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[Cardshifter/Cardshifter] 2 commits. 71 additions. 5 deletions.
[Hosch250/CheckersUI] 1 commit. 2 additions. 3 deletions.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 22 commits. 1 opened issue. 1 closed issue. 4 issue comments. 2869 additions. 1997 deletions.
Q: Create table that lists worksheet visibility

IvenBachFollowing my previous question Create a table that lists macros in a workbook or worksheet here's my Sub to determine worksheet visibility in a workbook. This arises from updating code that used extremely hard to understand logic and several disparate NamedRanges to subsequently hide/reveal sheet...

@ThunderFrame lol
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1:21 AM
Stack Overflow is currently under attack. Currently working on mitigation. Stand by for updates.
1:57 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 8e4a56b5 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit a6fb3234 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
> All comments addressed - I'm thinking it's finally ready to go.
I wonder what that looks like beyond October 2015.
QMN rise and fall
2:57 AM
@ThunderFrame I'm watching it right now. :-)
@Comintern huh?
Just download gource. I installed it a while ago.
> Reading Log...
@Comintern I think I installed it once too - didn't get around to running it
@Hosch250 is running around like the Terminator right now.
3:02 AM
I'm in Nov.2014 now
Don't forget you can pan and zoom ;-)
wah that's SICK!
I like the red beams of death
huh, there's two of me
well, me and my alias
I'm waiting for the moment @Comintern comes in and vaporizes the huge cloud of resources at the top
3:10 AM
July 2016 must look interesting
Yeah, sh!t got real.
I'm in Feb.2015
AH I just saw CommentNode.cs get created
Just finished. I need to figure out more of the settings.
sometimes I wish With Each var in coll was valid syntax
3:26 AM
crap, I clicked somewhere
huh, you can rotate it too
Yep. All the controls and command line options are on the wiki
comintern comes in and BOOM
and 1.4.3 is released, the real work begins
This view is fun: gource --seconds-per-day 1 --camera-mode track
Click on a user and the camera follows them.
yeah you gotta catch 'em for that
v cycles the selected user.
3:33 AM
I'm getting dizzy following @Hosch250 in late July 2016
wow I'm just as bad in October 2016
autoboosh's disappearance just as abrupt...
I wonder what happened to Gareth
3:51 AM
No idea, but apparently he's not fixing extract method
4:05 AM
@Mat'sMug either that or he's in the midst of writing and unbreaking the 10,000 necessary tests
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5:07 AM
huh, the Access Form Controls collection enumerates all of the controls, but you can also index into a Field - I guess that's how frm!FieldName works
so for a recordset with field names "Foo" and "Name", Foo is available as an extended member of the Form, but Name conflicts with the base property Name, so the only way to access the "Name" field is with Form!Name or Form.Controls("Name")
5:54 AM
@Comintern any chance you publish the latest log of your gsource after what @ThunderFrame suggested after oct 2015?
Or do I need to know how to do this myself?
2 hours later…
8:42 AM
> This seems to work for ActiveX controls in the following hosts:

- Excel
- Access
- PowerPoint
- Visio (Although selecting multiple controls seems to default the Properties window selection back to the designer/vbComponent, and the ComboBox is populated.

Doesn't seem to work for Word.
> referencing #389
> referencing #389
1 hour later…
10:00 AM
> Currently failing tests on AppVeyor:

- EnclosingProjectComesBeforeOtherProceduralModule
- EnclosingProjectComesBeforeOtherModuleInEnclosingProject
- GivenLocalDeclarationAsQualifiedClassName_ResolvesFirstPartToProject

I don't know in which way that was caused by this PR ...
11:11 AM
Q: Excel Duplicate File name with different Revisions

senthilkumar BaluI have an Excel where i have file names in one column with the revision numbers in another column. I need to remove the duplicates(file with higher version should be retained and lowerversion deleted).Can you guys help me with excel VBA for this. Eg Raw Data Desired output from macro What ...

@Duga @Vogel612 Those are three of our beloved six tests that fail and pass rather randomly.
@QuackExchange What do you guys think? It could be interpreted as "Help me extend my code's functionality" but I'm inclined to say it's complete andworking enough to be On-Topic.
1 hour later…
12:38 PM
@Mat'sMug That's cool, but... what does it mean? What is it visualizing?
@freeman Github commits and changes
12:56 PM
ah, got it.
1:07 PM
@PeterMTaylor I haven't figured out how to pipe the output to a video file yet. :-\
1:33 PM
While workable, I'm tempted to down vote (but haven't) simply because it's enabling bad questions. The OP didn't even post what he tried. — FreeMan 9 secs ago
I just realized that the nifty new floating header on SO doesn't even have the help/tour links anymore!
am I missing something? Have they done away with that & I just didn't notice the conversation about it?
2:09 PM
I think they realized the people that needed these links the most weren't the people clicking them
true, but I hit those regularly to copy the links for those who do need to read them. I know there are shortcuts that link to them, but who the heck remembers those???
2:24 PM
How to Ask and [help/on-topic] ;-)
Uh I meant [ask]
2:36 PM
thx. I'm going to star that as actually useful as opposed to entertaining. (my usual star criteria :)
> @comintern is it safe to assume that the path problem I noted here was resolved, despite my not posting an additional issues as @rubberduck203 requested?
> @daFreeMan - Yep. That's fixed in #2740.
3:41 PM
Are you done editing the question? — Comintern 9 secs ago
You don't have to hit the ask question button if you aren't ready...
@Comintern I remembered it as them pushing a button to end it - that wasn't the case, but because this is still a joyful article: grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/…
I was going to joke that he only had seconds left to push the ask button
Also sadly, the video is no longer available, but there's tons of screenshots so you can skim through anyway.
Introducing selective resolving turns out to be more complicated than I anticipated.
The problem is how we hand;e unresolved and undeclared identifiers.
They are only saved on the DeclarationFinder, which is refreshed several times every parsing run.
If we only resolve the references in some modules, the unresolved and undeclared identifiers from the other modules are gone.
@puzzlepiece87 I just posted an answer. I'm waiting for the invalidating edit...
Do we identify undeclared variables in some way, except beeing in the _undeclared collection on the DeclarationFinder?
@M.Doerner Do those need to be moved to the parser state?
3:57 PM
The undeclared declarations actually get added to the overall declarations. I just do not know whether we can identify them from there.
The unbound ones should all be type UnboundMemberDeclaration.
Regarding the unresolved ones, I think they should go to the ParserState.
I know that those have that type, but atm we simply do not save them outside the DeclarationFinder.
@M.Doerner Undeclared variables will have the IsUndeclared flag set.
Oh, good. Then we might just be able to repopulate the collections upon refresh. I just have to find a place to save the unresolved ones.
> When I look at the content of these tests, any relationship to this PR is not obvious to me. The tests appear to be independent of code that was modified. I also ran these tests in loops. The results vary slightly with each run of the loops. However, the results below are typical:

- Run Mode: succeeded 60 out of 100 tests
- Debug Mode: succeeded 92 out of 100 tests

- Run Mode
> @BZngr Do not worry about the failed tests. These are three of our beloved six tests that fail an pass randomly for about two months now. We still have not figured out what is causing it but it must be some concurrency issue in the tests.
4:10 PM
@Duga These tests really annoy me.
FWIW I'm ok with marking them as ignored. They annoy everyone :-)
I don't feel like the Terminator right now.
@DainIIIronfoot is dead, long live @Hosch250!!
One of my brothers and I are sick; he's been vomiting all night, so I didn't get enough sleep worth talking about :/
Hope you guys are in better health.
4:49 PM
@Hosch250 get well soon!
5:18 PM
New user to RD with a tooltip display box question.
Under RubberDuck>Settings>Code Inspection Settings>Inspection Severities>Code Quality Issues
The tooltip message is visible for about 5 seconds, is there a way to make it visible longer?
5:30 PM
> FWIW - There is a simple way to mask the concurrency issue yet allow the tests to run and detect 'hard' failures. Just give the Parser several tries to get the right answer prior to evaluating the results within the Assert. The example below is for 'EnclosingProjectComesBeforeOtherProceduralModule':

for (int idx = 1; idx < 25 && declaration.References.Count() != 1; idx++)
state = Parse(vbe);
declaration = state.AllUserDeclaration
@IvenBach probably - that would be in the xaml of the inspection settings page.. 5 seconds sounds very much like a default value
@Duga that's working around the symptom, not fixing the actual issue...
@Mat'sMug is it only changeable with VS or can it be changed via VBE? Similar to the indentation level.
Clearly a work around. Just thought it might be an alternative to ignoring the tests.
@IvenBach It's in the very definition of the tooltip itself (found it here) - looks like the tooptip duration is left to whatever the WPF default is. That should be an easy thing to tweak, but yeah it would have to be done in Visual Studio
The indentation level is a completely different story, it's a full-fledged setting, configurable from the indenter settings page (or from the VBE's own options dialog)
@IvenBach what would you suggest the duration to be? Feel free to create a new issue on the project's repository for it :-)
Thanks. I'm new to VS and am ignorant of much that it can do/offer. I only have it installed at home and can't configure anything at work. I'll keep perusing RD and familiarizing myself. I have a lot to learn... Everything has me greatly impressed so far.
5:43 PM
@BZngr yeah... I think I'd rather not do that - better to have yellow/ignored tests than to have green tests that are hacked into passing
I'm not horribly familiar with tooltips in WPF, but the ideal UX would be to show the tooltip after a delay on hover, and then dismiss it when the mouse moves.
@IvenBach thanks for the feedback! so you're using 2.0.11... you'll love what 2.0.12 will bring!
OK - sounds good.
@BZngr The main problem with "passing" tests like that is that it isn't obvious from the test results what is broken and what needs attention. If a test is ignored, you can double click it in the test window and see the comment about why it's ignored.
@Mat'sMug I'm just glad that VBE actually has people that care about it. Wish everything RD is doing was native... There are so many people who use Excel that either don't know about OOP or can't devote the time to make the switch. I hope to at some point bring some positive contribution and look forward to new updates.
5:47 PM
In this case, we know there's a problem with either the test or some underlying concurrency thing - the goal is to simply get them out of the way of AppVeyor. I couldn't care less if they fail in my local build.
oh crap, I got a new phone yesterday and couldn't remember any of my passwords, so I changed them... now the Twitter feed is broken on RD News :(
@IvenBach "RD as native" is probably going to be somewhere around RD 3.0 - RD 3.5.
^ partially tongue in cheek.
@Mat'sMug Thanks for cheering me up :)
@Hosch250 FYI tracking info says the shipment is being processed at customs, I'm expecting the package to arrive tomorrow
Q: Snake in... VBA?

Raystafariansnake-game is a game where you control a snake in an enclosed square without running into the walls or your own body. The snake grows when you run into whatever item you are supposed to run into. My snake eats mice: You can get it to play from github and hopefully it will work Sadly, this s...

5:51 PM
Yup. We saw that two nights ago.
Hoping the wood didn't crack in shipment.
was it bubble-wrapped?
The cold temperatures could cause the wood to shrink and crack.
eh, it'll be fine
For code inspections is there an option for 'Fix all occurrences in procedure', or just for Module and Project?
@Hosch250 Actually, it's the lower humidity that causes the cracking - it's only tangentially related to colder weather. ;-)
6:01 PM
@Mat'sMug The problem is that I drilled out the center and glued brass tubes in. Those won't shrink with the wood.
@IvenBach that would be a good feature request, I think :)
(there's currently no "fix all occurrences in procedure" option)
How/where would I suggest/request a feature? I'm new to anything collaborative and GitHub.
Hi, @IvenBach. Are you related to the Bach?
Not to my knowledge. It's a handle I've used for so long it's my defacto name.
6:06 PM
Oh. I like Bach.
Is there a preferred nomenclature for or format for suggestions?
Not yet.
eh, that one's simple enough to be self-descriptive
aaand it's now in the backlog
@Comintern This sounds like a better option
6:34 PM
for Code Inspections is there an option to exclude PERSONAL.XLSB from the inspection? Or should this be a feature request?
Umm, there is the ignore attribute.
You can exclude individual inspections...
Or group by location.
I think we've discussed this before, and we may already have an issue; not sure.
@Hosch250 Yep, #2532. There may be similar ones.
Thanks. You don't mind me asking before proposing anything? To make sure it's not duplicated or already been decided.
6:41 PM
Not at all - it keeps the @Duga spam down. ;-)
Speaking of which, where is @Duga?
on strike again, it seems
or @Simon's server is too busy DDoS'ing SO
@Comintern sleeping on the job again, is she?
See, you talk about her and she wakes up.
6:57 PM
Not bad. Only running an hour behind.
well that was fast. I think I'm closing 2532, like, now
ConstantNotUsed_IgnoreModule_All_YieldsNoResult: Passed
ConstantNotUsed_IgnoreModule_AnnotationName_YieldsNoResult: Passed
I'm calling it good to go
so, '@IgnoreModule shuts off all inspections (well, the ones that bother checking for annotations.. should be all of 'em)
and '@IgnoreModule Inspection, Name, List shuts off specified inspections
oh, I need one more test
ConstantNotUsed_IgnoreModule_OtherAnnotationName_YieldsResults: Passed
now it's good to go
7:13 PM
Is there a quickfix option yet?
no, but I have enough for a commit :)
not sure it should be a quickfix though
actually, not sure how to expose it at all
but it's there
IgnoreInModuleQuickfix and IgnoreAllInModuleQuickfix? Both available on all inspection results?
@Comintern I suppose.. but then we have to deal with IgnoreAllInModuleQuickFix being there for results that.. oh. nevermind.
lunch is up, I'll PR tonight
7:17 PM
Speaking of UseMeaningfulNameInspection...
@Comintern @ThunderFrame Never mind, it was working, just extremely slowly.
@puzzlepiece87 might want to tweak the buffer sizes a bit
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed 47 commits to rd-next (only showing some of them below)
@Comintern what about it?
He was talking about my code lol
7:18 PM
@Mat'sMug Oh, the deleted code. Int1, Long1. Hssssssssss.
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed commit 5d75299f to rd-next: adding @IgnoreModule annotation; closes #2352
@puzzlepiece87 Another option would be to try memory mapping the file. That way Windows would handle the paging for you.
@Comintern I'll probably let Rubberduck bully me into better names once 2.0.12 comes out, but in the meantime I use meaningless names for reusable variables. What would you prefer I call them? :P
fileHandle and bufferSize?
7:19 PM
I use better names for fixed use variables but not for reusable ones, so far.
#TempFix #FamousLastWords
Why are you reusing variables?
Yeah, but that would be not helpful for the next time I use them.
Why not? If you only need to track something for a short time, why make a ton of new variables?
a variable should only ever have one meaning. if its meaning changes, you usually have a missed refactoring opportunity
7:20 PM
Then don't use them again. If you need another one, Dim theOtherThing As TheOtherType.
Is the benefit simply to prevent confusion?
thank yourself 6 months from now
It also prevents you from accidentally using a variable before you're really done with it. That bug is a bitch to track down.
@Comintern This is my favorite argument so far
7:22 PM
you know how Selection can be just about anything depending on context?
that's because its meaning is different depending on context
Yes, so I can see the same thing happening with reusable variables.
I'll consider switching.
there is no "reusable" variable. there's only "reused and worn out" variables
I mean, a variable with multiple meanings is yet another reason to curse at one's screen
Probably doesn't help because it still violates the self-contained code principle, but if it makes you feel any better, in my declarations I have them split into fixed-use and reusable sections, with separate naming conventions for each, and I won't reuse a variable outside of its code block. But I can see how that could be perceived as kind of a bastard, no-one-but-you-will-know halfway worst of both worlds thing.
"sections" and "code block" terminology worries me.. sounds like large procedures doing many many things
Code block should = Sub or Function. "Sections" should = Module or Class.
7:27 PM
aka "scope"
Can I post my three programs on CR to get some feedback?
of course!
Okay, feel free to ignore them because they're large.
(provided that they work and that you put in the effort to "present" the code to the reviewers, not just a dump of code :)
They work, and I will :)
My whole team uses them.
Since someone's waiting on this csv split, let me track back to that for a second.
7:28 PM
@puzzlepiece87 it's actually quite rewarding to take a rather large piece of code, and trim it so much that it ends up doing exactly the same thing with half the code
(and I don't mean renaming all variables to single-character names!)
Then it's even more rewarding to do that the second time and end up with a quarter of the original code.
Okay, so I have two suggestions, to tweak the buffer sizes and to try memory mapping the file and let Windows do the paging.
The eighth and sixteenth steps are generally a PITA though...
And something that knows about all of the edge cases and performance tweaks
7:31 PM
Just making sure, is the buffer size the number that goes inside Stream.ReadText()?
@puzzlepiece87 Memory mapping is a sharp detour into the weeds, but it should be hella fast.
Thanks for the link!
@Comintern Did those messages look viable for hooking document/ActiveX control selection changes?
Yeah, about the only issue is that the properties window has to be visible. Are they going through the message pump for the MDI parent or the child hack?
7:54 PM
@Comintern Then you can switch to F# and get it down to 1/3 of that.
Or switch to BF and get 10^6 of that.
@Comintern (joking) remind me to keep a backup copy of any code I write in notepad, I think our company AV is going to delete my memory mapping attempt ha
It gets angry when I've used kernel functions to change the system list separator though I thankfully got it to work eventually.
Nah, I'd be a bit more worried about setting a LL keyboard hook. :-)
Thanks for your help! I was able to get it to work. Also, I was completely ignorant to the Hungarian notation. That being said, 'iRow' and 'iCol' were defined as 'Long', but I will update the code to comply with naming standards. I'll post my updated code. — kschindl 35 secs ago
Small victories.
8:17 PM
@Comintern iRow and iCol are ™ Apple, are they not?
According to naming convention variable names would be camelCase. Is that the correct term? Does this hold true if there the variable is a single word (IE: delimit) or would Delimit be preferred?
'Delimit' would be PascalCase, which should be used for methods.
So only if it would be 2 words theDelimiter would you want to have any upper cased letters? Just confirming
@IvenBach if it's private or local, it should be camelCase. What's tough is that VBA is case-insensitive though
8:23 PM
^That is one more reason to use an instance of a private type to store instance variables.
so PascalCase is for methods whether its public/private/<any other access modifiers I don't know about>?
Friend, but that isn't very useful in VBA.
@Comintern Friend is actually very useful in an addin /library project where you want any immutable types
@IvenBach correct :-)
@Mat'sMug See, this is why I hang out here.
And public fields, but you shouldn't have many of these
8:26 PM
What's nice about the VBE, though, is that once you Dim theDelimiter As... you can type thedelimiter and it will fix it for you. I use that as a spell check when I'm typing those nice, long, descriptive variable names.
I've been trying to find a valid use case for Static Sub Foo() before suggesting an inspection.
since the VBE intillisense doesn't help out with variables
@Mat'sMug s/many/any
I would think this would always be preferred:
Sub Foo()
    Static everything As Whatever
End Sub
It's like a lifespan DefType.
@Comintern I've no idea what that would be used for. I don't even know what it means to hace a static member in VBA
8:28 PM
Also, what is the difference between an auto-property and a field in C#? I can't find any semantical differences, other than internally, it uses a method to assign, rather than directly assigning.
@FreeMan I do that also but found that ctrl+Space or ctrl+J makes those long names bearable
Autoproperty creates the field for you at compile time
@Mat'sMug All of the locals are Static if the procedure is declared Static.
Well that's dumb
8:30 PM
@IvenBach ???? I have no idea what those do. I'll have to give it a try...
Try it:
@IvenBach I'd like RD to hijack IntelliSense so you could type QMN+tab and it writes QualifiedModuleName for you ;-)
Sub Example()
    Dim i As Long
    For i = 1 To 5
End Sub

Static Sub Foo()
    Dim bar As Long
    bar = bar + 1
    Debug.Print bar
End Sub
@Hosch250 encapsulation, future-proofing.
@Mat'sMug Pretty sure AvalonEdit supports that.
8:32 PM
@IvenBach that is seriously cool! I had no idea!!!
@FreeMan If you are Ctrl+J = List Poperties/Methods in the Edit toolbar. Ctrl+Space is Complete word. Found them out be accident long ago...
6 mins ago, by Comintern
@Mat'sMug See, this is why I hang out here.
Huh, didn't know about Ctrl+J
Btw,Static is not an access modifier. So, we could have Private Static Sub Foo().
Makes sense
8:33 PM
@Mat'sMug @FreeMan Mouse over the editing toolbar and see what other useful stuff pops up. Thats why I want to be able to have tooltips persist fro more than 5 seconds. I read everything...
@Comintern yep static variables and procedure variables maintain their values. There are some edge cases where that is useful. But it's a hard edge to find.
The reason I'd want an inspection is that it effects all locals - way too much room for error there.
Maybe a suggestion level
@IvenBach the inspection meta descriptions also show up in the inspection results toolwindow, when you select a result
@ThunderFrame Finding a good use for static local variables in VBA is already difficult, but the modifier making all local variables in the procedure static is plain confusing.
^^ how about warning level?
8:36 PM
@Mat'sMug I'm going through that right now with my PersonalMacroWorkbook (PMW). Finally understood Chr() vs Chr$()...
Metas in the Code Inspection Settings aren't displayed anywhere other than the tooltips.
@IvenBach I'm very much a keyboard guy myself, which is one of the reasons I hate the new Ribbon - it's very difficult to get the keyboard shortcuts for them. I just never took the time to look at all those options and realize what they all did for me.
@FreeMan I had a co-worker ask me a couple months ago and finally took the time to understand them, glad I did and you can get some use out of it.
I feel if I ever have to take my hands off the keyboard, when using Excel, to use the mouse then somethings wrong, terribly wrong...
Amen, brother!
@M.Doerner I thought there was an example on Documentation of recursion using static procedures, but I can't find it now.
8:40 PM
It irritates me that the extra formatting options that appear when you right-click the mouse are not there when you hit the right-click button on the keyboard. >:(
> OK, I'll say it. There is no good use case for these. This...

Static Sub Foo()
Dim bar As Long
bar = bar + 1
Debug.Print bar
End Sub
...should almost always be written as...
Sub Foo()
Static bar As Long
bar = bar + 1
Debug.Print bar
End Sub
This should be at least a suggestion level inspection - it's just too easy to introduce bugs by adding additional variables (think loop counter) into `Static` procedures. The quickfix would explic
You can dock the RD search results. Thank you for the hard work...
@FreeMan In the VBE?
@FreeMan Press "Alt".
@ThunderFrame Recursive procedures should almost always pass state to themselves as parameters. I'd argue that using statics is poor design.
@Comintern Those particular messages don't pump through anywhere else. That doesn't mean that other useful messages aren't flowing, but I don't think any other messages carry details of the selection or context.
Crap. That means something is posting them directly.
@ThunderFrame In Excel itself, not the VBE. For some reason I can't upload an image right now, but in Excel, right click on a cell - there's a horizontal menu that is the key items from Format Cells. If you hit the Right-click button on your keyboard, that doesn't show up, just the vertical menu
does camelCase apply to Method() parameters?
8:46 PM
WTH is a Right-click button? Is that some weird 212 key multimedia keyboard thing?
@Comintern its usually between the right control key and alt
@Comintern IKR - I wish I could find the Documentation example of a stack with Static.
@IvenBach Fn?
I've heard it more often termed 'Right Click Key' but have heard 'Function Key' and yes 'Fn'
Huh. Never heard of it referred to as a Right Click Key - I've only used it to change the keycode scanning map on laptops.
8:50 PM
On most desktop keyboards (PC, not Mac focused) there is a Windows key between the left Ctrl & Alt keys, and a Right-Click or Context Menu key between the right Ctrl & Alt keys.
Not mine.
a lot of laptops I've seen don't have them because space is at more of a premium
ctrl | fn | Windows | alt | space | alt | right-click | ctrl
@IvenBach yep. parameters are essentially locals ;-)
My bottom row is Ctrl - Win - Alt - Space - Alt - Win - Fn - Ctrl
8:52 PM
newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823109148 zoom in on the middle of the 3 images
Not all keyboards have it.. It looks like, well, a context menu
try hitting that right Win key, @Comintern, I'll bet you get the context menu, not the Windows menu
Nope, Windows.
Wait the right win key has a purpose?
hmmm. laptop or desktop?
8:54 PM
hmm. I did say most... :)
I do tend to use it a lot to get to the context menu without hunting for the mouse.
@IvenBach That's the ticket!
That has to be vendor specific - there isn't even a keyboard scancode assigned for that. I'll bet it's just a generic HID.
8:56 PM
I've seen it on many keyboards
But yeah not all of em
...which means you won't find it on a mechanical keyboard.
my laptop doesn't have a break key, I have to press Fn+B
and the context key is reached through Fn+Right-Ctrl
If I want to right-click something while I'm typing, I'll accidentally hit the mouse with my forehead or something.
@Comintern Just use Shift+F10
@ThunderFrame that'll work too.
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