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^ This is the kind of stuff that's #BlackMagic to VBA coders that don't know how to navigate the IDE.
~.~ I need to get to the 'Introducing the IDE` post I want to write.
I needz Moar Time!
[MDoerner/AdventOfCode2019] 1 commit. 631 additions.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 opened issue. 3 issue comments.
[Zomis/AdventOfCode] 1 commit. 83 additions. 15 deletions.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 76, Bombs Used: 57, Moves Performed: 10028, New Users: 10
@IvenBach yeah can confirm til
12:35 AM
> Workbooks.Open is also side-effecting: successfully opening a workbook makes that workbook the new ActiveWorkbook, and so global state is affected by its execution.
:+1: for mentioning side-affecting behavior.
@theVBE-it'srightforme I'm one of the lesser contributors here. If you stick around for a while you'll learn a lot.
12:48 AM
Wait, is it .Sheets() or .Worksheets()?
The first thing to note, is that they aren’t language-level keywords, but member calls. If you don’t qualify them, then in the ThisWorkbook module you’ll be referring to Me.Worksheets (i.e. ThisWorkbook.Worksheets), and anywhere else in the VBA project that same code be implicitly referring to ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets: that’s why it’s important to properly qualify member calls. Worksheets is a member of a Workbook object, so you explicitly qualify it with a Workbook object.
Cha-cha-cha-Chaining Calls
... we cast it to a usable compile-time interface (that’s Worksheet), ...
-->  we cast it to a usable compile-time interface (whose known type is of Worksheet),


... but now you know why, how, and when to dereference a Worksheet object into a local variable
---> After all that's explain above you now know:
        - *why* the recorder is doing this (It blind-pig captures actions without understanding)
        - *how* it works the way it's written (with all its nasty implicit laden pitfalls waiting to be ask about on StackOverflow)
^ @MathieuGuindon a couple more. These are the #Simple things that a lot of VBA coders never figure out.
This is the stuff that makes me so glad I found RD & this pond to help me understand.
PS. I still don't fully undertstand why .doccls exports can't be imported back in. From what I understood they are owned by the host application, whereas (Class | Standard) Modules, and Forms are owned by the IDE. That's why they have the distinction.
@IvenBach lol you're "lesser"?
i believe i will just from how much i've learned already
"be ask"
typo there
also can someone explain this reputation thing
i answered two questions
both show -1 (lol)
but then one shows -2 and the other +8
i take it reputation is distinct from the voting on answers?
1:07 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme Iven is out self-flagellator-in-chief... he's doing great, but doesn't realize it ;-)
@theVBE-it'srightforme if you're at 1 rep, a downvote won't affect you. Otherwise an upvote scores +10, and a downvote hits -2 (and if it's an answer then the downvoter took -1 as well)
oh so i got 1 upvote and 2 downvotes
that hurts
i didnt think my answers were bad :(
CR or SO?
SO can be is harsh at the start
here are links if you're curious
A: VBA Macro to find rows and store in array runs slow

the VBE - it's right for meIf you know the column is G and all the data is contiguous, then just loop through the rows and check the cell value directly: Dim rows As New Collection Dim sheet As Worksheet Dim lastRow, i As Integer Set sheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("imported d") lastRow = sheet.Cells(1,7).CurrentRegion.Rows...

A: Compiling issues when outside vba environment

the VBE - it's right for meI'm unsure about the issue with Rows.SetHeight, but the error on Line 3 is because Variant is the only data type in VBScript.

i would agree with that assessment lol
1:14 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme I don't see what's wrong with that one ;-)
i almost edited in
To clarify, that means you only need "Dim doc"
but then didn't :/
your version is more precise anyways
i hope you dont mind if take credit :p
I didn't add much
specifically saying there is no "As"
that is something i would find helpful as a reader
@theVBE-it'srightforme the system gives you the credit for it, and if you click the "edited (at)" timestamp, you'll get the whole revision history
1:24 AM
but didnt think of when answering
@MathieuGuindon oh i see
that is really nice actually
@theVBE-it'srightforme it is - and your answer was already correct; just fell a little bit short of spelling out a solution
anywhere you see a timestamp on the network, it's a permalink
"anywhere you see a timestamp on the network, it's a permalink" - amazing imo
also i see the difference there
hopefully something i'll pick up
not sure why it was downvoted though
i think the other user had a problem with me for some reason
i mean calling it a comment instead of an answer
meh. take none of it personally
they posted the answer as comments, that's their problem
1:29 AM
lol why does SO have this
not really sure what noun to use to describe it
but you know
in theory comments are supposed to be asking for clarifications
and votes are, of course, anonymous
"in theory"
there we find the problem
but like the harshness, i dont get why that is so necessary
it gets bombarded with literal mud every day
people looking to get their homework done for free
@MathieuGuindon lol i can imagine some stressed college student posting their pset questions without even really trying to disguise it
you'd be surprised
1:35 AM
they actually try to hide it?
either way though i do see how that would breed a certain mentality
@theVBE-it'srightforme lol nope. They just quoteblock the assignment text, ...and that's their CR/SO post.
ohhhhhhh wow
that is
i guess you respect the honesty?
i kinda want to find one of these posts now
and then we're the evil ones because we want none of that (and the DMCA takedown that ensues)
Downvotes are just a mechanism
At -4, a post no longer shows up on the front page
accounts are easy to make
make a puppet
1:41 AM
so thats why its always a problem
is there a way for people who aren't lazy/time crunched to get actual help on their homework
I mean there's no problem with that, really. just make sure your puppets remain in their own silos and never interact with each other in any way, and you're good.
i mean the spamming of homework posts
meh. it comes and goes :-)
wait but
finals are like about now
so i'd imagine its also bad now
or maybe like a week or two ago
Oh, forgot to say hi everyone
1:45 AM
sorry was working on code involving high numbers my bad
Seriously! Stuff in the millions!
anyway so the system gives each account a "standing" of some sort
if your first x posts were badly received, your asking will be rate-limited, for example
1:48 AM
@MathieuGuindon It's not only limited to the account, it's IP based too, isn't it?
"it's IP based too, isn't it?"
I'm not sure of the details
college vpns make that kinda
if they are smart eough to use them
The system warns you
it's all automated
yeah i saw that when i was trying to answer lol
it was warning me
1:50 AM
an automated IP ban isn't something you want to be responsible for
It's not an attempt to stop it all, it's an attempt to prevent it, and warn you that you are gaming the system by avoiding an IP ban
oh it warns you about that
got it
If your school's entire IT lab is IP-banned on SO, how you feel about spamming SO with the school's IP again?
Depends on how mature you are lol
or if
they figure out you were responsible
1:52 AM
Yeah that's a bad spot to be in
If it's my IT lab, you find a new school =)
There is a email to send a complaint to, but given recent stuff, I don't think they'll get to it in time to save ya
and SO is kind enough to warn you about it =)
PS don't try this, I mean it
im not of course
@MathieuGuindon Oh are we talking about the full blown IP ban or the rate limited for reloading the page to many times
1:55 AM
Or scripting some bot
Chat ones seem to be accepted, just tell a mod, and accept all responsibility for what happens.

Moderation ones... Please... don't... Smokey does just fine...
Q: Excel VBA | Insert radio button

Le WolfContext I'm currently working on a form in excel for teachers which they can use to write tests which we will create inside a learning platform. So we want to know which questions the teachers want to ask. In order to keep everything simple we are using radio buttons for the teachers to mark th...

i want to ask for clarification here but i cant :(
Are we supposed to do something...?
i guess like should i ask it in an "answer" and then edit after or just leave it?
Answers are for answers. Not questions.
1:58 AM
okay ill leave it
The system says that you lost the ability to ask for clarification, so you have lost it for now.
I never had it?
Good point.
Hm, this seems like enough human interaction for me today.
GN o/
ty for the guidance :)
I try
2:19 AM
@MathieuGuindon are you still here?
Yeah sorry
@FreezePhoenix night!
no worries
i just wanted to ask a question about what i am working on
if you were available
phone chat for now =)
but sure
phone chat means its hard to read code?
2:33 AM
honestly maybe ill just save it for tomorrow when im fresh lol
thanks for the help and the warm welcome :)
2:58 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme means I'm not 100% here =)
woah, ...is it too early for "holy smokes" about Sydney?
I hope our Aussie friends are all right
3:14 AM
@theVBE-it'srightforme new concepts are a lot easier with sleep. Don’t get too frustrated if you don’t immediately understand new ideas.
^ I should listen to my own advice more.
4:02 AM
Hello I’m in lurking mood every now and then
so I’ll say welcome board @theVBE-it'srightforme
2 hours later…
6:10 AM
In other very brief news, UNO won’t allow stacking plus two or plus four cards. :) hypebeast.com/2019/5/…
7:22 AM
20 years late for that uno clarification?
2 hours later…
9:32 AM
Holly sh*t this sentence... :-D Really hard to understand/translate.
A default member access hides away which member is actually called. Although it is apparent that some call is made in the case of an indexed default member access being explicit is usually better for readability.
Any example?
10:30 AM
Dim coll As Collection
Set coll = [...]
Dim item As Object
Set item = coll(2)
' this is actually a call to the indexed default member:
Set item = coll.Item(2)
@SonGokussj4 ^ this should be an example if I understood the sentence correctly
4 hours later…
2:16 PM
@this One Night in Bangkok?
LOL. A true story: when we moved across states, we did pack some stuff and shipped them via USPS. We shipped 15 or so boxes. We got 14 of them approximately 2-3 weeks ago. Hmm, one's missing. Call USPS office and they're all "We're sorry. We'll document it."
Document it? Turns out they don't even track their packages so they literally have no idea where it could be.
We take it for granted that it's gone forever. Fast forward a year or so, that box appears at our door. We're all WTF?
There was no apparent reason for the delay -- the addresses on the box were clearly legible and all. Someone said that it probably ended up in Bangkok, Maine since that's where all undeliverable mail go to die.
um, not enough caffeine: "ago" s/b "later"
Sure that's Bangkok, Maine not Bangor, ME?
Yeah, probably something happened, it got sent to the wrong place/put on the wrong truck, and then ended up being re-routed.
Could've even accidentally been shipped overseas and got stuck in customs trying to get back to the deadletter office...
Just one wrong truck later...
True story: My aunt once knitted me a sweater and shipped it to me for my (10th?) birthday via UPS (which tracks every package by default). The package got lost and somehow they couldn't find it. She has refused to use UPS ever since. Literally anything but UPS.
I like FedEx. DHL isn't good (at least in our area).
UPS isn't bad. Anything but USPS and Amazon.
Amazon the quality really varies because they are all subcontractors.
2:28 PM
DHL isn't big in the US but they are in the rest of the world. Our F1 tickets are shipped via DHL (no shock, they're the official "world-wide partner"...)
And I dislike how Amazon is a major competitor in 3 different markets--retail, logistics, and IT. At least MS and Google and Apple are pretty much just computer hardware/software.
The only shipping I take umbrage to is "SmartPost" where you ship via UPS/FedEx/Whatever and they take it to the local post office instead of your door. I'm sure it's much cheaper for the shipper, but it takes 24 hours (or so) to get it to the post-office, then a week to get it to your mailbox.
It just adds one day here.
But yeah, USPS is the worst for losing packages or just plain not delivering them.
Or putting them in the wrong mailbox.
That counts as losing them :)
2:32 PM
TBH, UPS dropped a package off next door just last week. I was WFH & heard them on the porch. Went outside & talked to the guy - he said "we weren't sure what the right house number was, so we did drop something off next door yesterday".
TBF, the house next door has no house number on it, and we'd lost but not yet replaced 1 digit from ours, so there was room for confusion for someone new to the area.
He walked next door and knocked on the door. The somewhat psycho/deranged lady next door didn't answer even though she was obviously home.
She did bring it out to me the next day when she saw me go by.
Maybe she was sleeping?
My neighbor worked nights for a long time and wouldn't answer.
It was a #fun day when his car brakes failed and rolled into the street, and he didn't answer for like 15 minutes.
No. She has no bedroom curtain, her bedroom window faces our house (yes, awkward). She was awake.
The UPS guy said if I couldn't get it from her in 2 days to file a claim on it with the shipper & UPS would cover it.
@FreeMan is there supposed to be a difference? ;-)
Well, just so long as she doesn't have a significant other...
2:36 PM
from the radio, many, many years ago <-- that carp's still in there. :(
back to somewhat OT...
I think I asked about this a while back... we've got a DB here at work hosed on SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse back end. It seems that the only way to access it is via VS's SQL Server Object Explorer - I can't get to it via SSMS.
Everything I'm doing at this point is in VBA - can I/should I be able to access this server via any sort of ADO/DAO/OBDC from VBA? The connection requires using port 17001 (IIRC), not the standard SQL Server port.
If not, I guess I'll have to (for now) query data by hand, save it to Excel/CSV then import it into my own DB to run reporting on it.
Yes, the ideal would be to learn a new language cough C## cough and write some "real" code, but that's not gonna happen in time to get this particular reporting update done.
Company sales guy is trying to make a sale, and called up someone who now works at a competitor to us.
@Vogel612 This default member! Thank for clearing that up.
> When a report connects to SQL Data Warehouse to retrieve report data, it connects to the control node, which manages query processing, in the SQL Data Warehouse appliance. After the connection is made, there are no differences between working with an instance of SQL Server that is and is not within a SQL Data Warehouse environment.
Extrapolating from this, it implies that it's just another SQL Server connection. :\
(in which case, SSMS should have had worked)
thanks, @this. The issue was with SSMS and not being able to figure out how to properly specify the proper, non-standard, port.
2:44 PM
is it Azure?
I've got the docs opened and I'll read through it. Specifying the port will probably be something special with the connection string so I'll muddle through that for a while.
I don't believe so, but I really don't know for zure...
it should be simply <server>,port
yeah. Tried that, didn't work.
from that you can see that it obviously supports ADO.NET & ODBC so....
> a scalable data warehouse appliance that delivers performance and scalability through massively parallel processing
Apparently, nobody told our IS dept to apply more hardware to take advantage of the scaling. It is s. l. o. w... to respond...
2:47 PM
AIUI, they're expensive, too
Probably. We seem to be good at throwing cash at the wrong things. :/
I'll read through those links & futz with a connection string and see if I can make an ODBC connection from my VBA code. If I can, that'll show em!
according to the pricing calculator the cheapest is $1K a month
it seems that they (IS) are also refusing to allow server linking in any way, so I may not be able to. I dunno...
that would be more of them denying you the permission to create a linked server on the instance rather than inherent limitation of PDW, I think.
NB: They decided to rename it, apparently. It's now "Azure Synapse Analytics"
Microsoft has a propensity for renaming things from bad to worse.
and yet, they've stuck with "Access" all these years...
@this that was my implication, even if it didn't come out that way
this is pretty cool: Just got an email from UPS. I've got a package on a truck to be delivered today. They now have GPS tracking for the truck so I can get real-ish time updates on where the truck actually is. No guarantee that my house will be next, but I can see where the driver is...
That's new since the last package I had delivered last week.
3:08 PM
Uh oh....
(or they've been rolling it out and I wasn't an earlier rollee)
oh. Uh?
Just think: a housewife somewhere is on phone, screaming at the customer service that driver made an unscheduled stop at McDonald's one block off her route
oh, wait, that'll probably happen. :(
Hence, "uh oh"
3:09 PM
too much of a thing can be a bad thing.
Funny thing, I ordered gifts for my family.
Amazon is apparently of the persuasion 1 box/item.
So, I have 6 packages coming today, 2 tomorrow, and another Friday or maybe early next week.
Most of them are coming USPS.
Which means that they'll be there in about 1 hour or so.
LOL, some are already delivered and others are "guaranteed" for today and not on the truck for delivery :D
I'd think they'd want to put them all on one truck, rather than trucks for efficiency. Why visit same place more than once a day?
Esp considering how anal they are about planning out their route and trying to avoid doing any left turns
3:28 PM
Maybe the truck was full?
so take out the boxes that's out of way
AIUI, UPS knows where every and each package are at any given moment. Everything's scanned going in and out, so it should be possible for them to figure out what to put in truck in advance.
Another truck is coming anyway with packages for my mom...
So I should have 2-3 more coming, and she has 2 coming.
So, brownshirts are coming for your mom, then?
My family said yesterday it was going to look like Santa showed up.
@this That'd be nice. It's blue-shirts, actually, though.
Government blue.
:derp: Reading comprehension failure. You said "USPS", I read "UPS".
and now it make sense why multiple trucks
USPS is not as efficient as UPS
3:36 PM
It's the gov. Of course it isn't.
Wife and I have both been order multiple things. We've had 7-8 boxes show up on one day via UPS. (That's UPS, @this, not USPS...) All on one truck.
then, we've had UPS and USPS delivering packages on the same day, too...
Our living room looked like a warehouse for a couple of days...
just as long you don't have them showing up side by side. Don't want turf war breaking out.
Now I'm imagining UPS and USPS having a feud in which the drivers tend to get in shootouts when they meet each other delivering to the same house.
@this Haha, beat me posting it.
I think I'd worry more about FedEx/UPS than USPS/anyone, but yeah... that would be awkward.
Think of all the free stuff I could claim off the trucks before I called the cops, though! :D
3:49 PM
LOL, I'll lay my money on FedEx.
DHL/UPS would be awkward - Yellow v Brown.
Yellow in front, brown in back?
Their drivers seem like they came from tougher parts of town than the UPS ones.
At least in this area. They are good at their jobs, but they just aren't quite as clean-cut, except for the Express guys.
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