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[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 issue comment.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 41, Bombs Used: 24, Moves Performed: 5489, New Users: 5
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Q: Is there a way to speed up this VBA macro that uses ranges from two different workbooks?

Justin DainesI'm hoping someone can help me here, I'm working with a file which has about 38000 rows and 180 columns. I'm using a macro to update the fields in the one workbook with the values in the other workbook, but it takes about 2 minutes to run. I'm looking for a way to reduce this time, I've tried eve...

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1:33 PM
> No longer can reproduce this in .5101:

In a blank workbook:
1) Create a new empty class module, named `Class1`
2) Create a new module and paste the code shown
3) Run inspections. Nada.

Can you confirm if I've possibly missed a step or that the issue is really gone?
mornin' all. A few stars, a couple of new releases - it was a good weekend!
... and now only 70 stars more to the proverbial one thousand milestone. :)
1:48 PM
time to set up some dummy GH profiles and start starring
wonders if GitHub has a cheat mode which would invalidate the score
the "other project" is gonna get there first :-(
@BigBen is it sad that I thought the same thing when we hit 900?
Probably, unless we somehow surged. Even so, meh --- the other project isn't actually about VBA per se. It's more about malware analysis.
@FreeMan hahaha... great minds think alike I guess.
1:53 PM
I guess it's the case that there's more Github users in security research community than there is in VBA "community", even if there are more VBA "users". Note the scare quotes.
Idea: maybe the ducky should get in some of malware analysis action --- provide security warnings in VBA code. :-p
Well, we could warn about hidden OLE streams (once we get into them) - that's a huge hole...
I think I posted this before, not sure
@mansellan yeah, I'm not sure, exactly, what the "other project" is, so I went looking and tripped across EvilClippy. I'm not in any way, shape, or form, implying that the Duck would ever do something evil, but some of the techniques they use to obfuscate and deceive may be useful by RD to do some of the things that have seemed "impossible" so far.
he talks about being able to read the module streams, and that sounds like that may be useful for resolving some of the tougher issues that are slowing the duck down.
2:09 PM
Earlier, mansellan linked to a guy who is basically writing a p-code decompiler. That would be far more interesting in terms of getting a better resolver.
Reading the stream is cool but not that much more useful for Ducky. Writing to it, OTOH...
2:28 PM
@this Ah, ok, I missed that one.
TBH, I saw "Evil Clippy" and figured MS just OSS'd the code to Clippy - he's evil enough on his own...
@Duga 70 more and then we can call our ducky a millenial?
So they weren't millenials. They should have been bimillenials...
and, of course, I simply linked to the GH repo of the project he posted the link for directly above mine...
@FreeMan #MoondayMorning
@this nah... there's only one millennium of any importance whatsoever...
2:32 PM
so 1000 AD and 1000 BC didn't mean anything?!?
@this Making my excuses for me - now that's service!
@this it's ok, the previous batch doesn't recall
@this lol
@this nope. Not to the modern thinker. Right here. Right now. Nothing else matters in the least
2:51 PM
@this that’s supposed to be me chiming in for star updates.
3:17 PM
and thus ends the streak. :-)
Mornings come way too fast.
3:39 PM
and so early!
3:52 PM
> **Rubberduck version information**
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1, x64
Host Product: Microsoft Office 2016 x86
Host Version: 16.0.4888.1000
Host Executable: WINWORD.EXE (pretty sure it's host agnostic)

Using the "Refactor | Rename" functionality on a loop variable that is used in any `Next counter` statement will rename the variable everywhere but in those `Next` statements, effectively breaking the code. See below for a brief exa
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9:22 PM
I’m on holidays for a week so a brief morning to all. Chores to do around the house today.
10:01 PM

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