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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 commits. 2 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 11 issue comments. 12 additions. 12 deletions.
[Zomis/GetMotivated-vue] 11 commits. 3952 additions. 286 deletions.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 84, Bombs Used: 53, Moves Performed: 11154, New Users: 9
1 hour later…
1:04 AM
When your wife knows you do Excel you get random requests to help with work stuff.
See, that's why I use Mac. So, when pineapples say "halp! my computer infected!" I tell them "buy a Mac."
otherwise, I'll never get out of the tech support hell.
1:06 AM
@Jelly long time no see!
@MathieuGuindon I landed in Montreal a week ago
did you?!
Pineapple: How do you do this thing in Excel I want done?
Iven: Alt+F4 is the hotkey for it.
yes immigrated to Canada
1:07 AM
nice! congratulations!
people your folks dont like english-speaking people...
@Jelly Permanently?
I settled in Vancouver, BC
@MathieuGuindon it's very disappointing
Wish you well up there.
1:07 AM
@Jelly aw
I hear it's colder than a witches titty up there.
East of Cascades, yes.
BC is nice
West, not so much
Anything north of LA I consider cold. #PamperedWeather
1:08 AM
@Jelly there's a lot of history behind this, if you care to dig it up
I like WA. BC is a good upgrade
There, you could wear shorts all years round if you wanted.
not really
its raining all the time shorts are not a good choice
@Hosch250 sup man
1:48 AM
@Jelly Good, how about you?
2:30 AM
@Jelly didn't stop me.
2 hours later…
4:05 AM
> Draft for now - there will be at least one more commit to cover the rest of the keys.
4:16 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 98a8e644 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
5 hours later…
9:14 AM
1 hour later…
10:43 AM
> **Rubberduck version information**

OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18362.0, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office x64
Host Version: 16.0.12130.20272
Host Executable: WINWORD.EXE

This has been happening for a while with Test Modules and I've been dealing with it using an '@IgnoreModule annotation. However if I remove the '@IgnoreModule annotation from a Test Module then all the tests within that module give rise to a 'procedure not used inspection' .
2 hours later…
12:46 PM
> I guess, we should simply exclode all methods from the results that have one of the test annotations.
> I guess, we should simply exclude all methods from the results that have one of the test annotations.
> Thinking about this a bit, this is even a bit more complicated. We cannot perform the refactorings on the attribute code, because we have no idea where the references are in the attributes code.
@IvenBach lol
1:54 PM
I guess SE is offline.
2:07 PM
@Hosch250 looks like it's back up
had a nice ~5 minute wait for smething to load, but now we're back
2:29 PM
weird... I've just been granted access to our much vaunted EDW. I was told the connection server is "abcde,17001". (abcde is obsfucated, the ",17001" is literally what I was told).
connecting via SSMS or VS I get:
funny thing, I can connect to "abcde" and it seems there's some sort of fake server running there with all the tables and views but no data.
This make sense to anyone?
17001 is the port number
but TBH I never saw that error message before, sorry
3:28 PM
Is that being specified correctly? "abcde,17001"? usually the port separator is a ":"
yeah it is
but Microsoft likes to swing it its own way
so it's <server name>,<port number>
I don't think it's port anyway - if you had wrong port, you'd have gotten a different error problem.
Yeah, just fount that.
More likely, they did something weird so that the connection must be done using a super secret handshake
I followed up with a nice selection of screen shots to our IT folk. Hopefully, they'll get right on it.
because as I said, I never saw that particular error message before.
3:32 PM
makes note on calendar to follow up just before Thanksgiving
Because that's their idea of "right on it".
le sigh...
thanks, @this, as always.
1 hour later…
4:42 PM
@K00lman welcome to the pond.
5:07 PM
@FreeMan take a nap zen fire ze missiles?
@Cyril must be another reference I'm missing out on
@FreeMan going back a couple decades... End of the World is a stupid video which kept getting sampled for a radio show in Cleveland ("that's a sweet earth" "ROUND!")
it's hard to see "le sigh" without thinking of that video... lol
got it...
as I said, another reference I was missing
1 hour later…
6:27 PM
Hooray for Win7->Win10 upgrades. Minor issues this morning.
"transitions" not upgrades...
my work computer was transitioned to win10 about a month ago and it's been... fun.
good luck! especially if they did an overlay as opposed to a fresh install
(assumes your IT dept did it to you)
I don't like a lot of the layout. I'm trying hard to keep the #GetOffMyLawn to a minimum. Biggest gripe is alternate keyboards being universal across all apps.
Honestly it's very minor issues. So far that is.
that's good, i guess... i spent about 6 hours setting up my computer after my transition; adjusting settings, setting up QAB, setting up taskbar location/order, downloading programs, etc.
:grumble: Fixed sound. That's a sin messing with a coders audio landscape.
7:04 PM
seeing SQL like ;WITH (....) SELECT ....; is just.... cringes
@this as a non-SQL user, i dont see what's wrong... i thought SELECT was related to subquery factoring and is appropriate to use with an object? with item as (select * from table)
no, it's the use of ; for both before and after
once upon a time, T-SQL said ; was optional.
Now, you must use ; for certain elements. CTEs is one of such elements.
Thus people have come up with half-assed way. A common half-assed way is to just do ;WITH ...
which is IMO bad enough because that's just a shoddy workaround around the fact that the ; should have never been optional to start with.
but when you're ;WITH....; then... WTF?
why not sprinkle in 100 ; just for fun?
i think i'm following now; thanks for explaining
it's warts like those that makes T-SQL horribly inconsistent to use
@Cyril lol
7:20 PM
just so we're clear - this is legal: ;;;;select 1;;;;
but if you're asking "why would I want to do that?", I say, "exactly."
@FreeMan immitating neanderthal transaction say ";" sometime when appropriate; people use ";" lazily, make ben mad
so yeah, i think i get it lol
what's honestly throwing me is that ";" isn't a line break, so i don't even know what it's doing at the start of the line
@Hosch250 sup man
@Hosch250: I'm in Canadia now lol (Not even kidding)
Haven't you been for a couple years now?
Or was that Washington?
spent the past couple of years in WA
@this Since when are semicolons necessary for CTEs? I never use them around CTEs.
7:27 PM
still slaying it in MN @Hosch250?
just found stackoverflow.com/questions/6938060/… to help make sense of my not understanding the semicolon's intent...
Oh, you mean after any element preceding the first CTE in a row of CTEs.
@M.Doerner it always has been required. If you use it in a batch script, you would get into errors.
and several people cheat by just putting a ; in the front of WITH
I was confused because I never associated the semicolon with the CTE.
so that way they don't have to correct their horrid scripts that does not properly terminate the individual statements.
7:29 PM
I cheat by putting a ; at the end of the instruction that comes before the with
See, that I can handle.
but ;WITH?
oh wait, that's not cheating anymore is it
No, nope. :)
I always cringe when I see that I forgot a semicolon after an intermediate declare.
7:30 PM
Well, it would be if you didn't put ; in all other statements that didn't have it.
@this ;with two_by_four as (...
Like the Canadian weather better than the WA state weather?
(Sorry, trying to work at the same time as talk.)
I'm in Vancouver, BC. The weather is identifical. I was in Vancouver, WA.
West of the Cascades: A continuous mist of rain all year. There are two seaons: Wet and dry.
Eastwards, you get the four seasons but the weather is harsh. Snow in Quebec and Ontario and eastern US is something I can't deal with.
In MN, you get two kinds of weather. Winter and road construction :P
7:34 PM
@Hosch250 when i lived in ohio it was the same way... the orange flowers are pretty in the sun
@this ""The SQL Server documentation indicates that not terminating T-SQL statements with a semicolon is a deprecated feature. This means that the long-term goal is to enforce use of the semicolon in a future version of the product. - Miscrosoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals by Itzik Ben-Gan."" Is that good or bad, then?
@Hosch250 badum tss
they have a funny definition of "deprecated"
they have lot of features that's been "deprecated" and in theory, they should already have been gone
but they can't actually do away with it because oh noes! it could broke our customers' beloved scripts that was working for 20 years!!! Can't have that!
@this Isn't that the same reason you still have a job working in VBA?
and besides we don't want to blow a chunk of money to help with automating the conversion so let's just let them do whatever with semicolon. It'll be more fun!
I suppose....
Still it's moronic.
You have the parsed representation. It becomes braindead trivial to update it.
7:37 PM
It's apparently a successful business strategy, though.
if you're working with source code only, the problem is much harder
FWIW, I'm really liking languages with newlines/indentation instead of semi-colons.
oh no, another pythonist
next you're going to say you like yaml
@Hosch250 VBA is like that :)
@Jelly I probably couldn't deal with the desert, though, so there's a tradeoff.
Yeah, VBA got a lot of things right, or it wouldn't have been so successful.
In some ways, it was ahead of its time.
@Hosch250 Depending who you talk to, that's a very cruel joke
7:40 PM
It's a pity they didn't get it migrated to VB.NET.
@MathieuGuindon What's wrong with YAML, other than the fact I can't really read it?
@Hosch250 Yup we are all wired in different ways
Are you guys going to include source control anytime soon?
We took it out, LOL.
I was bragging abt rubberduck the othe day and was like yeah and rubberduck has source control and the other guy was like no, i just checked it.
so that was nice lol
however, Max did put in the import commands
so it's easier to work with SC; just not integrated
8:06 PM
We should create a cmdline system for RD to export all the files given the document path.
So then you can do:
export -f foo.xlsx
git commit -m whatever
git pull
import -f foo.xlsx
Well, technically, I think it would be rd export, etc.
Also, Slack's emoji system is weird.
It has the Tornado emoji under the Travel and Places group.
Unless, I guess, they decided that tornados are now a means of transportation?
And the Boom emoji under Smileys and People.
Unless, I guess, it's supposed to be a suicide-vest-outcome emoji?
@Hosch250 there was talk about hooking up the immediate pane for pretty much exactly this, but ...it's complicated.
OK, I'm not sure what's worse. Being out of work as a consultant or out of work as a full-time guy.
Full-time guy, I can create PoCs for new features, even if the backlog is cleared
Or potentially refactor things if I'm high enough up the pecking order or allowed to by my seniors...
an out-of-work consultant can work on Rubberduck shtuff :)
No, I can't.
I'm salaried, so I'm "on the bench" and basically have to spend my time learning new tech.
So they can send me out again.
I suppose I could start on React...
I might have a job next week.
If the demo we are creating gets approved.
Long story short, a clinic group wanted an app for Android and iOS that was basically static text of procedures for doctors to follow in certain cases.
So, we did it, and Apple literally told us it was too simple an app, and to make it a website, and they weren't going to put it on the store.
But the clinic is adamant it be on the doctors' phones, so now we have to do a PWA (Progressive Web App).
8:24 PM
heard "hey we should make an app for iPad" here the other day. said "nope. no can do. you don't want that, promise."
Web is the way of the future, TBH.
These progressive web apps are super cool.
They work offline (cached content after the first load).
They can be "installed" so they have an icon in the start menu, etc.
I find it funny that the "way of the future" is built on HTML + CSS + JS.... the LCD.
They get their own window, but still run in the browser context (needs Chrome or Safari).
@this I do too, TBH, but it is.
Especially with WebAssembly coming out the way it is.
So you can write C# and have it running client-side.
it still remains to be seen whether WebAssembly will take hold, though.
@this Why? Because that's all 30+ year old tech?
8:27 PM
I don't care about age.
I care more that it's a PITA to work with.
It is.
But clients don't care.
Ah. Yeah. I have no real web experience.
They just want it available for everyone, update instantly when they publish new features, etc.
take a dropdown list for example. Easy-peasy to do in VBA, fairly easy in C#. Nightmarish to do in HTML + JS.
@this Oh?
8:28 PM
Maybe everything should be written in VBA then.
@Hosch250 that's fine when it's static but if it needs to be fed from a data source, then it becomes much more uglier esp in vanilla JS
Bonus points if you use Bootstrap. Then you put class="form-control" and it even looks pretty.
and now you're looking at pulling in external libraries like bootstrap or jquery or whatever just to make it easy to use again
8:29 PM
Really, decent JS frameworks have you covered fro dropdown lists.
But that kind of thing is what's been being added to HTML lately.
Like, the date input fields in HTML5.
whereas, in VBA & C#, you don't need anything external
@M.Doerner sigh no they don't.
I mean, yes, they work, and yes, they look pretty.
If you can even see them.
Not a single one of those that's free works well with screenreaders.
Except maybe the Angular Material one, which might--not tested that. But you have to use Angular...
OK, the screenreader comment might apply.
I have no experience with accessability design.
I do--it was a requirement at my last job.
Now I try to make all my stuff accessible; it's not any harder if you know how.
8:32 PM
The vue.js dropdown looks quite straight forward.
@this yeah... until the dropdown needs to be in a WPF DataGridView ...then you can be sure to waste 2 days trying to figure out why the heck the bindings aren't working
It's precisely because that you have to pull in external library just for simple stuff like dropdownl ist, you get very inconsistent and wildly different coding for populating dropdowns
well, the boostrap-vue.js one.
Well, I was never impressed with WPF for ease of use....
LOL, I've yet to see you impressed with any general-purpose UI system.
8:33 PM
Yeah... I know.
Maybe you should propose a spec for one :)
and add yet another UI framework to the pile? O_o
I hear MS might be open to doing a new UI system that works natively with .NET Core.
> Hosch.NET, UI made easy
I'm not even sure I know what I'm looking for.
8:34 PM
Me either :P
All I know is that UI frameworks all blow.
TBH, though, I agree they all have their quirks.
WPF definitely has some stupid quirks, like a rather messed up scollviewer implementation.
and TBH the shared thing surprised me, too
@Hosch250 Oh I dunno... WinForms was pretty nice :-)
8:36 PM
@MathieuGuindon And Google is like wat, we have Angular. And Facebook is like wut aboot React? And MS is all WPF ain't good enough for the likes of you??? And the W3C is all HTML solves all teh problums.
Me, too.
@mansellan Ish.
WinForms had a horrible data read/write system.
at least there was no goddam xaml...
one thing WinForms has going for it is that it is easy to understand.
XAML is the best part about WPF, TBH.
8:37 PM
But Yeah I agree w/ Hosch - data binding are no fun.
So clean, compared to the C#.
You can build WPF just like WinForms in C#.
I would not mind XAML if it actually compiles. The way it is it's more like compiling against generated C#.
meh, I'm hatiing xaml. Give me razor any day. Much easier context switch between markup and code.
I've done it just to see what it's like.
It's no fun.
@Hosch250 yeah i know. but who does?
8:38 PM
It looks exactly like WinForms.
@mansellan Exactly.
Because the XAML is cleaner.
@mansellan That's my favorite ATM, too.
I suspect it's more to do with being the "correct" (ootb) way.
@Hosch250 and you get runtime errors instead! Yay!
@this that's if you're lucky
and when I'm unlucky?
^ this... more likely to be a binding error in the output window
8:39 PM
@this You get a compile time error if you have malformed XAML.
or... nothing at all, just no binding
@mansellan Yeah, those are no fun.
you get debug output instead, and even then, that's when it wants to output the damn errors
it's not the malformed XML I'm not worried about.
Wait, I have an idea.
Let's use YAML instead.
8:40 PM
ok where's that 2x4...
the designer does a OK job of highlighting the syntax errors but it won't tell you if you did something lame WRT binding or whatever.
@MathieuGuindon Now I'm imagining you charging border guards with a 2x4.
and you just get a oddly behaving control.
Trying to get across before they can stop you.
8:41 PM
but hey, you get a control
pfft - yaml is so last week. We're all doing TOML now ;-)
Tim Hall is using that for his VBA-Blocks thing
found it weirdly awkward
TBH TOML smells, walks and looks like INI...
have we gone full-circle yet?
8:42 PM
so, stick to XML, it'll be back in ~5 years
funnily enough, the net core config system is happy to ingest INI files...
it's nto actually using them by default, right?
but there's an adapter for them available
@MathieuGuindon except that they'll call it ExtremeML or wahtever
8:43 PM
> Since bare keys are allowed to compose of only ASCII integers, it is possible to write dotted keys that look like floats but are 2-part dotted keys. Don't do this unless you have a good reason to (you probably don't).
right, I should take a look at Max's PR
@mansellan thanks for that - I put you as a reviewer because of the pending VB6 stuff :)
yeah I figured so
@MathieuGuindon funny when you consider that in earlier versions of .NET Core, they were going to use JSON files then kind of backtracked on it.
and the result is that we have both JSON and XML files. Yay?
iiuc that's because they wanted to make it easy to connect to the existing MSBuild system. the sdk format eventually unpacks to an old-style project file, which MSBuild eats.
8:49 PM
@Hosch250 what could possibly go wrong?
I can't think of anything >D
@mansellan hmm interesting. I'd thunk they'd update the msbuild to handle the sdk file natively.
@this I think they are managed by different teams.
next markup language needs to start with an F
FML will rule them all
8:54 PM
@MathieuGuindon what do I need to do to reinstate my RD R# license?
@MathieuGuindon Fubar'd Markup Language.
@mansellan nothing whatsoever - your subscription is valid through Oct.29, 2020 =)
FML, I'm using FML
parks friendlymarkuplanguage.com
8:56 PM
hmm.. in both 17 and 19 it says no valid license found
@RD-Devs: there's 1 unused license if you want it.
do I need to revisit the link you sent?
do you have the license ID?
yours starts with 3HZ
Have you selected your JetBrains account as validation method?
It is unchecked by default.
@mansellan oh, it's assigned to a @my.open.ac.uk email account... could it be a login issue?
8:59 PM
I just had to log in to have it work again.
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