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12:32 AM
Anyone see something obvious in my attempts at Part 4 of A Letter from the Past... I feel like it's almost there, but obviously I've missed some way of incorporating the date...
12:50 AM
Ok, there's now a separate chat room if anyone wants to contribute...
9 hours later…
9:49 AM
@dcfyj What are you saying ? Which puzzle ? Where ? I don't understand.
10:27 AM
@Ankoganit: I found a symmetric solution with GP distance, but I'm over sceptic that it would work or not (fifth or fourth mistake).
@ArbitraryKangaroo If you've a solution, and you think it works, go ahead and post it.
@Ankoganit: I don't think it works, and that's why I ain't posting it. Okay, now I will stop reporting my halfstupid attempts in working out the answer in Sphinx Lair.
12:03 PM
19 hours ago, by Arbitrary Kangaroo
@Ankoganit: I can't sleep, unless I get rid of this puzzle from my head.
12:23 PM
@dcfyj :
Q: Pheno Menon and his coloured flags

AnkoganitProfessor Pheno Menon has sent for me for helping with some decorations. When I reached his home, he explained: "Look here, I've got $6$ flags: $2$ red, $2$ blue and $2$ green. I want to pin them in my garden such that no three are collinear." "I am assuming there's some catch?", I said. "Inde...

ah that, yeah, not a puzzle i'll be bothering with hehe
2 hours later…
2:16 PM
Q: Red Herring Bonkers In The Red Herring Bunkers

AvigrailPlease help me! Last weekend I hosted a hell of a party at my workplace (I'll invite you next time, promise). Of course, my boss didn't know about it. The next morning I entered the building and ... ... everything was just a huge mess! Naive as I am, I was expecting something less wicked an...

Is not deserving even quarter of the attention it ought to deserve.
wait, what do you mean by "deserve"?
(the only way I can make sense of your comment is something like this: it's a really good puzzle but terribly badly presented or something, so that it doesn't deserve attention right now but if fixed it would deserve a lot more and someone should fix it)
but after a brief glance at the puzzle I really doubt you mean that
did you mean receive rather than deserve?
1 hour later…
3:25 PM
@GarethMcCaughan: No. It's well designed puzzle, atleast as far I can see until now. I just meant that the upvotes aren't consistent with the quality of a puzzle here, and this (upvotes in this puzzle) is a experimental proof of that (fact).
4:03 PM
@Matsmath Thanks for the welcome by the way. I didn't reply under the comments to avoid cluttering but I upvoted your comment.
nifty puzzle by the way
@dcfyj Thank you! I'm having fun checking the solutions. :D I have been working on it for the last 2 days because I wasn't quite happy with it.
Puzzle making takes time, so it's no biggy. I've been working on and off on one for 3 or 4 days now.
@dcfyj Let me know when you post it, I'd like to check it out.
If you want an idea of what it'll be similar to, look up desert wanderings
4:16 PM
@dcfyj Oh that looks a bit complicated. :D
4:26 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo I agree with that. People will upvote or downvote for no reason apparently
@Saiid: Yeah, but there are some vague correlation, one of the outstanding theories is that upvotes peaks up and decrease with size, which explains why the multilayered long detective puzzles got so less upvotes
@ArbitraryKangaroo Yeah, it seems that when the puzzles start getting long, people give up and downvote out of frustration or boredom
@Saiid: But, you know, there are always some excellent puzzles, which gets the rightful upvotes even if the solution / hidden question is long.
@ArbitraryKangaroo Yup.
@Alenanno It's not so bad as that, just a ciphered riddle (in both cases)
4:37 PM
@dcfyj So slightly easier?
easier than what?
@dcfyj Than your last one :D the one you linked
You're asking if part 3 will be easier than part 2? not really, it'll be a slightly more complicated cipher, but not much more so.
@dcfyj Yeah, that's what I was wondering. :)
My main issue is writing the riddle and the clues for the cipher. It takes me a while to come up with a decent riddle, and the clues I'm not sure which ones and how I want to drop them.
4:43 PM
@JonathanAllan I nominated your puzzle for the quarterly best puzzle stuff. Hope, you liked my comments on that..
@dcfyj I hope more people will try to solve mine, I want to see if something else comes up. :D
I'm pretty bad at solving most puzzle, so I don't put too many answers up.
@dcfyj You should give it a try. I'm not accepting until the solution is actually reached. Although I'm wondering how I can help in case a hint is requested/needed.
Riddles are one of the things I'm beyond horrible at. I was attempting the mini-puzzles before they got solved as I can do calculations pretty well, but it's gotten past that point now.
That is a really big chunk of cipher...
@dcfyj Well, the question is still at its beginning stage, I think you can safely give your try (if you're interested). And yes, that's a lot. :P
4:56 PM
@Alenanno Although, #4 isn't really solved as I don't see how Sconibulus' version doesn't work for the first equation.
@dcfyj Am I allowed to confirm/deny partial answers? Like if someone gets a part right/wrong, when (if) am I allowed to say "yes that is correct" or "no that's wrong". I read on Meta that I should wait, so I'm waiting until I start nudging people.
It's your choice, and you can be vague about it too if you like. ie: "Some of your answer is correct but not all of it"
You're the OP, it's completely up to you how much information you want to give.
@dcfyj Ah ok thanks. I don't have experience in being the OP on this site.
There are hundreds of examples on this site, just look at answered question and see how and when the OPs post hints/nudges
@dcfyj I'm so dumb... I didn't even notice
5:03 PM
@dcfyj I tried that but you don't always find clear examples. For now I'll wait and see what happens. Thanks for the help though.
@Alenanno The main thing to remember is it's better to wait giving hints than to post them right away. a.k.a. you can't unsay things.
@dcfyj True that.
@Sid Thanks!
Well, you deserved it for that brilliant puzzle...
Anyone want to make a new room to collaborate on the Red Herring puzzle mentioned above?
5:16 PM
I'm sure if you make a room people will come to it.
@ArbitraryKangaroo What do you mean - you think it's got more upvotes than it deserves, or fewer?
@Alenanno Like dcfyj said, it's completely up to the OP how much/little information they want to give in comments on answers. It can depend on many factors: how hard the puzzle seems to be (easy ones need fewer hints than hard ones), how close people are to the solution (e.g. if someone's got nine-tenths of it, you might as well help them out with the last little bit), or just how chatty you are (e.g. I tend to leave lots of comments, while Gamow hardly ever did).
5:36 PM
@Randal'Thor I see. Do you not wait then?
Personally, I wait to post hints in my question (at least a day), but I tend to comment on people's answers fairly quickly. Although, I have a habit of being cryptic.
@Alenanno I suspect your puzzle is one that will probably need some nudges - the riddle is quite cryptic, and there may be more than one way of interpreting some of the clues in it.
and mini #4 is elusive
Is it bad that I only just now noticed the the answer circles to each mini is color coded to match the mini's number?
I'm wondering if there may be some non-obvious approach to mini #4, e.g. looking at the letters in "two", "seven", "seventeen" rather than the numbers 2, 7, 17.
@dcfyj That was the first thing I noticed, because I was already analysing the diagram before bothering to read the text :-P
As was I, but I was reading the equations, not looking at the colors of it lol
5:44 PM
@Randal'Thor Yeah, I agree with you. It's going to need some nudges.
@dcfyj Ahah yeah they match (that's on purpose to show which puzzle is which).
Oh, damn, I thought I had a pattern that worked, but 51 can't match it
@Sconibulus For which one? #4?
minipuzzle 4
I notice that 19, 31, 43 is an arithmetic progression.
Unfortunately 2, 7, 17 isn't.
incidentally, they are primes 1,4,7 and 8,11,14
5:47 PM
1 is not a prime
2 is though :P
unless you mean prime #1 ie: 2
@Sconibulus Wow, interesting!
Unfortunately 51 isn't prime :-/
nope 3 * 17
yeah, I thought I had it for sure until that little hiccup :)
It's not even Grothendieck's Prime, 57 :-P
well, you could take 51+5+1 to get that number :P
5:50 PM
@Randal'Thor Uhm I think I found a mistake in my puzzles. -.- I can't believe I missed it. Can I fix it?
@Alenanno Of course
@Alenanno Can and should :-)
oh man, there's going to be a shiny new piece coming up right before I have to go into a big sprint demo meeting for several hours, :(
@Alenanno Mistakes happens, transcription errors and whatnot, we all do them occasionally.
@Randal'Thor :) Or not-quite-a-Heegner-prime 58.
5:52 PM
@Sconibulus Mwhahahaha, It's all part of his evil plan to stop you from getting the check!
@Randal'Thor @dcfyj and @Sconibulus See edit, sorry. :D
51 becomes 61 apparently... So, the primes may as well work
It was a typing mistake. It was supposed to be 61 from the start. :P
So mini 4's answer is 73 then
2 3 5 7 11 13 17, 19 23 29 31 37 41 43, 47 53 59 61 67 71 73
No wonder we weren't getting an arithmetically sound solution lol
@dcfyj Occam's razor. :P
5:58 PM
no idea, I know the name, that's it that's all
weird that they all have the same gap
well, I guess not really
@Alenanno Occam's or Hanlon's? :-P
@Sconibulus You were the one that pointed it out in the first place lol
yeah, but I kinda expected it to work out as something like 1,4,7; 8,12,16; 15,17,19
@Randal'Thor Occam's. :P
6:01 PM
all three the same helps make finding it easier I suppose, but feels odd
and now I have to run
@Sconibulus See you!
So ... "sequins" = sequence?
Two of 65, 73, 75 have to be "sequins" somehow ...
oops, never mind, 2:30 != 2:00, that was embarassing
I think I'm going to add an instruction about the riddle, I would wait but I think it's an important detail. At least, I thought it was clear, but it seems it's not.
6:38 PM
@Randal'Thor @dcfyj @Sconibulus See new edit (I added a last point).
@Alenanno I think I know what the final solution is ...
Is it ROT13(havdhr)?
You don't have to answer, but if I'm right, that's very sneaky of you :-D
@Randal'Thor Ah, no, but keep thinking! :P
@Randal'Thor, 6 questions till your socratic badge :P
@BeastlyGerbil 5, I think. Since I've asked a question today but the day isn't over yet.
48 till mine
7:00 PM
This sounds awesome!
7:18 PM
@Randal'Thor Nice edit, by the way. It made me laugh. :D (it was funny)
7:30 PM
@Alenanno That's what we used to call a "lynch mob" clue, back in the day. See "I recommend using a list for this" and the "hint" in this puzzle :-)
@Randal'Thor Oh eheh :D
4 hours later…
11:12 PM
Finally got the Lovely Words and boy do I feel stupid for not spotting things earlier.

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