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9:03 PM
the HN or the line-continuated single-Dim multiple declarations across multiple lines? both?
Getting back to the IoC idea if it's anything other than a POCO it will likely be handled by the IoC?
I now understand why thy call it Control Freak. Just don't want to let go of newing things up. Doesn't feel right at first.
@ticker that's some golden-pasta award material
Don't spaghettify logic like this. The code/workbook that's responsible for opening a resource (be it a workbook, a file, a database connection, anything) should be the code that's responsible for closing that resource / cleaning up. — Mathieu Guindon 21 mins ago
9:33 PM
Does WPF cache context menu results? Might be able to get away with just "Enable/Disable test" however.
@IvenBach yes, I went through that myself - it is a huge stumbling block when you're used to being in control yourself.
But see, if you're in control of everything.... how are you going to keep it straight in your head?
Do you really want to juggle 100 classes with varying dependencies in your head as you write code?
Uh... no. I've exhibited abundantly I'm not capable of that.
a good abstraction should be able to say "I need IThing, gimme so I can do what I need to do with this IThing.
but if you're new Thing(someThing, anotherThing, oneMoreThing), then now you're doing 3 more new for each things....
I didn't connect completely that the IoC framework actually did that for you.
"It's got to be newed up somewhere. Where do I do it?" That was my concern.
@IvenBach Seems not. Renaming the property wasn't reflected in the XAML. It is now.
@MathieuGuindon Do you feel more productive with your coding since you stepped down as a moderator?
9:53 PM
@MathieuGuindon both
@Hosch250 Kept forgetting to link you to youtube.com/watch?v=ubo9syfcDjI&t=3h37m00s. Thought you might like that part specifically.
10:23 PM
Q: Crazy Slow, but working VBA. Please help lead me in the right direction to optimize

Nick HaslerWork flow is Copy Previous Year Reports Folder, Update Following Templates, Save, Close. There are 19 workbooks in the Source Folder and in the NewYear Folder. Each Work book has to save the final data from the end of the year(the "YTD ACTUAL" pages) along with resetting and prepping the month sh...

@SimonForsberg not really, but your mileage may vary =)
11:14 PM
SMH... AC turns off and Pineapples start to loose their minds.
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