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1:45 AM
@OmegaKrypton (the new one was already posted)
2:07 AM
Q: Placing three sets of cards A to 9 in a row

Bernardo Recamán SantosFrom an ordinary deck of playing cards remove cards ace to nine of any three suits (27 cards in all), and place them in a row so that between any 2 consecutive aces there is precisely 1 card, between any 2 consecutive twos there are 2 cards, and so on, up to 9 cards between any two consecutive ni...

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3:28 AM
Q: Finding the hardest 5x5 grid for a blindfolded robot to solve

Dmitry KamenetskyThis puzzle is based on the framework described here: Controlling a robot blindfolded on a 9x9 grid Here is a quick summary. A robot is located somewhere on a grid, but you cannot see it. You can send commands to the robot to make it move one cell left, right, up or down. Some cells can be walls...

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4:50 AM
@Rubio oh yeah lol
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10:17 AM
Q: Perambulating ants 2

postmortesThe ants from this puzzle have been placed into a new arena: a cross-shaped hallway with a pillar (black square) in the centre and four statues (numbered 1-4) set symmetrically. The ants, like last time, start off by trying to move East. If they encounter a boundary, the central pillar, a stat...

10:32 AM
starting to think that "song from the king" as the def is a dead end
went through wikipedia's list of songs recorded by elvis... only six have 8 letters and none fit the hint given in the other room
("Britches", "Clambake", "Crawfish", "Memories", "Snowbird" and "Speedway")
11:14 AM
Yeah, I did the same research. :-)
And then I Googled for songs sung by Jesus, and apparently Mark and Matthew say he sang but don't say what he sang, and some Web page suggests certain psalms he would've sung, but that seems too far a stretch and anyway I don't know what word it would clue.
11:32 AM
I've followed the same dead end and I've now looked at the hint in OK's home.
there's of course BB king but i'm not sure if he's commonly called "the" king
THRENODE is another spelling of threnody, which is a song of lament that has a king (R = rex) in THE and then NODE, a reversal of EDO castle and N (endless (du)N(es))? If so, I think the reversal is a bit off.
surely endless doesn't mean "just the middle"? i think it's supposed to be either remove last letter or both the first and last
Yes, that's taking away too much. It's a stretch, I know.
The only useful synonym for dunes I can think of is "sand".
12:07 PM
@MOehm I dunno what you mean by "off". "About" can mean "reversed" (as in "about face"), but then the components are out of order: should be "endless dunes castle about", if you will. (Plus, as already mentioned, it uses "endless" for grabbing the middle letter of a five-letter word.)
@MOehm hills, desert, and their synonyms...
12:19 PM
I mean that if it is really NODE = (EDO + N)<, then the reversal indicator "about" is in the middle, which doesn't feel quite right. And I find those synonyms very loose, especially since the dunes don't have any relation to the rest of the surface.
But as I said, It's a stretch. I do like the "King in the" part, though.
(Perhaps I ike it so much that I try to make rest of the solution fit, no matter what.)
1:20 PM
Q: Replace "?" in a squence of numbers

ThomasLReplace the "?" in the following sequence:$ $ 2 7 10 13 14 22 26 27 28 31 49 53 54 57 78 79 ? 90 101 106 109 110 111

1:37 PM
I’ve made a small CCCC edit I fear is needed for fairness; sorry.
And a hint: the first letter is T.
2:19 PM
He's about to get a kiss (3) = REX?
I know kiss is "X" but not sure how the rest resolves
maybe a bad clue
personally, I'd say: Headless dinosaur king (3)
"about" is sometimes used to clue "re" (regarding), see the second entry for "re" here: merriam-webster.com/dictionary/re
And "he" just refers to a man's name.
@Avi I wouldn't, because the "rex" in "T. Rex" literally means "king"
(but yes, this uses both "about" = RE, and "he" = [the answer is a man's name]"; I'm not a fan of the latter)
Neither am I.
2:42 PM
Q: Mostly One Way Travel : Says Grandpa

DEEM"You know these tiny travelers?" say Grandpa "Billions of them! Born to travel. They have travelled to all continents, nations, and towns." "But they always need help, a chaperone so to speak. And, it is almost always a one way ticket for them." Grandpa said. "They love their co...

2:56 PM
@Deusovi oh, that's unfortunate :(
Q: Two cards which product is not a square

ThomasLThere are 100 cards on a table numbered 1,2,...,100. What is the maximum number of cards, which can be selected such that no two cards have a product, which is a perfect square? Example: you cannot choose the cards with number 27 and 48, as $27*48=81*16=36^2$

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4:03 PM
Q: What number should replace the question mark?

Foldhero Please reply with the answer. Thank you very much!

4:52 PM
I added a hint to my cipher puzzle.
5:17 PM
Integral, eh?
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7:48 PM
Q: A Bored Jailer and His Number Game

FrostedSyntaxA bored jailer tells a prisoner that if he can guess a secret number he will be set free. The rules are given that the number will not be more than three digits in length and the prisoner may guess the number as many times as necessary, as long as his guesses meet the following requirements each ...

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9:58 PM
Ragamuffin's rag: "perhaps the Devil ate the greatest boxer" (14)
10:16 PM
11:15 PM
Q: What comes next in this sequence, and why?

DanaI'm having the hardest time with this sequence puzzle. The mobile game I play (which asked me the question) doesn't provide answers or explanations for incorrect answers, and I'm searching online so I can better understand it. What comes next in this numeric sequence: 5, 13, 7.5, 9.5, 10, 6, 12...

11:36 PM
Q: Emblem gestures

JensAnother puzzle in the spirit of the Density™ puzzle. Just monochrome this time I'm afraid. Enjoy! Final answer: (3, 4, 5)


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