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10:33 AM
Q: Is there a formalization of the butterfly effect?

user107952According to my understanding, the butterfly effect says, very informally, that even a tiny perturbation in a physical system can lead to significant alterations in future states of the physical system. But, I am looking for a more formal and rigorous definition of the butterfly effect, for two r...

Q: Does the equivalence principle only apply for the gravitational field of an infinitely sized body?

joshperryFrom my couch-level understanding of the equivalence principle it seems like unless the source of the gravitational body on that side of the equation was infinitely sized, it would be simple to measure a difference between the two as the gravitational field of a non-infinite body would always hav...

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10:40 PM
Q: Why doesn't the liquid in a liquid-in-glass thermometer slide down when you turn it upside-down?

Maximal IdealThis question applies to both mercury and alcohol thermometers. I assume the answers would be similar, but maybe not. My understanding is that the capillary in a liquid-in-glass thermometer consists of a liquid and a vacuum on the other end. However, if there is a vacuum, then wouldn't the liquid...


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