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[banane-io/PDB] 2 commits. 54 additions. 27 deletions.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 33 commits. 3 opened issues. 2 closed issues. 9 issue comments. 11019 additions. 6644 deletions.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 112, Bombs Used: 90, Moves Performed: 17224, New Users: 15
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@IvenBach Knowing how to use conditional compilation in C# would make toggling each region a lot easier.
Home time.</iven>
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4:56 AM
mumble mumble why doesn't this work?
5:11 AM
Because it's late and I'm tired.</iven>
Night pond.
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7:14 AM
> As I already mentioned in chat, I think the edge case still does not warrent the explicit call statement. Instead the quickfix should smarten up and replace the statement separator with a newline.

However, I realise now that this might be a bit more complicated because further statement separators have to be taken into account as well.

Private sub bar
End sub

Private sub foo
Call bar: bar: bar: bar: bar: bar
End sub
Replacing just the first statement separator wil
@FreeMan Holy carp that's awful code.
And so relatable, since I see crap like that a lot.
3 hours later…
10:32 AM
> Could I give a little nudge for this feature. I'm currently stuck with non-compilable code so can't use Rubberduck's refactoring. Find and replacing that allowed proper wildcards would be really really helpful right now.
1 hour later…
12:39 PM
@IvenBach lol. I got the notification on my phone of your comment, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what you were referencing! Makes sense now...
1 hour later…
1:40 PM
so it's done: we're getting a 2014 dodge caravan with 8 tires, and they're taking the 2012 rogue
I assume the it's a Caravan with 8 extra tires, not 8 tires installed....
@MathieuGuindon Nice!
Those ones tend to last a long time. Lots of old ones on the road still.
1:55 PM
Yep. We grew up with Caravans, for the same reasons.
(all of those were bought used, of course)
@this 4 installed, 4 for the winter
Makes more sense. I was wondering what use having duallies on Caravan was. :)
@Hosch250 single, 80yo owner, 10K km more mileage than the rogue
a very good deal. under the hood still looks brand new
@MathieuGuindon so it's a straight up trade? The 80 years old man is walking away with the Rogue?
lol no
found it at a honda dealership
1:59 PM
Take care of it, and it should get double the current milage.
And start saving for the next one now.
better to "pay" monthly payment and get interest working for you, rather against you.
First thing I did was pay my car off, then I saved enough to buy another one with cash if necessary, and now I'm saving for a house.
But mine should last 10 more years, unless I wreck it.
@Hosch250 that's best part; we're financing the balance on... 60 months, so monthly payments are ridiculous and the financing is open so I just need to wait 6 months and then when the tax return comes, boom, paid off.
2:00 PM
Mine was $450/mo, but I put about $3k/mo.
~$100/month. I was joking it'll cost more than that in gas
It will.
I get 31 mi/gal on my car, and I spend $20/week on gas.
gas is cheap in the us
And that's working from home 2 days a week.
And that ^^
2:14 PM
> Version
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2010 x86
Host Version: 14.0.7232.5000
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

When running code review, certain variables get marked as 'Assignment not in use' when this is not true.

**To Reproduce**
1. Create a Function with code below
2. Run Code Inspection
dim Table as range
dim HEADER as long
Header = 3
' Grab Full range of data including top of sheet
Set Table = thisworkbook.wor
@MathieuGuindon dualies?? on a Caravan??? You Canadians RAWK!!!!
TBH, I never ever saw a dually on the front axle.
that might make the handling a wee bit hard....
After a month, Mat'd have Popeye's arms just turning the wheel
Yeah... well... that particular topic had already been covered, as well. #LateToTheParty #StoryOfMyLife
I have seen dual steering axles, but not on a Caravan...
I know. It's fun to imagine, though.
On which type of vehicle?
@FreeMan lol no
@this LOL!
2:28 PM
I will say that those are pretty robust vehicles. we've had... 4. Minimum mileage was 200k on each. One did catch fire, though (around 250k), so be sure to take care of any exhaust leaks before that happens...
@this Steering assist. I can turn the wheel on my car with my pinky.
quick search result (after passing all the images of toy cranes)
@FreeMan uh, that's not a dually?
2 steering axles != dually steering axle
2 steering axles
4 mins ago, by FreeMan
I have seen dual steering axles, but not on a Caravan...
yeah but see, when you say "dually", I think of 4 tires on a single axle
sigh. lemme get moar caffeine
2:32 PM
> Repro confirmed. The good news is that the resolver correctly picks up every single part of the RHS expression in the provided example, so this shouldn't be too hard to fix:


I think all we need to do is to rewrite that LINQ query so that we keep `r.Context.Parent is VBAParser.SetStmtContext setStmtContext` around fo
I'd really hate to pay the tire change bill for this sucker, though
Memo to myself: stop reading my words into others' comments.
> Thanks for reporting this.

This seems to essentially be a duplicate of #4913.
@this :D
2:33 PM
@Duga was heading there to say that. Leaving satisfied...
> hmm, it's not just SetStmtContext, we need to also check for LetStmtContext. Indeed a duplicate.
@this BTW, that probably has 3 steer axles
> See the duplicate issue for some more discussion.
2:37 PM
@FreeMan I don't think they change them all at once.
I think they change them on an as-needed basis, changing all the tires on one axle together.
@Hosch250 Still wouldn't want to get the bill for that. I wouldn't be surprised if they were $10k a pop. (You don't want to pop too many of those...)
Amazon says a bit over $100 for a single tire: amazon.com/Commercial-Truck-Tires/b?node=353633011
Some more, some less.
Hmm, about $200 for semi-style tires. The big tread ones are tractor tires.
> Sorry for the duplication; thank you for the quick turnaround!
2:55 PM
@Hosch250 looks like just another truck tire - for pickups / SUV. Not exactly one you'd see on a 18 wheels semi or any heavy equipment, I think.
@this It says Commercial tire, and it has a max load of nearly 2 tons.
Oh, hmmm.
which seems too low to me
Must be for the Super Duty trucks, etc.
Work trucks, but not 18-wheeler.
2:56 PM
yeah, not quite the same thing.
OTOH, 18 of them can hold a lot more weight?
I fully expect those type of tire to be several hundreds a pop
if not > $1k
16 x 2 tons = 32 tons. I guess so.
Apparently they cost around $250 a tire per a trucking site.
hmm. that's less thatn I thought but then again, semi are pretty common, so they probably have scale of ecnomy going for them
the cranes that Freeman linked, OTOH....
I'd guess they are the same tire, but just way more of them.
Probably 2-4 tires per side per axle.
3:05 PM
When the price is "call", you know they're expensive...
TBH, the whole "call" thing annoys me. It makes it much hard to get a ballpark estimate, even when you're fully expecting to pay in thousands or whatever.
@FreeMan Or they don't keep them in stock and custom-order them.
Because tires go bad after a few years of exposure to UV rays.
it's usually a sales ploy to get you to talk to a greasy snake oil salesman, IMNSHO.
And, depending on current availability, the price varies, and they can't commit to a price on the website.
Yeah, that too.
@Hosch250 In that particular circumstances, I can understand. But when it's a piece of software.... O_o
3:09 PM
Even if they do have custom pricing for the client based on usage, they can do a rough estimate.
@this they hand burn each CD-ROM and individually package it in the box and stuff the manual in when you order it. Du-huh....
I have no problem with "market price" for a bunch of lobsters or some fish. Calling for some weird square tires. But to assess an expensive software? C'mon, don't make me talk to a weasel.
Like, N-users, X-price.
@FreeMan groans
Or N-hours, X-price.
3:10 PM
@this :D
Yes, I'd be happy with that. Even if it is outrageously high and had a sticker "call us for better price!"
@FreeMan Can I have that job :D
(I know - it was the inclusion of a "manual" that was the giveaway, wasn't it...)
@Hosch250 you bet! 50¢ per day, and you get to move to China!!
but at least I will know what the size of budget we need to work with instead of being stringed by a weasel.
Not worth it :D
3:12 PM
I can give you 4¢ per piece if you're willing to work in Taiwan...
Call me if you want a better deal.
You're particularly weasely today, @FreeMan
If I can build a machine that packages items at 12.5 items per second, and we get that many sales, it'll be worth it.
@this it's Friday, what can I say
3:15 PM
That's a LOT of items. Working around the clock.
18,000 items each day.
@Hosch250 any unsold items at the end of the day cost you 7¢
@FreeMan Hence the second clause about sales.
gotta keep this conversation going, it's the only thing keeping me awake right now
add ML to it, and he'll be able to adjust the quota to maximum profitability
I think there are 3 people from my department in the office today. The only sound I hear is my keyboard and the air rushing out of the AC vents
I did go watch the cornhole match. We're having a tourney and two teams just played.
nope, my bad. There are 4 people in the office today...
3:24 PM
And 3 of them are from your department?
no, that's my dept. There's a small crowd down at the other end of the building. Well, there was, I think most just left for lunch.
East coast?
3 woulda made that cornhole game a little more difficult (especially for tourney play)
It's only 10:30 here.
Just east of you - Indiana
3:27 PM
I'd like to move to Mountain time and work in Central time.
So I start work early (7AM) and have more afternoon to myself.
(The sane part that keeps to Eastern time, not the psycho part that's essentially a Chicago suburb and that is on Central time)
@FreeMan could be worse. You could be in Arizona
Because most devs here start at 8AM, so I have to start later to keep on the same time as them.
@this I didn't know that was a suburb of Chicago...
LOL, no. It's that they have this doughnut.
The rest of state does not observe the daylight saving time.
But the Navajo does.
BUT, there's a city (Tuscon? can't remember) in middle of the reservation that keeps with Arizona with not observing the DST
so in few hours of driving, you would be changing your time twice
3:31 PM
Ah. Indiana finally joined the 20th century about 10 years ago and the state went on DST. Shoulda heard the uproar! "But, I have to change my clock??!?!?!!?!?" "How will the cows know when to give milk???" "The drive in theaters will lose business because movies will have to start later!"
@Hosch250 BTW - you can stay where you are and work on Eastern time...
@FreeMan Fools (to do DST).
I could, but I like the Mountain-time states scenery.
I've seen enough swamp to last me a lifetime.
yeah yeah... we've had this discussion before. Lets agree to disagree.
Also, I could do mountain time and work in eastern time.
I loved growing up in Idaho - very beautiful
3:34 PM
Then I just get more afternoon that way.
I'm actually thinking dakotas or Montana.
Just about any everywhere was no more than 15 minutes from nowhere.
3:50 PM
Q: What would be the safest way to drop thousands of small, hard objects from a typical, high wing, GA airplane?

bclarkrestonThe subject pretty much states my question, now I will provide a bit of background. A family member, who lived on the west coast of Florida Manasota Key, collected tens of thousands of fossilized sharks teeth between the mid-1940s and the late 1970s. I have now become involved in deciding what ...

Next question:
How do I build a defense after killing a beach party with airborne shark teeth?
@bclarkreston I think you’re going to struggle to find anyone who’s actually dropped fossilised sharks teeth out a Cessna 172 in cremation bags. — Tim 16 hours ago
@Hosch250 I think I came my closest ever to a rep cap with my answer there (120 yesterday).
One guy has gone a little crazy with his multiple answers...
@Hosch250 OT - you'll have to post that on Law.
I know...
I meant next question by OP, not next question on site.
I should actually post that question on law--about the legality of this.
that's the best one:
Doing a -1G pushover at a relatively low altitude while monitoring your smartphone has got Darwin Award written all over it. — MikeY 23 hours ago
@FreeMan man your side hussle in aviation is better than my whole account...
3:58 PM
i might have a total of 300 points total combined between every site
probably not even that much
I first joined SO. Then I found Aviation and joined SE and was confused whether they were one or separate. About 2 years later, I finally understood the whole thing...
ive always been a lurker
@this I'm not particularly impressed with OASIS-SVN. Every time I try to use it, either Access crashes or it has lost all my settings...
I've got the demo installed
That's the best tool I've seen, unfortunately.
Can't say I have had crashes - the worst thing that does is that it gets disabled, of which the author is aware of -- he's struggling with his own COM AV problems.
It's written in Delphi, though, so he can't just borrow off the RD's knowledge
to clarify - when does it crash?
4:03 PM
LOL! That's funny! A VBA plugin written in Delphi.
@this whenever it feels like it...
uh oh. Definitely not my experience. :(
@FreeMan IKR?
10 mins ago, by Mathieu Guindon
@bclarkreston I think you’re going to struggle to find anyone who’s actually dropped fossilised sharks teeth out a Cessna 172 in cremation bags. — Tim 16 hours ago
~.~ Have I mentioned I'm a bit slower than others?
oh hey guys
did you see that thing i found where you can name your computer dumpster fire in emoji?
@this Most recently I was going through the Repository Wizard and on step 2 (or 3) when navigating to a directory, Boom!
:51087414 Booo!!!! Leave it there!!!
4:05 PM
@FreeMan hmm. TBH, I never used the wizard....
FWIW, if that's any help, you could listen to my presentation but it might not be that great. :\
@this A) I thought I'd try it. B) I can see why!
settings seem to change every time I look at them. Of course, the constant crashing could have something to do with it...
This is a first - I think I just got my crash message in German!
4:08 PM
If you want, you can send me the screenshots and I can pass along to Bernd
i was like... @this is female?
@FreeMan Imagine what you could accomplish if you were actually trying.
well, no, it didn't actually crash Access. Not sure what the heck that was about...
@this grabs headphones
4:09 PM
@KySoto Nope, not my voice.
@FreeMan That's one of the derpiest turtles I've seen.
yeah i listened a littttle bit further
Trust me, you don't want to hear my voice. Ever.
mutes chat tab That "boing" sound is loud in headphones!
oh man.
is it kinda like seeing deadpool outside of his suit?
4:11 PM
@this Dude... didn't realize you were are deaf! Can't tell by your typing. ;)
i see my joke fell flat -_- sorry.
@this this comment is much more amusing now that I know! :)
@this Honest question. Lots of people say their voice sounds weird when they hear it recorded. Reason being part of what we hear is from our own skulls vibrating. When you vocalize do you hear the sound or is it mostly felt?
4:33 PM
@KySoto nah, just me wandering off
oh ok
i was making sure
@FreeMan should be obvious with my misgrammar. :D
Nah, not that bad
honestly i would never have known
well without listening to your youtube video
@IvenBach Uh, can't say since I actually don't speak. I do have this big aversion to being recorded on video for the same reason - I don't like what I see, and I assumed it had more to do the fact that it's creepy to look at yourself as a 3rd person.
4:40 PM
weird. When I first launched OASIS, I had the menu in the main Access window. I opened the VBE and I saw it on the menu there. Now I'm not seeing it in Access, just in the Access VBE...
I've confirmed it is enabled
do you have a file open?
if you go File -> Options -> Addins
Yup, it's there.
does it show up under the correct section?
not disabled or inactive?
there's 3 sections.
4 actually
but the 3rd section is not applicable, I think
4:42 PM
@this Understood. If I see a camera my face gets that awkward fake smile appearance. I'm non-photogenic because of it.
yeah, that's all right.
(except for the missing tab, of course)
'tis there in the VBE
except, that's technically a separate add-in
anywho... no real reason to use it unless the VBE is open anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter...
4:44 PM
(due to the fact that Office add-in and VBE add-in is registered differently)
hmm. So basically the same thing registered twice because Microsoft?
yes, I think so
you do have TortoiseGit, right?
nope haven't installed that.
I've got WinGit.
I ain't skeered of no command line!
4:47 PM
just wondering if that's the cause
besides, with the demo version, I can't use the TortiseGit integration, right?
I don't htink it prevents you from doing that
just checking
is it in the Database Tools tab?
winner winner chicken dinner!
there is a setting
Yeah, there's an option to show it directly on the menu bar, isn't there
4:49 PM
in Settings
there's a checkbox
to show it in its own ribbon tab
have to restart Access, of course.
because Microsoft!
@this that explains just so many things...
IKR? Physicists needs to be studying Microsoft more if they want to understand universe....
4:52 PM
BTW, i hope the video was at least of some small help.
I definitely like the folder structure output much better than the file prefix
only 10 min in so far.
Looking at the date/time on your PC, you just recorded that!
yeah thta VM is strange
I've tried to fix the date/time but it keeps wants to go into future.
could be VMWare, though. I keep forgetting to check my host
5:19 PM
any value in exporting the properties?
rephrase: I'm sure there's value in exporting the properties. What is the value of doing so?
better fidelity when you rebuild the file from source
because if you don't export them, the file won't be exactly same as the original you have
huh... #TIL
for built-in properties with default value, it won't even matter
but if you have modified and you will, it will
that's prolly where I am on 99%
example: startup form, application title, that sort of thing
those are saved as a property
so all stuff you would see in File -> Options -> Current Database or certain sections in Client Settings, will be found in CurrentDb.Properties
5:23 PM
yeah, I see that now.
Also, probably answered in the video, I'd guess... :)
Dang, someone who got the experience before their luck ran out.
Actually, no. :)
Nobody asked about it and I didn't really talk about that point.
@Hosch250 no kidding!!
@this well, now you get to reshoot! You've got the experience of the first time, so you can make one you don't have to apologize for the audio quality! :D
5:28 PM
and actually use the presenter mode, too. I did not have time to get familiar (we changed the software. O the joy of tech)
I say that having just recorded a 3-hour teaching session with 3 mics & 2 video cameras. Now I have to edit it into one video...
sounds like fun!
I've got 5 audio streams & 2 video.
Long on vision, short on talent... We'll see how this turns out. :/
could be worse -- imagine if they all were in tapes?!?
5:30 PM
and you have to use this fancy pant machine to cut the tape and splice it
Yeah, I've got a fancy pants machine to do that - it's called Adobe Premiere
which comes with .... Undo
this ain't mah first rodeo
with the tape cutting machine if you screwed up, welll....
you could just splice it together and hope nobody notices the drop in quality.
LOL... listening to people talking on the other end of the WebEx connection. #MuteAll
5:37 PM
you could say I had a bit trouble finding that button. :(
again, I apologize.
no worries! just amusing. :) :)
5:59 PM
hopefully next time I "speak", it'll be better.
@Hosch250 Would have been better had it included the photo.
He's really lucky he didn't pass out and crash the plane.
people ask some odd questions
Q: What precautions are taken to avoid bird strikes?

GypsyCosmonautAccording to this Wikipedia page on bird strike, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reported 65,139 bird strikes for 2011-14, and the Federal Aviation Authority counted 177,269 wildlife strike reports on civil aircraft between 1990 and 2015, growing 38% in 7 years from...

Extremely lucky that he figured out what was going on.
And that he decided to stop going up when he saw the airliner.
@Hosch250 and realized that the best way to descend to O2 was to drop like a stone instead of diving.
6:06 PM
> What precautions are taken so that birds are not killed by aircraft?
Lack of O2 leads to bad decisions.
> Is the pilot held responsible or does the pilot pay some penalty in case innocent animals are killed?
Of course not
> Are there any planes which have been designed specifically focusing on bird safety (or have there been any efforts in designing planes focused on bird safety)?
Stop trolling
The only reason to avoid a bird strike is to save the humans and the planes.
6:07 PM
> Where can I get reports on the number of bird strikes per year on an international level?
Probably the FAA keeps a record somewhere
@IvenBach That means that Pineapples are O2 deprived individuals.
Frozen turkeys being thrown into jet engines makes sure the plan can keep flying. Proof that human lives matter more than birds.
A: What precautions are taken to avoid bird strikes?

HarperA pilot can face stiff fines or community service, though these penalties can be difficult to enforce, as the pilots and FAA rarely honor the results of the proceedings. Jurors leave the "Massacre on the Hudson" trial after declaring a hung jury. For instance in the famous "Massacre on the H...

^ Got my vote!
6:25 PM
@tar True story about a 747 flying into Anchorage Alaska: The flight crew noticed they were coming up behind an eagle, which was presumably also heading for land, since it had a large fish in its claws. The eagle did notice the plane and decided to take evasive action - which included dropping the fish. After landing, the remains of a 15 pound salmon were found in #2 engine of the 747. Some you win, some you lose! — alephzero Aug 2 '17 at 21:56
Flying deer/caribou/moose strikes are rather uncommon. :-) — IconDaemon Aug 3 '17 at 14:07
Having seen that graph, I now want to ask a question about the dangers of pie-chart strikes in different phases of flight... — psmears Aug 1 '17 at 13:18
Some good comments on that question!
6:48 PM
Why use CreateObject(progId-that-hits-the-registry-to-locate-the-typ‌​e) instead of New PowerPoint.Application, since the type is bound at compile-time? — Mathieu Guindon 1 min ago
never ceases to amaze me.
^ That poor Pineapple. Oxygen deprivation is a terrible thing...
Is it not knowing how to properly New up an object?
judging by his comment, I think he just wanted to use intellisense
so IMPOV, that's a failure to use conditional compilation to demonstrate the good practice for supporting both early/late binding.
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