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12:00 AM
Finally thumbing through my copy of VBA Developers Handbook. Portions of it I'm already familiar with. I've learned more than I've thought.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 opened issue. 3 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] New Users: 13, Games Played: 137, Bombs Used: 88, Moves Performed: 18231
@IvenBach Next challenge: grok .NET IL ASSEMBLER. And then let me know what it means. amazon.co.uk/Net-Assembler-Serge-Lidin/dp/1430267615
@mansellan Owwww.
I still need to finish my last two books.
The one on deep learning and go (halfway done) and C# In Depth 4th.
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] Vogel612 pushed commit cbd2c3a9 to master: Fix orphan detection by querying tags
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] Vogel612 pushed commit b77950de to master: Add Dry-Run argument to enable checking which releases would be affected
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] Vogel612 pushed commit ca649668 to master: Add basic unit-tests for message indicating unknown arguments
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] Vogel612 pushed commit bc48adbb to master: Refactor Filtering implementation for release filtering
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] Vogel612 pushed commit b833eb3d to master: Add Tests for Orphan recognition and the new Filtering structure
I really wanna go deep into Win32 and COM. There's tons of interesting stuff down there.
12:06 AM
Correct Orphan-Detection and Dry-Run capabilities (#1)

Correct Orphan-Detection and Dry-Run capabilities
I'd like to too, but I also like working at a higher level.
I really want to learn CIL sometime.
@IvenBach Btw, that was the book that got me back into programming after forgetting about it after school.
I think the security of my prototype is blowing our old system out of the water.
That. and printing out the Excel OM on a company laser... filled 4 ring binders!
[rubberduck-vba/ReleaseCleaner] build for commit 8f246657 on master: AppVeyor build succeeded
12:09 AM
Our old one hashes passwords with MD5 and doesn't have a lockout system.
@Hosch250 Uh, wut? So... brute force in <5 mins...
Mine uses BCrypt and does have a lockout--5 time fail, and you get locked out for 5 minutes.
@mansellan IKR?
BCrypt gonna be safe for... a while.
Mine also requires a POST. Ours uses a POST in the main widget, but it isn't required--you can use a GET too.
POST better than GET? TIL
(not a web guy...)
12:11 AM
@Hosch250 what's preventing them from updating the cryptography?
GET is when the parameters are visible in the URL.
@this /shrug
ah yes, ofc!
Basically, they don't want to piss off a bunch of clients.
@mansellan also POST usually has a larger limit on the size of the request
I was thinking that it should be transparent to the client
12:11 AM
@mansellan I'm also keeping an eye on PBKDF2.
although tbf, POST can have query params too... Not advised.
@this #1, we'd have to figure out a way to upgrade passwords at login time, so we take the old one, validate it, and if it's successful, update the hash.
@Vogel612 IIUC the spec for URLs is pretty generous, but implementations can limit it
I've seen crappy "REST"-ful API that uses query string parameters in POST and expect body in the GET request.
12:13 AM
#2, we'd almost certainly would make a mistake and make it visible to some of our clients.
It's enough to make one weep and go insane.
And that would piss them off, and some of them would refuse to pay us that month then.
We're converting to REST atm. TBF, I don't mind some (simple) params in PUT/POST/DELETE (etc), but GET bodies can GTFO.
@Hosch250 Interesting, SQL Server seemed to have solved that somehow by embedding the version and hash in the hash
but given the NIH syndrome around security infrastructure, I bet there are many applications that are too tightly coupled to a particular cryptography implementation.
Yeah, I'm really not an expert at this kind of thing.
12:15 AM
That's a big reason why I keep knocking on others' head when they try to handroll their security scheme
See, that's another thing with my thing.
It would be super easy to swap it out for another algorithm.
Use SQL Server security or at least some well-tested implementation developed by experts.
The only problem with be dealing with existing ones and figuring out which is which.
I think that's why they embed the version & algorithm in the hash
IIRC, they use a prefix in front of hte hash to indicate what version / algorithm the rest of hash uses.
BCrypt goes down? I'd just figure what the next one was, force a password reset on everyone, and swap the algorithm.
I'd probably just put a flag on the table saying which version the password was on.
Also, our current system doesn't have an easy way to force a password reset. I don't remember if it has it at all, but if it is, admins can't do it--we'd need a DA to do it.
Mine, all it takes is an admin to go in and check a box on the user admin page and save it.
Then next time they sign in, a box pops up and orders them to change their password.
Probably not the most secure, but most users would get the point.
I mean, a web dev could close the box, but it would pop up again next page they visited.
Every single feature I do is either more secure or faster or has more options than the existing system. Most of the time, it's all 3.
1 hour later…
@mansellan uh..... yeah. About that. You forgot to put your cover letter on your TPS request so I'll have to deny it. For now anyways.
I still need to learn C# better.
@IvenBach wait, did you not get the memo? If you still have stocks of old TPS cover sheets, you should continue to use them until you run out. You can then pick up some new-style TPS cover sheets from your line manager. Oh and by the way, Bob and Bob want to see you in meeting room 3.
Do not, under any circumstances, forget to attach a TPS cover sheet to your report.
You missed the memo about the building burning down?
@IvenBach Did Milton get his stapler back?
Pretty sure he did.
1:39 AM
BTW, my friend worked in the Initech building (the one they used for the outside shots). It was actually a FedEx office.
That movie's 20 years old now, and still good.
> every new US Swingline employee receives a red stapler on their first day.
Oh that's golden.
I still love the opening scene
omg - Swingline/staplers...
1:53 AM
There was an article few months about how Swingline never actually sold any red stapler until just recently
among with a little story about how Judge tried to get a brand but was turned down by other bigger companies.
I used to have a TPS cover sheet on my cube wall, but ^ is far more passive-aggressive.
~confused~ How is "yours" passive-aggressive?
if it was "mine", it'd be.
(guessing 'yours' is on the ad, not the stapler!)
lol, yeah
so, put it on your desk, count how many colleagues get the physical ref, and laugh if your Lundbergh doesn't...
1:57 AM
ok, granted, that's a bit wee more passive
I had a Lundbergh moment just recently... Will you cover the release? Yeah, sure. Later: So, you'll be in the office at 00:30? Uh, you want me onsite??? You know I live 90 minutes away, right?
(Hence still being awake at 3am local, tryna acclimatise)
4 hours later…
5:34 AM
> And I said, I don't care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I'm, I'm quitting, I'm going to quit.
> And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were merry, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire.
Night pond.</iven>
6 hours later…
11:45 AM
@this I'm not dead yet!
@IvenBach that's depressing.
how could it be 20 years already??? Not that it's a good movie.
12:04 PM
Interesting answer, @MathieuGuindon:
A: VBA: Workaround To Emulate AddressOf Operator In A Class Module

Drake Wu - MSFTYou can use some assembly language to break limitations of vb, of course, the pros and cons of which are up to you. I'm just a porter. There's a function GetClassProcAddress: Private Function GetClassProcAddress(ByVal SinceCount As Long) As Long Dim i As Long, jmpAddress As Long CopyMem...

12:20 PM
Just tried logging into the network on my laptop. Haven't done so in a while. It told me:
> The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.
Pure wizardry, love it!! This answer is getting an over-the-top bounty as soon as I can put a bounty up.. I need to think of the implications for Rubberduck - it could mean unit tests in class modules instead of standard ones... also the last thing standing in the way of a mocking framework for VBA is the ability to create an instance of a VBA class from an in-process IDE add-in; feel free to comment anywhere on that pull request if you have any insights! — Mathieu Guindon 17 secs ago
@this ^
I guess the laptop and the DB need to mingle at the Friday evening get together and have a drink or two. Get to know each other. Maybe in a month or two, they can go out for dinner on their own. Eventually, they'll start dating, but it will be quiet, not wanting anyone in the office to know. After a year or so, maybe there will be enough trust in the relationship for them to make it public & I'll be able to get logged in.
@FreeMan lol the chibi riven avatar
@Vogel612 I know German is your native tongue. Would you translate that please?
12:26 PM
you don't know what a chibi is?
riven is a name
avatar is shorter than profile picture
I'm guessing it's some Manga or something
well, chibi come from manga and anime, but are used more widely nowadays
I know "avatar". I just hit the googles. Some sort of manga/anime thing. #NoClue
basically you have a whole character, but for comedic purposes you sometimes render them as a "cute beanbag toy" (aka. chibi)
that specific chibi is a rendition of Riven's Exile skin
oh, yes, of course! How could I have forgotten? </sarcasm>
12:29 PM
also the artist is really good at what they did, because I actually recognized that from the small 32x32 rendering in the onebox
I'll be the first to admit I just don't get the appeal of anime of any sort. I don't get the appeal of rap either.
@FreeMan it's a video game character, though.
@MathieuGuindon :+1: Hopefully they can give more reviews and improvement.
@Vogel612 still lost. #NotAGamer
12:32 PM
@Vogel612 the physics says that the dinky li'l guy can barely lift the sword without losing his balance and would fall over
dinky lil gal.
user image
she's pretty buff in one of the animations they put out
Though, my eldest got me a copy of Farming Simulator 19 for Father's Day. Totally pointless yet addicting game. Tried installing it on my desktop machine - on launch, the machine turned off. Just shut off, cold, no warning, no nothing! Wouldn't power back on for about 5 minutes. Had me worried.
Read the back of the box - my desktop does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. Pretty subtle method of letting me know... :(
a youtuber I like a lot made a flat out one hour video just gushing over the animation work and cinematography of that three minute clip
12:35 PM
something of an... elderly machine. (Athlon X3)
Does everything I want it to, though, except play that one game...
when you get a beefier machine, you could take a look at Factorio
12:49 PM
You've mentioned that before. FS19 (playing on my laptop) will be more than enough of an irritant for the wife.
1:13 PM
@mansellan Coworker saw that image and got the reference.
Also, I forgot my dress polo, so I'm wearing my Hacktober 2017 shirt today at work. I'll let you know if anything happens :D
When a user tries to sign in and they are locked out, should I tell them they are locked out?
@Hosch250 yes
Cool thanks.
@Hosch250 assuming this is for failing to provide the proper credentials x number of times? I'd say yes. Those who legit fat-finger/forget their password will only be more frustrated with your service if they get no feedback at all. If its a forum Shadow banning is somewhat acceptable
1:34 PM
@FreeMan Yep.
I'm doing it right now.
Just an alert that they've been locked out and please try again in N minutes/seconds.
2 hours later…
3:11 PM
Looks like the code from this answer is copy/past from blog.csdn.net/lyserver/article/details/4224676 without attribution to its original author. — Florent B. 56 mins ago
now that's a disappointment
@MathieuGuindon plagiarism doesn't invalidate the process.
hm. That blog is chinese and only has code - the post at least elaborated some more.
Granted, it's not cool if he copied without attribution, but I would not also be surprised if the code was found in other places and he at least gives more detail -- the blog seems to be just the "here's the code" (but in Chinese)
still, it looked like a MSFT staffer sharing a nugget of insider knowledge... there goes our hope of having anyone at MSFT help us create a VBA class instance...
not sure that helps us iwth that. I only skimmed but it looks like it's invoking a class method
rather than creating an instance
yeah I know.. but if it were a MSFT staff legit posting that answer/code from their own knowledge base, we would have had a chance to get help with instantiating, I think. now, not so much.
3:23 PM
I wonder if anyone at MSFT even remember/know how to create a VB object.
Those who do are probably enjoying their retirement at a tropical beach somewhere.
3:34 PM
@FreeMan I assume you've seen the 360 no scope cornshot videos?
I'll miss you when you're a Farming Simulator e-sports superstar xD
ugh. I wish there was a way to disable the recent items temporarily
@this That feeling when you need to make a business presentation but you just opened BronyCollection.xlsx
In my case I need to open a bunch of similar files to look for something - I don't want those cluttering my recent list.
at least you can easily remove a document or clear documents from the recent list.
just not "suspend" it
3:44 PM
Ugh. I can't unsee the Dr.Mario pill now. — Mathieu Guindon 11 secs ago
@puzzlepiece87 Huh?
Mug chose the Green/White pill.
4:03 PM
since when is it that i get better information from the MS docs then from SO, and other places everywhere on the net...
i was trying to get good information on how to query AD using ADO, and i got crap all over hte place, and none of it even worked.
open an issue, or make a PR. MS docs are open-source and continually updated. VBA docs is 30K+ pages of documentation and 1-2 staffers maintaining it - they can't catch everything that's wrong by themselves.
4:30 PM
And those staffers are probably just basically PR reviewers at this point :D
oh no, i mean that MS actually provided better information
Probably over several areas of docs.
that never seems ot happen
@MathieuGuindon I feel it's long overdue for users to assist in ensuring the documents are correct.
4:30 PM
@KySoto The C# docs are actually awesome, both the "documentation" on MSDN and the docs with examples on MS Docs.
There's no way in hell 2, 10, or even 500 people internally can catch everything.
@KySoto they made the docs open-source exactly for it to be improved
It just makes made sense to do it.
so yeah, i was trying to make a thing that would allow me to figure out the username based on the email address
Public Function GetNameFromEmail(ByVal argEmailAddress As String) As String
    Dim con As ADODB.Connection
    Dim com As ADODB.Command
    Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

    Set con = New ADODB.Connection
    con.Provider = "ADSDSOObject"
    Set com = New ADODB.Command
    Set com.ActiveConnection = con
    com.CommandType = adCmdText
    com.CommandText = "SELECT name FROM 'LDAP://DC=???,DC=???' WHERE objectCategory='user' and mail = '" & argEmailAddress & "'"
    Set rs = com.Execute
censored my domain info, but it worked like this
and before you guys go on about doing concat on the sql, it errors out when i attempt to use parameters
tells me no such interface
4:42 PM
Summer shower this morning + HVAC work and open roof = Fun
whats this "summer shower" thing you speak of?
Where rain falls from the sky and makes the ground wet.
5:09 PM
oh... that thing that doesnt happen here
central CA is a bit of a desert where i live
5:27 PM
@puzzlepiece87 um, no.
I shoulda asked before googling.
@IvenBach Have they legalized marijuana in California or do people just get dumb from having their brains baked from so much sunshine?
@FreeMan they sorta legalized it
my county doesnt want to legalize it
so they make a big deal about it
granted, i cant smoke it anyway since the last time i did i had a seizure, but thats beside the point
5:52 PM
interesting. I thought I heard it was supposed to help prevent seizures
But then again, lot of people say things.
Q: Improving efficiency on background log routine

saybhausdI created a log routine that creates a module in the desired file that records all changes for future auditing based on workbook events. I would like to com up with an alternative that I can activate at the start of a long process of routines applied to 100.000 rows, which mine doesn't seem to be...

ugggh how do you convince people not to do this?
By giving them an actual database for one.
Of course, they'll have to learn normalization, data modeling and SQL
But that's child's play, right?
5:59 PM
@this I've seen people commit suicide after being forced to learn normalization /s :P
Also, how do we teach people not to use 10,000 lines of code to "read information from the sheet, do some calculations, update an excel chart on the sheet, and write some data back to the worksheet"?
@BigBen I've had good success with a blood-stained 2x4 with spikes. Usually just a look at it is enough to convince them.
@Hosch250 graphic-image-engrained-in-my-mind
6:03 PM
@this last i heard from my mom, shes allergic to it
and of course i hear this AFTER i had tried it... of course
reminds me of when we had a "VBA training" class at work. The "instructor" promptly wrote an infinite loop when trying to explain something.
@Hosch250 the proper term is the upgraded Clue by 4
oh yeah - he used a GoTo with a loop too...
@BigBen advise seppuku?
I guess that would have been appropriate
6:06 PM
c.f. i = i + 1 inside the damn loop
Oh I think this was a Do...While with an extra GoTo for good measure.
two goto's
one to go before hte loop and one to go after
@FreeMan mumble mumble :shrug: I think so mumble. I'm a terrible citizen and don't pay any attention to current affairs.
oh yeah "thaaat's what I was missing"
cue the GoTo insert after Excel crashed the first time.
@Hosch250 I saw it and knew he meant business.
Although to be fair I had my own self learning of 3NF and the benefits of it.
6:11 PM
@Hosch250 really I don't get it. The whole thing about normalization is easily summed up in the phrase "a place for each thing and everything in its place."
@this I was joking :D
I know you were - but I've seen people approach it as if it was some kind of black speech
@this e.g. 2x4 => forehead
6:21 PM
@this It's a hard concept to understand if you haven't bridged the knowledge gap yet. Along the lines of But Why???.
"Why would I need to move it somewhere else when it's already there?" is something people Pineapples can't get past.
Not like I'm preaching to the choir though.
I suppose that in Excel, they have no problem making sheets 2019, 2018, 2017, etc. or Jan, Feb....Dec. To tell them that it should be in one big bucket is tantamount to heresy.
How Excel does it vs RDMS is different.
But here's the thing... I instinctively want it all in one table! That way I can use filters! If it's across sheets, then I can't do comparisons across years!
Sure you can. :three-hours-later: Here's your comparison.
6:30 PM
Until you've had something better it's hard to understand.
@this can pivot tables not union data across multiple sheets?
BTW You still like your B/W 3.5inch TV?
@Vogel612 IDK, never tried that but that's still ass-backward.
6:31 PM
@IvenBach it's still going strong, right next to my record player!
I would sooner have one table as the source, then 12 pivots reporting on years for reporting purpose.
@BigBen Niiiiice. I'll have to send you a request for one of those records via my carrier pigeon.
@IvenBach I'm sure I can get Wells Fargo Express to deliver it to you by carriage.
with some pinkertons as guards?
absolutely, I hear they're the best
6:33 PM
hrm... different VBA library versions between 2016 and 365, I'm guessing.
@BigBen Wat.
You have a 3.5" TV? That's almost as small as a smart watch...
It is smaller than my smartphone...
what's a smart watch?
it can tell time
oh dammit, they can do that now?
@BigBen It's like a FitBit with a clock that costs an arm and a leg.
6:35 PM
I'm behind the times, pun intended
....sigh... Friday=no work happening
that's not true. I washed and hung two machines and did my finance booking for the month April :)
wow... my laptop is on RD 2.1.6647!
update incoming
My pet project has been coming along very sweet.
I fixed some bugs with lockout controls, I added support for more "tokens" (i.e. you can do [user(currentUser):firstname] or [user(jdoe):firstname] and it will populate it).
@BigBen +10
ahhh... there's the ThunderDuck. much better
6:40 PM
Right now I'm working on cleaning up some of my API calls.
@Hosch250 how would you go about grabbing .md files on the RDWeb repo, and using that for content? Idea being, we'd want to edit .md files, not recompile and redeploy the whole damn website... Thoughts?
Kind of like docs.msft does
Exactly like I'm doing with my doc structure on Amethyst.
So, it would be in the solution as a content file, push with each deploy.
You go into the solution and edit that, and then push and have it auto-build. When the user requests a doc, you load the .md file and render it as HTML.
hm, I was thinking it wouldn't need to be in the solution+deployed at all, just grab it from github
It's basically the same thing if you don't want it in the solution.
You get a key, figure out where the actual file is, download the file, and render it as HTML.
I guess there's a nuget for that
.md -> .html
6:50 PM
There are a bunch.
There's one for SE's version and at least a couple for GitHub's version.
And if you want to build your own, like I ended up doing for better styling, there's MS's parser.
The only difference with MS's parser is that leading spaces on headers isn't dropped, so you'd have to do Trim on it.
GitHub markdown will do =)
@MathieuGuindon you do know we theoretically have github pages?
I don't think we want to incur a roundtrip so either deploying or having a webhook listener that updates the RDWeb content would be necessary
that is ... if I understood correctly
@Vogel612 yeah... Not sure how to integrate that with the website though.
7:01 PM
option 1: 30x-redirects
option 2: some kind of iframe (~bleagh)
option 3: ???
option 4: PROFIT!!
wait, that's not how that worked, right?
302 sounds correct, btw.
might be wonky with CSRF though and take this with a "yuuuuge" grain of salt. #IAlsoSuckAtWeb
@Vogel612 I've not had issues with roundtrips in my microservice framework.
TBH, I bet GH is fast enough that we don't need to worry about it.
A 302 redirect wouldn't be bad either.
I still wouldn't want to incur a roundtrip.
loadtimes are essential, an additional roundtrip is always slower
I'm getting loadtimes in the low hundred milliseconds with multiple roundtrips on my stuff.
for your microservices, you probably have at least some degree of locality so roundtrip is low single digit millis
I could cache the content and only hit GH at e.g. midnight UTC
7:05 PM
Oh, makes sense.
Today is Friday? I'm 2 days behind mentally.
Well, FWIW, hosting it in the repo was my first idea. That also lets you version the MD files.
@MathieuGuindon websockets would just change that to a push instead of pull model
@Vogel612 Yeah, same machine. I bet it never even hits the actual web.
Stepping out for a bit--walk time :)
yea... sounds like named pipes or sockets
7:09 PM
@IvenBach I'm one day forward mentally.
-_- man this is annoying
i drop a module out of my project
i import the new version
it appends a freaking 1
wtf man.
come on. dont do this add a one crap to me
Can you rename it after importing?
Duck checking out loud methinks you might not be seeing the other one.
naw, im programatically removing them first, then programatically importing them
i do about 4-5 modules at once
the others dont have this issue, only this one particular module
Tried closing entirely the host application and reopening?
7:25 PM
Make sure there isn't a freaking 1 at the end of the file you are importing that got their by accident somehow?
7:40 PM
@MathieuGuindon #ImGoodAtWeb I can click links with the best of 'em!
7:54 PM
@Hosch250 im sure that there isnt
i remove the module from the local application, then i export to file the copy from the "source" access file, then i import the file into the local application
Busy updating my site to ASP.NET Core 3.0. Breaking changes in EF Core 3.0 are making it slightly interesting.
@IvenBach its happened each time :/
Bother. Now the response isn't working like I'd expect :'(
Got past the EF issue and hit that :(
Oh, right it's because they decoupled Json.Net from ASP.NET, same issue as EF...
8:25 PM
@MathieuGuindon #me2
Hey guys.
I was wondering what you were up to :)
Where have you been the past few years?
Last I heard, you were making money hand over fist with a trading bot. Are you a millionaire now? :P
@Hosch250 Not yet ^^
@Hosch250 Same startup (well, not really a startup anymore. We've grown ^^), several promotions, doing a maths degree on the side.
Awesome :)
I'm doing Project Management these days. Miss coding, but that's just how things are.
8:45 PM
hey @Kaz!
@MathieuGuindon Hey!
How's life treating you these days?
could be worse
also, writing a book is much more exhausting than I thought
Between the book and his wedding, he's not had much time lately.
wait... wedding?
@MathieuGuindon upvote, I'm too lazy (as almost always) to type up an answer. Thanks for explaining that a constant, well, should be... constant
8:56 PM
@BigBen you'd be surprised what things people code up as const
@Vogel612 well she did say "yes" exactly 13 months ago
#ISuckAtWeddings too, apparently
@MathieuGuindon soo ... you've been engaged for a bit over a year now?
@MathieuGuindon Congratulations!
yeah.. we both concluded that what we really want is just bring the required witnesses to a courtroom, sign the damn paperwork, and get it over with. no need to spend/waste $30K that we don't have on it
@Kaz =)
8:59 PM
@MathieuGuindon haaaaaang on .... You waited until after resigning as mod to ask her?
Damn I can be slow sometimes
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