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[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 17 commits. 2 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 10 issue comments. 123644 additions. 40625 deletions.
I remember past-me struggling so hard to even do the simplest of stuff and not knowing anything. How do you ask about what you don't know?
Home Time.
12:38 AM
holy moly we're leaking COM GUIDs all over.
1:12 AM
Q: How to display same as well as different rows from two list by comparing

MAITHILI LI have two lists 1.List 2016 2. List 2017 on single sheet it has Name, Qrtr1,Qrtr2 columns resp. I have to compare this two lists by name. If same name found then i have to do Qrtr1-Qrtr2 else if not same name then display all different names with values in third list

1:38 AM
@this what's that?
lot of com visible class/interface do not have an explicit GUID attribute
Ah, the API
I mean, the accidental "API" ;-)
1:54 AM
all over
for instance we have a GUID for Rubberduck._Extension and another one for Rubberduck.__Extension. There are lot of them.
because nobody apparently gave interfaces GUIDs (and they should have one)
well some do but not consistently
relying on VS to auto-generate GUID => Danger, Will Robinson!
i knew we were leaking but i didn't realize so many.
the good thing is that the installer will delete all those keys because we already pick up those auto-generated GUIDs from the WiX and it's built into the registry script that's generated.
the bad thing is that if they skip the 2.2/2.3 but previously installed 2.1 or earlier, we won't remove those leaking keys.
Got API under control; will clean up the Main and other COM visible classes tomorrow.
2:55 AM
I’m one of those Aussies too @IvenBach...just saying...
@mansellan sorry to hear the news. Our thoughts for you and your family.
I could see having an interface like IJet or something for code behind expressions with th3 Jet database.
3:13 AM
@PeterMTaylor in theory, if we are only interested in queries, we don't really need the Access PIA; using DAO PIA would suffice and we can run queries on the MSysQueries which contains expressions making it easier for us to resolve any expressions buried in the queries. The other common places for expressions usually go into controls' ControlSource which should be accessible by VBA via the typeinfo.
Whether that's actually all we need... that's the question.
3:23 AM
For the life of me I can't figure out why the left margin isn't flush.
Nor can I get the textblock to center in its container. Same goes for the text. Can't figure out the VerticalAlignment.
Excluding those I'm content with the results.
@IvenBach the gofundme link can go, and I'd have the "help us" label simply say "Help us improve Rubberduck!" - have you tried setting the VerticalContentAlignment attribute?
TextBlock doesn't have that.
As for the margin, look for a padding in the parent, or a margin in the child
@IvenBach the whole green thing is a textblock?
Yes. I have never done any UI in my life.
Well it's a good start =)
Can you have the attributions in the scrollable area too?
3:33 AM
Also we need to do something about these white blocks
Perhaps make the whole top part white save a 5dip margin that would be all around the control
The scrollbar looks off... there's a border with a margin there?
@IvenBach consider using a label instead of a textblock for the "report an issue" button. You'll be able to vertically center its content. Or, wrap the textblock with some container, e.g. a grid or a border
Or go fancypants and make it a button with a custom control template =) ..then you can have a command binding for it
3:59 AM
that made me chuckle: wasteaguid.info
4:22 AM
> Sometimes you wonder how some people managed to survive long enough to ask those kind of questions. Even with all the warning labels on.
5:00 AM
I think there's enough lipstick on that pig duck now.
5:11 AM
> Users should now have an easier time reporting issues.
@Duga @FreeMan There's my PR. Your turn to make one so we can get this ping pong PR battle going.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit edd35181 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
How'd you fail?
Bed time.
1 hour later…
6:43 AM
Are you adjusting the windows via visual studio? @IvenBach
How did you paste the pictures? @this mentioned pasting into a Issue ticket for a URL so it comes up...does that work?
7:29 AM
Hello Pond - is there any easy way in Chrome when inspecting the source HTML to simply select the entire HTML? Something like Selenium's getBodyText()? I couldn't find an equivalent in Selenium Basic. Or even Ctrl + A (That will work on the HTML code side) . I can obv write out response text to txt file but there has to be an easier way......
2 hours later…
@QHarr right click -> edit as HTML -> Ctrl+A
@Vogel612 Thought I tried that but guess not. Let me try again.
@Duga I can def. take a look at this later today. I kinda dislike the nested grids, maybe I can find something cleaner with colspan / rowspan
@Vogel612 Doh....I needed to be against the right tag for this to work. Thank you.
you can also run a document.querySelectorAll("css-selector")[0].innerHTML
9:16 AM
@Vogel612 Nice. Could you not do ("*").innerHTML or something like that?
you want all the html?
why use inspect then?
use "show source"
Ctrl+U for Chrome
The page I was on didn't show me that option
Is that possible? Sure I went looking for it and the option was not there. That is what I would normally do.
it would be rather weird if it wasn't possible
the HTML needs to be on your local machine to be rendered
if you can't access it, that'd be rather ... worrying
@Vogel612 This is going to be one of those days, isn't it? Rhetorical question.
I don't fully follow, but maybe?
9:20 AM
@Vogel612 As in, a day where I make lots of stupid mistakes.
This however is the webpage amazon.com/ref=nb_sb_noss_null
you're one of todays lucky 10000 :)
I can right click and inspect but there is no option for view source
oh-cool.... you can put view-source: before the URL and it should work
@Vogel612 lol Lucky 10000 indeed
That totally worked. Very happy. Thank you.
totally unrelated, from this nytimes article
> “I’m delighted to hear you have a head of integrity,” one member noted dryly when Mr. Schroepfer referred to a colleague in charge of ethics. In criticizing the number of fake accounts on Facebook, another lawmaker wondered why he, an overweight middle-aged man, was getting Facebook invitations from attractive young women.
made me laugh out loud
9:28 AM
@Vogel612 Lol. Was just reading it.
Put in on FB = put it in public domain.
aaaand I missed another bus ...
are the VVS busses departing on time, for once? :P
(I'm not actually using them, so I'm not really the one to judge.)
10:16 AM
@Inarion usually they do. Nice stalking :)
11:12 AM
> # [Codecov](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/3971?src=pr&el=h1) Report
> Merging [#3971](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/pull/3971?src=pr&el=desc) into [next](https://codecov.io/gh/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck/commit/1b1fe5cb0a9f3f17e4016128b4808fda16af7982?src=pr&el=desc) will **increase** coverage by `0.02%`.
> The diff coverage is `0%`.

@@ Coverage Diff @@
## next #3971 +/- ##
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit edd35181 on unknown branch: 57.83% (target 0%)
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit edd35181 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
@Vogel612 I wouldn't call that stalking. On some occasion I clicked your profile, and as I've been living in the Stuttgart area for 12 years now, that information easily stuck in my mind. :)
12:04 PM
@this Following your discussion with @MathieuGuindon yesterday about accessing a form's private fields and hidden code stored in queries, I wondered: Is it possible in MS Access to bind my queries only to form properties (defined by me) instead of controls? (As this has been repeatedly tripping me up, and I've only been using Access for about half a year now.)
Not sure I follow. Why using controls trips you up, @Inarion?
15 hours ago, by this
stuff like those: SELECT a, MyCustomFormat(b) AS betterB, Left(c, 2) AS shortC FROM foo WHERE ID = Forms!frmSomeForm!txtSomeTextbox AND d >= Date(); <== stored inside an Access query.
When I've got a query referencing a certain control on a form to do whatever it needs to do. You mentioned that would easily lead to bugs. And I agree.
Ok, i get it now - I usually approach this by parameterizing the SQL and passing in the control's value.
I see.
So just switching out form.control references for form.property references doesn't work, right? At least my Access installation refused to understand me there. :/
If we assume we are using DAO, there'd be a function to concatenate the SQL taking the parameters. Mat will probably kill me for suggesting that, though because #BobbyTables. But given the circumstances, it is best approach with the DAO model. But if you're running remote queries against remote backend, you should use ADO. In our projects, we use both DAO and ADO... generally DAO only for local Access queries or as a recordsource/rowsource, and ADO in the between.
12:14 PM
and with ADO I could use the awesome functions Mat published via that blog post yesterday. :)
I do not think the properties are accessible in that manner, no. the expression service only knows about public functions defined in standard modules or where it can get via the global context.
Yeah, thought so.
FYI, there is a method in the WizHook class that tells you if it can find it or not.
you may want to read this first, though: team-moeller.de/?Tipps_und_Tricks:Wizhook-Objekt
if you experiment with it, you can see how changing between Function to Property *et procedure causes the function to return false.
12:26 PM
Hm. A public function in a form can't be found. The same function in a standard module can be found whether set to Private or Public. So I guess the limiting factor is class vs. standard module (as the documentation you linked also mentions)
well, the expression service is smart enough to find a public function on active form
true, but WizHook isn't
or at least the .GlobalProcExists function is not, but it also does not seem to be intended to
even with syntax like Forms!MyForm!MyPublicFunction?
been a while since I toyed with that
@this no luck there. Neither in !bang-syntax nor in Form_MyForm.MyPublicFunction synax
sounds like it's a bit more narrow than the ES allows for
ES is certainly context-aware
12:33 PM
I guess I'll need to educate myself a bit further on parameterization of queries. :)
Yeah, one thing about ADO parameters is that they can require lot of code. Using mat's sample would help get that out of way. I usually just use a code generator to create VBA procedure for each stored procedure (and more) in the database so I can have static doe analysis of SQL Server object usage within VBA codebase. YMMV.
With DAO, the best thing is to write a set of functions to sanitize the input for concatenating.
12:53 PM
@IvenBach soon....
#ProTip: If someone suggest to you that you should get their data by importing a text file, shoot them. Use XML, use JSON, use anything else but not stupid CSV, delimited or fixed with text files.
@this I think I'm not (yet) at that stage of proficiency and professionalism. I've only been working with VBA (or coding in general) for 1.5 years and only half a year with Access. In my team, everyone else works with MATLAB whereas only one of them actively develops while the others only just "use" it. So I'm basically the one guy tasked with developing a database. And sometimes it feels like a way too large undertaking for a single (inexperienced) dev. ;)
@this What about the import as .xlsx feature in Access? That should be ok?
Professionalism is not related at all to proficiency.
Too many people look for professionalism more than proficiency.
I understand. FWIW, I would place a higher premium on SQL than VBA in such project, as a bad database can easily lead to even worse VBA coding practices.
@Hosch250 True, I can totally professionally screw up my DB. :D
1:05 PM
@Inarion sure , if you like losing leading zeroes.
@this Ah, guess I'll watch out for that. From the top of my head I can't see any place where we want to store leading zeroes, but who knows. :)
they are common for codes like UPCs, EANs, model part numbers, that sort of thing
@this My approach so far was to try and get as far as I could with queries. And only if that for some reason failed, I would complement with VBA.
Even if you tell it to import as text, it'll nod its head, and proceed to ignore you and chop off zeroes anyway because... you don't need it! Right?
Good. Always SQL first, before VBA.
@this It feels that is a specialty of every MS Office product. They always try to anticipate what you want - and more often than not go totally wrong.
I was thinking of having a *defined* and *automated* deployment process as an example for professional DB development. (Partly done, but not there yet. I feel Access makes this step unnecessarily difficult.)
But I also know that I tend to see minor issues as major deficiencies. ;)
1:15 PM
@Inarion That is a major deficiency.
I do see it as such, yeah.
The 2 #1 problems over here are A) Google bought .dev and we've not gotten switched over to .local yet, so we have to use IE more than we should.
And B) No automated deployments.
I've gotten the website-deploy partially automated.
I need to talk to dev-ops to get the last bit completed.
I'm not involved with web development, luckily. A quick glimpse at a quick search of "google buys .dev" seemed to confirm that feeling.
It's not a problem, really, except they made it use https.
And because they own it, all the browsers have to comply or they'd break the core security standards of the web.
And as far as that goes, when you read the application, Google was just trolling web devs everywhere.
I hope that company, along with Facebook, crumbles into a pile of dust that blows away in the wind ASAP.
However unlikely that seems...
1:23 PM
Yeah, it is unlikely...
FWIW one thing that really annoys me is that we have HTTPS requirement and we have built a web API to meet that requirement but surprise, surprise, the toolings doesn't like HTTPS, which makes it unnecessarily complicated for developers to set up it correctly
even using a self-signed certificate for development purposes can be A Major Hassle™.
Does anyone here know about Substratum? It seems to me that it, if successful, would be able to undermine some of Google's dominance over the internet.
But I'm not sure if their concept will actually work as well as they imagine.
it seems to be based on cryptocurrency.... the business model doesn't make sense to me.
I don't see why the idea of a decentralized network needs to be coupled with a new cryptocurrency. One should work without the other.
1:39 PM
@SonGokussj4 how is it going w/ the translation?
2:19 PM
@PeterMTaylor I did edit the window size in VS
1 hour later…
3:33 PM
@FreeMan No worry my timeframe to get to the about control was 3 month or so.
It sounds pathetic when I say it that way.
4:04 PM
A: shorthand for workbook().worksheets()?

Mathieu GuindonSure. Just do it the wrong way: Sheet1.Activate Range("A1").Value = 42 Unqualified, Range is a member of _Global, which implements its Range property by returning the specified range on whichever worksheet happens to be active... if any. If you're going to implicitly work off ActiveSheet, you...

> Every time someone makes an implicit call on _Global, a baby unicorn dies and two new Stack Overflow questions involving errors stemming from unqualified worksheet calls are summonned from the darkness.
In addition to @PierreArlaud, sometimes 'genius' code is so horrible that to truly understand it, you have understand things the developer didn't even understand. I worked on a project where relatively simple functionality would reference hundreds of other objects with thousands of connections and have random deadlock errors. So I have to no only understand what the developer thought it did... but what it actually does... and this was a simple application of a few thousand LOC. — NPSF3000 yesterday
@IvenBach I use ground unicorn bones as spices.
I'm guessing the OP is working with a bosses child or possibly nephew/niece. That sounds heinously bad.
if that is on the question I think it is, then AIUI OP was newly assigned as solo dev on that thing
4:25 PM
Kind-of-almost got CD working on our dev environment.
Hey @IvenBach I sent you a PR with a suggested change to your PR
Just need to get the target server to not say offline. I think that's because someone set up a temporary server for testing, then took it offline when they were done.
this should behave the same in display, but avoids putting a Grid inside a Grid
@Vogel612 I wouldn't consider that a problem necessarily, but from his simple UI, he shouldn't need it.
For example, that should be one grid divided into two rows and two columns.
The element in the second row should span both columns.
Each "element" could be a grid, if it was complex enough.
@Hosch250 did you review the PR? I agree the grid has way too many rows for what it's doing
4:29 PM
@Hosch250 there's three columns defined there
@MathieuGuindon No.
Just discussing theoretical WPF.
@MathieuGuindon define "way". A problem is that using a StackPanel will probably give the ScrollPane too much leeway
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
+            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
index 5 isn't used, for one
4:32 PM
Version info / Report a bug
Social Media
title @ row 0
version/report @ row 1
attributions/thanks @ row 2
bottom panel stuff @ row 3
even title + version/report could be in 1 grid row
doesn't hurt to split them though
I'm blind so I shouldn't be trusted but I have this feeling that the 2 white boxes are not aligned.
it looks like left is one pixel off
In fact, I would probably do away with white boxes, except for the scrollview area.
no, I'd do away with them all altogether because white => editable. They should be gray since they are readonly.
yeah the whole control should have a 5-10dip margin
the second row's boxes are taking wider space...
4:35 PM
<== old skool
it's not as pronounced on my main monitor so I didn't spot it there...
@this meh.. white => default WPF window background
heck let's do a smooth gradient top-white -> bottom-gray :)
ok, i'm getting me a plane ticket to quebec to kick you.
4:37 PM
you're a gradient fanboy, it seems
and you didn't go far enough
@Vogel612 and drop-shadows :)
you should go for that c64 style
you know, with lot of colors running
@MathieuGuindon those are a great tool for improving the outline of a well-chosen font
if applied correctly
4:39 PM
^ thst's what you want, @MathieuGuindon
where "well-chosen font" != SHOCARD GOTHIC :)
suddenly misses mod-powers
Good. hopefully I've cured you of the gradient & blink then. ;)
I mean... I got default-collapsed collapsible oneboxes, but hey...
recovers from epilepsy crisis
4:59 PM
I may be basically bikeshedding now, but... what about something like this:?
something doesn't look quite right... the margins look more sane though, but the 2nd row feels too tall, and we need to do something about the text alignment of the scrollable part. how does it look, centered?
IMPOV, the top right box makes the dialog too heavy in the corner.
maybe consider make the top boxes oriented vertically on the first column, the attribution as the 2nd column
I feel like taking this to the Ink Spot chat..
see what the GDSE folks think
(Showcard Gothic aside)
don't be disappointed if they point and laugh. :)
(not that this convo would be off-topic here at all BTW)
5:08 PM
FWIW - I do like that the background i much more uniform. I would expect that the scrollview area be etched, flush to the scrollbars
agreed. but then that makes everything above it feel like some "big chunk".. perhaps make row 1 white?
hmm ... Let me move some stuff around then ...
that's why I think the attributions should be its own column. That'll allow everything to balance the dialog more equally, I think
I liked how @IvenBach put the social icons & website link at the bottom
@this I think I agree with that
agreed on design=hard.
One fun thing to consider --- instead of a boring old blue link, have a black circle w/ duck instead.
5:11 PM
and we already have the xaml for it!!
that way we get 3 black circles all neat and tidy.
yes, look much better
still think the etched box needs to be flush to the scrollbar
I wonder whether we should switch around the columns
5:13 PM
it looks weird that scrollbar is floating out there all on its own
hmm. either way would work for me.
note that the Copyright looks off here, but that won't look as bad with the actual copyright that's going to be put there
simply because it's longer and overlaps both columns then
that's because the blue guide lines aren't centered
Which in turn is because the left and right column are autosized
which is fine :)
exactly :)
grr... XAML Designer just choked again :/
5:16 PM
I don't follow. Don't we want equal spacing for both columns?
i'm Ok with 33% / 66% or some other uneven split but if it's 51%/49% my eyes will twitch
We're not enforcing a split anywhere, actually.
there's minwidths on the column elements, which govern how the columns will autosize
left col is at minimum 250 px wide
right-col is governed by the text content
Hmm, "GitHub integration powered by LibGit2Sharp" needs to go
oh i see - so left col will usually have same size while right col may expand as need? (but isn't it constrainted by the win form?)
@this it is constrained. It will be cropped if content is wider than the form
which seems to me implies we should enforce a split anyway, no? Autosizing seems to work against us in that situation.
5:28 PM
nah, we get a pretty decent minsize
since the about window is a dialog and not a docked toolwindow, we can even enforce a minimum size
@MathieuGuindon i18n problem :)
as long the minsize for both looks good, I'm happy. I just don't want something silly like 49% /51% which just looks bad.
okay I can't even resize the dialog ...
so there's that... what you see there is how the user will see it
the place where mousewheel scrolling works seems somewhat unintuitive, though :/
@Vogel612 you can at design time, but it's made non-sizeable on purpose
@Vogel612 that would need some event wiring in the xaml.cs
(I think)
might actually not...
but that's a bit above what I can actually do ;)
and doing this is also wholly enabled by Iven's changes, so there's that
5:40 PM
A: Optimizing Macro that Generates File Based off different Source Tabs

IvenBachYour variable for DEM_ERow looks to be more complicated than it needs. DEM_ERow = wsDEM.Range("C4").End(xlDown).Row should produce the same row count. A lot of your Subs were passing in both the sheet name and a string that represents the range. Assume you have Private Sub BoldHeaders(ByVal to...

Another link out there for RD.
@Vogel612 Glanced at the updated UI you did. How long did that take you?
@IvenBach ~10 minutes. Because I knew about ColumnSpan and could cut-paste a few things around after you cleaned everything up
:hangs-head: That makes me feel like a shmuck... I'm not saying how long I took.
Hey, it was your first foray into WPF.
Well, almost.
I've used ColumnSpan and RowSpan before. UI is not something I'm good at.
It took me months to learn how to do it.
5:48 PM
I've spent literal years working with HTML tables.
Where were you when I was working with people that spaced out HTML tables with &nbsp;?
Spacing out HTML tables with &nbsp; in asp-classic code-behind with <%= %> most likely
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