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12:01 AM
@PeterTurner Just realized that this question became HNQ. Happened while I was editing an answer for it.
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1:30 AM
@GratefulDisciple what’s HNQ?
Oh nvm
Figured it out
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1:59 PM
Q: What were the neoplatonists' attitude towards Christianity (or religion in general)?

BachIn the movie "Agora" an ultimatum is given to Hypatia, either she adopts Christianity or the prefect would not be able to protect her anymore. Hypatia chooses the latter and is subsequently murdered. Although this is most probably not based on true historical events, it prompted the question of w...

@GratefulDisciple thanks for the notification. Not sure if removing it had any effect. Stellar answer, by the way.
2:19 PM
@LukeHill Not encouraging debate in the main site, but if you ever chat with a person like that, I'd ask him what he'd call a person whose Bible has 73 books, prays for the intercession of saints, recognizes 7 sacraments as essential guideposts on the path to salvation, and worships one God (who sometimes takes the form of bread and wine) and recognizes the infallibility of the Pope and/or the Magesterium in communion with the Pope.
If he says "Roman Catholic", then by his own logic, you have every right to call him a bigot; unless you don't want to, which is probably the right thing to do.
Its funny how in almost all things, it seems like the thing you want other people to do is the thing you should be doing yourself.
@PeterTurner how is that wrong 😂 besides the fact that I’m pretty sure I adhere more to an Eastern Catholic Church (in regards to the language of the mass and priestly celibacy)
Either way I’ve never met an LDS who has been visibly or otherwise frustrated when I say mormon. It’s not like people use mormon as an insult, at least not since the 1800s
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3:52 PM
Q: Regarding "Roman Catholics" and names for other groups

Peter TurnerFor the record, Roman Catholic is a title given to the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. It's not what we call ourselves. If you've ever met a member of the Lakota nation, I'd imagine they wouldn't like being called Sioux or even Lakota Sioux for that matter. It's not like a denigrating titl...

A: What is the correct terminology when referring to (Roman) Catholicism?

AthanasiusOfAlexAlthough the term "Roman Catholicism" nowadays is seldom intended in a derogatory way, it is not a term that originated in the Catholic Church, nor is it a term that the Church applies to itself, at least in its recent official documents. The origin of the term "Roman Catholic" seems to have bee...

I may have been too sensitive on those posts with respect to the term "Roman Catholic".
What's Eastern Catholic refer to anyway? Eastern Roman Empire?
It'd be cooler if it meant "people who look to the east"
And Roman Catholic meant "pilgrim Catholics" not the universal sons and daughters of wolf children
Everyone needs a rebranding. Lutheran's should be "hearers of the lute" and Pentecostals should be "people of the five coasts" (meaning the 5 oceans)
Anglicans believe angels are able to do anything
Swedenborgians ... I'm having a hard time with this one
But what do you leave out of a salsa at a pot luck with group of fidesiest congregationalists?
4:25 PM
I think the rebranding should be back to the universal Church but...
Either way I don't mind being called Roman Catholic. The better term would probably just be Catholic in general, but even that wouldn't be correct
4:56 PM
I started reading through Chick tracts from that weird Jack Chick guy and wow are his stuff on Catholicism bad @PeterTurner
5:16 PM
I wonder, if we weren't living in the times we are living in, we could tell the difference between "the church" and "the rite".
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
Oh my lord why does Zanlock accuse everything I ask of being "attacking"
My question on the Anglican Church was not accusatory. It took facts about the founding and asked a simple question. Just because I question the legitimacy of a church doesn't mean im attacking.
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8:18 PM
in my experience, people whose names start with Z can often be antagonistic, it's a cross they bear - pray for them.
Could I get some reopen votes on christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/22987/…
if you guys think it's appropriate. I was looking at my question view history and this is #2 with 27K views (and no good answer)
8:51 PM
@PeterTurner :) haha
@PeterTurner I can't sadly :(
I have a question Peter. What does RCIA look like and what do you do? Can I do it online or is it in person only?
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11:10 PM
@LukeHill I don't have much experience with it being a cradle Catholic. I think @korvinStarmast has taught it before. I've taught 8th graders Catechism, but I think that's a bit different.
I don't know with Covid and everything, but I'd imagine it still isn't something one can do online
Mass attendance is mandatory prior to coming into the Church whether just for baptism or for baptism and confirmation. (it's obligatory for Catholics anyway). I usually see the candidates attending with their sponsors in the weeks leading up to Easter
Pretty sure it's gonna depend on the parish. One younger guy where I go to church is in RCIA - he's super psyched, he's kind of changed his entire life around a fairly chance encounter with another parishoner while cutting lumber at home depot. He's doing as much as humanly possible in preparation.
Other folks come in to RCIA because they married Catholics, lots of times they're not quite as jazzed about it.
RCIA in college is probably the coolest though, at UW Madison they crafted full immersion baptismal fonts and there's lots of free pizza.
No direct experience though, I was a commuter, I rarely got free pizza from the campus church :(
@PeterTurner probably won’t be trying to get confirmed until I graduate then. Did I explain my family situation to you yet?
@PeterTurner 😂 ah hopefully my future wife is either a catholic or won’t mind. Or to avoid that problem all together I’ll join an order or become a Latin rite priest so I don’t even have to deal with marriage :)
11:32 PM
@LukeHill oh yeah, you said your folks make you go to church with 'em? Yeah, it's a difficult situation. I'd imagine if the worst thing you do in college is find out more about the Catholic faith, you're not going to upset your family that much.
We've got an ex-muslim in our Exodus 90 men's group, met his wife in college and converted. That sounds pretty hard. I haven't asked him much about his experience though.
11:53 PM
@PeterTurner wow that does sound hard. What’s exodus 90? I’ve heard the name before but I don’t know what it is.

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