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2:24 AM
Q: Any two of 20 children have a common grandfather. Prove that one of the grandfathers has at least 14 grandchildren among them

BertrandTwenty children are waiting for their grandfathers in the kindergarten courtyard. Any two children have a common grandfather. Prove that one of the grandfathers has at least 14 grandchildren in this kindergarten.

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5:01 AM
Q: After the PSE lounge

JensHaving solved the complaint at the PSE lounge, you leave the lounge and see a door you haven't noticed before. The door has a large sign. At the top it has a rhyme: Rotations are red Or are they blue? One or the other The choice, it is two Are there no ends to rhymes in this place? ...

2 hours later…
6:52 AM
Q: Two are defined for all, the rest are not... I think?

oAlt I couldn't help but panic. School resumes tomorrow, and we have a speed quiz on ____________. I've forgotten everything that had been discussed, and even after I've finished reviewing, I'm supposing that I won't be able to remember everything. I hate to be the pessimist, but I have failed thes...

7:37 AM
Q: Find the rule: operation of 2 digits

ChanghoonIt is a math riddle(rule finding). A friend of mine asked me whether I can find a rule for following operation * (He said that he doesn't know the answer) ============================================== 92 * 56 = 45 36 * 32 = 51 84 * 28 = 40 32 * 36 = 20 92 * 81 = 90 72 * 16 = 26 88 * 54 ...

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8:44 AM
Q: CAPTCHA Popup test

Scratch---CatSolve the cryptic clue. Hidden finance equals to nothing (3, abbr.) Notice the capitalization in your answer. Make sure your capitalization is correct.

9:06 AM
Q: Filling the table of numbers

VIVIDGiven the following table: I have already found the first 4 digits: $6\cdot 3 = 18, \ \ 6\cdot 2=12$ and therefore, the first 4 digits are $1812$. I cannot determine how to continue... Any help is appreciated.

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10:13 AM
Q: Cryptic Crossword?

boboquackYou pick up a discarded newspaper, hoping to satiate your need for puzzles with a cryptic crossword. But as you turn to the page, you feel something is awry – perhaps some elision? Across 3. $F_6,F_7,F_8$ mixed $13\times3$ down${}- \sqrt{12\text{ across}}$ 16. $3$ squares joined${}- 4$ and hal...

10:41 AM
@NorthLæraðr I don't think so.
æ is a long flat A sound (like in "pan"). ð is a voiced TH (like in "this").
So Læraðr should be something like Laa-rath'r, with flat aa and voiced th.
11:42 AM
Q: Someone please explain the answer to this matrix?

Patrick SpaldingI got the answer correct. It was mostly an intuitive guess though. The horizontal wave appears once on each row and the vertical line (y-axis looking thing) with no arrow head also appears once on each row. Which leaves one possible answer from my standpoint. What's your reasoning on this? Sour...

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1:34 PM
Q: Reverse minesweeper?

eyl327The puzzle below, when filled out completely, is a valid minesweeper board. Some of the mines and numbers have already been filled in. Can you fill in what is missing and use the solved grid to find a hidden phrase?

1:49 PM
Q: Could we schedule a regular 'checkmark amnesty'?

StivIn the past we have seen questions on Puzzling Meta about what to do when an OP hasn't accepted an answer and similar. However, these questions tend (just by their nature) to end up being answered with the shrug-of-the-shoulders response, "Not much we can do, I'm afraid..." After all, as @Gareth...

2:14 PM
Are "wight" and "white" pronounce the same way?
2:26 PM
It is in the 'isle of wight' - so I guess so? Assuming it's pronunciation doesn't change for different meanings
apparently some place an h at the start of "white" pronunciation, but where I live that doesn't happen
so I also think they're pronounced the same :0
3:03 PM
it's called the "wine-whine merger", i believe
there are regions where those sounds are merged, but also some where they aren't
Q: What node does 11 point to?

GalenIf we included 11 in the diagram below, which node would it connect to? Hint 1

3:26 PM
Q: Which node(s) does 16 connect with in this simple graph?

GalenIf we add 16 as a node to the graph below, which node(s) will it connect to? Hint 1

3:49 PM
Q: Consecutive Matchstick Numbers

Oray What is the 5th number? source: oyun.tzv.org.tr

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5:19 PM
Q: I'm singing a song, can you follow along?

GalenWhat song am I singing? I apologize for the resolution. If you open the image itself in a new tab you can magnify to get a better look at the words.

5:41 PM
Q: Puzzle of the day

perayuThe aim is to draw a single contiguous line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. The line includes each number from 1 to 39 exactly once.

1 hour later…
according to the dictionary, "septic tank" is rhyming slang for "yank" (american)
7:56 PM
Q: What is the difference between a bird?

DattierAttention here one should not play on words, the question is to understand literally, and there is of course at least one answer. What is the difference between a bird?


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