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1:10 AM
Well... time to set up a brand-new laptop. Fun ._.
1 hour later…
2:24 AM
The Ryzen 4000 chips do live up to their reputation. Opening 20 tabs at once? No problem.
And it took me this long to discover why the ThinkPad has such a mythical reputation. The whole experience is unlike any other laptop I've ever used.
Best laptop keyboard I've ever used. Period.
For reference:
Jul 22 at 21:14, by bwDraco
Malphas: Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 AMD, Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U (8C/16T Renoir @ 1.7-4.1 GHz), 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD.
2:50 AM
...and WOW that's fast. Completed a feature update from 1909 to 2004 in well under ten minutes.
3:35 AM
A: What is the 15-pin black port that old sound cards have?

AlbinIt's a midi/game port. Used to connect a MIDI device (like a keyboard) or joysticks. See here. Edit: According to Wikipedia it's mainly known as game port as Ramhound points out correctly.

@JourneymanGeek lol
It's been a long time since I've seen this port. Used to have a joystick that can plug into a Sound Blaster card and I didn't understand why back then...
@bwDraco meh
they suck compared to the classic sculpted ones
Not too sure why MIDI devices would use a port that was originally designed by IBM to support game controllers.
I recall my old game devices being serial
game controllers being midi..
well, at the time sound cards needed to support midi anyway, so reusing the protocol might have saved money?
@JourneymanGeek It's the other way around. IBM designed the port to support game controllers.
@JourneymanGeek Hmm. Good point.
3:51 AM
every cent, and slot counts
people who needed multimedia, more likely than not gamed
Hmm. So early Sound Blaster cards basically repurposed the connector to support MIDI in addition to game controllers. Interesting.
and sound blaster ended up being the 'defacto' standard
I don't think they really had anything serious after that
The game port on the sound card is why Sound Blaster won over AdLib
That's one of those things that confused me 15, 20 years ago: why would a joystick plug into a sound card? Now it makes sense. Creative essentially extended the IBM game port to support MIDI.
I still find it odd that they would use a port intended for analog X/Y input devices (it was designed with arcade joysticks in mind) for a digital audio protocol.
4:16 AM
(also sigh creative, they were the singaporean success story till they just ran out of ideas)
4:43 AM
Posted an answer but also voted to close as duplicate.
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8:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek I have Creative speakers. Love them to bits!
...welp. It's going viral.
HNQ time!
@MichaelFrank ah
but the old ones with the cambridge soundworks subwoofers were... woofier
got spun off
I've had these ones for about 10 years.
Recently they've been surging in volume on occassion so I suspect they're on the way out.
8:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek We used to have that brand of speaker, too. Guess what I now use on Astaroth? A generic USB-powered pair of speakers that came with an old, cheap desktop PC.
That's easily the dodgiest part of a $5,000 desktop setup, come to think of it. And yet I've never found a good reason to replace it, even with, say, an inexpensive Logitech speaker set.
Which isn't quiiiiite the point 😁
It's more that they were a great, innovative company that kinda faded out
@JourneymanGeek βœ‚οΈπŸŒπŸ’‘βœ‚οΈπŸŽΈπŸ”¨πŸ”¨
8:49 AM
@Bob hey
did you ever break your visit streak?
@jokerdino I think it got accidentally broken last year :(
during a 4 day power outage when I forgot to check in
more recently, especially working from home, I haven't checked daily :(
that's good, now you are freeee
@Bob <3
10:03 AM
@gparyani no surprise
there was a question about Excel messing with some stuff related to aviation
A: Why are months (e.g. December) used to notate a runway?

user34707Very likely, whatever data source you're using has been mangled by Excel (or some other spreadsheet or data processing system that tries to convert everything that might be a date into a date format). 26-Aug is actually runway 26/08, 30-Dec is actually runway 30/12, etc. (See "How are runways nu...

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1:53 PM
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This is usually because we let the gerbils out for 10 seconds longer than we should have, or are actively improving our search results and needed to take things offline while we re-index this site. Hang tight and we'll return search to you as soon as possible.
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