
@BigBen meh. SO Inc. wants these shitty questions now.
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