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1:59 AM
@Anthony dafuq bro ._.
To the kid outside bursting crackers for no reason...fuck you.
2:33 AM
@RajdeepSindhu it's...... near Diwali
2 hours later…
4:15 AM
@Anthony Still 😠😠
Why is this "ticchar" gonna start determinant tomorrow? Aren't matrices 11th grade stuff???????????????????????????????????
4:43 AM
@RajdeepSindhu learning you are
they will not teach how matrices are very useful for computers to solve a lot of operations btw
just how to solve them πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
5:00 AM
bruh downloading interstellar, fing 9 gb :/
it's gonna take 20 min😎
5:22 AM
@Anthony what computers bro
they don't exist :)
they only appear after you get into an OI OI TEE
@RajdeepSindhu lmaoooo
@Anthony :0
@Anthony solve, indeed
@RajdeepSindhu nah
he didn't go to IIT
5:25 AM
Haven't checked r/jeeneetards for a while, gonna do it now 😎
so no
@Anthony HE DID 😠😠😠😠😠
btyghbgythgytgfvgb juhy
@RajdeepSindhu and put it in a museum yes
Now don't ask me how I know about it if they deleted all records.
now all my family members know this song: youtu.be/eP7cDAXnqrI
@RajdeepSindhu did u..........delete them?
5:28 AM
@RajdeepSindhu ah yuus sur
@RajdeepSindhu someone who speaks englis
@RajdeepSindhu put me in a cell with this song lol😎
food once in two days should do it
5:29 AM
All you'll have in the cell are PW and unacademy videos :D
@RajdeepSindhu bro
you're like hitler but even hitler cared for germany or something
Well at least I have a somewhat better moustache :D
so someone logged into my twitter account yesterday
fucking time zones
@RajdeepSindhu allow me to introduce my hecking skills
I was actually getting worried about how my super secure password could possibly have been cracked T-T
@Anthony :0
@RajdeepSindhu xd
5:33 AM
@RajdeepSindhu someone just found these edits lol
@RajdeepSindhu, @Wolgwang
free dark modeπŸ˜‚
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
@RajdeepSindhu @Anthony πŸ₯²
BTW it is a nice book. (Irony?)
@Wolgwang Hi!!
@HrishabhNayal Heya! What's up?
@Wolgwang I am all good
how's life been to you lately?
@Wolgwang why? :/
7:53 AM
@HrishabhNayal I am sandwiched between school practicals and school half yearly :-/
@Wolgwang ah well that's nothing to be worried of
it's natural I'd say
and yes it'll be stressful but you'll survive, :D
@HrishabhNayal -_-
@Wolgwang no I mean really :) it's hectic but it's not the end of the world
what are these videos btw?
I am worried about the school's maths teacher expectations:-/ He today argued with chem teacher and defended my absence in school in PTM .
treena.org/lesson/complex-grapher This looks interesting.
@Wolgwang oh I see
that's cool
7:59 AM
@HrishabhNayal How many exams does your IIT conduct?
@Wolgwang uhmm wdym?
like in one semester?
we have 3-4 exams / semester
not including tutorial /viva/practicals
why do you ask?
@HrishabhNayal Hmm...but you always say you have to give an exam tomorrow XD
@Wolgwang oh well, sed lyf :')
I have 8 subjects this sem
so 8 exams per month
so yeah
@HrishabhNayal WTH
@Wolgwang what ?
8:04 AM
@HrishabhNayal @RajdeepSindhu @Anthony BTW my topic for English ASL was EDUCATION SYSTEM
@Wolgwang lmao. I bet you wanted to speak a lot but held yourself :P
I literally said "School is a crap. I strongly believe in John Holt and his theory of unschooling" LMAO
@HrishabhNayal Yeh man ...my speech included topics from vagueness and Hypocrisy of NCERT books to exploration and RF.
Time was only 2 minutes. I was unable to elaborate. They should have given at least 30 minutes.
@HrishabhNayal Richard PF
@Wolgwang haha lol
@Wolgwang ah yes the legend you mean 😎
8:10 AM
@HrishabhNayal Do you have Physics and Maths?
@Wolgwang nope, not a lot :(
I have discrete mathematics
@HrishabhNayal Discrete?
all the physics and maths I have are computer related
@HrishabhNayal Do you like that?
Ah I see:
Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In contrast to real numbers that have the property of varying "smoothly", the objects studied in discrete mathematics – such as integers, graphs, and statements in logic – do not vary smoothly in this way, but have distinct, separated values. Discrete mathematics therefore excludes topics in "continuous mathematics" such as calculus or Euclidean geometry. Discrete objects can often be enumerated by integers. More formally, discrete mathematics has been characterized as the branch...
@Wolgwang graphs , number theory etc. but just introduction
@Wolgwang mixed feelings :)
8:12 AM
@HrishabhNayal Eh Number theory :-)
also number theory is like supeeeer hard
interesting but demn too hard
@HrishabhNayal Ah I had seriously done some chapters till congruency then coaching made me give it up.
I was even making online notes :-/

  The Turingers

Number theory for beginners...maybe.
@Wolgwang Ah I remember I have 'Mechanics of rigid bodies' this semester too
@Wolgwang sed lyf :(
@HrishabhNayal Won't you be learning Lagrangian mechanics :-/
@Wolgwang I doubt it
doesn't seem to be part of curriculum
but we have polar coordinates/ spherical coordinates and stuff
8:17 AM
@HrishabhNayal You are in 2nd year?
it's mostly JEE stuff, just some new things like virtual work, 2 force members, etc.
@Wolgwang yup
@HrishabhNayal Wait virtual work is in JEE
@Wolgwang oh is it? ;-; I didn't do it :P
> The primes,
through times,

those who pried.

One fact answers why
they’re simple yet sly:

Layers of abstraction yield
complex forms when pierced and peeled.

Addition lies under multiplication,
defining him as repeated summation.

Then he defines primes as the atoms of integers,
for when multiplied, they give numbers their signatures.

But when we breach the layer between these two distinct operations,
asking about how primes add and subtract, there are endless frustrations.

Even innocuous questions, β€œwhat are all their sums?”, or β€œhow often do they differ by two?”,
@HrishabhNayal Maybe we are talking about different things. They have taught its application to calculate Tension and displacement in pulley rope questions ...
@Wolgwang πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
8:21 AM
@Wolgwang nope it's same. I didn't do it in JEE
I didn't go to coaching if you remember :)
so yeah only did NCERT
@Wolgwang Wish I was in a mood to look at it :/
@RajdeepSindhu XD
@Wolgwang this is my only math course this sem
@RajdeepSindhu ;-;
@Wolgwang holy ;-;
8:23 AM
@HrishabhNayal "Beta ek baar OI OI TEE mein chale jao..fir to majjjje hi majjje hain"
@Wolgwang 😎
Interesting comic strip
@HrishabhNayal cripto grapheeeee
@HrishabhNayal I remember deriving equations some curves in polar coordinates a while ago 😎
@RajdeepSindhu only RSA encryption :/
and I already know that
Q: Solving $\sin(r\cos\theta)=r\sin\theta$ for $r$

Rajdeep SindhuSo, I was trying to find the polar equation for a sine curve and here's what I did : Now, some assumptions that I've made here are : $\theta\in\left(0,\dfrac\pi2\right)$ and $C_x<\pi$, where $C_x$ is the abscissa of $C$. So, $\sin\theta=\dfrac{BC}{r}\implies BC=r\cdot\sin\theta$ and $\cos\theta=...

@HrishabhNayal deyum boi
@Wolgwang πŸ’€
8:27 AM
@Wolgwang how to handle fame
@HrishabhNayal 😢😢
the proof part i am assuming?
@Wolgwang should've let it go to 100
I recorded my voice and listened to it for the first time after a few years and, well, let's just say...donkey noises have never been moosic to mah ears in the past...
@Wolgwang yup
@HrishabhNayal nah bro...69...96
@RajdeepSindhu tried this, and i feel sorry to all who hear me
8:29 AM
@HrishabhNayal Well I am letting it go.
@RajdeepSindhu this looks interesting but as one comment says, it's transcendental :( sed
@Anthony Can relate :D
@RajdeepSindhu lmao
@HrishabhNayal Then again, so is expressing $\sin(x^c)$ in terms of $x$...but that doesn't make it any less interesting 😏😏
@Wolgwang okie
8:31 AM
@Anthony For real, my "hi" sounds like "moooooooooooooooooooooo" T-T
@RajdeepSindhu yess :D
@RajdeepSindhu xddddddd
@RajdeepSindhu Woops 2 stars
It is indeed interesting.
Kids in my batch often forget that $\sin(x)$ is actually $\sin(x^c)$ πŸ’€
But I'm not sure if forgetting is an accurate description
@Wolgwang make it 3 πŸ˜‚
8:32 AM
cus forgetting something you never remembered makes no sense ._.
@Anthony Done comrade
@Anthony 😎😎😎😎😎
$300 ?? dem
@HrishabhNayal + delivery
8:33 AM
@RajdeepSindhu Hmm what? how?
@HrishabhNayal Don't let za constraints of za curriculum bound you, komrad
@Wolgwang Never mind 😭
@RajdeepSindhu I am afraid the high council disagrees....
@RajdeepSindhu garam krke thanda chod diya
@Anthony .__.
@RajdeepSindhu T-T
8:35 AM
@HrishabhNayal Not you :/
@Wolgwang 🀣🀣🀣🀣
It's a sword :/
No bazookas involved :/
@RajdeepSindhu yeah yeah I understood that :)
8:36 AM
@Wolgwang it's blunt
can't cut a apple with it
@Anthony no need to buy, 'atituud' is enough :)
@Wolgwang who put parental control?
@RajdeepSindhu same
@HrishabhNayal want to star this
8:38 AM
@Anthony but if you try, maybe you can break eggs with it ? rightttt?
@Wolgwang :/
@Anthony Well me... I don't like pop upads
So you see
@Anthony or break someone's head idk, you decide :)
8:38 AM
By definition, $\sin(x) = \sin(x^c)$
Now let's practicce JAY EE EEE questaaions sutdaaaaaants. Tu phodega.
@HrishabhNayal it's steel nonetheless
it can break bones if hit right
@Wolgwang just a curious question, can u visit any ....... sites?
@Anthony Yes
@RajdeepSindhu isn't convention a better word here? but go on, why did you stop?
@Wolgwang all... sites?
Just have to open setting then disable the parental control and then it is fairly easy you see.
@RajdeepSindhu -_-
8:40 AM
@Wolgwang what, it's true ._.
If you're omitting the unit with the angle that you're mentioning inside the sine function, then it's assumed to be in radians...
@HrishabhNayal yeah it is ._.
@HrishabhNayal I stopped cus I finished mah explanation 😎
@RajdeepSindhu oh
@RajdeepSindhu I was expecting something after this :/
oh, thaaaaaaaaaaat
"so beta, now we use ASTC rule and solbh trig equashuns"
<to be continued...>
@RajdeepSindhu Suprr sur I um eir 1
@Wolgwang YASS!!
I had a stroke reading that tho so 10 more sheet questions for you todeh
btw you guys ever sold 2nd hand RAMs?
8:46 AM
@HrishabhNayal Nah but I sure tried to download RAM once :D
@Wolgwang Based on a true life story.
BTW the apparatus that I used were pen and paper.
@HrishabhNayal seen it getting sold
@Wolgwang aur jaa ischoll
@Wolgwang πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@Wolgwang and bren :D
@RajdeepSindhu XD
8:48 AM
@Anthony Ah wait for CS practical......
@Wolgwang relatable
@Anthony used any website or stuff?
@Wolgwang Got any interesting program ideas?
@RajdeepSindhu -_- Ah yes make a program to find the closed form of any sequence
@Wolgwang that's Machine learning :[
@HrishabhNayal Shhh!
8:53 AM
@Wolgwang suur will it halp mi to get into OI OI TEE bumbey sur?
@Wolgwang ok , but I doubt @RajdeepSindhu know numerical regression..... do you?
@HrishabhNayal Do I look like I do? :D
@Wolgwang But will I get into OI OI TEE Bumbey suur?
@RajdeepSindhu I mean, I am always ready for surprises
@HrishabhNayal nah nah, I don't know what that is T-T
8:54 AM
@Wolgwang damn that sounds like a good policy
@Wolgwang XD
@RajdeepSindhu do you know how to graph functions and stuff?
@Wolgwang enlighten me 😎
@HrishabhNayal Yes for students preparing for RMO,PRMO from8-9th like Pranav and SP
@HrishabhNayal You know I do...so why must you ask again 😭
Bro I'm retarded but not THAT retarded ;-;
@RajdeepSindhu But will that get you into OI OI TEE Bumbey ?
8:56 AM
@Wolgwang Not like I want to get into it, suuuuuur
@RajdeepSindhu no, like on a programming language?
@RajdeepSindhu Why don't you try learning Manim??????????////
@HrishabhNayal Does being able to make a graph with javascript count?
p5js, if we're being precise
@Wolgwang But will that get me into OI OI TEE Bumbey? :D
I can't do anything productive with it ;-;
@RajdeepSindhu I mean idk about p5js but try Fourier series if you feel bored
oh wait
you don't know integration do you ? :/
Just the fundamental theorem of calculus part ._.
8:58 AM
I wanted to make a program to find the Fourier series representation of a given signal, and see how it gets closer and closer to actual function as number of terms increases
I'll just...do my ALLUN modules .__.
@RajdeepSindhu Well old Rajdy beg to differ IG
@Wolgwang This nawt old Rajdy tho 😎
1 hour ago, by Wolgwang
user image
I have them in parts ;-;
9:00 AM
@HrishabhNayal Semester: Even/Odd?
Equilibrium: System isolation and the free body diagram, equilibrium conditions
Pure JEE part :-/
@RajdeepSindhu can you solve say $\int_0 ^1 x e^{-ax} dx $?
@Wolgwang yeah most of it
@Wolgwang 1st semester - odd, 2nd semester - even, 3rd - odd and so on
John Caldwell Holt (April 14, 1923 – September 14, 1985) was an American author and educator, a proponent of homeschooling and, specifically, the unschooling approach, and a pioneer in youth rights theory. After a six-year stint teaching elementary school in the 1950s, Holt wrote the book How Children Fail (1964), which cataloged the problems he saw with the American school system. He followed it up with How Children Learn (1967). Both books were popular, and started Holt's career as a consultant to American schools. By the 1970s he decided he would try reforming the school system and began to...
@RajdeepSindhu oh I missed it, ;-; ok ig
@Wolgwang you've studied this by now ig?
@HrishabhNayal I presumed that this is those NLM equilibrium questons.
9:09 AM
I should study for JEE now. See you around!
@Wolgwang ok bye!
4 hours later…
1:02 PM
Yo bois...I officially have 51 reddit karma now 😎
1:26 PM
$\uparrow$ @Anthony That's the video :/
1 hour later…
2:34 PM
@HrishabhNayal no saw it firsthand
@Wolgwang 6th*
@RajdeepSindhu of?
@HrishabhNayal hepy ezy pezy Q noices
2:52 PM
@Anthony that song without a title and comments, among other htings...
@HrishabhNayal Desmos 😎
3:08 PM
@RajdeepSindhu still a mystery btw
1 hour later…
5:13 PM
Can't fucking believe the mind of these board officials

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