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12:02 AM
Q: Failure of Newton's corpuscular theory and success of photon theory of light

InfiniteCorpuscular theory of light States that: Light is made up of small discrete particles called "corpuscles" (little particles) which travel in a straight line with a finite velocity. According to Einstein, Light is composed of small particle are known as photons. And energy of a photon is given ...

15 hours later…
2:46 PM
Q: What does it mean if the Fermi level crosses into the valence band? How about into the conduction band?

tumblewushI've been working on this material to get more accustomed to Quantum Espresso, and I've gone on and performed calculations to get their band structures. Here are the band structures that I got for two of the variations of my material: Used EV-GGA to get these band structures, I could have used o...

8 hours later…
10:21 PM
Q: Why doesn't a nucleus-like body made up of just neutrons exist?

MehulWe know that neutrons exert short ranged nuclear forces over other nucleons in a nucleus, and these forces are only attractive in nature. Also this force is universal and doesn't differentiate between charged or uncharged bodies. So why doesn't a nucleus like body exist, purely made up of neutron...


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