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12:24 AM
Maybe your answer was too detailed?
Also, you should just respond with "Yes.".
@Ave that's cute. I wonder if it's an openrack design...
1:06 AM
excellent... what?
1:48 AM
> Boeing’s solution to its hardware problem was software.
No no no no no no
2:26 AM
@ThatBrazilianGuy awesome! Now you can get the flat earth rocket guy to save the nigerian astronaut!
Those damn f@#$ at work will see, I'll tell them what I really think...
I wonder if anyone ever got one of those emails, fell for it, and actually made a scene at work.
2 hours later…
4:44 AM
I am finding bad sectors on my laptop's disk. What should be cause for it? and What care should I take for preventing bad sectors spreading? Since I think Disk is healthy and usable according to SMART analysis. So, just looking for care-taking-steps I can keep in mind. Thanks
3 hours later…
7:45 AM
which is the good one? ddrescue or dd-rescue?
8:17 AM
9:08 AM
Does minimizing the rdp window locks up the host and if so how can I remove that restriction?
i don't think so
But I think so because after I maximize it then it blacks out for a while and I have a program clicking on the screen which seems to halt while minimized
Currently I have shrinken the window to 2x3 and it's annoying
9:26 AM
It'll black in and out when you change the resolution because it need to recompute the remote image
This ^
You are so wrong - first off it doesn't change the resolution - it only affects the windows size. The black in and out happens when I minimize/restore the window
dude, we are trying to help, there is no need to be rude
2 hours later…
11:25 AM
@AnArrayOfFunctions Yes, this is a well-known limitation of RDP. Don't try to automate input over RDP unattended. If you think you need to, you're doing it wrong -- come up with another solution.
There is no workaround other than not using RDP.
@MichaelFrank gnuddrescue
what sort of bluetooth profiles are available to a traditional laptop pc? Does it have all the profiles? For e.g. can the laptop bluetooth present itself as a music receiver device to my android phone? Or is this something to do with bluetooth software?
11:49 AM
@deostroll Bluetooth profiles are entirely a software concept, and can be implemented in userspace or the kernel depending on the operating system's Bluetooth stack and how it's implemented. The Bluetooth hardware is pretty "dumb" and just provides a physical layer of data transmission and receiving to the OS via a kernel driver.
You'd have to tell us exactly which operating system you're using and exactly which Bluetooth hardware (and in some cases, which driver; certain hardware has multiple stacks available for the same OS) -- and even then, most people don't just memorize the Bluetooth profiles available for any given BT stack, so it's probably better to google it
I think BlueZ on Linux supports a very wide range of hardware and profiles, and it is definitely more discoverable, configurable and flexible than the BT stacks on any version of Windows or macOS, which are proprietary, inflexible, and difficult to do custom things with if there isn't a built-in path to what you want to do.
Q: Can I use my computer as an A2DP receiver / bluetooth speaker?

Pierre-Yves GillierFirst, the problem: I'm using a Cowon MP3 player as my main music player with basic earplugs. It offers A2DP & I'd like to have my netbook (running UNE 10.04) act as receiver. Some resources on the web about a2dp, but most are out of date: http://fosswire.com/post/2008/10/better-bluetooth-au...

That question seems to suggest the answer is "Yes" if you're running a modern Linux distro. The specific functionality you're looking for is an A2DP Sink; I'm pretty sure there is even some GUI support for doing that without digging through the CLI on some modern distros.
Q: Is there any way to make Windows 10 act as a A2DP sink?

BadSnowflakeWindows 10 has a Bluetooth Stack included and recognizes most Bluetooth Sticks without any problems. However, while Windows does support A2DP, it does not act as a sink and therefore, you cannot e.g. stream Audio from Android to the Computer, which is what I want. The manufacturer of my BT Stic...

that's for Windows; I love how the top answer is to run Linux in a VM and pass through your Bluetooth chipset over USB passthrough. That's exactly the sort of muckery I'd expect with Microsoft locking down their Bluetooth stack unnecessarily. Like I said, it's not observable, tunable or configurable almost at all.
@allquixotic language!
Oh yeah, I'm not on Riot
too late to edit
@allquixotic Right!! Lots for me to explore. Thanks...
12:04 PM
iirc the main dependency into hardware for BlueZ on Linux is libusb; I wonder if you could write a nasty BT-specific interposer library that translates libusb calls from BlueZ into the correct Win32 calls, and then get BlueZ running on Windows... you'd still have to build out the sound support on the other end, but it would take care of the protocol layers for you
oh well, another project I'll never have time for
12:26 PM
@allquixotic I actually think there's a windows libusb port....
6 hours later…
5:58 PM
@allquixotic That's being rather unfair... it's pretty well documented with plenty of extension points, e.g. docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/bluetooth/…
there's nothing stopping someone from writing their own profile driver
heck, the IoTCore edition includes a A2DP-SINK driver as of Oct 2018... I wonder if that would work on the normal desktop editions without changes
Or a custom driver could use the SCO interface the same way the built-in one does
6:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek Thanks
Turns out I didn't need it at all. The drive mounted fine under read-only and all the important data was recoverable.
.... actually...
i think i have a su answer
A: dd_rescue vs dcfldd vs dd

Journeyman GeekThe three are different, and the two varients are derived for the needs of specific communities. dd is a general purpose software for imaging, dd-rescue is designed to rebuild damaged files from multiple passes and sources, and forensic dd varients are designed to make verifiable, legally sound c...

6:42 PM
Annnnnnnnnnd here I am at work
there was a big problem, with one of the recovery cd's
that renamed ddrescue to dd_rescue, or the otherway around
and IIRC ddrescue is great, dd_rescue isn't
and they renamed dd_ to ddrescue....
7:37 PM
@bertieb just did a £4 survey. here's hoping
@djsmiley2k 👍
As long as they accept, I'll cash out at £10.
currently at work, testing some changes we've made to all the switches
the ip phone i've got to test with, is getting slower and slower each time it reboots :/
8:06 PM
Replace the Riot app, folks. Critical security changes.
8:20 PM
Important: We have replaced the copy of Riot on the Google Play Store out of an abundance of caution after the security incident at http://Matrix.org on Apr 11 . All users must reinstall Riot/Android - we apologise for the inconvenience. See https://riot.im/reinstall for more
8:45 PM
This isn't social engineering to get us to all reinstall our apps with a compromised version, is it?
weirdly i'm not seeing that version from my phone
@MichaelFrank haha I did wonder this
Yea, I couldn't find the new one from my phone either.
Had to kick off the install from the browser
looooool wtf
i did the key backup
etc etc. go to restore
'Restore successful, 0 of 0 keys restored'
well jeez, that was worth while >_<
9:39 PM
@djsmiley2k do the riot thing
10:26 PM
@MichaelFrank I was actually thinking about that possibility. Checked multiple official sources to verify that.

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