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12:00 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 commits. 1 closed issue. 266 additions. 20 deletions.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 62, Bombs Used: 43, Moves Performed: 9132, New Users: 5
12:22 AM
Confident this isn’t caused by RD. Another program for web scraping is suspect. Will confirm tomorrow.
Found out I’m no longer considered for the job. I “gave the impression I didn’t want to work with VBA”.
Such is life. Will continue learning a little each day.
@IvenBach ouch... sorry to hear that
12:45 AM
My battle with #Words continues.
I said something along the lines of "C# allows you to do a lot more than VBA. After learning a .NET language VBA feels restrictive." And that's where the implied non-VBA comes from. Honest to a fault I guess.
I'll still bring it up with my current employer that I've had a couple interviews. I'm worth a lot more than I'm paid and worst that can happen is I get told "No pay increase".
Thanks for the support nonetheless. I appreciate it.
1:02 AM
next time try "after learning a .NET language VBA feels restrictive I feel like my understanding of VBA and my overall programming abilities have tremendously improved; my code is clearer, cleaner and faster than ever. Plus there's Rubberduck. You know about Rubberduck?" ;-)
Rubberduck may was mentioned several times.
I'm not worried about whether you'll find a good gig though (it's when, not if)
@IvenBach nice!
Me too. I'd rather me getting a .NET related job sooner rather than later. more time to learn from others. A pay increase is part of it but not the driving force in considering the position.
My boss may panic a bit with me bringing it up though. 2 people already left this year for more pay. I'm the only coder though. That's the biggest issue if I leave. #NobodyElseKnowsTheCode
Gotta push that aside and focus on HW.</iven>
1:22 AM
Hm, AutoDesk Inventor 2020 breaks RD forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor-customization/…
@IvenBach later!
1 hour later…
2:44 AM
Perfect response, LOL.
@IvenBach :(
To be strictly honest, I knew that would happen when you came back without a scheduled interview tomorrow.
In my experience, when they are pressing forward that aggressively and they already told you the tentative schedule, they schedule them at the end of the last one.
I just didn't want to rain on your parade.
2:59 AM
> There are a number of InspectionResult resource types for the UnreachableCaseInspection (UCI) that probably require modification if the 'unreachable' result-type does. Based on the above input, I've enumerated them below with some suggestions. I'm thinking it is probably better to hash out the wording here, rather than on the PR.

A couple comments:
1. It seems to me that 'algorithmically' would be a more precise descriptor than 'heuristically'. A heuristic (full disclosure - I had to l
> There are a number of InspectionResult resource types for the UnreachableCaseInspection (UCI) that probably require modification if the 'unreachable' result-type does. Based on the above input, I've enumerated them below with some suggestions. I'm thinking it is probably better to hash out the wording here, rather than on the PR.

A couple comments:
1. It seems to me that 'algorithmically' would be a more precise descriptor than 'heuristically'. A heuristic (full disclosure - I had to l
> Regarding this part:
> New: 'Case' statement contains one or more malformed range clauses

What are examples of such "malformed" clauses that wouldn't be a compile-time errors?
3:38 AM
> VBA is happy to compile Case 2 To 10 as well as Case 10 To 2. Problem is, the latter will never execute.
4:27 AM
> I see. The thing is that I wouldn’t call it “malformed”... I would refer to it as logically impossible or self contradictory... the problem here isn’t the syntax or grammar (e.g. it is well formed) but rather the logic. The messsage should pount to that.
4:44 AM
Ivens-Duckling: Daddy it's so cold outside.
Iven: mumble mumble Mug mumble ---Canadian--- Russian winters mumble.
Ivens-Duckling: What's that mean?
Iven: You've no idea what cold is. Neither does Daddy.
@Hosch250 I'm not that let down. Reading the description I already felt a bit out of my league with all the DB it would have entailed.
Would have been a 50% pay raise though. That will be missed.
5:01 AM
@Vogel612 from me too in case I had missed it :)
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7:39 AM
8:00 AM
Achievement-Unlocked: Understand the homework.</iven>
2 hours later…
9:39 AM
Q: Performance of ID's checking between Access and Excel

Frederici want to increase the performance of this code: Dim... ... ... ... ... Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") objExcel.Visible = True Set wb = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:\Dateipfad\Dateiname.xlsx", True) Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Select DataPointVID from My_ValidReport", dbOpenSna...

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2 hours later…
1:14 PM
18 hours ago, by Hosch250
Note that the Connection changed from keep-alive to close.
@Hosch250 I was just re-reading and saw that. Is there possibly something to that? is there something I can set in my WinHttpRequest to force the change from my end?
I don't believe I've intentionally made any changes to that effect in Postman, but I'm bumbling my way through and may have flipped a setting somewhere...
Hey, @BZngr, good to see you! It's been a while
1:34 PM
@FreeMan I think that was the request/response headers you were showing, maybe?
The request would have keep-alive set, and the response would say close.
Given a `System.Type` of an ANTLR-generated parser class, how can I get all the generated parser rule context types? My first thought is to return all the types returned by any of the methods of the parser class, as long as they inherit from `Antlr.Runtime.ParseRuleContext`. Will this be accurate, or are there some rule context types which don't have a corresponding method on the parser class? Is there another way to go about this?
(I need it for https://github.com/zspitz/ANTLR4ParseTreeVisualizer/issues/8.)
@FreeMan Thanks! Yep, too long.
@ZevSpitz If you have the assembly, you can get all the types from it.
And then you can iterate over them and select the ones with that specified as a base class.
@Hosch250 I think I ended up showing Postman pics of both the request and the response, but I think your comment was directed at the response header pic. (I think...)
Can I actively enable Keep-alive when I make the request? Would that (possibly) have any notable impact?
In the meantime, I've sent in a support ticket to the vendor. We'll see if I get a response to this one. They're on Iven time (PDT) so it'll be a while before they even see it. :/
oh!!! I just got a 500 from Postman, too!!!!
1:48 PM
@Hosch250 Except that if the assembly has multiple parser classes, the context classes for all the parsers will inherit from ParserRuleContext.
Looking now, I see that in Rubberduck, for example, StartRuleContext doesn't inherit directly from Antlr4.Runtime.ParserRuleContext, but from Rubberduck.Parsing.Grammar.VBABaseParserRuleContext. Is this always the case? Or do the context classes sometimes inherit directly from ParserRuleContext?
velllly intelesting.... In Postman, if I specify Auth:Basic ID:Pwd and response_type=xml, I get a 500. If I add location = xxx I get values returned.
OK, I can buy that, maybe it's overflowing its capability to output data. sure, whatever.
However I'm specifying the location = xxx in my WinHttpRequest when calling it from VBA, as well, and I'm getting the 500 there...
Even if the context classes always inherit from some generated base class, how do I get from the parser class to the context base class?
@ZevSpitz In RD they inherit from VbaParserRuleContext because we specify it in the preamble of the parser grammar.
1:55 PM
@ZevSpitz Ohhh.
If nothing is specified there, the contexts will inherit directly from ParserRuleContext.
@FreeMan never has a man been so excited to see an error!
You could maybe check the namespace, if you don't want to rely on the preamble.
Of course, there could be a couple grammars in the same namespace.
Notice the difference in run time. I wonder if it's timing out on the server end trying to gather all the requested data...
@Hosch250 I don't really have access to the grammar at runtime, only Type instances corresponding to the auto-generated classes. So I can't rely on the preamble in any case.
2:00 PM
I cannot verify it right now because I have no parser at hand, but aren't the contexts nested classes in the parser?
(NB. There's a little voice in my head saying, "the ANTLR4 API was written in Java -- extracting out any bit of information feels like pulling teeth.")
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit f39f2487 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
If it is true, you could use GetNestedTypes.
@M.Doerner So they are! :facepalm:
Hi, all.... is there a way to go to a specific day in the transcript for this room without 'scrolling' back with load older messages ?
If I know I want to go to Sep 8 7:43 AM ...
2:04 PM
@M.Doerner I'm going to assume this to always be true.
Ah... previous day button I suppose is a mild improvement but no go to a specific date....
@Vogel612 done with classes?
last exam written
@QHarr see above. You can scroll back a day at a time from there
@Vogel612 at least your toe will be warm! #WinterIsComing
2:10 PM
> How about a more direct message rather than general descriptors...

**Existing:** Unreachable: Case Statement contains invalid range clause(s).
**New:** 'Case' statement Range Clauses must be expressed '[x] To [y]' where [x] is less than or equal to [y]'
2:20 PM
> Yes, I think that's most clear we can be. 👍
Conflict name elements must be in same project

Removed unnecessary ".ToList()" calls.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] BZngr pushed commit ccf17f5d to next: Conflict elements must be in same project
Added failing unit test

Modified common test code to support multiple project test scenarios
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] BZngr pushed commit 414ac98d to next: Merge branch 'rubberduck-vba/next' into 4969_ModuleRenames
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] BZngr pushed commit 1af9ed67 to next: Changed test name
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] BZngr pushed commit f39f2487 to next: Resolve review comments
Merge pull request #5151 from BZngr/4969_ModuleRenames

Rename conflict detection respects Project scope
@M.Doerner Awesome!
(Just got back from a meeting.)
3:14 PM
> **Justification**
In large projects, the amount of code in each class can get unwieldy. For example, in one class I have a large number of defined properties which overwhelm the subs/functions in the class. Visual Studio/C# allows the user to mark certain areas of code as a named region which they can then collapse in the editor window to hide from view when working on other areas.

Right now I'm marking the areas using the following syntax:
`'#Region Properties` and `'#EndRegion`

But w
@FreeMan thanks
> As it stands, we can't add collapsing to the VBE just yet, because we didn't find a reliable way to control the codepane of the VBE.
When we get to hijacking the editing process with our own avalon pane, scopes will become collapsible.

That being said, even if we have codepanes under our control, I personally very much dislike regions as a tool. As such I'd argue against implementing regions for Rubberduck, if only because I consider them an anti-pattern.
@Duga Agree. Regions are the worst.
3:31 PM
> #EndRegion looks nice on a t-shirt though.
> We'll get code folding for scopes, but something like `#region` simply isn't going to happen, sorry.

[This post](https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/a/53114/68834) says everything that ever needs to be said about regions.

`#EndRegion` looks nice on a t-shirt though :wink:
@Duga sorry, that was a bit dry -- but my stance on anything like #region in RD is
Are we sure we want to decline this, though? The argument that #region is an anti-pattern is because we should be refactoring code into smaller units or whatever. But does it hold up in VBA? Take factory method for example. That can generate a substantial boilerplate code that would be otherwise distracted and cannot be moved without breaking abstraction/encapsulation?
is any of it a problem if scopes can be folded?
I say nope
3:47 PM
it would become one if you have to write private procedures to support the factory method.
way too easy to abuse :)
@this in that case you are probably looking at an actual factory class
Perhaps. Then that means you have to make more things in the class being constructing more accessible
in order to be manipulated by the factory class
and then hiding the constructed class behind interface
and hoping that nobody circumvents the encapsulation by accessing the class directly.
(that's the thing I find most sucky about VBA - the encapsulation isn't very granular, esp. when you have only one project to work in)
if it wasn't such a PITA RE: referencing another user project, I'd use multiple projects.
4:03 PM
I guess #region could help this guy:
Q: Procedure too large VBA

Christian I finally finished my first code which is supposed to extract information from a selected document into a template. its a really large template and therefore I have massive amount of lines. I really hoped you could help me! Sub Test2() ' Test2 Macro Dim FileName As String FileName...

i think his problem goes deeper than that.
true :)
2 hours later…
5:46 PM
@Feeds lol, that one's for @IvenBach and @Hosch250
I don't play KSP!
My brother would if he had it, though :D
I just play HotS occasionally.
Just to keep my fingers busy.
@Duga vvv
Sep 12 at 14:34, by FreeMan
♫ and the wind whispered Avalon ♫
6:06 PM
@FreeMan you forgot the screeching'n'scratching of a broken record....
6:18 PM
Kerbal Space Program, IIRC
@MathieuGuindon Yep.
Hmm, I think the region-hatred is a little OTT. Yes, they're easily abused, but used sparingly they can be useful sometimes.
I used to be in the "OMGZ regionise all the things" camp, got ripped into it at work, then looked into it and realised it was cargo-cult. So now I rarely use them, but occasionally they help.
@MathieuGuindon What's that? I thought I was out of the loop before :laughs:
Unless the President Pineapple of 'Murica dies or global news, I'm unlikely to hear about it.
for example, if you're writing something like IEnumerableExtensions.cs you're gonna have a ton of overloads for methods. Regions can help there..
6:30 PM
I wonder how many opted to use partial & descriptive file names in stead of regions.
I dunno... if we're gonna do code-folding, it just seems a bit... churlish(?) to outlaw regions. Just my 2c...
@this yeah that's the other way. partials were mainly for codegen too though, like regions. #PickYourPoison...
but VBA wouldn't even have partial and I still have that nagging feeling that VBA will have more boilerplate code than other languages.
IDK, still feels like composition is the answer. I could slap #region all over the GameSheet code-behind in Battleship, or I could refactor it.
and when we have folding, it's basically free...
so its a conscious choice not to provide it
6:32 PM
If you can compose it, you should.
and the end of the day, if someone wants to shoot themselves in the foot, they'll find a way to do it, with or without regions...
but my doubts is whether you can compose it all the times.
well, yeah, there's that.
@Vogel612 All done with University?
Oh, another use-case
"I've just inherited spaghetti hell. I'm fixing it, but need to fold stuff they hell out my way while I do..."
possibly an abuse -- but what if it was 'TODO Fix this crap --- 'End TODO
6:39 PM
@mansellan the issue isn't closed (or locked), feel free to put up a proper defense on the issue :)
that way, it's now listed in the todo explorer as a persistent reminder.
@MathieuGuindon lol ok, just didn't wanna get into a duck fight!
eventually they'll have too many "TODO" that they'll get sick of it and clean it up?
@MathieuGuindon Re: Lingering Excel process. Over the past 3 hours I've not had any issue. I'm certain it's not RD and fault lies with the other program.
in other news, I think I have something like the beginning of a CPA engine that can handle GoTo and GoSub/Return jumps. I'm hoping to be able to write a first test tonight - if all goes as planned, I'll have an ExecutionContext for each code path, and the next problem to solve will be to "merge" paths (e.g. code after End If should be part of the conditional path)
@IvenBach :+1:
@mansellan meh.. if it's just @Vogel612 and me vs. everyone, custom folding might just happen anyway
PSA: we currently have 89 inspections listed
6:48 PM
heh, trying to list use-cases.... I have 2, one of which doesn't apply to VBA...
will it still hold up after CPA enables a proper implementation of an Extract Method refactoring?
@MathieuGuindon did you report more than 90 before?
I don't think so
rushes to implement 11 inspections
I think the highest I've mentioned was "80+"
6:51 PM
@MathieuGuindon given the spaghetti hell usercase, I think so, yes. But that's why I think that abusing the todo explorer might be good halfway
since in the end it should be temporary
> Rubberduck Opportunities: verify whether '@Region("Stuff") could be extracted into its own scope or class/module
> So I'd like to make some counter-arguments here. First, some context. I used to use regions almost exactly as illustrated in @samcan 's post. Code felt cold and foreign without it. When I joined my current employer, I was challenged on it after my first commit, as no-one else did it, and they universally hated that I did it. It took a while, and some reading of posts like the one above, for me to let go of the habit, and to be honest, I haven't missed it one bit. Especially after I found Ctr
@Duga meh, not gonna die on that hill
@MathieuGuindon that'd be one way, I guess.
would it be '#Region name or '@Region("Name") though?
6:55 PM
@MathieuGuindon It'd be funny if use of '@Region triggered an RD inspection. The duck arguing with itself!
or call it '@ThisIsF*ckedUp
@MathieuGuindon what's stopping us from doing '@Todo blah blah with @End Todo? That would end up enhancing the todo explorer in giving us a section for where the todo applies?
@this not much, other than we currently have no AnnotationPair :)
6:59 PM
yeah, and it'd be optional to keep backward compatibility
@this Hmm, would that be foldable? Could be a compromise...
the more I think about it, I would rather enhance todo explorer than introduce #region
@mansellan that's the idea, we would make "block" todo foldable
Yeah, that could work...
You'd get people using it just to get region folding though, and thus polluting their ToDoExplorer...
in which would spur them to clean it up
or get frustrated at RD...
7:02 PM
Issue #6832: Too much in my Todo! I can't! [status-closedbydesign]
blah, can't remember how to do the tag thing
that one's a meta-tag though
anyway, wouldn't that be equivalent to '@Region ("Legacy") TODO - clean this up
(not sure if annotations parsing is able to handle comments on the same line?)
7:04 PM
@mansellan yes but you can't just use regions wantonly without your ToDo explorer spurting warts.
@mansellan you know, that makes me wonder how many RD users have '@Folder("Class Modules") annotations
@MathieuGuindon lol yeah...
Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
(and that would be a new RD opportunity, too)
@MathieuGuindon Malformed annotation inspection?
7:05 PM
meh, I have no dog in this fight, just rubberducking...
LOL. Totally missed the missing 'l' in the Folder
me too lol
@this ? I'm still missing it...
> Just to toss out a different take.... because we do want to encourage people to refactor their code rather than hiding the complexity, it might be more desirable to enable code folding over TODO markers (which implies creating a end marker for the same TODO). That would in turn encourage people to always label the section as something needing to do and hopefully encourage them to compose their code some more so that it's no longer necessary to fold code.
he edited and fixed it. It was @Foder originally. Hence why Hosch mentioned malformed annotation inspection. ;-)
7:08 PM
@IvenBach nah, just for exams this semester
@this :lightbulb:
@mansellan we already have that with RedundantStep and MissingStep and a handful of other inspections
ah ok
7:13 PM
that made me chuckle....
> Let's keep the discussion going and ideas flowing, and defer execution until we have a code pane to support code folding of any kind.
> Let's keep the discussion going and ideas flowing, and defer implementation until we have a code pane to support code folding of any kind.
@Duga I blame LINQ
7:29 PM
> Hi,

I looked at the StackOverflow answer regarding regions, and while I get what it's trying to say about splitting a class into smaller classes as a class is doing too much, I don't feel like that's always applicable. In the project I'm working on right now, I've got about 15 properties for a class, which, because VBA has a very verbose implementation of properties, is overwhelming the number of subs/functions I have in my class, and the pieces are all directly related to the class they're
@Duga I think to go further, we need examples to show whether we can actually compose a class or not. Talking in abstract is easy but to actually apply with VBA's limitations is another thing.
> Incorporates input from #4882
> @samcan keep in mind that while the vast majority of the literature on OOP/SOLID is perfectly applicable to VBA, some of it remains impossible to do - e.g. in C# you could make a class `partial` and split it across different files; in many languages you can abuse inheritance and move members to a base class.
I'm not sure there are many downsides to moving a class' *default interface* properties into a tightly-coupled DTO (that DTO class could even be reused as a factory method parameter), eff
7:51 PM
@this oops =)
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 4b8087b6 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
> My only concern is that these changes could be easily missed during translation of the resources - could the corresponding keys be removed from the other .resx files?
Also does the [xmldoc examples](http://rubberduckvba.com/Inspections/Details/UnreachableCase) could probably use a refresher; the website theoretically supports multiple examples (each example needs to have a `hasResult="true"` or `hasResult="false"` attribute). Would that be in-scope for this PR?
> My only concern is that these changes could be easily missed during translation of the resources - could the corresponding keys be removed from the other .resx files?
Also the [xmldoc examples](http://rubberduckvba.com/Inspections/Details/UnreachableCase) could probably use a refresher; the website theoretically supports multiple examples (each example needs to have a `hasResult="true"` or `hasResult="false"` attribute). Would that be in-scope for this PR?
8:09 PM
@Duga actually, yes, we should really do that :)
8:20 PM
Going to a symposium tomorrow to suffer death by Powerpoint. Each speaker has been allocated 30 minutes including questions/discussion. There is not one speaker who has less than 20 slides. One has 68 slides!!!!
> suffer death by Powerpoint
@Freeflow the best powerpoint slides have pretty much nothing on them. hopefully you're not going to get bombarded with overcrowded slides... kinda hate it when presenters end up just reading their slides.
Welcome to CR! You're about to be told why using namespace std; shouldn't be used, and how a monolithic sequence of executable instructions can be turned into small, specialized procedures that do nothing more than what their name says - I hope you learn as much on this site as I did! In the meantime feel free to browse other rock-paper-scissors posts for more ideas and tips, as each post contains a working implementation and very valuable inputs from reviewers. — Mathieu Guindon 22 hours ago
@MathieuGuindon > "Should be an answer not a comment."
I kind of agree with that flag.
@Vogel612 probably because I don't see much value in an answer saying nothing more than "don't use namespace std, and split things up!", but noted.
something something partial reviews
don't use namespace std, here's why.
Split things into functions to [..] like [..]
^^ fill in the blanks to obtain a quick and good answer
8:35 PM
Q: VBA - For Each File with extention ".dwg" preform commands

Joshi cant seem to get my loops to work right in VBA hoping im missing something simple. Im trying to index thru a specific folder and has tons of files in it and for each file that ends with ".dwg" i want to do create a script (one script for all dwgs files thats why i need to index thru them to get...

Anything that would cause Public Function FooBar() as BarFoo to not display on a worksheet?
define "display on a worksheet"?
@IvenBach assuming it's in a standard module, Option Private Module can do that
Don't have that declaration.
My UDF equivalent of TextJoin isn't working...
8:48 PM
try invoking it from the immediate pane
I believe a non-compilable project could also prevent it from showing up
Compile-ability isn't an issue.
okay... gonna need more meat than that
Was only able to get it to show up once filling it out in the immediate window. Restarting Excel.
Weird. It will display only once and thereafter nothing. Cant invoke it either.
what do you mean "can't invoke"? it's just not running?
it's in a standard module?
Public Function ColumnsTwo(ByVal sourceRange As Range, Optional ByVal DELIMITER As String = ",", Optional ByVal canRemoveFromFront As Boolean, Optional ByVal canRemoveFromCenter As Boolean, Optional ByVal canRemoveFromTail As Boolean) As String is the signature.
When trying to run it in the immediate window I get Sub or Function not defined
8:58 PM
that makes no sense
how many projects are loaded in the VBE?
if the wrong one is active, that could explain it
immediate instructions runs in the context of the active project AFAIK
OK the active project makes sense now. When Personal.xlsb is active the tooltip window displays.
It works when Personal is active and invoked from the immediate.
9:22 PM
Any significant RD developments lately?
RD now knows when you messed up default member calls.
Just discussions over the use of #region and how to implement Avalon.
Soon, but not before the start of October, it will warn you about all default member calls and let you make them explicit.
@M.Doerner Targeting Hacktoberfest?
9:36 PM
Can't push all my current ideas before that.
My Japanese lessons start again in October, so I do not know whether I will start more projects for a while.
Default member calls will be enlightening for many.
10:27 PM
Grrrr why did I even get anywhere near that post....
@together note that I can't do telepathy, and can't see your screen - going to need a lot more meat than "doesn't work" to help. — Mathieu Guindon 1 min ago
Stay within CR Mug. I've told you this.
@MathieuGuindon On a more positive SO note, thank you very much for this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/45740862/…
I was just about to start using a collection with unknown item count and wanted to double-check that it was the most efficient way to do it.
@IvenBach but I'm already all-time #1 for on CR!
looks at CR tag stats... 75% unanswered in past 30 days
10:48 PM
11:12 PM
@IvenBach lol IKR? the odds of passing Sid are basically non-existent =)
11:27 PM
Sid Barrett?
11:43 PM
#Breathe. 11,000,000 calculation results were requested. Incoming TB's of Excel workbooks.
C'mon Mug. Step up your game!
He's got twice the interweb points you do.
3.6K vs 8.8K ...give me a week or two

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