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Q: Unlock The Mystery

Brandon_Jload-bearer jailer poultry primate rider bologna Hi guys! Sorry I've been away for so long; hope you enjoy this brief little puzzle.

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6:02 AM
Q: How did everyone fit in the Car?

KrishnaJohn and his wife own a car that fits a maximum of 5 people. He drives Molly to work every day. On his way, he drops his three kids off at school, and his mom at the mall. How did everyone fit in the Car?

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7:03 AM
Q: Who is coping the report and who is lying?

JamesJohnWhile marking reports, two of the reports are found with very similar content. Both students, namely Amy and Brian, are called to the school office for an investigation. Based on the following scenarios, develop a program using Prolog to spot the liar: Scenario 1: Amy: “I copied Brian’s report.”...

7:24 AM
here's one inspired by msh210:
Mad at SE Inc. having new situation (8)
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10:06 AM
Q: Lost Time at Motel?

KrishnaJack is a truck driver from Springfield, Illinois. On one of his trips to Louisville, Kentucky, something bizarre happened. He left Springfield at 8:00 PM and arrived at Louisville 4 hours later. Then he checked into a motel and slept for 8 hours. When he woke up the following day, it was already...

10:56 AM
Can a PSE post require (some) knowledge of a foreign language? If so, is sufficient warning?
there's a "language" tag as well
Oh, I see. Thanks. That doesn't answer my first question, though.
probably depends on the case, if it's like "what is the french word for coffee" i think it's fine, if you need to be able to read a pageful of french text it's probably not
Okay. I'll forbear, then. Thanks!
because the former can be found out by anyone whereas the latter is unsolvable to anyone who doesn't know the language
11:06 AM
@jafe but that's true for all questions, no?
including the coffee example
Anything can be found out by anyone but is unknown to those who don't know it.
@Rubio HOTGRIT (coarsely ground corn, eaten hot, which is a clear need if you live in the Southern U.S.) = RIGHT TO forcibly re-moved. #MoreBadC4Solutions
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12:49 PM
Q: Triangle puzzle

dstrubeCan you guess the pattern? Fill in the blank for the last triangle

1:30 PM
question for cryptic gurus: anyone ever see a clue for a single long answer divided onto multiple lines?
i mean something like this:
3. The definition is here and this is the long...
4. ...and somewhat complicated wordplay (10, 10)
the intention being that the first 10 letters fill #3 in the grid and the other 10 fill #4
(with a word boundary in between)
Those can be clued as 3/4: The definition is here and this is the long and somewhat complicated wordplay (10, 10)
I have actually seen a cryptic where 1. would only go down, 4. would go in both directions, and 1/4d was used as a clue.
oh, cool
I have seen that in standard crosswords, where a single clue extended to a few puzzle locations. 4 would be clued as (see 3A) or as (3A, continued) or similar. Not sure how kosher it is for cryptics but seems reasonable.
But the whole clue put at the first entry
i see
1:46 PM
1/4d appears at 8:20
2:08 PM
You do sometimes see clues with "..." at the end of one and "..." at the start of the next, but that usually (universally?) doesn't indicate that both clues combine to make a single one. (It's usually surface-only; the setter has found two clue structures that make a better surface together than separately.)
Usually "1, 4dn" or whatever rather than "1/4dn".
Of course in cases where the corresponding lights overlap, you have some information about the letters of the answer (this one is the same as this one) even before you have filled in any of the grid :-).
3:01 PM
3/4. A Disney Zootopia leader (5)
(Warning: I'm just being silly. That's not really a fair clue.)
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4:13 PM
Q: Periodic Shifting Lock

CStafford-14I'm a delivery agent for UPS. On the package, I've been given instructions to drop off the package at a mail reception building accessible only through a "Periodic Shifting Lock," which I assume means that the password will change periodically. I've been given today's password, which is Scrutiny....

Q: This Riley Riddle is a Mess

hexomino My prefix is hyprocrisy, My infix is before, My suffix lasts for seven years, My whole from which you pour. What am I? Please explain each line in your answer.

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7:37 PM
Q: Another coin weighing puzzle. But this is simple!

DEEMThere are many coin weighing puzzles. So a general attribution to all of them. (And I will fully understand if you completely ignore this one). Hope this is not a duplicate. But I think this is a little different :) There are 3 bags of coins. Ten coins in each bag. They look exactly the s...

8:18 PM
Q: Hearts and Spades in a Row

Bernardo Recamán SantosFrom a deck of playing cards remove hearts ace to seven, and spades ace to seven. Now place them on a table in a row so that the number of cards between the two aces is 1, the number of cards between the two twos is 2, and so on up to the number of cards between the two sevens, which should be ...

Q: Troubling Triples

PiIsNot3The points appear to be connected, but in the end, we should have worked under aqueous conditions. $$ \begin{array}{|l|c|c|} \hline \textbf{Substance} & \textbf{Temperature (K)} & \textbf{Pressure (kPa)} \\ \hline \text{Acetylene} & 173.1 & 26.6 \\ \hlin...

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10:32 PM
Please don't put notes like that in your posts. They belong in comments. It just leaves a horrible taste in your post. — Araucaria 4 hours ago
Do you guys agree with Araucaria's sentiment? I don't see anything wrong with my in-answer note, but I'm obviously biased, since it's my own post.
10:45 PM
11:21 PM
Q: Judge this position

Rewan DemontayAn odd chess crime has occurred. The below position, a criminal one, was on the board when it was intercepted. Is it a legal or illegal chess position? Give reasonable proof as to why. You to judge of if it is guilty (illegal) or innocent (legal)!

11:41 PM
Q: My friend made a riddle I can’t solve. Wanna help?

The riddlahMe and my brother turn the fishes home to his doom, for when we work together we take his breath away, one of us is an unassuming treat, alone we do nothing but together we make a mess


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