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12:04 AM
You are all useless!
Who cares! Winter Bash has begun! :D
*begun @Jamal
So it has .... does my hat fit me?
if Ihave multi
Looks okay. Mine, on the other hand, looks a bit too big. Oh well.
What if I post my profile here:
12:09 AM
@sim open up extensions manager, and check out Moq; enjoy.
Hmmm... how is it I have a Hat, but no-one else?
Ahh, there's Jamal's/
Meta post updated:
Q: Should we sign up for Winter Bash 2013?

tintinmjIs Winter Bash happening in Code Review? Many beta sites are going to participate in Winter Bash (AV.SE and Movies.SE site's moderators are receiving email from Stack Exchange). Have any of CR's moderators received such email? In my opinion, participating in such events may help us graduate. L...

12:29 AM
^^ where's the Like button!!!!
@Jamal what's that hat you've got here?
Mod-only hat. :-)
@rolfl You downvoted something? It said 200 when I last looked
@Jamal yeah, that's C#
@SimonAndréForsberg: Okay. It can be retagged, then.
@retailcoder moq? What's that?
@SimonAndréForsberg - I downvoted much earlier in the day.... boy do I regret that now ... ;-)
12:37 AM
@rolfl Suit yourself :)
(it's actually really nagging at me... to miss by 1 ... sucks).
I got a running bounty on one of last week's weekend-challenge posts (unanswered ruby). Hat in sight! :)
So, I also got a hat. Post or vote on Dec 5th. That wasn't a hard one. Now, where's the rest?
@rolfl Think before you vote next time. Although if I wouldn't have upvoted you and accepted an answer, you would only have been at 176. Would that have been better?
@rolfl likelihood of rep-capping by Jan.4: 99.98%
@sim a mocking framework. M-A-G-I-C !!
There's also one for helping to close or delete a question. Pretty easy.
12:39 AM
Good, @retailcoder. That question has also been bugging me. Seems like we have too few Rubyers around here, or the code is simply too good.
@SimonAndréForsberg - I'm not feeling nearly as peeved as you make it sound ... ;) and I have been out mot of the afternoon, and still catching up on things ...
OK, now I've put on my hat also.
Where's my hat!?
They don't show up on chat, it seems.
Hahaha! I just got another one, I gotta switch!
Not in here, only really on the main site.....
12:42 AM
For the complete list of hats (and other info), consult the updated Meta post.
Your hat's not yet showing!
I can see what hats you've been awarded, but you are not wearing any og them.
I can see all the hats you're wearing
It's only a matter of time before @Jamal will get the "A Link to the past" hat, which I am currently wearing
Super easy.
I'm still going through unanswered questions, too.
@SimonAndréForsberg - there's your hat, now you just need to move your head.
noo, I'll let the soap-bubbles wear my hat instead
12:54 AM
You earned A Link to the Past on Code Review!
That's soap bubbles .... Ahhh ... after all this time .. I just thought it was the lid for a water-bottle while you hiked through some pretty mountains
nope, it's soap-bubbles. I'm a soap-bubble addict
And in fact, those mountains aren't as big as they look, it's in the city where I live :)
Hello and Welcome, @Ethan
(I obviously need a new picture, with bigger bubbles...)
Hey what's up
lol I only have two pictures of myself, one when I was 15 years old and the other I used to register for the SAT
@Ethan - why is it no-one asks after where I was when my mug-shot was taken?
Baah... I am making mistakes! Killing me!
@rolfl Where were you?
1:03 AM
what did you do
@SimonAndréForsberg - behind the camera ... ;-)
And that folks, was @rolfl joke of the day.
@Ethan - I am working on a 'big' computer, and I stopped a big job, changed some Java jars, started it up, ran a long process, and then discovered I had not copied the right jars.
@SimonAndréForsberg - Kruger national Park, South Africa... that was in 2008...
@Ethan Are you going to post a solution for the weekend challenge?
And that folks, was @rolfl's seriousness for the day. Enjoy it while it lasts.
heh, I have put my serious hat on now .... ;-)
1:07 AM
I suggest next week's challenge is... something that can actually be completed within a couple of hours.
@retailcoder I agree!
We should have gone for Sink-a-Ship.
Next week's challenge.... watch 'Dances with Wolves'... oh, habg on, Watch 'The Hobbit'.... ahh, wait... watch Titanic.... naahhh, Let's watch Saving Private Ryan ... nope. It's let's watch ROBOCOP!!!!!
Although I might try C++ next time, that will probably not take a couple of hours for me... Especially since... well... you know... It's me we're talking about. Not known for sticking to the basics, am I?
@SimonAndréForsberg I haven't been able to do much in weeks. I also usually work with a friend, anyway we are both working on college apps right now
1:08 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg - I don't know how you did it, but that C# first-timer is amazing.
^^ me agrees
I expect at least as good from a C++ one.
@Ethan Android? iOS? Anything else?
@SimonAndréForsberg not those apps
College applications
oh, lol
too bad, Android apps would have been more fun ^^
Thanks, @rolfl.
1:10 AM
Thank God I'm as old as I am ... my college app was "fill in this form ...".
So far the most annoying thing with Java has been uppercasing the "S" of string.
Hello, @Ethan!
@Ethan newcomer?
@retailcoder in eclipse, I type "String" as "stringCtrl-Space".
1:11 AM
yes, procrastinating
@rolfl in VS, I type "string" as "string".
You've ocome to the right place then.
@retailcoder - in eclipse I type "public static void main(String[] args) { ...}" as "mainCtrl-SpaceEnter"
@rolfl in VS I type public static void Main(string[] args) { ... } as "File > New Project - done"
1:13 AM
@retailcoder I take that as a good sign.
The only thing that really sux is the LACK OF LINQ
@rolfl I type String as strCtrl-Space
have stars, abuse stars!
Stars = candy. It's Halloween, trick-or-treat :)
Too bad the day has only begun though, we might not have any for tomorrow!
Where's @Malachi, speaking of stars?
1:15 AM
There's something about stars and hats .... hang on!
Beware people: I feel an incoming @rolfl pun.
@SimonAndréForsberg you feel it too?
No, really, Chatty-Chatty, I just got it ...;p
Chatty Chatty

post 10 messages in chat with at least two of them starred
1:16 AM
(meh. too easy)
@retailcoder - there, I'm wearing it .... check out my profile.
Hmmm.... I guess I probably already have that one but not seen it yet
@rolfl me too!
Now we can look like pussies together ... ;-)
@rolfl You can actually move your hat
What's this?
Johnny Three-hats
this is a secret hat
1:19 AM
No idea
All I know is that it's a secret hat
I figured out the move-your-hat thing...
In your profile, you have the 'frosty' icon, listing your hats.
click the icon, and move your hat.
A monkey with a cat's hat is weird, @rolfl, no matter where you move-your-hat.
I like my judgement hat....
Serious monkey business!
Oh, did @retailcoder want to know how to move the hat? I thought you wanted to know about the Johnny three-hats hat
1:23 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg bah, don't spoil it (Johnny Three-Hats), I'll get the hats I get :)
I don't even know how I got it!!
I can;t see the Johnny-three-hats at all.... clueless.
@rolfl is a secret hat. shhhh.
lol that hat actually suits your monkey pretty well @rolfl
@SimonAndréForsberg @rolfl can I do myString += "blablabla" to append?
Bad practice if inside a tight loop.
@retailcoder Yes you can, but you might want to use StringBuilder instead
1:29 AM
bah, just trying to get that freakin' grid to display properly!
@retailcoder Or perhaps I should have asked: What have you tried?
trying to make it flexible for the board width, @retailcoder?
RE: What have you tried = Google => StackOverflow => found answer => confirmed with buddies in CR Chat :)
StringUtils cannot be resolved. FML.
StringBuilder ?
StringUtils is a class from Apache Commons I believe
result += StringUtils.repeat(doubleGridLine, REGION_SIZE); would be awesome...
1:35 AM
In Eclipse: Right click project -> Properties -> Build Path -> Libraries -> Add External Jar
find the .jar you downloaded and add it
yeah.. what's the "vanilla" way of doing that again?
(Dare I ask how you would do this in Visual Studio?)
result += new String(doubleGridLine, REGION_SIZE);
3 hours ago, by Simon André Forsberg
Not as simple as the C# way, but I found this on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2306235/java-repeat-character

char[] exmarks = new char[aantal];
Arrays.fill(exmarks, '!');
String exmarksString = new String(exmarks);
this is where takes a serious beating IMO.
1:38 AM
I mean: How you would "Add External Jar" in Visual Studio
@SimonAndréForsberg - first yu buy a license ...
Solution Explorer -> Add Reference...
Right-click project and add reference, that's all there is.
Doesn't sound too complicated
But 90% of the time all you need is already in the code libraries.
Ha! Not when 90% of the time code I need is already in another project I've written
1:40 AM
Like you add a reference to EntityFramework.dll and then you can put using System.Data.Entities
Then it's even simpler!
alright, I'll have to sleep now. Damn timezones. Tomorrow I'll be back in Eclipse doing some Android development for a game project I'm working on.
Thanks @Simon (and @rolfl), I'll probably post a Java Sudoku solver at some point this year.
@retailcoder Looking forward to it :) Take one step at a time
Night folks
@rolfl does that make sense?
private String repeat(String toRepeat, int repetitions) {
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 0; i < repetitions; i++) {
return builder.toString();
Since it does not have any internal refernces to other class data, you may want to make it static.
1:49 AM
Yeah I thought so... does Java have static classes?
Yeah does
But it's grayed-out in the wizard
wait, does it?
Ah... much better!
result += StringUtils.repeat(doubleGridLine, REGION_SIZE);
2:26 AM
@rolfl how did you manage to output unicode characters?
You have to save the file as unicode, and you have to do a trick with your 'run-as' profile:
When you run your program, you click the 'play' button, right?
Ok, next to the play button is a drop-down arrow, drop it down, choose "Run Configurations".
Run As > (none applicable)
Choose your 'run' .... no,......
not Run-As.
2:28 AM
lol I got the dialog
In the 'Common' tab (right-most tab of the dialog).
Choose UTF-8 as the console charset.
got it. VS is unicode by default :p
OK, no problem... work now?
wait I have to steal your chars...
(BTW, that's odd considering Windows is not UTF-8 by default).
2:32 AM
....and now figure out how to use this beautiful character map.
Take the other code I posted too... and just pass it an int[][] array ;-)
Nah, I'll try to solve it myself for now :)
2:46 AM
We are now at 93% answered.
@Jamal amazing!
I'm reviewing the entire unanswered list: all 800 or so questions. I'm mainly looking for questions with no clear request/question. Only a few were deleted and a few more didn't include code. Others belonged on Programmers, but are too old to migrate.
Nice! We'll be 95% answered by New Year's!
Probably if we keep actively looking for zombies. By the time I'm done (< 5 pages remaining), we may be somewhat close to 94%.
762 unanswered
794 without an upvoted answer
we rock, people. we rock.
2:52 AM
I can't wait to finish with this. Looking at question after question is boring, but a pretty quick process (except there are hundreds of questions to review).
3:23 AM
@rolfl gave up. adapted your code to work with my SudokuDigit in < 2 minutes.
║   │   │   ║ 8 │ 4 │   ║   │   │ 9 ║
║   │   │ 1 ║   │   │   ║   │   │ 5 ║
║ 8 │   │   ║   │ 2 │ 1 ║ 4 │ 6 │   ║
║ 7 │   │ 8 ║   │   │   ║   │ 9 │   ║
║   │   │   ║   │   │   ║   │   │   ║
║   │ 5 │   ║   │   │   ║ 3 │   │ 1 ║
║   │ 2 │ 4 ║ 9 │ 1 │   ║   │   │ 7 ║
Looks better in my console
yeah, sometimes reuse is better than relearn... there's nothing magic in my code other than it reincarnates unicorns.
yeah... ditto about the console effect.
@retailcoder - no matter how much I am told some things, sometimes plain hard-coding works out better.... that grid is one of those times
Sure, coment it with 'here be dragons'.... but, why build something huge to do something so small.
have you met the eclippse debugger?
sort of
(one of the most underused tools by new-to-Java people....).
Let me help you explore it quickly....
3:26 AM
click that bug icon
In the code you copied from me is a method: buildStringForGrid
It has the first line:
final StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
Got it?
yeah got a breakpoint there
I like the breakpoints in VS better
much better
OK, now hit the bug icon.... (you have that little blue dot n the left margin?).
lol yeah I'm used to a big flashy red dot.
and red-highlighted line
When the program debugs it will ask you to change perspectives ... say OK.
3:29 AM
done that
giggled at "perspective"
Now you should be looking at your code with your line highlighted...
you are in debug mode... (you don't have other break-poiints, do you?).
In debug mode, you hav a variables 'view'...
Found that?
F8 to go line-by-line, F5 to resume. No, Eclipse's got that reversed!!
f6 to step over,
3:31 AM
(actually VS is F10 to step)
f5 to step 'into'
f7 to step to the end of method.
f8 to continue.
you want to use f6, and watch how the db StringBuilder changes.
It's annoying that F8 is step into and F5 is continue in the VB6 IDE I spend my workdays in...
I like how the debugger gives you all locals without having to set up watches
Yeah, there are options to get the statics and constants as well... also to show primitives in hex, etc.
@retailcoder - what's really cool, is when debugging, you can 'hover' over variables in your code, and the details will pop up...
3:35 AM
same in VS
K, VS has cool things to, I suppose.
I like how tooltips "solidify" in the IDE
^^ not in VS
You can normally 'tab' to get the thing to solidify if you want to.
Bot not with this one, it seems.
Sorry, f2, not tab.
@rolfl: Your avatar is awesome. :D
3:39 AM
Yeah, I am pleased to say it's an improvement!
public String toString() {
final String vertical = "|";

/** kudos to the monkey: http://codereview.stackexchange.com/q/37425/23788 */
String result = displayAsString(this.digits);
return result;
Now you look even more like a nerdy monkey. :-)
Actually more like
	public String toString() {
		// kudos to the monkey: codereview.stackexchange.com/q/37425/23788
		String result = displayAsString(this.digits);
		return result;
The double-declare is not necessary ... instead of creating the String result = just return ....
I know, but... right, no but's. You're just.. right again.
3:43 AM
Can't help but review.
the idea was that I could break before returning when debugging
^^ and inspect the value to be returned
Well, that actually makes sense ... ;-)
Is Java GC'd?
I figured result would die with the returning method call.. does it?
@rolfl skeet ^^
Yes it is.... and the compiler will probably remove the intermediate value anyway.
Is C# compiled, BTW?
Sort of. JITted
3:46 AM
Or does it stay as 'byte-code'.?
OK, Java is JIT'd as well.
The C# is compiled to CIL, Common Intermediate Language which is common to all .net languages. Then the CIL is jitted by the CLR, Common Language Runtime, which is the framework's runtime. Compiled, but just-in-time.
The C# compiler that Microsoft ships (csc.exe) for free, can be implemented by anyone. Mono builds C# differently than VisualStudio, but I figure they both compile to IL.
/CIL /whatever
a language is essentially a bunch of specs implemented into a bundle, right?
@rolfl in VS when there's a URL in your XML comments, you get a hyperlink.
oh. Ctrl+Click opens it within the IDE!
Only if you ask it to be .... otherwise how would you write the documentation for java.net.URL.
watson says: what is a documentation writer?
.......... starting watson .... hang on....
3:58 AM
getting there .....
OK, turning ding! off... back to work.
ding! dong! done!
do you ever sleep?
Monkey Sleep, Monkey Do.
4:02 AM
@retailcoder - he says "Technical Writer" with 20% confidence
From now until all the hats go away, I'm a cat:
Nevermind. It doesn't show up here.
lol. seen me?
I did not copy your idea on purpose! :-(
For me it's either that or a rack of candles!
4:05 AM
I wish rolfl could do the same, so he could be a monkeycat.
lol saw that!
This is Code Review, not (censored) Review.
rename main chatroom to The Doctor's Office?
^^ </sarcasm>
I swear, occifer... i aint done nuttin!
4:32 AM
Yes! I'm #1 on CR's hat leaderboard! :D
4:53 AM
@Jamal the pokemon battle in python, migrated from SO, Jamalized 45 minutes ago, isn't it off-topic?
Codesparkle has just commented, and that's a yes.
how about this one
Q: Improve Search query when using LIKE

user2095165Is there any way i can improve my mysql select when searching a data? here is my sql query. wp_users has 20k data also wp_usermeta has 800k and wp_bp_xprofile_data has 200k data SELECT usr.display_name DisplayName, Concat(COALESCE(m1.meta_value,' '),' ',COALESCE(m2.meta_value,...

@Jamal ^^
5:24 AM
I suppose that can be as well.
6:01 AM
A: SudokuSharp Solver with advanced features

retailcoderImpressive. I mean it. Couple observations: Your enums... public enum SudokuProgress { FAILED, NO_PROGRESS, PROGRESS } Should be: public enum SudokuProgress { Failed, NoProgress, Progress } When the first thing you see is this: public class SudokuBoard { public SudokuBoard(SudokuBo...

@sim ^^
6 hours later…
12:30 PM
@retailcoder We rock? No, I Spock! Spock vaporizes rock. I win!
Thanks for the (partial) review, @retailcoder
5 hours later…
5:03 PM
Q: Javascript sudoku solver; pencil marks & recursive patience

tomdemuytHere is my attempt to Weekend Challenge #3. Out of scope: It only will do 9*9 It will stop at the first solution Could have been smarter at re-using the cache when recursively calling solveGrid I ignored OO as this is not an app but a simple script In scope: Bitflags & cache for pencil mar...


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