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12:01 AM
[Hosch250/VSDiagnostics] 22 commits. 25646 additions. 8617 deletions.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 3 commits. 1 closed issue. 2 issue comments. 462 additions. 252 deletions.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 128, Bombs Used: 86, Moves Performed: 17424, New Users: 7
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2:16 AM
Code such as this should be burnt with fire. Just saying. — DeanOC 39 mins ago
2:52 AM
> **What**
Let's have a code quality inspection that locates instances of a `For` loop variable being explicitly tampered with inside the loop body.

A `For` loop that modifies its counter variable is poor practice and makes execution harder to follow and the code harder to debug when problems inevitably happen.

This code should trigger the inspection:

Public Sub DoSomething()
Dim i As Long
For i = 1 To 3
Debug.Print i
i = i + 1
@Duga SO is the never ending faountain for code inspections.
> An alternate quickfix "Burn it with fire" could just nuke the whole For loop. Thoughts?
@IvenBach IKR? :)
> An alternate quickfix "Burn it with fire" could just nuke the whole For loop. Thoughts?
Some of them are WTF in scope.
2:55 AM
Along the lines of “why would you do that”.
I’ve had a couple times where inspections made me say that.
Rubberduck does not judge :)
it just tells you your code is objectively questionable lol
My idol is a fellow Canadian Mug. redgreen.com/42319-phoenix-az.html
@MathieuGuindon it judges my code. It just doesn’t vocalize it’s objections to others. And for that I’m grateful.
3:02 AM
ok, it judges your code... so that others don't?
It constructively criticizes it. The correct way to make it better.
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TTGTB... Only one more sub-heading to draft, and then a round of edits.
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@Duga woot! +1!
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12:36 PM
> An alternate quickfix that might cover the conditional modification is to convert from For...Next to a Do...Loop.
I need a sanity check -- for the ComCommand PR i have a few failing tests. The root issue is due to the fact that some commands now require re-evaluation of the conditions on the OnExecute. However, in the tests, we are typically passing a null as the parameter, which then fails the condition and thus prevent it from being executed. The parameter usually should be a code explorer item, which doesn't get mocked up in the unit tests.
I'm inclined to mock it up but I wonder whether the command should altered to handle the null input (getting a active selection somehow?).
@MathieuGuindon lolyikes!
@this wouldn't that amount to crafting a test-only execution path?
the tests was passing with a null parameter until the change, hence my puzzlement.
well, it was just testing the Execute and verifying that it got called.
hm, I'd be tempted to mock the dependency as well
12:49 PM
which is fun because I now have to new up a CE's VM item
@MathieuGuindon True, but a bit harsh on an admitted newbie trying to learn.
@this "I need a sanity check" - don't we all?
Can't remain sane in an insane environment, can we?
Hmm. Wonder if they tried that out before - putting a sane guy in a mental hospital.
(as a psychological trial, not as some kind of political suppression)
I'm sure the Nazis toyed with it for a while.
as many others - that's the latter category. I was thinking of something similar to Milgram experiment
but a mental hospital instead of a jail
2:04 PM
git question: Does it matter what branch I'm currently in when I do a git checkout -b <branchname>? i.e. will it always create a new branch from master (assuming...) or will it create a new branch from the one I've currently got checked out? (i.e. I need to git checkout master then git checkout -b <branch> if I want a new branch off of master)
Yeah, looks like the newly created branch will be based off of whatever I'm currently working in, so if I want it from master, I'd better be in master before creating the new one.
> If this inspection is looking for 'tampering', not just incrementing (conditional or otherwise), then really you need to look out for any assignment to `i`, such as byRef in a sub or the return value of a function.

That makes a quick fix hard, as you need to trace the full assignment path and determine whether it resolves to a simple increment - probably out of scope?
@Duga see this is why issues/discussions are awesome... totally didn't think of ByRef assignments
> If this inspection is looking for 'tampering', not just incrementing (conditional or otherwise), then really you need to look out for any assignment to `i`, such as byRef in a sub or the return value of a function.

That makes a quick fix hard, as you need to trace the full assignment path and determine whether it resolves to a simple increment - probably out of scope?

Refactoring the assignment line to include the loop step, and then swapping to a do loop as suggested would be a general
> @Greedquest good points. I was thinking of enabling the simple quickfix for the simplest scenarios, and just warn about the (potential) tampering otherwise (i.e. no quickfix for the more complex cases, at least for a first round).
> If this inspection is looking for 'tampering', not just incrementing (conditional or otherwise), then really you need to look out for any assignment to `i`, such as byRef in a sub or the return value of a function.

That makes a quick fix hard, as you need to trace the full assignment path and determine whether it resolves to a simple increment that can be replaced with a step, or a more complex expression with side effects - probably out of scope?

Refactoring the assignment line to inclu
2:23 PM
Hey guys, so if i know eff all about WPF where is a good place to start learning?
i ask because all i have ever worked with are windows forms app type projects
@KySoto first you have to throw everything you know about UI dev, out the window ;-)
well thats good, im already a shit UI dev from what i can tell
ive always been super intimidated by things like xaml
i need to get over it
it's just markup :)
2:32 PM
idk, i just feel like i was never good at that
so i would just shy away
It's simple! Get a big, fat Sharpie, go through your info, mark out anything that doesn't look important.
Oh, wait, that's mark out not markup
Keep in mind that with WPF you write declarative code, as opposed to imperative code you are usually doing with WinForm/VBA Userforms/Access.
> I'm now of opinion that this isn't a RD issue. I've been seeing reports of this issues even on installs without RD.
> I'm now of opinion that this isn't a RD issue. I've been seeing reports of this issues even on installs without RD, where the window opens too small, doesn't respect the original size it was last closed with. The bit about Excel locking, is uncertain, however.
that's weird. I was working on a branch, switched back to master and checked out a new one. my git status shows 3 untracked files! Thinking about it, they're new files in a branch that haven't yet been pushed to master, but weren't deleted when I switched to master or checked out new branch.
Guess that makes a lot of sense in the non-VBA world.
2:47 PM
@FreeMan you're thinking in SVN, where each branch has its own folder with its own files
@MathieuGuindon SVN is going to SC-hell when it dies.
Along with TFS and other ones that do it like that.
right along with VSS :)
Meh. I think compared to VSS, SVN is good enough for a purgatory
VSS is.... shudder
TFS puts source control stuff in the .csproj file shudder
well, no, I really wasn't... I was just surprised to see them. I've made way too many unrelated changes in that, my first, branch, and this was my first merge.
(from the new branch to master)
2:52 PM
@Hosch250 oh my. I forgot about that. Soooooooo tacky.
I think that's why nobody not in enterprise really took SCC seriously until git came along.
however, after having merged, I'm trying to checkout this way too big branch, and git is telling me "The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout:"
But... I thought they were part of that branch.
Maybe I forgot to commit them...
guess I back 'em up somewhere, checkout my branch and see what gives.
@FreeMan you wouldn't have been able to check-out another branch if that were the case
moved them to a different directory & got my checkout completed. It appears that I now have 2 different versions of these 2 files. git diff to the rescue?
Delete one of the versions?
FWIW - if you are copying and moving files around, you're doing it wrong-ish.
2:57 PM
you want to let git do its own thing.
In this case, you wanted to stash the changes, check out to other branch, apply the stash
(assuming tha tyou meant to move the edited files into toher branch)
since you already copied the edited files, you would just put it back, overwriting the files there
That does not work if you need to merge some changes, rather than taking the entire file, though.
@this I only copied them because git wouldn't let me checkout my branch in progress. Other than that, I've been letting git do its thing.
posted on April 24, 2019 by CommitStrip

I moved the 2 files up one directory level, checked out my working branch then git diff file.cls ..\file.cls -- it reported no output.
@Feeds lol! (I'm still getting used to not doing that. I'm so sorry, RD... Have patience, I'm changing old habits...)
that git diff was the proper way to do it, and the lack of output means these two files are identical, right?
I'd think so but that doesn't jive since it earlier reported it can't checkout because there were changes
3:03 PM
said they were untracked, not changed.
then that meant in th eoriginal branch, you didn't have those 3 files
so when you changed branch, that one did have those files
ooohh... those 2 files haven't yet been added to master. Is that why it didn't want to let me switch from master to the branch where they have been checked in?
they're not yet tracked in master, so it thought I was going to lose work there.
by overwriting them with the only copies of them that are legit, the ones in the branch where I'm actually developing them.
That's mildly annoying...
@Feeds @MathieuGuindon.
3:07 PM
what's the recommended way of dealing with that? I can see many times when I'd start a new class in a branch, then have to switch away from that for a quick fix somewhere else, then switch back.
nice... stash
scurries off to read
@Feeds hahaha!
# ... hack hack hack ...
$ git stash
$ edit emergency fix
$ git commit -a -m "Fix in a hurry"
$ git stash pop
# ... continue hacking ...
^ love the first line
the thing about this series of commands, as I understand them, is that the git commit is committing 'emergency fix` to this branch, not master.
how far off is my understanding?
> It sure is annoying and apparently unpredictable. Sure would like to know how others have encountered it (i.e. not using RD) and their setup: other add-ins installed, etc.

From: bclothier <notifications@github.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 9:38 AM
To: rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck <Rubberduck@noreply.github.com>
Cc: David <dgmsmiles@gmail.com>; Author <author@noreply.github.com>
Subject: Re: [rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] RD misbehaving with VBIDE on opening VBIDE (#4858)

I'm now of o
> I've had that happen a couple of times with Firefox, but not (in my recollection) to the VBE.
> I've had that happen a couple of times with Firefox, but not (in my recollection) to the VBE. i.e. it seems more like a Windows issue than Office, VBE or RD issue.
4:03 PM
> Currently, I observe the resize, but not the locking up, regularly at work, where no RD is installed. This only started to happen after we switched from Office 2010 to 365. My guess is that there is some strange problem between the hosts window manager and the VBE.

It might be that RD tries to react to the resize from the strange window size in a way the window manager really does not like. However, to really see what is going on, we will probably have to find a way to reproduce it with a d
> It sure is annoying and apparently unpredictable. Sure would like to know how others have encountered it (i.e. not using RD) and their setup: other add-ins installed, etc.
@Duga for some reasons, GH didn't auto-truncate the email stuff
4:20 PM
@Duga something's definitely up somewhere
> I’ll help anyway I can…

From: Max Dörner <notifications@github.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 11:04 AM
To: rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck <Rubberduck@noreply.github.com>
Cc: David <dgmsmiles@gmail.com>; Author <author@noreply.github.com>
Subject: Re: [rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] RD misbehaving with VBIDE on opening VBIDE (#4858)

Currently, I observe the resize, but not the locking up, regularly at work, where no RD is installed. This only started to happen after we switched from Offic
4:57 PM
@MathieuGuindon Hi. On my PC, I have Office 2019. On my NTB, I have Office 365 (for some unknown reason...)
It happens on both.
@this What's the applied usage of stashing? It recommends me to stash sometimes when I Pull and it won't merge... Few times I just cloned the whole thing because I wasn't able to resolve the merge.... :D
the main use for stash (at least for me) is save some work that are in-progress so that I can change branches or do something else
those work would be one that I do not want to commit -- because they are unfinished, or are half-baked and I want to think more about it
> Hey, this is happening lately too. Often after I Clean/Build the RD project again, start Excel and press ALT+F11. On my second monitor, it appears on the top left. No stuck, I just make it bigger and it's fine. I'm on Office 2019. (which, I assume, should be somewhere in the neighbor of Office 365)
@Duga 365 is ongoing dev; 2019 is pretty much what 365 was last year at this time
So it's applicable in the Pull scenario?
- Pull from upstream/next
- nono, can't, don't know how to merge, do it yourself
- git stash
- Pull I say!
- Ok
- git stash pop
- here I am editing my stuff with newest branch?
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x86
Host Version: 16.0.11425.20228
Host Executable: EXCEL.EXE

Regardless of Grouping setting, clicking on an arrow to expand (or collapse) a node expands (or collapses) the entire tree, not just a specific node.

**To Reproduce**
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Open ToDo explorer
2. Click on an arrow to expand (or collapse) a node
5:12 PM
@Duga I think this one is known, isn't it... I remember you mentioned this "bug" weeks/months ago.
@MathieuGuindon I'll try to install 2016 again on my NTB and see if it's Per machine problem or it disappears. :)
nothing new on YouTube, Google not turning up anything I haven't seen before. where's that star-shower coming from?
+3 right now
Department meeting, some dev just demoed it (just a guess).
Unpinned that item since it is now complete.
wouldn't it turn up on Google?
maybe "rubberduck vba" isn't the right search term
5:25 PM
Why so? Maybe someone browses /r/vba and sees some post that has like 4 UPs, sees the one answer with "have you tried RubberDuck?" and click on that :)
@MathieuGuindon 7 in 24-or-so hours!
And recommends that to his colleagues :D
5:47 PM
ugh... git...
I did git checkout -b newbranch, made a quick change, then git commit -a -m 'messge', then git checkout master, followed by git merge newbranch.
All appeared to be good.
Then I did git checkout master and was told "Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 2 commits."
@FreeMan Stop blaming Git.
@FreeMan It sounds like you might need to git push to the remote.
interrupted by important family phone call...
@FreeMan Who's doing drugs this time?
I followed up with git fetch origin and git merge origin/master which told me "Already up to date". then...
$ git push origin master
Enumerating objects: 10, done.
Counting objects: 100% (10/10), done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads
Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done.
Writing objects: 100% (7/7), 769 bytes | 128.00 KiB/s, done.
Total 7 (delta 4), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: error: refusing to update checked out branch: refs/heads/master
remote: error: By default, updating the current branch in a non-bare repository
remote: is denied, because it will make the index and work tree inconsistent
Looks like you screwed it good.
5:57 PM
@Hosch250 the FIL. He's on anesthetics for the next couple of days...
go me!
So, what you do is:
was I at least on the right track?
git checkout -b newbranch
git commit -m 'message'
git checkout master
git merge newBranch
git push
I'm guessing the botch is somewhere when you were trying to merge your outdated master back into your local master.
I don't know what the -a flag is.
just git push instead of git push origin master?
5:59 PM
So, you might still want that.
Yeah, it detects tracking branches.
So, if you didn't have a tracking branch, you'd have to set that, but if you do, you don't need it.
-a automatically stages all changed files instead of git add <file>, git add file2
Hi there, @noob.
@FreeMan Cool. Keep it then.
VS automatically does that for me when I add a file.
@Hosch250 thought you were being funny and talking to me...
@FreeMan Well, I might be... You never said you didn't have a "noob" account.
@Hosch250 btw, that was blaming my lack of gitnowledge
mkay... how do I fixer up now?
worst case scenario, this was literally a 1-line change, so if I have to scrap it I can, but... I'd rather not.
6:02 PM
Hi @Hosch250
@FreeMan If you are 101% sure that the branch is good as it is, you can do git push -f.
That will overwrite your local branch.
@noob Hi. What's up?
Nothing much. How about you?
6:14 PM
Working on making some code more light-weight after a client accidentally DDoS'ed themselves with it yesterday.
how does one DDos themselves?
And how will making it more light-weight help the situation?
A DDoS is a distributed denial of service.
@FreeMan I think I know why you cannot push.
It's typically caused by too high of traffic, so the website goes down.
Your remote is not a bre repository, right?
6:17 PM
In our case, part of the site was slow and was blocking the rest of the calls from completing.
We took that part of the site down (with the client's permission), and everything spun up real fast again.
So, if I make this part of the site faster and more light-weight in general, it won't be the limiting factor in how fast a page can load.
I.e. you created an ordinary repository and use that as your remote, right?
And since we proved that the rest of the site can handle the load just fine, I just need to make this lightweight enough too.
Judging from the error message, the remote has master checked out.
Okay sorry I am still a noob. So client didn't actually DDos themselves right. To DDos own server you'd have to send thousands of request to your own server.
You cannot push to a branch of a repository, if it is currently checked out by that repository.
6:21 PM
@noob Depends on the site.
The client took their site down by unexpectedly increasing traffic.
In our case, it was a bit over 500 requests per second.
The site can handle that--except for this piece, which was the limiting factor.
okay so basically it wasn't a public site and made for low traffic.
Well, it can handle high traffic too, as long as certain parts are left off ;)
Got it I thought it was just another site like SO.
Oh, no. Internal site that we develop and host for them.
They usually have about 200 rpm (requests per minute), but they more than doubled it.
okay. maybe add a cloudflare service or something.
just kidding
6:28 PM
@Duga new contributor?
@M.Doerner since I'm not sure what a bre repository is, I'm gonna say no.
@M.Doerner How do I uncheckout a branch from the remote master?
ATM, there should only be one branch on the on the remote - master. I don't think I've created any.
Yeah, I changed to the network share where remote lives and git branch shows only master.
git status reports "nothing to commit, working tree clean"
I'm good with @Hosch250's recommended git push -f - I'm the only one in any of the code right now, and this is my very first attempt to push anything from local to remote, so I'm not concerned about overwriting the remote locale
6:44 PM
@noob welcome to the pond.
@M.Doerner Yeah, the error message says ! [remote rejected] master -> master (branch is currently checked out) How do I uncheck the branch?
Thanks @IvenBach
@Freeman Yuo could just create another branch on the remote and check that out.
However, remotes on which nobody works directly should really be bare, i.e. not have a workspace at all.
can I convert my clothed remote to a bare one?
Alternatively, I could have master which is what's currently in production and next which would be the changes that have been tested and are ready for production. git push to next, then merge next into master when I'm ready for a production roll out
leaving remote master checked out so I can push into next without it complaining.
The easiest way to get around the problem is probably to use git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore on the remote.
That will allow to push to checked out branches.
Just be aware that this will bring the remote's working tree and the branch out of sync.
6:55 PM
That's an option listed in the lengthy error message and includes:
> however, this is not recommended unless you arranged to update its work tree to match what you pushed in some other way.
What, exactly, does that mean, and how would I update the work tree to match the push?
You would probably have to open the remote and checkout the branch again.
Do you need the capability to change files on the remote without pushing to it or to get the files from there without futching/pulling from it?
Otherwise, you can make it bare, as describet in stackoverflow.com/questions/2199897/….
@M.Doerner No intention of doing that. The one other "programmer" we have here will be pushing on rare occassion, so limiting his ability to accidentally do it wrong would be a bonus!
I'll take a look at that link.
7:16 PM
Q: Difference between VBA for Excel 2003 running on Windows 10 and Windows 7

V.StoyanovOkay, I have an oddly specific situation: I made a bunch of macros and Visual Basic code in an Excel 2003 Spreadsheet running on Windows 7. The product has been working perfectly for one and a half years and the client was satisfied. Recently, a new employee has been employed and they prefer to w...

behold, an Office 2003 user!
the accepted answer boils down to git config --bool core.bare true the rest of it is just renaming directories so the humans know it's a bare repo, right?
@MathieuGuindon Apparently 6 years+ of out of support wasn't enough incentive (disincentive?). And it's only in use for last year and half?
@this dude, software updates are expensive!!
buy a cheapo copy of Office 2010....
@this I have one I could give away...
7:30 PM
personally I think it's irresponsible to upgrade the OS but not the software.
I can understand not upgrading the box at all (e.g. tie-in into an expensive hardware or something) but that implies you shouldn't upgrade the OS, either. Unplug it from the internet and be happy.
In long term, though, virtual machine may be the way to go, esp. when the hardware becomes obsolete (e.g. BIOS is becoming less of a thing, being replaced with EFI for the mobos). That let you upgrade the hardware without breaking the delicate shell this ridiculously expensive software must run in.
Yay! removed the source code from my network dir, moved the contents of .git up one directory level, rant git config --bool core.bare true, and
$ git push
Enumerating objects: 10, done.
Counting objects: 100% (10/10), done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads
Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done.
Writing objects: 100% (7/7), 769 bytes | 128.00 KiB/s, done.
Total 7 (delta 4), reused 0 (delta 0)
To file://F:/SHARE/Business Solutions/Data Analyst/Git/SatisfactionSurvey
   6b051a9..7302021  master -> master
thank you @M.Doerner
You are welcome!
now, having removed all the source code files (from the network directory), one gets a tad nervous. The source, however, can be extracted from the contents of the objects directory, right? That's how git knows what it's comparing against?
none of those files, separately or combined, seem to be big enough to hold even a compressed version of the source code...
8:26 PM
I think elect them to Congress. If they cheated enough they can become President. If they have a law degree they can become a Supreme Court justice. — emory 2 hours ago
8:56 PM
@FreeMan You should simply be able to fetch/pull from the repository. Everyhting should be there.
9:15 PM
hi people
Hi, @Jelly!
Hi buddy!
Everything still going good?
Solid. Just got a 20K raise.
@Jelly That's awesome!
Going pretty good. Typical old fighting legacy software, missing requirements, and now getting involved in moving our systems to Azure.
9:19 PM
That's awesome too (The azure part)! Happy for you.
Did you pay off your car?
Last Christmas :)
Wait, that's two Christmas's ago.
Man, that was a long time ago already.
9:19 PM
I don't come here often so...
Yeah, I just missed you a couple months ago.
and your car's still going? You got a great deal, then.
Same company?
I'm saving for a house now. I hope to move out to badland area in the western dakotas.
Yes, my car is still running strong after 1.5 years ;)
My car is a good old V6 3800 Pontiac Bonne ville 2000.
I love it.
But right now I want a dodge challenger. I need to do a test drive before I commit
9:21 PM
@this It was a new Ford Escape 2018. I got a good deal on it since I had just graduated from college, and put every penny I had on it.
> Hello.

#### Me & Rubberduck
I've just been browsing your pages on Rubberduck and it looks like a very useful tool. I'll probably try it out one day.

#### What I would like to do
I've just been thinking today that it would be good if I could more easily code statements like the following in the VBE:

Debug.Print "MyVar : " & MyVar
Debug.Print "MyObject.MyProperty(3) : " & MyObject.MyProperty(3)
Debug.Print "MyObject![Color] : " & MyObject![Color]
Debug.Print "MyVar : " & MyVar
@Jelly Those are nice cars. I looked at them, but they were about 10k above what I could pay (lower 30k).
To me, any car that lasts well beyond its loan maturity is a good deal. We paid off the previous car for only maybe 4 or 5 months before we had to replace it (repair costs increasing too much)
Japenese cars are the best but not the fastest or most comfortable to drive.
@this I bought it in August, so yeah, I'd expect a new car to last more than 5 months. I didn't go for used, since my mom used to be quite poor and told me that I'd spend more on maintenance than I would just flat out buying new.
9:24 PM
A lot of people here in Portland drive honda accords civics.
@Jelly Fast isn't an issue if you can't take it on the track anyway--you'll not max it out either way.
@Jelly I see Honda and Toyota a lot here too, mostly Chevy.
@Hosch250 to clarify - 5 months past the loan maturity, not its purchase date
If you see a Ford, it's usually a Mustang, Escape, or Explorer.
@this Oh, I don't know when the loan matures. I think it was a 10 year loan, or something.
if it only lasted 5 months after buying.... I'd be looking at throwing lemons at the dealer.
9:25 PM
Ford said its going to stop producing sedans (except for the mustang)
wait, there's 10 years loan on cars?!?
I thought the max was 5
@Jelly I'd heard that, but thought it was just a rumor.
I dunno... Maybe it was 5.
I think they are serious sbout that. Toyota and Honda are killing it with sedans.
Yeah, I've not seen them a lot in our area. I'm actually a little concerned about the future of the company. Chevy always seems to beat them to new features by a year. The interiors are nicer than Chevy's though.
Chevy dashboards have a really bad glare when it's sunny.
Nice interior doesn't help if they have a propensity to be found on road dead. ;-)
9:28 PM
Hey guys here's a stupid vs question. I am doing a documentation project and I can't find for the life of me find an easy way to wrap my xml code example in ///s instead of //s without using notepad. Is there a feature in VS that does that?
@Jelly Yeah, just type ///, and it gives you a basic doc comment by default in C#.
They even get special support in the Roslyn parse tree if you want to manipulate it.
I know that. Most of the time I have the code example copied in my clipboard. I want to be able to paste in ///<code></code> and have VS automatically add the /// for each new line.
The autocomplete might get a little confused if you have a // line immediately above that, though.
Oh, that should work.
Doesn't it?
Hmmm, it doesn't.
That's funny.
9:31 PM
Which is stupid and very annoying.
I hate these little things that make me unproductive.
What if you have a different app for XML docs, then just paste the full generated doc in?
I do know there are some.
I can't recommend any, since I don't use them.
That's a hassle.
why not just do it directly in VS?
Do you have VS Code? That can support custom auto-complete now.
9:33 PM
Maybe you could build an auto-complete that adds the /// at the beginning of each new line.
Is there a way in vs to change the number of /s when commenting lines in VS?
VS Code is free anyway, so you could maybe try it? I've not done it, FWIW.
I have VS code installed. It's a hassle to switch in between. I prefer to everything in one place.
Don't blame you.
@Jelly I don't think so, since it's tied into the C# // comment feature.
Unless find/replace counts.
9:35 PM
Sorry :(
Not fault so dont be :)
FWIW, you can write add-ins for VS that tie into auto-complete.
In fact, you might even be able to find one on the store that helps.
I guess I ll do ctrl +h and replace \n with \n///
There is also the need to encode <> because of generic classes for the xml documentation to work properly
I think this can be a great vs extension
9:50 PM
@this what’s the difference between old school bios and the newer replacement? I’m way out of date with my knowledge.
> ? as a shortcut to Print worked in BASIC 2.0 on my old Commodore 64! 😀 ...and then there's the whole "but where is this Debug object coming from anyway?" thing (looks like it's special-cased at the language/parser level), but I digress... I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to have an "autocorrect" feature that turns ? into Debug.Print as you type it, when that's the only thing in the current line of code being edited: similar "autocorrect" ideas are very much in-scope for the proje
@Duga Except in string literals :)
> when that's the only thing in the current line of code being edited
> @MarkFern BTW sorry for basically derailing your docs PR the other day... and thanks for your contributions to the VBA landscape!

> I'll probably try it out one day.

Awesome! Let us know when you do, and don't hesitate to ask anything!
10:08 PM
@Duga I’ve caught myself several times using ‘?’ In a code pane
10:52 PM
@IvenBach it doesn't prettify to Debug.Print?
> Linking #4932

The VBE accepts `?` and "pretty-prints" it to a `Print` statement - which works fine when the `?` token follows `Debug.`, but makes the statement illegal otherwise.

Let's implement an autocompletion feature that intercepts the keypress when the current logical line of code is empty (barring indentation), and writes `Debug.Print` instead, placing the caret immediately after the `Print` token (we can't make it have a trailing whitespace, VBE would eat it).
11:26 PM
@IvenBach beats me. All I know is that there's BIOS, then there's EFI. This is only an issue when you're dealing with low level stuff like dual booting or installing into a bare metal box.
@Duga doc PR for RD or something else?

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