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7:52 AM
Q: How do I simulate an atom?

Siddharth BhatLet us assume I wish to simulate a Helium atom, since there does not exist a closed-form solution. However, I presume I would need to simulate the time-dependent Schrodinger wave equation. I would like to know what the time-dependent hamiltonian looks like for this. I think I would need the ter...

8:13 AM
Q: Why are sound waves transverse though it's mechanical energy?

KalyaniWaves on a string, ripples on a pond are transverse waves generated by mechanical energy and in the simplest form oscillations. Sound also is a form of energy and basically oscillations. What makes sound unique in the fact that it is longitudinal ?

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11:56 AM
Q: How exactly does spacetime change inside a black hole?

Árpád SzendreiThere are a few coordinate systems to describe the inside of the BH: Schwarzshild, behaves oddly inside the BH Kruskal-Szekeres, space and time do not swap Gullstrand-Painlevé, t is the time measured on a clock held by an observer falling freely into the black hole Eddington-Finkelstein, incom...


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