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7:39 AM
8:00 AM
@RajdeepSindhu this could pass off as an 3D optical illusion
Bhul gaya tha ki SE khula choda hai 🙃
Ping ne dara diya
8:39 AM
@RajdeepSindhu daro ab
@Arjun Prepared tha bhoiya ๐Ÿ™‚
the ping for meta SE is better tho
Bhoiya program to ab kaam hi nahi kar raha ๐Ÿคก
@Arjun Turu.
@RajdeepSindhu lagao kuch jugaad
injinner ho aap
@Arjun Hululu unibersiti ๐Ÿ™ƒ
8:42 AM
@RajdeepSindhu mere wala h yeh toh
apko kisne bataya
Aab mere hi to senior ho bhoya ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@RajdeepSindhu senor hu
Bhoiya main chala papa ke saath naya phone karidne ๐Ÿคก
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11:14 AM
in Problem Solving Strategies, 11 mins ago, by Arjun
A chain of mass M and length L hangs half over the table and half hanging. The friction coefficient between surface of table and chain is $\mu$. We need to find the final speed with which it falls off the table
@Arjun what's the answer?
i got it
Noice... answer?
@hansika \sqrt{\frac{(3-\mu)gL}{4}}
mathjax bhul gaya๐Ÿฅฒ
Work done by friction kya hoga?
@hansika $-\frac{\mu mgL}{8}$
11:21 AM
Kaise :(
@hansika upar wala isliye nahi render hua kyounki $$ nahi lagaye ._.
I am on phone..mujhe dono ni dikhe๐Ÿ˜‚
@hansika integration kiya
f ko as a function of x likh ke
x is length of chain hanging
in Problem Solving Strategies, 17 mins ago, by Arjun
i'm one of the bad explainers here, JR might explain in a better way
Aagaya aagaya..
Main bhul gayi thi kaise karte h :")
@hansika tata
2 hours later…
1:12 PM
@YashAgrawal @Arjun @hansika In mno4- there is one p pi - p pi bond ?
in Problem Solving Strategies, 5 mins ago, by Wolgwang
> A body starts from rest on a long inclined plane of slope $45^o$. The coefficient of friction between the body and the plane varies as $\mu = 0.3 x$, where $x$ is distance travelled down the plane. The body will have maximum speed
(for $g=10m/s^2$) when $x =$
@LalitTolani Doesn't Mn use d orbitals for pi bonding?
@Wolgwang yes
@LalitTolani There are 3 pi bonds and 5 d orbitals so why will there be a pi-pi bond? (I am on loose ground)
@hansika So? FYI, You can view MathJax on phone...

MathJax in Chat on Android

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@Wolgwang x=10/3 ?
1:28 PM
@LalitTolani Yup
@Wolgwang You can think in two ways, first by work energy theorem , also we can say speed will increase till net force is down the plane , when net force is zero speed is maximum after which speed decreases
@LalitTolani I would have to subtract work done by friction?
1:45 PM
@Wolgwang yes
@LalitTolani Hmm I'll have to find it by integration?
What is your take on this?
in Problem Solving Strategies, 35 mins ago, by Wolgwang
But the solution has simply used angle of repose: $\tan 45^{\circ}=\mu=0.3x$ and I don't understand why they are using this...
@Wolgwang Angle of repose would be overkill
@LalitTolani there should be..but I don't think there is any source mentioning this..i have read dpi-ppi only..but idk how..and finding a source is also difficult since it is not advisable to use concept of hybridization in complexes
As i said above until the mgsin theta force is greater than friction speed will increase therefore maximum speed will be both forces become equal
@Wolgwang ahh.. thanks!
1:49 PM
@Wolgwang therefore we have $$mg\sin\theta=\mu mg\cos\theta$$
@LalitTolani Oh thanks! I got why they are using Angle of repose.
@Wolgwang :D
@LalitTolani How would one use calculus? (Just asking)
in Problem Solving Strategies, 43 mins ago, by Wolgwang
I thought one have to use calculus on $a=\frac g{\sqrt2}(1-0.3x)$ to get the maximum velocity...
I tried $$\dfrac{dv\times ds}{dt\times ds}=\frac g{\sqrt2}(1-0.3x)\\ \int vdv=\int \frac g{\sqrt2}(1-0.3x)dx $$
@Wolgwang Yes you right (definite integral should be used), continue and you will get a quadratic in x on RHS, for maximum v this quadratic should have maximum value which can be solved
@LalitTolani $\dfrac{v^2}{g\sqrt 2}=x-\dfrac{0.3x^2}{2}$
2:11 PM
Or, it will be max when dv/dt =0, differentiate it, you'll get the integrand itself and put it equal to 0
@hansika I didn't get :-/
Differentiating $\dfrac{v^2}{g\sqrt 2}=x-\dfrac{0.3x^2}{2}$ gives $\dfrac{\sqrt2 v}{g}\dfrac{dv}{dt}=v-0.3x\dfrac{dv}{dt}$
2:26 PM
My bad, it it will be max when dv/dx will be zero
@hansika Facepalm I had tried that only first time but hadn't simplify.
You got your velocity as a function of x, differentiate it, and put that equal to zero
@hansika Yeah, $v\frac{dv}{dx}=\frac{g}{\sqrt2}(1-0.3x)\implies x=\frac{10}{3}$
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4:30 PM
@LalitTolani that actually is the shortest way if one can conclude speed will increase first reach some max value and then slows down
@Arjun yes, i mentioned that above
i meant it for the angle of repose part
> A block A of mass 4kg is placed on another block B of mass 5kg, and the block B rests on a smooth horizontal table. If the minimum force that can be applied on A so that both the blocks move together is 12N, the maximum force that can be applied on B for the blocks to move together will be :
Common acceleration: $a_c=\dfrac{12}{9}$
Only $f_r$ is acting on 5kg block so: $f_r=5(\frac{12}{9})$
And $f_r$ is also the limiting friction.
Now a force $F$ is exerted on 5 kg block.
$a_c=\frac F9$ and only $f_r$ acts on 4 kg block. So $$f_r=4(\frac{F}{9})\\ 5(\frac{12}{9})=4(\frac{F}{9})\\ \implies F=15$$
What's wrong?
@Arjun @LalitTolani
4:49 PM
Arjun hi-ed me. Dobby is happy !
@Wolgwang xd
@Wolgwang what's the ans
@Wolgwang One dance velocity edit plays
@Arjun The number that you got.
@Wolgwang 31415926535897932384626433832795028841971396
@Arjun Moj kardi...Dobby is happy
@Arjun Really?
4:58 PM
@Wolgwang no -_-
Oh I might drink Morpheus today...:-/
@Wolgwang brandy?
@Wolgwang that curved one
uska volume function nikalna is my aim
@Wolgwang bhai ye toh nahi lag raha
@LalitTolani Yup XO
@Wolgwang I have been drinking that for past 2 months
5:01 PM
@Wolgwang oh f me, mera 12 aa raha h 2 method se tab dhyan diya force A pe lagara hu
@Arjun this
basically see the relative stuff
they took it whole as a body in part 2
Abe question hi galat hai , it should be maximum force on block A
5:08 PM
@LalitTolani JEE mains 2014 question. IITs professors are more intelligent than even Richard Feynman or so I have heard.
@LalitTolani bhai
na kam na zayada
12 hi lagri h
har case me
@Wolgwang ye baat hamare samne bol diye aap?
Agar 12N se kam lagaoge to bhi saath hi move karenge bas static friction kam ho jayega, khud hi socho 100000N force mai dono saath kaise move kar payenge
@Arjun <Sarcasm> obviously
@LalitTolani Will look it tomorrow. ๐Ÿฅฑ
Good night
5:13 PM
@Wolgwang bye
@Arjun so I have got close and reopen priviledge on mse
@LalitTolani demn
5:54 PM
@hansika @YashAgrawal How does xef6 acts as lewis acid
6:08 PM
@LalitTolani maybe by somehow using its d orbitals (pure guess)
@YashAgrawal sp3d4 hybridisation?
@LalitTolani according to normal theory that should've been the case , but it seems preety unfavourable mixing , and after all hybridisation theory is wrong at the end :/
6:34 PM
@YashAgrawal yes energetically unfavourable, may be it is out our understanding, i will learn it for now as i have to do with most of the things in chemistry
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7:55 PM
Hemlo gaiz.
Terrain generashun komplit ๐Ÿ™‚
Please ignore the fact that it's a bit buggy.
And has pretty low FPS.
And didn't reach my expectations.
p5js still isn't working :/
So anyway
For anyone who wants to see the result, here's the code.
I've removed even more unnecessary lines of code btw.
var arr_s2 = [],
    arr_s = [],
    colour_positions = [],
    colour_values = [],
    thickness_positions = [],
    thickness_values = [],
    //change the values of the following five variables to change the grid size
//change the values of the following five variables to change the grid size
    x_limit_1 = -10,
    x_limit_2 = 10,
    y_limit_1 = 5,
    y_limit_2 = 30,
    z = -4, //perpendicular distance of the grid from the XY plane
    sc = 100,
    x_inc = 5,
    y_inc = 5,
    z_inc = 5,
Just copy this text, open editor.p5js.org and paste the code and run the program.
8:13 PM
Nvm, I used a VPN and now p5js works ๐Ÿ˜Ž
@RajdeepSindhu i did half the hard work
chill hai ;)
And btw, press "v" to start the animation.
You can press it again to stop it.
i am on tab..will it work?
8:16 PM
@hansika Yep, I think so.
No wait, you can't "press v" on a tab ._.
That's alright, I turned the animation to "on" by default, it should work.
It's not gonna look as good as on PC, though.
@RajdeepSindhu vahi..i can't even see properly :(
@RajdeepSindhu this looks fab tho๐Ÿคฉ
My brain is thoroughly fucked up now, thanks to many missing semi-colons and rage quits 🙃
So I think I'll try to go to bed after browsing some reddit.
Good night! All the best for your study session ๐Ÿ˜Ž
thank you! good night :)
8:22 PM
@Arjun Bhioya progrem chek kar li jiyega ๐Ÿ™‚
@Wolgwang i've got stuck on this que every time i see it..
@hansika Blocks remind me
Are you familiar with that 3blue1brown video about block collisions?
(And their relationship with $\pi$)
It's so interesting.
@LalitTolani wtf have they done? they have assumed 12N to be frictional force? or they have assumed frictional force to be 12N, and if it is 12N then how is A even moving with acceleration..can you pleaseee explain what's going on?
@RajdeepSindhu nah..heard for the first time
@RajdeepSindhu youtube blocked๐Ÿ™‚
8:26 PM
@hansika ๐Ÿ’€
Well so basically, if we have two blocks like those in the thumbnail.
Can you see the thumbnail, at least?
yes yes
Good! So if the mass of the block to the right is, say 100 kgs
and it moves towards the smaller block with a certain velocity. a uniform one.
And all collisions are elastic.
Then the number of collisions correspond to the digits of $\pi$.
As you increase the mass of the block to another power of 10, you begin getting more digits of pi.
So like, the total number of collisions if the block on the right is 100 kgs is 31.
if the block on the right is 1000 kgs, the total number of collisions is 314
that is crazy af
8:29 PM
If its 10000, then collisions = 3141
and so on
@RajdeepSindhu karliya
@hansika ikr, I see no damn relation.
Hemlo bhoiya.
How was it?
@RajdeepSindhu if i knew mechanics..i would have tried to derive it
@hansika not really, video dekho fer sahi feel aayega
@RajdeepSindhu phone pe hu
@Arjun will watch
8:31 PM
@hansika I don't think I would dare ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@Arjun ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@hansika just a gif will do tho
Btw, got new earphones.
Realme Classic something, idk, they're good. Ears need some getting used to but yeah.
@RajdeepSindhu maine abhi 3 baje eak lecture dekhna h tab dekh lunga
@RajdeepSindhu aha
@Arjun Tenk yu bhoiya ๐Ÿ˜Ž
@Arjun i see you've become a night owl
8:33 PM
@Arjun Bhai baaki sabhi mein wo ajeeb waale buds the...kaanon mein dard hone lagta hai ๐Ÿ™‚
@hansika E day own kya hota hai ๐Ÿ™ƒ
How to make a hyperactive dog to sleep, not fully grown not a pup
@RajdeepSindhu mere paas wahi h๐Ÿ™‚
Aur headphones fek diye dono
yeh? ._.
@Arjun ๐Ÿ’€
Generally log headphones prefer nahi karte?
kaanon ko thand bhi nahi lagegi ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@Arjun No idea, never had pets :/
@RajdeepSindhu apke pitaji vet h
8:35 PM
Aur bhoiya papa ne 4.5 saalon baad phone liya hai. Redmi Note 11T 5G.
Now she's making noices
11T OI OI TEE jaisa lagta hai, hamesha haunt karega ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@Arjun Haan, cows aur horses, for the most part ._.
@RajdeepSindhu ghazab progress
bhoiya bujiness zyada chalta hai agar common farm animals ke saath deal karen to.
@Arjun Iss se pehle Redmi Note 4 tha...par saath mein Nokia rakhte the ๐Ÿ’€
@RajdeepSindhu same as me๐Ÿ˜Œ
8:37 PM
In fact, Redmi Note 4 laane ke baad Nokia laye the, touch screen suit nahi karti thi aur vet ke kaam ke saath phone itna compatible nahi tha.
Bas note 4 nahi h koi aur h
@Arjun Bhoiya mujhe to phone itne ache bhi nahi lagte ._.
@RajdeepSindhu bilkul same
I got a phone like 4 months back
@Arjun Laptops and PC's all the way.
E phones ki demand kuch zyada hi hai.
Log sab kuch phones mein chahte hain.
Tab supremacy
8:38 PM
Weste of kuding talont.
Kya matlab mildly radical views hain?
I got "my" first phone in 5th gmrade 🙃
Intex Aqua i5 mini
Bore ho gaya...fir papa ne Xperia E3 kharida...aur mummy ka intex waala ho gaya.
Aur fir Redmi Note 4 aur fir ab waala..bass ๐Ÿ™‚
I'm pretty sure the new phone can run fortnite at higher fps and better quality than my laptop.
Kabhi try karunga ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@hansika 5 chapter jinka maximum question ata h mains me
Chem ofc
11,12 combined
@RajdeepSindhu phone pe phortnite?
@Arjun Ji bhoiya. Kuch dinon pehle iOS pe bhi waapas aa gaya, I think.
Maza nahi aayega ofc, building to best keyboard aur mouse se hoti hai.
Gtg, cya later today.
@Arjun Coordination Chem, Thermodynamics and thermochemistry, Equilibrium, Bonding, Aldehydes and Ketones ig
Not very sure though
@hansika I'm sure๐Ÿ˜‚
Yehi sune h main
Did you get the que which wolgwang sent?
8:47 PM
Coordination karte h ab
@Arjun interesting chapter
@hansika kindof yes but lalit bhai ne vo link bhej ke thoda hila diya
@hansika ab pata chala ye saare ligand ligand kaya karte rehete the๐Ÿ˜…
how to do? everytime my approach had been the same as his
@Arjun same reaction ditto..when i first did this chapter
@RajdeepSindhu what does it take to make a private pathway for data transfer in deep web?
Something as simple as a chat
@hansika ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
@hansika sahi wla bhi samaj aa gaya par isme galti kal dekhte h
@Arjun sahi wala samjha do
8:53 PM
@Arjun something that allows to surpass the need for a VPN
@hansika Dono bodies me relative motion nahi h?
Eono ko eak hi bidy maan liya
Yaar let me type in PC wait
on* PC
PC it is now
which one?
@Arjun fir?
topper one or vedantu one?
koi sa bhi bata do..jo sahi ho
8:59 PM
for both to move together a max is 3
us se aage explain nahi ho raha๐Ÿ™‚
So, when we subtract the frictional force between the two bodies from the force applied on block B, we will get the mass of block B times the acceleration.

@Arjun frictional force 12 kaise aayi?
rehne do..i'll try after JEE๐Ÿ™ƒ
my brain trying to explain me ways to explain stuff to people
@hansika maximum force on a is 12
okay wait..you tell if what i am thinking is correct or not..okay?
9:05 PM
basically limiting friction de rahe h
@hansika i can try that too
rehne hi dete hain..main aadha likhte likhte fir confuse ho gayi๐Ÿ™‚
@hansika newton sach me has raha hoga humpe
fuddu bacce 400 saal me eak law nahi apply hora inse
very heartless man then
@Arjun mujhee karna hi nai hai..nai banna hai bhyi aap jaisa smart
@hansika i am partially like him already
he had no friends, no social life
no wife no kids
just physics
rhymes with kids
9:14 PM
@hansika aap toh poet ho
likh leta hu
mai bhi..kharab sher๐Ÿ˜‚
btw aaj pata chala jeff bezos was really smart with physics
really smart
chalte hain ab hum padhne thoda magnetics; samay bol raha hai tick tick; kyuki life m hai bahot chik chik
i know i am extraordinary๐Ÿ˜Ž
poetry likho aaj, sahilines nikal ri h aaj
@hansika itna confidence , adha kilo hmara bhi lana zara
@Arjun noiiiii..my confidence is my confidence none of your confidence๐Ÿ˜‚
9:20 PM
magnetics karlo varna maxwell bhi hasne aa jaayega ab
anyways..chaltee hain..duao mein yaad rakhna :)
@Arjun lmaooo๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
@RajdeepSindhu i have never seen a Vsauce video
but ye dekhne ka man h lol
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10:31 PM

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