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3:24 AM
Q: Binary Sudoku Puzzle

menalausThe rules of Binary Sudoku are quite simple. It is very similar to regular Sudoku, except here we try to fill a 9x9 board with only black and white tiles following the below rules: Every row, column, and $3$x$3$ box (the same eight $3$x$3$ boxes in regular Sudoku) must have 2 black tiles — no mo...

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8:16 AM
CCCC: "Water is in bread," reveals Yorkshireman. (4,4)
8:42 AM
Q: Beginner cuber question about why centers seem flipped from guide despite centers not moving in relation to each other

DaneologI've been struggling with the first step of the beginner Rubik's cube solving algorithm with one simple problem. I am able to get the top face as all white, with blue and orange center pieces adjacent to each other. However, in the guide, in order from top, left side, and right side, the colors a...

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10:02 AM
Q: →Triple Hokuro←

sarsaparillaHokuro is a grid deduction puzzle inspired by Kakuro. Basic Hokuro rules Each cell contains one of the following symbols: Each arrow indicates a step in that direction, while the dot indicates no movement. The clues in the black cells show the sum of the movements indicated by the symbols in ...

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11:48 AM
Q: Can I do better than brute force?

MartinI received the wooden puzzle below for Christmas. After playing with it for a while I decided I needed to actually write something down if I was going to solve it. Eventually I just wrote an algorithm that went through the 20736 possible locations of the dials and found the only answer. The probl...

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2:49 PM
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4:03 PM
I'm still working on that 'number of wordle patterns problem...
Smooshed 199 array elements to size 110
Took 51 minutes 29 seconds to calculate the 1,897,280,473 permutations of scowl with utils
Took 44 minutes 37 seconds to calculate the 1,897,280,473 permutations of scowl with itertools
that's for one word
and 200 of the potential candidate words
4:16 PM
I might need some compute time...
1 hour later…
5:17 PM
@Stiv SEA(N (BE)AN), where water =SEA, is=BE, bread=NAN
@AncientSwordRage That's the one :) Well found!
It's who I think of when people say Yorkshireman
CCCC: Reverse genetic information enclosed in jab, that's an order! (8)
5:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage jeez I looked at sean bean too and even saw the sea in there but couldn't get the rest of it to work out
5:58 PM
@AncientSwordRage I guessing you mean st(and<)ing because a standing order is a type of order. (I don't think that works. A standing is not an order.)
(It's like saying "that's a horse" can clue WHITE.)
@msh210 yeah apologies, that was quite rushed.
@Stiv also, going back I've always spelt it 'naan'
@AncientSwordRage no worries!
CCCC: Writing code in C++ perhaps is a mistake (4)
@AncientSwordRage Can spell it either way - sometimes depends on which part of the world you're talking about in the first place
6:25 PM
Q: This IQ Test Is Broken!

Beastly GerbilI recently attempted an online IQ test out of curiosity, but for some reason it didn't tell me my final score... (or maybe my IQ is so low I can't find it...) It was a typical IQ test with all the usual gimmicks, a crappy number sequence, weird missing shapes etc (and although it started easy, it...

@Stiv very true
6:52 PM
Q: Number Sequence Question

Moris Bostari Please explain the answer to the question in detail. I know the answer, but I have not yet discovered the path to the answer.

1 hour later…
7:56 PM
@msh210 bit of a stretch, but could this be OOP + 's?
8:25 PM
@juicifer that was indeed my intent
8:50 PM
CCCC: Paragraph on back cover of book about beginning of rugby in CFL, perhaps (5)
9:49 PM
Feel free to direct complaints to here:
Q: New post summary designs on greatest hits now, everywhere else eventually

Ben Kellytl;dr We’re starting a rollout of the new post summary design to many existing screens, starting with greatest hits. This will be a slow rollout, with only one set of related screens changing at a time. What we’re shipping now We’ve built a new component to replace the existing post summary imple...

@juicifer BLURB (Paragraph on back cover of book) = BULB around R(-ugby), reversed ('about')
@Stiv yep!
10:08 PM
isn't "about" used twice there?
it shouldn't be
the definition ends at "book" and the insertion indicator is just "in"
10:26 PM
ah i see, my bad
10:48 PM
CCCC: Family member's cats, perhaps, brought back flying creature with zero innards (10)
11:01 PM
11:12 PM
@Jafe Indeed it is :)
11:41 PM
CCCC: "Orange man" not 100% fearless (8)

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