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12:22 AM
@JoelHarmon True but it's not exactly productive to answer every d&d question with "the DM can do whatever they want" is it? :P
12:50 AM
Well my new question is going to make my DM rage quit lol
Heh. In 3.5 I designed an epic-level librarian who could use modified delayed blast fireballs to kill everyone in a castle in one round without damaging a single book in the place.
DBF worked differently then, though.
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@Eternallord66 why's that?
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3:01 AM
@jgn It depends. Rule Zero or Rule of Cool is kind of like any answer involving the spell Wish. Usually you just tack it on at the end, but sometimes it makes for a very compelling answer on its own.
3:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Non-latin link in answer (82): Help me re-find this role-playing story by Mona145 on rpg.SE
Q: Defining "a particular kind" in the Locate Object spell

Adam GoodwineIn our latest session a question came up. The initial statement [PHB pg 256] says to; "Describe an object that is familiar to you." The spell description goes on to state that known to you (not familiar to you) is defined as seen within 30 feet. The discrepancy comes up in the phrase; ...

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4:24 AM
Q: Mind Flayer Innate Spellcasting saving throws

LouisThe MM says The mind flayer's innate spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 15). It can innately cast the following spells, requiring no components: At will: detect thoughts, levitate l/day each: dominate monster, plane shift (self only) Detect Thoughts and Dominate Mons...

Good evening/morning
5:00 AM
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast momentarily: https://www.twitch.tv/bigdredwun

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
5:25 AM
Q: What happens if one no longer meets the requirements for an attuned item?

Smart_TJSo, I have a question that's sort of a what-if situation that applies to many different situations, but what happens if the requirements to attune to an item are lost while that item is attuned to you? For example, say my lawful evil Paladin has Scather, the lawful-evil sword of answering and dr...

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6:38 AM
@SevenSidedDie (Not actually sure if that @'ed you but...) At least for me, the link in your profile description is broken. "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request [...] Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
And now I wonder if I've somehow @ replied some user named 'ed
6:53 AM
Anyone know what a "how do I learn to fish" question is?
@jgn What do you mean "what it is"? As in where to ask it?
@Medix2 I saw a comment along the lines of "asking for game recommendations is too broad but we can answer "how do I learn to fish?" questions"
(I am looking for the comment now, it was said as if "how do I learn to fish?" was a class of question that everyone would know)
"Sorry, see the linked game-rec guidance in the post notice, this will be way too broad of a requirement as written (third parties are already dumping out 5e adventures). Needs to be lots more specific or be a "how do I learn to fish" question"
7:13 AM
Well I've got nothing
oh here's the link, maybe it will give you a clue :3 rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/44708/…
Oh yeah I found that when trying to search for "how do I learn to fish question", unfortunately, it was the only result
Maybe something like "if you asked 'how to learn d&d' then we can answer that"?
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8:27 AM
Q: What's the flying speed of someone under the Fly spell with two levels of exhaustion?

NathanSRecently, our party barbarian gained two levels of Exhaustion. As per the rules of that condition (PHB, p. 291), the effect of level 2 Exhaustion is: Speed halved The fly spell (PHB, p. 243) has the following effect: You touch a willing creature. The target gains a flying speed of 60 fe...

8:48 AM
@jgn Basically, we don't handle game/tool/product recommendations anymore (which, in this analogy, would be "give/sell me a fish" questions, I guess). I suppose we did still allow some of them at the time of the question... but we do allow questions that ask about the process. It's hard to speak in generalities, so let me give an example:
A question essentially asking "What adventure should I play?" would likely be closed as a game-recommendation question. However, if you ask directly about the specific issue you face that's prompting the question (e.g. in that post, they mention "we will only be able to go for one session (5-7 hours)", so they could instead ask about how to effectively run a fulfilling story within that time or whatever), then people can address that issue.
Again, it's a bit of a fuzzy line, but I think that's what mxy meant in that comment by a "how do I learn to fish" question.
The following issue isn't a perfect example (it's not quite a game-rec/"shopping" question, but is unstackable for different reasons), but BESW's answer does end up giving an example of a "how do I learn to fish?" question:
A: I just created a thing that needs playtesting. How do I find playtesters among the RPG.SE denizens, or are there other places I should look instead?

BESWMainsite and meta aren't set up for this. We don't allow "Who wants to join my group?" questions for a whole host of reasons, not least of which is that answers will be "Yes, I want to!" and "No, I don't." Not exactly insightful experience-based solutions to a problem you're facing--the answers ...

> You can ask the main site for guidance in finding players, though!

This would actually make a good mainsite question: "I have X system/adventure/whatever, with Y qualities, that I want to test for Z audience. How do I get playtesters?" The Stack is set up to provide this kind of assistance. It can be answered through experience; it has clear criteria for voting on whether answers are useful; its advice can be useful to others in similar but not identical situations.
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11:55 AM
Hey there
/me waves.
12:41 PM
@Medix2 If their name autocompleted (or autosuggested) as you were typing, then SSD is pingable here. (Not for me, now; I suspect, given how long it's been since I've seen them here, not for you either.) In this sort of situation I sometimes pull a random post of the person's and leave a comment.
1:40 PM
ssd almost never graces us with their presence
oh neat
1:59 PM
Looks like jgn is on some kind of grind for an editors badge
@GcL yeah, but I sometimes just look at stuff and see it needs re written, and just do it. Too many years of having to whip official correspondence into shape have left their mark.
TIFY - A Core Rules 2.0 CD Rom.
Sure, but you go back through 6 year old posts to correct a single instance 'to' -> 'of' in the middle of a wall of text?
On one hand I'm impressed.
@Shalvenay I have a knack for fire spells with my sorcerer
@JohnP brain not parsing TIFY: your AD&D core rules CD ROM? things I found yesterday?
2:13 PM
Things I Found Yesterday, yes.
Probably want to read that on the lowest rotation speed your hardware can do. Old CDs have a problem with structural integrity.
@GcL Haven't even tried it yet. I doubt it's in a usable state, I found it in the bottom of a box that has sat in the garage through several Phoenix summers. I'll play with it this weekend.
2:28 PM
@JohnP Ooo... maybe don't put it in a drive you care about much.
@Gwideon Standard Greeting of the Day :)
@GcL What's the worst that could happen? :D :D :D :D
/me waves.
/me waves back and forgoes the large mackerel
2:34 PM
Tidal: Waves
how is everyone
3:02 PM
@JohnP @V2Blast Are you able to create an artificer or see eberron content during character creation on dndbeyond? I am not, but the content is available and i've got it turned on.
@NautArch Eberron only shows me 4 elf races, but I'm on someone elses group license.
I also do not see artificer
content sharing is set by campaign
you have to make the character in a campaign with the content shared if you don't own it yourself
@Carcer ah, even if i'm the owner of the campaign that it's active in?
@Carcer I'm finding that out. I can choose artificer in the shared character. @NautArch
@NautArch yeah the character has to be attached to the campaign
3:08 PM
And I can see eberron content in that one.
@Carcer ha, I don't have a character in that campaign! I'd have to kick someone out :(
my new fighter died :(
see arguments about critical fumble rules.
@NautArch Is it the shared RPG campaign? If so, you can kick me out. I've never managed to make it into a game yet.
@JohnP most folks aren't in it, either :) It's just a way to get access to more dndbeyond content.
for stackizens/chatizens.
I'm looking at the artificer, but I'm also not loving it. Most likely going fire genasi evocation wizard.
Q: How to deal with challenging player and DM

britbrodcastI've been in a campaign for the past 4 months with a very controlling DM and a player who has been dubbed their favorite. The DM in question is very flexible with anything in their game... as long as it benefits their favorite. Since I don't want to use their real name, I'll call her Hannah. W...

stats rolled were 9/11/12/17/15/12
@JohnP I think i've got a spot i can use. Someone is listed as character name "drudge" with player "deleted". May no longer be someone using it.
3:20 PM
@NautArch Sounds good.
@JohnP just want to play with the build, but not really loving them. Think i'd rather play a wizard.
@NautArch Using the rolling room, I just rolled stats of 14/18/17/16/15/11
4d6 reroll all 1's.
@JohnP still on my 3d6 campaign.
Was considering going suboptimal and land druid, but since the DM really isn't pulling punches, I've got to go optimal.
@NautArch what, just straight 3d6 as it sits?
@JohnP yup
3:25 PM
@JohnP that's pretty good!
the low dex i keep rolling is tough for AC. This is my third character and 11 is my highest DEX roll.
@NautArch I'm an abilities snob, I don't like single digit attributes :p
Oh, you mean you roll it PER STAT, not roll and assign? Double ouch.
But, that would make a pretty good weak and ugly wizard type.
@JohnP would make a good druid or cleric, tho.
or whatever variation you choose for a low charisma.
when i was sick awhile ago, i built a land druid I really liked, but i'll keep it in my backpocket still. although not looking forward to losing another character.
@JohnP this is my current design
3:35 PM
@NautArch Nice!
Where do you find the subclasses for druid, the various circles, etc?
oh, 2nd level. That's right. I have to level him up first.
bingo :)
i was looking at spore, but didn't love it. land seemed most interesting.
@NautArch I'm working on a ghostwise halfling druid with the 3d6 scores. Really tempted to use the 4d6+1 though. :p
Is there any documentation on whether Dragons have cloaca or butts?
@goodguy5 that may be a good mainsite question. Folks with good lore knowledge.
yea.... I'd rather not lol
I don't want to be THAT GUY with the cloaca question
3:49 PM
totally reasonable
@goodguy5 Should I star that message to make sure that you are ?
Or the previous one ?
chat's one thing, but mainsite is another
"All amphibians, reptiles, and a few mammals (monotremes, tenrecs, golden moles, and marsupial moles) have this orifice"
my money is on yes
If your money is on a dragon's cloaca, you're just going to want to give up on that money — you're not getting it back.
dragons aren't reptiles though
3:56 PM
Dragons are dinosaurs.
Birds are dinosaurs.
:: Dragons are birds.
Barney is a dinosaur
i see no problem with this logic
:: dragons are Barney.
@NautArch I mean, I'm interested in the idea of spore druid. Not sure how much I like the implementation.
@Yuuki yeah, it just underwhelms. It seems cool, but then...isn't.
3:59 PM
@goodguy5 Draconomicon doesn't specify.
@NautArch Circle of Dreams Druid - Not quite complete.
No armor/weps/magic yet.
@NautArch Yeah I've always found Spore Druid just completely underwhelming
Is a cloak of prot +1 unsuitable at level 5?
@NautArch crit fumbles :( even if it happens more to the enemies (they make more rolls), PC HP is way more valuable than enemy/monster/NPC HP
what are appropriate magical items for 5th level in 5e?
I feel like there's a table for magic items by level, but who even knows how accurate that is
@JohnP @Medix2 Xanathar's Guide to Everything has a table of the quantity of magic items it recommends a DM hand out relative to each "tier" of character.
So... 2 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare and an outside chance at 1 very rare? using the XtgE table in that link, extrapolating for 5th level and a party of 4.
@JohnP Yup, that thing
Ultimately YMMV and I'd recommend asking players if dialing back mistakes made by giving them something that turned out to be OP would be alright ) alternatively crank up the monster difficulty)
@Yuuki Popular depictions of dragons are based on their skeletal remains. Modern history mages now believe that dragons had fluffy feathers, like chickens.
4:31 PM
@Medix2 preaching to the choir. We roll percentile death with higher values causing more problems. 100% is death.
It was an attack with advantage. Rolled two 1s. And then rolled 100%.
Hrm. If you were going to try to fast talk a DM into a very rare item at level 5, would you go for dragon scale armor or hewards hireling armor for a halfling druid?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, mostly punctuation marks in answer (122): Can you Investigate the same room twice? by Lankers1 on rpg.SE
if it matters, random d10 suggests white dragon scale (cold)
@johnP I'd consider voyager staff
@JohnP @Medix2 Miniman's answer is what i was thinking of.
@NautArch hrm...that isn't too shabby.
4:50 PM
@NautArch Personally I prefer DS9 Staff instead of the Voyager Staff, but you do whatever floats your boat
@NautArch Be interesting to take an orrery of the wanderer component with the goal of assembling them all, but that would take a specific dm/campaign.
AC 14 already, so not sure armor would be that much of a boost.
@MikeQ Might as well just grab things from Mirror Verse at that point
@NautArch Hrm. Apparently, in the chatizen DNDB, I don't have access to add the voyager staff to the character
Ah. Guide to Ravnica must not be available.
@JohnP no, it's within the box to have a rare item at level 5. Jusst. (See the DMG)
@KorvinStarmast I saw you comment that bought Angry's book (which I didn't know existed), how is it?
5:05 PM
Aight. So, final list: Everbright Lantern, Tankard of Plenty, Cloak Prot, Boots Elven, Mirror of the Past, and if I can convince the DM, Hewards armor.
@Medix2 Easier to read than his web site, and I sent a copy to my brother. however, given my experience level with the game, a lot of his ideas are very basic/fundamental. I still like it. I think it is well organized. He has removed a lot of the wasted words on his blog articles, which I am pleased to see
@JohnP cloatk. +1 save is very, very nice.
@KorvinStarmast I'm a generous guy. That's what I'm granting myself at level 5. All of the things.
uh, ok, fine. :) run with it. :)
And you are very nice to your hireling with the Heward's armor ...
@KorvinStarmast Hmmm, may think about getting that then. If not just to read. Though it is interesting when one of his articles has a really good comment from somebody and he provides a genuine answer/response. I, oddly enough, often find his rebuttals and the like far more compelling
@KorvinStarmast Well, in the XtgE table listed above, it gives the breakdown. I averaged the per level for 5-10, added it to the 1-4, divided by a party of 4, and came up with a list of 2 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare and potentially 1 very rare.
@KorvinStarmast Does it have to go on a hireling? Couldn't the char just wear it?
5:10 PM
@JohnP sure, I just thought you were thinking about being nice to your hireling. Have the char wear it.
@KorvinStarmast I'm not nice to anyone :p
@KorvinStarmast Kalderian Shadowstep
Level 5 Ghostwise halfling druid.
5:23 PM
I will take a gander when I am at a PC that does not block DDB
5:36 PM
@KorvinStarmast hey! No goosing my characters.
@JohnP no characterizing my geese!
@goodguy5 ruffles your feathers, does it?
Stop talking about Potato Chips!

("Ruffles" are a brand of potato crisps in the U.S., to anyone that doesn't know)
@goodguy5 Yes, I know. I'm a chip off the old block that way.
5:40 PM
I wonder if there is such thing as an optimization guide for a character that remains a single class...
@JohnP there's still item choices, spell choices, etc
yea. feats and abilities and such. weapons, etc
@doppelgreener True, true. Not really a good stackable question, though.
@JohnP Not too sure what you're asking but there are lots of questions on things like "Which subclass should I take given these goals" or "How do I optimize this Hexblade build to meet these goals"
@Medix2 That assumes you know your goals :) Hard to have goals without a campaign.
5:52 PM
@goodguy5 "potato crisps in the US"
Did I say it wrong?
@JohnP GiTP is loaded with them.
@JohnP go to the "class guides" spoilers and have a look
@Yuuki And birds are reptiles, ergo dragons are reptiles
6:14 PM
@Medix2 Sure seems, though, like he made 2018 his year of "let's try to be a bit nicer this year." And in 2019 thought "well, that wasn't worth the effort." IOW I liked when he stopped wasting our time with grawlix and insulting his twitterspondents and just talked about RPGs.
6:30 PM
@goodguy5 Crisps is UK terminology.
I'm aware.
I think the phrase you're looking for is "Popato Chisps".
I need to get back into answering questions here. It is extremely sad when I'm getting more MSE than RPG questions answered.
@Xirema lol
7:11 PM
@Rubiksmoose Yeah... I just answered my first question (here) in a couple of months. The last year or two's worth of questions just haven't really caught my attention/interest.
I'm so upset I missed the one Masks question the other day.
Gimme more of those!
@nitsua60 @Rubiksmoose So the real solution is come up with your own interesting question and self-answer it (jk)
@Medix2 Excellent idea. I'll just ramble on. Everyone give me plenty of upvotes kthanks.
19 answers in the last year, compared to >400 in the 3.75 previous years =\
@Rubiksmoose +1
@Medix2 I feel called out.
7:13 PM
@nitsua60 Actually it's be a +2, err I guess a +1 twice?
7:25 PM
Does a druid automatically get two weapon fighting?
@JohnP 5e?
@JohnP I assume you're asking about animal form
@goodguy5 Nope. And 5e, yes. I converted my char to a druid on dndb, and it has two weapon listed, even though I never chose it. I'm wondering if it's left over from when I had it as a ranger.
Ranger has access to the TWF style (which druids don't); maybe that's a glitch?
ah, and do you mean the Two Weapon Fighting Style?
all characters have access to the Two Weapon Fighting bonus action.
7:28 PM
Vs. Two-Weapon Fighting (default rule) which everyone can do.
otherwise, probably a glitch
I'm going to back away slowly, since we're repeating each other =)
@nitsua60 How can I revert to my display to where answers are ranked top to bottom by number of votes. I went into settings and I can't find a switch
yea.... that was a little out of two hands
@JohnP Any character in the game can perform Two-Weapon Fighting, if the weapons they're holding match the requirements, but only certain classes (Fighter and Ranger being the two I off-handedly know of) gain access to the Two Weapon Fighting Style, which is the feature that allows damage performed using Two-Weapon Fighting to add the ability score modifier like normal attacks do.
7:29 PM
@nitsua60 This randoming throws deleted answers to the top sometimes.
@goodguy5 Three hands. ;)
@KorvinStarmast it's in the question
So I get weird stacking that is different from what I am used to.
@Xirema ah, grok. thankee.
@KorvinStarmast Just above the top answer should be a couple of tabs for how to sort the answers: newest, active, votes. Make sure you're on "votes."
7:29 PM
go to the top of the first answer, and you'll see active, oldest, and votes
@nitsua60 Ok, lemme check ... aha, I musts have hit a switch the other day.
@JohnP There's a bunch of class guides online.
@nitsua60 yep, I seem to have hit that switch the other day, thanks.
7:48 PM
I don't want to ask this as a question in the stack exchange, because I'm sure it's a simple answer. Does anyone know if increasing your CON while damaged increases your current HP by the same as your maximum?
For 5e ^
@Akira_Kurusu HP max would increase, but not actual HP value.
but that may actually be a good question
i mean, it is a good question, but it's probably worth asking if it hasn't already been asked...
8:03 PM
@Akira_Kurusu There are at least these two question: "Are Constitution changes retroactive when calculating max HP?" and "What happens to HP when Constitution decreases?" which are about Max HP, but I can't find one on Current HP
I'm pretty sure we have a raw answer, or at least an accepted one.
@Akira_Kurusu There's also this question: "What happens to current hp upon loss of max hp?", so it seems that changes to Con only affect your maximum HP and only change you current HP if the change to your Maximum would do that itself
8:18 PM
@Akira_Kurusu It's a good question. Short answer is, no. It ups your max hp not your current hp.
Probably worth posting on the stack though
Here's another somewhat related question: "Do you gain current HP when you level up?"
Also, what potions are you chugging to get an increase in CON on a time scale where current HP are a concern?
Could be a magic item, like an Ioun stone being found mid-dungeon
Sure, but you're going to have to spend time figuring out what it is and attuning to it.
So, short rest at the least. I guess it's down to, "do I have to smoke a hit die or not?"
I guess I was thinking of Pathfinder....
8:24 PM
But those and regular healing potions get downed more than coffee at the tables I've played at.
Actually, deleting because that's spoiler-y. How do I mark a spoiler in this chat?
spoiler is the accepted way
Where the link itself is the spoiler text?
Yes, if you hover on it most/all browsers will display the link, so the spoiled text is readable
@Akira_Kurusu I don't think chat does spoilers. Maybe make a new channel or take it to not a bar if you want to chat about spoilers?
8:47 PM
@GcL It doesn't :(
^ Spoiler alert
9:05 PM
What's the markdown for spoiler?
>! Stuff goes here
But with multi-line stuff it's... Difficult.
Yeah, you gotta break into HTML then.
Q: Is the spoiler markdown broken?

nitsua60See https://rpg.stackexchange.com/a/74047/23970: Korvin and I think we've got everything right, but the spoiler hide/reveal text feature isn't working.

9:28 PM
Q: Why is Armor Class called that way?

Ted PwyllI want to teach the game to some new player, and while doing homemade character sheets, for simplicity, I wanted to use the term "Defense" instead of "Armor class" (which I found a bit unintuitive). Is there some reason at start to not just called it Armor Class? I couldn't find any use of the ...

1 hour later…
10:44 PM
@NautArch Yes, because I own it (and everything else on DDB... except WotC's Adult Sapphire Dragon statblock that DDB just released separately to raise funds for Extra Life :P). As Carcer said, you can only create characters using shared content if the character is added to the campaign the content is being shared from.
@JohnP Make sure M:tG content is enabled on the character?
@JohnP There are plenty! It's what I use whenever playing a class I haven't played before
There's a collection of D&D 5e class build guides here. Includes guides for each class (some specific to a particular subclass or build), as well as a blood hunter one, a general multiclass guide, and assorted others
11:01 PM
Guys ima need all of you to pray to RNGsus for our party. We're fighting Acererak right now and we weren't fully prepared
Ehh.. you should be fine
I dunno man, he's pretty scary.
I'm in the party with Himitsu by the way-
11:30 PM
Q: How to deal with overpowered weapons at a low level

britbrodcastI am in a few campaigns, one of them has a DM who's never been a Dungeon Master before. Their grasp of the rules and how the game is played is sound but they are a bit of a pushover when it comes to letting players get what they want. A large majority of the players have asked for special weapo...


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