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and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
So good to finally see Earth Science in beta! I hope that it takes off quickly.
7:12 PM
@called2voyage We can certainly hope for some adiabatic heating.
7:28 PM
Interested to see how this site does.
Oh, we have a chatroom!
@gerrit Yep. Oh. While you are here, I was struggling to comment on your question:
Q: Are there any quantities defined analogically to the virtual temperature, but for other gases?

gerritThe virtual temperature is a pseudo-temperature taking into account water vapour in the atmosphere in such a way, that the resulting quantity can be used with the ideal gas law and the molar mass for dry air. Although the most significant in the troposphere, water vapour is not the only trace ga...

Realistically, water vapor is the most important variable in our atmosphere. So that's why we have the approximation.
I kinda think this is an example of:
Q: What is the XY problem?

GnomeWhat is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index

But I can't tell what problem you are trying to solve.
7:43 PM
Curiosity ;-). It may not be the best of my questions.
Maybe we could define a virtual methane temperature on Titan
@gerrit I was thinking of salinity in oceanography.
@gerrit Nothing against curiosity, but other sites have had difficult starts because of lack of focus:
Q: Let's ask more meaty questions!

Jon EricsonIt's been an exciting first (partial) week. We've got 105 questions (and counting) with a number of interesting and useful answers. However, I'm concerned that too many of your questions do not, um, play to the strengths of the Stack Exchange network. In particular, more than a few questions s...

I think you are off to a great start, but private beta is about setting the right tone. ;-)
8:17 PM
@JonEricson I see your point, and I see that it is not a good question. Shall I close it? Delete it?
@gerrit Close it and maybe it can be revived later.
It's not a bad question; it just needs an edit. (Or to wait for the site to be established a bit better.)
@JonEricson I will wait. If it's unseen buried in better questions, it's not too much of a "broken window" either.
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9:42 PM
@gerrit Great answer to my question. If no one else answer it, I'll accept your answer in a bit. Just don't want to accept an answer too quickly.
I have a question about answering questions on ES Stack Exchange; I may know the answer to some of them at a surface level, but since most of the questions have to do with physical oceanography/climate science I do not have deep understanding. Should I even bother ?
10:02 PM
@Neo Hi! It really all depends on what you mean by "surface understanding".
If you have a pretty good understanding, go for it and answer!
IE, i remember some notes from a lecture on it, but i dont really study it.
If you don't have much of an understanding, try to find sources with more information. Then you can cite that in your answer.
i hope this cite gets active enough that i can use it to procrastinate on writing my thesis =D
I probably should be doing homework now... but whatever. :P
@Neo I prefer an answer from someone with a rudimentary understanding that at least points to authoritative sources, to answers that reiterate what can be found in Wikipedia articles linked from the question, without really adding anything. I've found a couple of answers that I hope will not become a model. If you don't feel sure about answering, just leave a comment on the question!
10:52 PM
I agree gerrit, thanks for the help.

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