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1:09 AM
This question is straddling the line - on topic because it's screwdrivers, off-topic because no home is being improved.
Q: How to unscrew the two screws on my USB hard disk enclosure?

TimOn my USB enclosure of laptop hard disk, there are two screws on both sides in the picture. I have tried to use one screw driver in the left panel of my toolbox, and its head can fit into the screws, but I cannot unscrew them. I wonder what I can try now? Thanks!

But I think a great way to judge a question is by the quality of answers it produces. And both of the answers have very little value.
Sorry @bib & @BMitch
2:05 AM
@JayBazuzi "how do I use a screwdriver?" is a hard question to be insightful on :)
Now that he's got an answer, I've got no issue closing it as off topic, it's already got one close vote and two down votes
any objections?
11 hours later…
12:48 PM
@BMitch Can you think to any way this question could become useful? Maybe "How do I select the proper screwdriver?", or do we already have that question?
Q: How to choose the correct bit for a screwdriver

EGHDKI'm constantly using a screw driver for small electronics and around the house, but I find that multiple bits seem to work. Of course, something bigger or something small requires diferrent amounts of pressure when screwing or unscrewing something, but do any of you guys use a specific method whe...

the shame was that I really liked you answer
I never knew a manual impact driver existed before
There was a flag, 4 downvotes, a close vote, Jay's comment, and it was already border line, so I figured it was time for my first act of moderation. If that's not enough to get me to act, I don't know what is. :)
@BMitch Congratulations! I have yet to press any of the shiny new buttons.
@Tester101 I did move an answer up to a comment. But, I forgot to comment first and you can't comment on a deleted answer, so I'm taking a mulligan on that one.
@BMitch Do we have any questions about removing screws that are stuck? I couldn't find any.
1:04 PM
@Tester101 closest I've found:
Q: How to remove a screw from electrical box?

zihaoyuI am replacing one of the light switches at home. The bottom screw that fastens the switch to the electrical box is half way out, but refuses to come out any more, no matter how hard I rotate the screw driver. My guess is that either the screw or the hole in the electrical box is stripped. Is the...

@BMitch If you've ever done any work in an automotive shop, the manual impact driver is the tool you reach for just before the oxyacetylene torch.
@Tester101 off topic, that belongs in automotive :)
@Tester101 might be worth putting up a question about "How do I remove a stuck screw?" and watch it get a load of votes. It's all about context around here.
@BMitch Have you spent any time on StackOverflow Meta in the past day?
I've been in the TL a bunch, and they keep posting things from meta
1:23 PM
@BMitch I stumbled upon a few threads, and it seems there might be a couple new members joining the Tester101 fan club soon ;)
@Tester101 good job! I'll have to send you something offline, hope you don't mind an email.
No problem.
1:41 PM
Strange, no one said Robertson. Morning @ChrisCudmore
Just checking on last nights chat. I can see I'm not needed.
@ChrisCudmore, there was a meta question directed towards you, not sure if you saw it.
Yeah, just saw it.
The problem is, it's really a Chat joke. Those that don't spend time here wouldn't get it.
Since I probably won't be around for PUT today, I'll get this out of the way now.
@Tester101 I'll be sure to quote you so it gets in the chat
1:48 PM
Yeah, blogs are not my strong point at this point.
after the dvr stops smoking from the olympics, I'll do a little rewiring around the house and take some pics
I'll be doing an engineered wood floor in the basement next week. Maybe I can do something with that.
@ChrisCudmore wait, you mean I'm trying to turn a light switch replacement into a blog post and you're sitting on a wood floor install? SMH :)
@ChrisCudmore Lots of pictures! The more pictures you take, the less you have to write. So creating an entry is fast and easy, since basically all you have to do is upload pictures.
1:51 PM
anything I tried to blog about would be a string of profanities about trying to get a pool up and running...i don't that would be useful
@waxeagle But it would likely be entertaining.
Yeah. I'll put the camera on a tripod, so that I can do it quickly and easily. I'll need to wrap it in plastic to keep the dust out.
we can cover up the profanities with pictures of pool floats and rubber duckies
@BMitch nice
5 hours later…
6:58 PM
Welcome to Project Update Thursday
5 hours ago, by Tester101
we need a badge for posting a blog entry
Greetings to @Pschultz, @lsiunsuex, and @Gunner, feel free to jump right in
@lsiunsuex Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
But you'll get 15 minutes of fame. :)
@lsiunsuex On a serious note, that's a good feature request for meta
haven't been doing much around the house lately :( if i get around to finishing the spare room, i'll finish the post on drywalling
some kind of reward would be nice for doing a blog entry - badge, rep, whatever
they do take time
For it to work like that, I think they'd need better integration between the blog and site, but I think they're moving in that direction
so what's going on with your spare room?
which i always found kind of funny. a website that began to help programmers relies on 3rd party blog software :)
7:06 PM
programmers can be lazy
if someone else already wrote it, no need to reinvent the wheel
just haven't had the time. was a complete gut as the rest of the house has been - windows, insultation, electrical, doors, drywall, trim and lighting. need to sand and put another coat of joint compound but just have had a lot of side work
no, but custom is nice when integration can be of a benefit
I keep postponing the gut of my kitchen, it's going to be a mess when it starts
going live with a startup monday, putting the finishing touches on a realty website and just sent a quote to do a product inventory and management system for a friend thats selling salon products from italy
i wish you luck - our kitchen took us 2 months to do
@lsiunsuex that's enough to keep 3 people busy
@BMitch i wear many hats :)
7:11 PM
Hello folks
so how bad was the place pre-gut?
@Aaron greetings!
big ups to @Tester101 and @BMitch for winning and placing in the mod elections
all walls were plaster and lath, old electrical, fuses, not breakers and the few breakers there were were old style
(knob and tube, although disconnected, still in the attic)
@Aaron thank you! I'll do my best not to break anything.
blown in foam insulation. house looked "ok" but crappy once u opened a wall
7:13 PM
Now that's a good reason for a gut, once it gets that old it's easier to start from scratch
But they don't frame houses like they used to, old wood is so much stronger
Did you have to expand the kitchen or bathrooms? The old style was to make those much smaller than today.
we haven't done anything like that
i want to sacrafice a spare bedroom to make the bathroom bigger but the wife wont let me
The downside of losing a bedroom is the house value drops significantly, that and guests have to find somewhere else to sleep
right, for sure
i just need to accept that the house isn't big enough for us, finish what i'm doing and prepare to build someday
as much as i learned a lot - somewhat enjoyed doing it, i'm not sure i could completely gut another house.
i'd rather build new
If there was any land around here to build new, I'd be thinking the same thing
But I at least know a lot more about where to look for issues
where about are you ?
7:21 PM
Just outside of DC
hey guys... so I'm in need of some insight. I have to fix a section of my clay sewer that has a bad connection (resulting in backups). Plumber wants 2k for the entire job, but the vast majority of that is the labour to break up the concrete slab (I'm guessing 2' x 8'). I have been thinking of taking this on myself to save some money but I'm unsure of how big of a job i'm getting myself into.
everything here is planned developments, HOA's, or condos
is breaking up the concrete something I could take on with some rental tools, or is it best left to someone who will have more heavy duty gear?
concrete is about 4" deep
@Steven do you know exactly where to dig, and how much is it to rent a jackhammer?
7:24 PM
I have a pretty good idea where to dig - its the joint before and after the clean-out (in the basement) so that provides a good reference point... don't know how much a jackhammer would be, but do you think thats all i'd need? would i need something to cut the concrete first so that the area being removed is smooth/clean?
(and the compressor that goes with it)
I don't think you need a perfectly smooth edge, a rough edge will bind to concrete better
Most big box home improvement stores will rent you an electric jackhammer and a cutoff saw, not too expensive either
lots of rentals available (either homedepot, stephensons, etc.)
would I need the saw? I'd rather not throw up huge dust clouds if I don't have to
Don't forget about the disposal costs
7:28 PM
If you don't want to haul this stuff up and out of your basement, that may be worth paying someone. I don't know how your back is feeling these days :)
The cutoff saws come with a hose attachment to spray water on the blade if your worried about dust, you can adjust from a little bit to a full gush. This is if you want "clean lines"
well, with any luck it'll only be 16sqft of concrete (x 4") to remove..
What will the floor be when you're done? If the concrete will show, it's nice to be smooth. Otherwise, it's all going to be covered when you're done.
well my basement is unfinished right now, but I do intend to finsih it (which is why I want to fix it now)
@Steven, do you have kids? That is what they are for - labor :-)
7:30 PM
i'll pour concrete back over it, but i'm not concerned about having a great looking floor there
no slaves..erm i mean kids yet :)
When it's all added up, you may find that $2k is a pretty fair price, unless you don't count your own labor.
I've never ripped up concrete so I don't have any idea of how big of a job it would be for me.. I think the price quoted is fair, but if I could relatively easily save some money I would
I could also save a few bucks not having the plumber backfill and patch, but at some point, if he's already there he may as well just do it..
don't forget a good sledgehammer
@BMitch is it even feasible to remove it with a big sledge?
Earplugs too, since you are doing this in a confined space
7:33 PM
You'll need the jackhammer to start, but can break up chunks with the sledge
I wear earplugs all the time at the job site. People look at me funny in the morning, then they look at me funny when they can't here a thing I say during lunch.
Basically, people like to look at me funny, but I try to be a funny guy, so it's ok.
Wear plugs all day, everyone in the shop has gotten used to yelling at me :-)
I'm already partly deaf so I usually wear ear plugs too - want to keep what I have!
A bunch of the Habitat volunteers are old retired guys, they just turn down their hearing aids. :)
so basically I should just pay the plumber to do it... that works :) not very DIY but thats what the rest of the basement is for
i would like to get involved in habitat for humanity stuff but i just dont have the time
7:39 PM
I cut back lately, and right now we're between builds. I'm waiting to see if they come back outside of the beltway for their next project.
@Steven when it involves renting multiple tools and back breaking labor, I'm not opposed to outsourcing
yea, you're right.. save my efforts for something more fun
sort of related plumbing question: are backflow preventers on the sewer line uncommon outside of canada? if so, anyone know why?
I have installed a few in some buildings that would get flooded when it rained too hard
I never knew such a thing existed
these are what are commonly found in my area: backwater-valves.com.. I don't currently have one but that 2k included installing one
@Gunner Storm drains hooked into the sewer? Tisk tisk
7:45 PM
In NYC? yes some are
older parts of the city don't have seperate storm/sanitary sewers
I think all of our storm drains run right out to nearby creaks and watersheds, saves the water treatment plant a lot of work.
In NJ they do. Newer developments in NYC do that also now. The "older" parts still drain sewage and storm drains together.
When you think of what's washing down the storm drains in NYC, it may not be all that bad of an idea to treat it :)
The treatment plant nearby usually opens a bypass valve when it rains too hard.
7:50 PM
@Gunner And that's why you don't go swimming in the Hudson
@BMitch Yeah, yeah...
or lake ontario :)
I do/have and that is why I don't get sick :)
But back to the install of the backflow preventer, try to put it somewhere that the access panel won't be obnoxious.
it'll end up being pretty close to the foundation wall, in what i think will be an unfinished storage area
7:54 PM
plumber also suggested still installing a seperate clean-out so that if you need to auger it you can go in through the cleanout and not worry about damaging the backflow
On an unrelated note, I didn't press any big red buttons, SO broke all on its own. twitter.com/marcgravell/status/233649702636224513
stop breaking shit!
unless you wana come break my concrete...
i have lots of canadian beer to offer?
And Robertson screws?
8:01 PM
Call up Mike Holmes, he'll take it all down.
seen the new screws apple is apparently going to be using? wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-08/09/apple-screws
who knows if its real, though I wouldnt be that surprised if it were
Funny, and if it's true, then my reply changes to "sad"
on the otherhand, its an excuse to buy new tools
I'd say it's an excuse to buy an Android
or a sledge
8:08 PM
You don't need an excuse to buy a sledge :)
Today's PUT soundtrack:
8:20 PM
So what is the best tool to remove grout from a tile floor?
And, what horror stories will I find when I start to remove the tile?
(in the bathroom)
also, no cut-off valves for this sink, either
I was going to go looking at grout saws soon, but I don't have much to fix
If you've got a lot of grout to remove, a rotary tool seems to be the popular option
I was thinking of one of those oscillating or rotary ones
I was just about to say "or oscillating"
8:30 PM
great brand
buy it from Amazon and support SE:
cpomilwaukee.com has refurbs
it's funny how a site can plaster ads everywhere and users just use the ad blockers, but when they make it free, people post their own ads to support the site
In other plumbing news, how do I tighten nuts in a small space that I only have vertical access to?
basin wrench?
The faucet in the kitchen is kind of loose against the countertop, and when I look underneath there is a nut that pushes the base plate against the bottom of the countertop, but I can't get in there with a wrench because the sink blocks it
8:34 PM
on the oscillating tool, I'd be tempted to go corded myself, I can see many projects delayed while the batteries recharge
Hmm, can the head of the basin wrench turn 90 degrees?
yeah that's what I need
you flip it from one side to the other to tighten or loosen
Can you really get enough torque through this (and how does the jaw stay shut around the nut?)
in that pic, you spin it clockwise and it tightens on itself
it will have a small handle, but enough to get the nut snug and stop the faucet from moving
I did end up buying the milwaukee M12 inspection probe so I'm trying to figure out what other M12 things I should buy
8:38 PM
we'll have to turn you into a building inspector
when I walked through a place with a building inspector a few weeks ago, he gave me a card and said to call him if I was ever considering a career change
I ended up getting it for the bathroom tub because auguring it blind was driving me nuts
I know @chrisf was looking to buy a basin wrench lately, he may have some insight (I hope the super ping worked, and that he doesn't mind me using it)
He may be busy taking a sledgehammer to a printer right now
Q: Are either of these tools suitable for tightening the pipe union nut underneath a bath?

ChrisFI'm having trouble tightening the pipe union nuts on some new bath taps I've fitted at my mum's house. I got everything out OK, and (because the previous plumber had put the hot tap on the right rather than the left) I used flexible pipes to connect the taps to the pipes so I could cross them ove...

@BMitch I managed with the tools I had in the end. The problem was a dodgy washer and not enough PTFE tape :)
8:53 PM
I'm still waiting for my excuse to buy a basin wrench.
Glad you got it fixed.
@JayBazuzi good to see you drop by
Any yurt updates for the last few minutes of PUT?
Thanks for joining this week's PUT

Project Update Thursday - 9 August 2012

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Not bad for a PUT without Aarthi, Tester, and a few of the other regulars.
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@lsiunsuex Looks like you're not the first to ask for blog badges, but the answer doesn't look good right now:
Q: Badge Suggestion for Site Specific Blogs

M. TibbitsSo I'm watching the blog on cross-validated try to get off the ground. Could you create a set of badges for posting stories in the site-specific blog? [Fresh Ink] First accepted blog post [Quick Quill] 20 accepted blog posts [Iron Pen] 50 accepted blog posts Implicit in this request is my de...


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