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12:33 AM
@ekaj nice thing to get unexpectedly
1 hour later…
1:48 AM
"•Unsatisfactory rendering of goats." superuser.com/questions/856896/…
could be the sheep causing that?
2:24 AM
I was honestly really surprised - my parents and brother all pitched in
3:08 AM
Wait , using AWS free tier I get 750 hours per month :O
yes, you get a full months worth
I keep getting this when I boot windows :/ msdn.microsoft.com/en-in/library/windows/hardware/…
mess with the registry any lately?
@ekaj: ahh, nice
@HackToHell:There's usually a known good registry backup somewhere
you can copy it in
@ekaj: Even better!
Trying to find protection for it because I don't trust myself
3:17 AM
My parents occationally get grouchy when I get hardware for myself
@ekaj: does it have one of those fancy typey lids?
or any sort of cover already?
nope not at all
If you did, I'd suggest a 'simple' neoprene sleeve
Like this or literally just covers the corner / back? amazon.com/Surface-ESR-Intelligent-Series-Microsoft/dp/…
something like that + a sleeve
I swear by those slip in neoprene sleeves
Get yourself a type cover... decent protection while in a bag, and you get a proper keyboard :P
3:21 AM
they handle knocks, waterresistance and dust/dirt
I was gonna get one of those, kinda annoyed it won't fold back if I were to use a case though
how about anything that is still on the unit while your using it, that is where i always need the protection.
people are asking me if I'm going to change my nick now that I have a job ;p
the neoprene case might be a better fit though
3:22 AM
damned educated folks ;p
@JourneymanGeek If only this was a different colour :P
and for 12" tables..
A man has a laptop sleeve like that? He's not afraid of anythin
3:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek so will that then be working geek? or master geek?
@Psycogeek: I'm of the opinion being a geek is something never one masters
@JourneymanGeek I just realised I have no idea where to find a good one if I wanted o.O
workingman geek
this one looks like it'd fit @slhck though :D
CraftsmanGeek about the only thing i can find between journeyman and master
They will think you like sears tools
3:42 AM
If you use that or SuperGeekMan defintaly need desguise
Like wearing a human mask
Old school "MightyGeekDawg"
Classic ExtrodinaryGeek
Somthing more job like SuitGeek or DistinguishedGeek OfficeGeek RefinedGeek
Exhibiting great wealth change EpicureanGeek (wtf is that)
3:58 AM
Justa Geek
And the self extending journey Million , , , no BillionareGeek
4:39 AM
I am just messing around quickly with setting up a VPN from a Win7 machine to a Win7 machine. I have a username with a very short password. When I on one machine do file..new incoming connection,, and I choose the users that can connect, and choose that user with a short password and choose finish.. It says no clients connected. But at that point is it insecure as could any joe connect?
5:09 AM
Washable, though only once.
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
Just found a suspicious link in my browser history
No idea where it came from, it looks like the root of an Apache webserver. I've never seen that page
7:16 AM
okay, maybe I have, but upon further inspection that guy deserves a tin foil hat and a few government watchlists
2 hours later…
8:57 AM
3 hours later…
11:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, gotta bang it into submission later.
2 hours later…
1:59 PM
@HackToHell What're you talking about again? :P
@JourneymanGeek Read his message again without context :D
But he replied ;p
@JourneymanGeek Eh, it's funnier to ignore that.
2:20 PM
@Bob ;p
oh deer lord what did I start
Amazon access keys anyone ? ;p github.com/…
2 Mbps minimum speed from 512 kbps
@HackToHell github.com/… <== free SQL injection!
2:35 PM
not deer god, dear dog. ;p
@JourneymanGeek Deer dog?
Whippets can pull that off even without the funny hat ;p
3:22 PM
This is why this question went viral: howtogeek.com/206022/…DragonLord 29 mins ago
@DragonLord Not really, no.
The HTG aticle was written two days after the Q&A.
The views on HTG is half that of the actual Q&A.
So it already "went viral", probably through network hot questions, long before HTG picked it up.
Wouldn't the hits transfer to the question itself?
@DragonLord Firstly, the HTG article has 2700 views while the actual question has 4600.
Secondly, I would be surprised if even half of the HTG readers bothered clicking through.
Probably far fewer.
More importantly, the two day delay pretty much means you got the vast majority of your (early) exposure before HTG picked it up.
I'd be surprised if they accounted for 1000 click-through views.
@DragonLord In fact, the question was auto-tweeed about a day after it was asked.
I suppose this was part of the question going viral, but certainly not the root cause
I'm not too sure if the auto-tweet is primarily the cause or the effect, but it certainly does contribute.
@DragonLord It would have added some views, for sure.
But I would expect those to be in the minority.
Especially if you consider voters.
Voters (people with SE accounts) are unlikely to come through an external source like this.
I wonder if the team keeps more detailed stats on how people get to a specific question.
3:34 PM
Sadly, we don't have this sort of analytics information
I actually answered fairly late, when the question had about 1500 hits on it (it was already in the process of going viral)
I jumped on the chance when no one else had the correct answer
You certainly did a good job.
@DragonLord Actually, I thought this was one of the early-answered ones.
From the time of your answer, post-answer exposure would have been affected by HTG considerably more.
Still, hot network questions probably contributed the most to the votes.
And the auto-tweet would have had some effect too.
Expand the last day on the timeline and you'll see that I was the fourth to answer.
The thing about these high-scored answers is you still get random votes on them months or years later :P
(@JourneymanGeek ^)
Though, tbh I'm not too happy with some of my highest scored ones :\
I tend to go off on a tangent on them :S
4:18 PM
Q: Creative solutions to work around kext signing issue in Yosemite?

thepenUnfortunately Apple has decided to create kext signing in Yosemite that creates issues for SSDs that require Trim support for optimal function and longevity. Whether this is vendor lock in or not, it's made upgrading a headache. If you bought a SSD that needs trim support such as the Samsung 840 ...

Prediction: Trim Enabler author will try to get kext signed.
Instead of normal security check procedure, the signing request will probably be referred to Apple's internal legal counsel because it would eliminate the incentive to choose an Apple part over a third-party part
If it get turned down (presumably on the grounds that it would "compete" with Apple products), a class-action lawsuit is likely
@DragonLord That would probably go to sales/marketing before going to legal.
Legal would only tell them if they're allowed to, not whether they want to.
Well, not "sales/marketing"... but I can't think of which dept would be responsible.
This question asked on that site... nope, no bias here!
@Bob Apple is in dangerous legal territory
If they don't grant a signature for the Trim Enabler kext, I'm pretty sure they'll get sued
@DragonLord Unfortunately, most of their users won't care.
Yes, the user can turn off kext signing, but doing so reduces security
I wonder if MS has run into similar issues with their driver signing.
Then again, they should have no conflict of interest.
4:32 PM
@Bob Microsoft driver signing doesn't discriminate in this fashion.
@DragonLord You can't say Apple definitely does right now.
Microsoft welcomes third-party devices; they just need to meet certain quality standards.
...wow, I'm defending Apple. Hell must have frozen over.
Microsoft has had kernel-mode driver signing for a long time.
@DragonLord It's only been required as of... Vista? 7? I forgot.
Hm. I think it only applies to 64-bit too.
4:34 PM
Vista x64.
@Bob Well, Apple provides no public APIs for the AHCI subsystem and I think that's on purpose
yay Windows boots
5:06 PM
@Bob I think Apple see Trim Enabler as a "threat" from a marketing standpoint
(Yes, I've taken marketing in college and know what it is; see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis)
5:31 PM
Just repcapped again
@Bob I can confirm that I messed up the Firefox addon of the reply helper :P
Q: Is there a job in the IT industry that doesn't involve sitting in front of a computer the entire day?

user402173Is there a job in the IT industry that doesn't involve sitting in front of a computer the entire day? But also, not dealing with people all the time?

@allquixotic Voted to close.
5:51 PM
This would be closer to on-topic at Workplace.stackexchange.com, but the question quality is so low that it'd probably be closed there, too... my suggestion is to ask it on Quora — allquixotic 31 secs ago
dd if=/dev/id10t of=/dev/quora
7:21 PM
Sweet. Seems like 2.5.1 was just reviewed
7:36 PM
why does a reach 20?
oh I fixed it
the problem was the semicolon
8:05 PM
@JorgeFernández well, even without the mistaken semicolon, technically, 'a' would reach 20 but the inner loop wouldn't ever see it. The outter loop's a++ will cause a to reach 20 then the condition is done then the outter loop fails and exits
for(init;cond;increment) <-- it does init,cond on the first iteration. Then on all subsequent iterations it does increment,cond.
if 'a' never reached 20 then the loop would never end.
8:51 PM
I am very worried.
I think my server may have been compromised. I am randomly getting disconnected from my FTP and putty.
I am new to Linux and would very much appreciate some advice
Q: How to get clearest fonts possible in Windows 7?

Mića MijatovićI am trying to get extremely precise and clear fonts in Windows 7 I had already, but I don't know how. Anyone willing, knows how to do that? -- Thanks much! (-: Mica

too loud x_x
okay, now I'm really worried
this does not look normal, right?
seems like something is trying to send emails? I'm not sure:(
Can anyone help me?
I keep having to reboot my server to get into SSH
Is it that or logs
they are the running processes
What steps would you take?
I am panicking right now.
530 permission denied when I try to access ftp o.o
9:04 PM
I have a question about UDP and this chat seemed to be the best for this question:
Q: Is the UDP checksum allowed to be calculated from a truncated payload?

MinecraftShamrockUDP sockets only accept incoming datagrams if they have the right checksum. But I've heard that sometimes UDP packets are truncated because of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU). (1) How are datagrams handled that are truncated purposely? Is it allowed that the checksum is calculated over a tr...

9:43 PM
@JordanRichards Hmm, not sure if panicking is necessary.
Can you use a top program that has support for trees, such as htop? It can help reveal somewhat which process has started which processes.
It's quite normal for there to be sendmail functionality on a server, 'cause of the various services that may want to send a mail notification.
Random disconnects could be anything between your computer and the server; not necessarily someone doing it on purpose, though it is possible.
@JordanRichards That sounds more serious; though again, it may very well be a limit of attempts.
And yes; if u get access, check the logs (of every service u know of) as hinted at above.
2 hours later…
11:50 PM
@OliverSalzburg Whoops? :P
Have you considered a restart-less addon?
Or even better, use the addon SDK developer.mozilla.org/en/Add-ons/SDK (porting guide)
(better compatibility with e10s)
@Bob yup. ;p
A: Is there a way to buy SO reputation?

Journeyman GeekAs a matter of fact you can. All it costs you is quality answers or quality questions. Heck, some people even do quality edits for reputation Sign up now and we'll even throw in 100 rep when you associate your account on any other site if you hit 200 rep on any site ABSOLUTELY FREE! And yes that...

I still get upvotes for this, and it was closed years ago

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