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5:43 PM
@Anonymous It seems you haven't yet.
6:31 PM
@NikeDattani True, I will as soon as I can think of a matter modeling question.
6:50 PM
Actually, I've joined now to vote and comment.
7:27 PM
Q: Creating a script for calculating the probability of quantum fluctuations of matter with n quarks

AnonymousHow can you create a script to calculate the probability of quantum fluctuations for a group of matter with n quarks in it?

7:40 PM
@Anonymous I've made some slight modifications to prevent you from getting downvotes (though the lack of a question body different from the question title may cause a problem). Can you tell us what the motivation for this question is? Have you studied any quantum field theory?
@NikeDattani Yes, I've been studying quantum fluctuations and was curious about that, why would the previous post attract downvotes?
@Anonymous Unfortunately there's some people in the community that have downvoted questions like that in the past, don't worry you'll be okay now as long as you're able to give some motivation for the question (currently it's a bit broad).
Q: Python script for convergence test

ShaliniI want to do a convergence test of Ni using a Python script in Pyiron? Can someone please suggest how to write a script to test energy and k-mesh convergence? Thanks so much!

@NikeDattani I think that's a similar question, but okay, I can explain more about my motivations. Thanks for helping.
@Anonymous "script" for a convergence test for a calculation in VASP is an extremely different thing from "script" for "calculating" quantum fluctuations.
7:58 PM
@NikeDattani Is this better?
@Anonymous In my opinion it is now worse. @Tyberius could we temporarily delete it so that it doesn't attract downvotes from the same people that downvoted Timothy (which was I think up to 7 downvotes in one case)? I can work with the user directly in this chat, to help get the question to a good standard that can then be undeleted.
@NikeDattani I've self-deleted it.
8:14 PM
@Anonymous That's appreciated! Let's work on it. I'll be back at my computer in about an hour. Also you can ping me in this chat room whenever you're free and I'll usually get back to you within a day.
@NikeDattani Okay, thanks for your help.
I love "small" sites like these, where people actually want to help each other rather then mass-downvoting and deleting everything.
8:43 PM
Me too!
Too bad there isn't one for programming...
"Stack Overflow II"
That would be nice!
That does it I'm switching primarily to sites like these.
8:59 PM
SO can be quite deadly for sure.
And MSE.
MSE is actually worse...
Because there you're supposed to downvote because of an opinion.
MSE is indeed the worst.

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