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6:00 PM
@this define "working". I installed .4457 this morning, but haven't done anything beyond load Access and have it do an initial parse. In general, though, yes I keep up with most new releases.
Now, if I expand ALL children nodes
then it work as expected; showing me only the matches. But it also kept "empty" folders, too....
OK, I'll need to double check whether that got wired back up.
ok i'll open an issue.
Keeping folders with no results was by design. Should it exclude those too?
IMO, yes
that's what VS does, doesn't it?
6:01 PM
Projects too?
I never search in VS.
oh nice, photogenic memory. Such lucky man you are.
Yes, I believe it will exclude projects with no matches, too.
I almost always navigate with "Go to definition"
@FreeMan mainly to verify CE is working the way it shoould be
That's good when you're at the right place. I'm basically opening up a project and want to get to the code module quickly without navigating the folders
@this Photogenic memory?
Now I'm imagining memory that looks good when photographed...
I think that means making up things to vividly remember.
Might be a sign of severe delusions.
6:06 PM
@Hosch250 Yes, a synonym of photographic memory, of course. Have you been hiding in a rock lately?
Why, yes.
How'd you guess?
> Photogenic means it looks good in pictures, or that it photographs well. Rita Hayworth was photogenic.
Photogenic memory isn't even on the first page of result for me, other than some stuff from Urban Dictionary.
psh psh, it'll be the new word to know soon.
@Comintern Paralleling how VBA enums are just a Long behind the curtain?
6:12 PM
COM won't yell at you if you go Something.AFooFlag = BarFlag or Something.AFooFlag = 42
which makes sense for the remoting, BTW.
That's good to know.
you don't know if the client (which might not be even be written in same language) can handle enums.
I totally read BarFlag as BarfLag there.
6:13 PM
That works, too.
While I like the flexibility it offers refactoring enums in VBA has lead to undefined errors when it was'nt in the list.
Should be renamed to Wretching?
@Comintern My bad influence at work.
@this Oi? So if the language doesn't support the idea of an enum it stays the generic Int32?
yes, that's how COM works.
remember it's a ABI
ABI = Application Binary Interface?
6:15 PM
FWIW VBA only superficially supports enums. .NET enums are more type-safe.
:click: IE Language agnostic.
I pretty sure I learned that before already. It's good to re-learn what you already forgot.
    Public Enum Foo
    End Enum

    Public Enum Bar
    End Enum

    Public Function Stuff(ByVal value As Foo)
    'happy to receive a Bar too
    End Function
^ That's bit me a few times until I really learned the implications.
i.e. enums aren't a type per se
6:20 PM
out of curiosity - is there any ohter language besides .NET that treats enum like a type?
The thin veneer over them is easily seen.
Maybe Java.
I can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure it does.
Java enums are weird. They're pretty much classes.
(cue @Vogel612 going "nope")
F# enums are weird too, in an awesome way.
@MathieuGuindon no, you're correct
6:24 PM
Java enums are basically classes with a private ctor
and a handful of named static fields that are instances of the class
so public enum Foo { BAR, BAZ } is basically the same as:
F# enums are basically traditional .NET enums, but you have to initialize them with a number and always qualify access. If you don't initialize them with a number, then they are discriminated unions instead of enums. And discriminated unions don't have to have qualified access.
public final class Foo extends Enum{
   public static final Foo BAR = new Foo(0, "BAR");
   public static final Foo BAZ = new Foo(1, "BAZ");

   private Foo(int ordinal, String name) {
      super(ordinal, name);
But when you start using F# pattern matching, it's more awesome than using a switch.
so for the purpose of enum = types, the answer is basically yes for Java.
e.g. I can't go something.Foo = Bar.Baz
6:28 PM
makes me wonder if enums are a thing as far as the CLR is concerned
@this huh? Course you can
@MathieuGuindon Pretty sure.
but in C#, you must cast
e.g. something.Foo = (Foo)Bar.Baz
implicit casts, boxing and all the other stuff applies
hang on... what are your types?
(assuming Foo and Bar are two different enums)
I don't think C# allows for implicit casting of enums.
6:31 PM
@MathieuGuindon Interestingly enough, they all inherit System.Enum.
So, no, C# enums are just classes too.
@this because C# enums are a special kind of int, IIRC
Java enums are not
@Vogel612 Yes, each value is an int by default.
java enums are actually classes at the bytecode level
However, you can make it inherit the other number types too, like short.
@Hosch250 not quite. I mean, as much as Int32 inherits System.ValueType or something
6:33 PM
@MathieuGuindon If I do public enum Foo{}, the structure is Foo : Enum.
keyword "structure", as in struct, as in ValueType, as in "not a class" ;-)
And Enum is defined as a class, but it implements ValueType, which is basically a struct.
The class, struct, and enum keywords are just language constructs.
there's some CLR magic going on to make that work
At the end of the day, it's classes all the way down.
A CLR "class" isn't the same as a language "class".
at that level, yeah. but not if you're in C#
@Hosch250 this
6:37 PM
Once you compile it, a "class" implements System.Object directly.
A "struct" implements System.ValueType, which implements System.Object.
And an "enum" inherits System.Enum, which implements System.ValueType.
> Although ValueType is the implicit base class for value types, you cannot create a class that inherits from ValueType directly. Instead, individual compilers provide a language keyword or construct (such as struct in C# and Structure…End Structure in Visual Basic) to support the creation of value types.
although, for some reason I reserve the term "implement" to interfaces & abstract classes/members ;-)
6:40 PM
~heavy sigh
I'm a communist pundit when it comes to language :P
You have to follow the rules, but I don't ;P
I've been resolving conflicts for two hours now, I can finally start merging the semantic changes
Nice. Anyone want to bet that Vogel's just about brain-dead after that?
I'm beginning to longingly consider getting the rest of the chocolate from the kitchen
        // search for an equivalent endpoint
        return endpoints.stream().filter(wsdlEndpoint -> Objects.equals(endpoint.getCSARId(), wsdlEndpoint.getCSARId()))
                        .filter(wsdlEndpoint -> Objects.equals(endpoint.getTriggeringContainer(),
                        .filter(wsdlEndpoint -> Objects.equals(endpoint.getManagingContainer(),
how not to query a database for a specific thingy
correct solution: return em.find(WSDLEndpoint.class, endpoint) != null;
it's kinda ironic that the code I'm merging into my branch now has introduced a parameter into a handful of methods that's called triggeringContainer
6:55 PM
Triggered much? ;-)
like constantly rn ...
the PR introduced an additional primary key field into a table that's split between two entities...
WTFs/min: 60
and just outright neglected to do the basic legwork of cleaning up the use of JPA
i guess they saw database as some kind of magical bag of holding.
and if I recall the conflicts correctly outright neglected to introduce the field into one of the two entities
7:03 PM
> @comintern, yes, it was the indenter settings. I wanted compiler directives to be indented the same as everything else. This works when "Force compiler directives to column 1" is not checked and "Indent compiler directives" is checked.
guess how deletion works here...
drop the table and re-insert all rows but one?
select the rows to be deleted across both tables into two collections and iterate them one by one passing them to a method that issues a delete statement for an entity
well, points to them for not actually churning the database w/ deletions & insertions.
it's still apparently something nobody bothered to look at
Why did the SO query not have the question "Do you think your coworkers know what they are doing?"
because the answer to that would've been a HELL NO
7:09 PM
Here, it's "Some of them, sometimes."
query method returning a collection of entities logs every single result as a tab-delimited list at info level
before proceeding to invoke a method that returns a single result and throws an exception if there's no or multiple results.
actually nevermind...
it logs the whole fucking TABLE before running that query
@Vogel612 At least you can fix it at your discretion.
I'm currently still working on an unmerged index...
just saying
I can't fix our site at my discretion; I've been told off for trying, and that I'm not to touch something if it's not broken.
7:14 PM
but yes, I'm fixing burning with fire at my discretion
> Hey we're getting negative feedback regarding performance becoming increasingly poor, inversely proportional to the size of the backend db, mind looking into that? IT'S A TRAP!!
@Hosch250 yea I had that at my old job
and honestly. I can understand where they are coming from, but that's not a healthy state for a codebase to be in and letting it rot even furhter does nothing to fix the state of the code
@MathieuGuindon do you think anyone is gettting performance metrics on this [expletive]?
And as a lowly dev, I can't architect my own solutions. Which again, I get why, but it's frustrating when the architects aren't necessarily that great either.
ya no, that's a load of BS
because if you as a dev can see something's very much easier by replacing with semantically equivalent code then doing so should be a no-brainer
Well, this is on the scale of choosing code patterns and adding new DLLs and stuff.
Like, the highest level architecture changes.
7:18 PM
hum. Well that's a bit more dangerous, yea...
So, we have massive DLLs covering dozens of responsibilities.
The typical monolith, you know.
I proposed splitting it into one DLL per group of related responsibilities. Say, our learning system (quiz + survey) would get it's own DLL, and our recognition system would, etc.
Even structuring it so the DLL's at the same level in the call stack would be together.
So, instead of BrandName.BL.DllName.* for one DLL, we'd have multiple DLL names with focused topics.
so: basic responsibility segregation and decoupling
And then instead of doing the mediator pattern with EVERYTHING, I proposed exposing an interface for the API and just having a few classes to implement/support that API.
So, we could do a LearningCrudOperations class with the CRUD methods.
Instead of two classes and a ****load of DI container overhead for each logic point.
Like, I can't even call a message/handler in a tight loop because the DI overhead is so big.
It's fine for a few calls, but not for 100.
@Vogel612 Yeah.
Hi, @FreezePhoenix. Did you get un-chat banned?
nope. their profile says they can't talk for another 149 days
7:38 PM
@this Based on some very quick testing: I only get 1 copy of each folder even after several parses. The code-pane -> CE sync works. Don't remember what other updates have been made that I might need to take a look at
the search was also supposed to be enhanced
the other main thing is performance
@this I think that's a trivial fix - it must have just got missed when I was moving functionality out of the main VM to the node VMs.
search seems to work OK - Get shows GetTheFoo as well as all the class getters. One thing that would be an improvement (at least as an option) - automatically expand folders that contain the search result.
cool i forgot to post an issue and can't do it just yet.
@FreeMan actually that's exactly the issue I was telling Comintern about.
at one point it was auto-expanding but I guess it stopped?
I've not ever noticed any lagginess in the CE, so I don't think I'm in a position to state whether it's performant or not now. I'm noticing nothing to complain about at the moment. (Unless you're talking about the parse as a whole)
7:48 PM
parse is its whole another thing
hmm interesting got a notice about java changing its model
only skimmed a bit but it sounded like Oracle doesn't want developers to work on Java for free anymore.
Hey, coders of all kinds: @StackOverflow is doing their annual developer survey, and we should make sure *every* dev is represented, especially if you’ve been underrepresented in the past. Only takes a minute to make sure you’re geard! https://stackoverflow.com/dev-survey/start?utm_source=so-friends&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=dev-survey-2019 #devsurvey2019
I'm geard?
*heard, I guess
8:06 PM
@TweetingDuck Gone are the days when nobody cared if you were a lizard if you could code, I guess
@Hosch250 gone are the days when the only thing that mattered was that you were capable of doing the job. Now it's far more important to know what group(s) you can be put in. >:(
@FreeMan Same thing.
8:22 PM
@FreeMan We're supposed to be in groups?
8:42 PM
I'm in the "drop what you're doing to rerun the query because <redacted> can't use a filter in Excel" group today.
Can't use a filter?
IKR? Good thing it was already sorted too.
Are they somebody you report to?
8:58 PM
No, although my direct report is shaky on the whole filtering and sorting thing too.
oh a chief executive officer? :p
Actually, our CEO is pretty technical. Our sales and marketing...less so.
@Comintern Hey, give me a list of what you want me to cover, then have them hire me to come out for a 1 day training on Excel. I'll charge them premium rates so they think they got a good deal, and give you a kick of it.
That's relatively rare, a technical exec officer.
9:02 PM
And go over my whole lesson with you before hand, so I don't embarrass you :P
Usually the bigger the corporates get, the less technical execs become.
Think a 50/50 split would be fair?
If I had any shred of hope that any training would stick, I'd probably go for it.
@Comintern that's what hockey cluestick is for.
9:03 PM
I got asked again today how to calculate a ratio in Excel.
Like between 2 numbers.
I can see them going woah woah, too technical
> Zombie: How do you calculate a ratio in Excel?
> Comintern: Go back to HS.
I also find myself saying "Your other back-slash" on a regular basis.
Pretty sure ratio was taught in middle school if not 5th grade.
@this I doubt it anymore.
9:06 PM
Well, I'm pretty sure I learnt that in my elementary school.
it was around the same time they were teaching the fractions. They still do teach fractions today, right?
Not sure.
TIL that Chef is a framework and not just a programming language. Thanks, SO survey!
Why does the SO query put a huge textbox there for What is your age (in years)?, and then reject "You don't just calculate that from the 'age you first started programming' and 'how long have you been programming'?"
Seems like poor UX to me.
I guess they either want to see how many people put two incompatible numbers.
Or maybe they figure we fudge it a little.
For example I was nearly 18 when I started programming.
Typical rounding issue.
But it might be past my birthday now, so I program for 6 years and 2 months, and suddenly the numbers don't match.
9:19 PM
Still, for a survey, +-1 year really does not matter.
^^ That should wash out with a large enough sample size.
@Comintern it's a test, to gauge how accurate your other answers might be ;-)
also, disappointed we don't get to guess the number of pennies or lego bricks or whatever, to get some SO swag
Ahhhh... I thought it was testing whether I thought like a programmer.
@Comintern let me guess. and that person calculates gross margin percentages all day
TBH, I'm not sure what this person does all day.
9:29 PM
taps keyboard randomly to make it sound like I'm working
That's a valuable job skill, especially for those of us who automate away work.
It's one of the reasons I like a mechanical keyboard. It sounds like I'm working harder.
I don't have a mech kb, but ever since I got a replacement kb for my laptop (following some coffee accident) I'm making typos because half the keys work half the time, so I bang the keys quite much harder than I used to. I don't anticipate a very long lifetime for this new keyboard.
I'd say it's already broken.
What really sold me on mechanical keyboards is that they don't fatigue my hands and wrists like the membrane ones. I can also type a lot faster on one.
Yeah, I like that too.
OTOH, it's not an old-style LOUD mechanical keyboard...
Unless I always misunderstood what people were talking about...
9:36 PM
A lot of it has to do with the switches they use. There are also "after-market" sound dampening things you can put under your keycaps.
I wonder if anyone makes an SO keycap yet.
Q: Loop through rows and columns in range and apply formula

AdmirEI am needing to apply a countifs formula on each cell in range that includes rows and columns. I am able to make it work if it is for a specific range or rows within one column but not sure about how to apply the same to multiple columns. My current code is below. Sub CountIfsFormula2() Dim l...

10:28 PM
@this I was never taught fractions, or at least remembered learning them. Got to Middle school with Numerator = 3 and Denominator = 4 and figured it out pretty fast.
hmm. i thought all kids had to do the pie thing
(or pizza)
I don't remember any of that if they did teach it to us.
That's how they usually introduced the idea of fractions. Ratios wasn't too long after
I was lucky that I could look at math and just know the answer.
Up till Geometry. That was the subject that knocked me down and curb stomped me.
you should check w/ your lawyer. You might have a case for massive educational negligence against your old elementary school. :D
oh that makes me curious - why? It was one of my favorite subject. Didn't even have to study.
10:32 PM
Boy this is going to be a "fun" drive home. 2 hours this morning, and it looks even worse now.
Sometimes they just work later and drive home without the rush
(or early but that's not usually an option as often)
snow tends to turn rush hour into rush hours
Past-Iven: What's wrong with this math? Why don't I understand you Geometry?
Geometry: It's cause you have to study to understand me. Get to studying kid!
Past-Iven: "Study"? What's that mean? I just know the answers.
Geometry: LAFF. Now drop and gimme 20. Think I'm harsh, wait till Calculus. He's gonna make me look like a chump.
I guess that also puts a damper on the working late idea - that only means you'll get your ass frozen skating on black ice.
@IvenBach LOL
10:34 PM
I;m asking not about SOAP. Main question how to interact with p12 certification — Pavel Zimogorov 1 min ago
Yeah because that was crystal-clear
1.2K rep, I'm kinda baffled.
Anyway, heading home at a speed measured in inches per hour.
I guess he assumed everyone is telepathic like him.
Drive safe!
Be safe mug. Avoid the frozen pineapples on the road.
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