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Welcome to chat for: Software Recommendations
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8:14 PM
@Sergio I think you should definitely at least reword that title
@JohnB, sure! any suggestion?
"JS/PHP editor software" ?
something like that, we could have hundreds of code editor questions
Code Editors prob. needs to become a tag
so, is vim going to be a valid answer to every code editor question? ;)
@JohnB in my experience code editors have a lot of overlap. The same could be said for Sublime, Notepad++ etc
8:25 PM
any sort of modular editor would work :)
8:41 PM
Hello world
I'd like to wish the site best of luck.
But... you guys have some serious work to do.
With scope, etc.
Good luck!
@Undo, yes, scope and pricing will probably be big issues to define guidelines for.
@Sergio I agree, in fact it appears that the community is already torn about scope
Q: JS/PHP editor software

SergioI am looking for a code editor. In my case mostly for JS/PHP and wih code/syntax highlight, code hint and eventually ftp possibility. If not a cross-platform suggestion, could you suggest a Mac and a Windows alternative?

that question has already gotten 2 close votes and is a near duplicate of a very highly voted question from area 51
True, maybe it will take some days for new users to arrive and in the Meta to find some guidelines and scope core
8:51 PM
Should probably establish some sort of tagging standards
9:31 PM
hi guys
9:42 PM
10:06 PM
I'm inviting folks from SuperUser to the private beta by email :P

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