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12:05 AM
@BESW The destination can be 0-10 moves away, average 5. After 3 rolls you would expect to win, on average, slightly less than 1 extra food. So the majority of games will be hopeless from the start.
To channel another game, "It's not a very good game, is it?"
[shrug] I may be misreading a mechanic, or maybe it's just a concept in a tweet.
12:42 AM
(Though, based on conversations I've had with the designer about other games, they aren't married to the idea that "good" has 100% overlap with "frequent wins." "Playable" isn't even a necessity.)
12:54 AM
makapatag wrote a twitter thread listing "a few reasons why, if you'd allow a moment of kahilas, you'd want to play GUBAT BANWA (Martial Arts Fantasy and War Drama in the islands of revel and beauty) for your next fantasy #TTRPG campaign (or as we like to call it, kandu!)"
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2:40 AM
@BESW Murderbot was so good I was willing to pick up and read a fantasy novel after: Wheel of the Infinite which I enjoyed enough to start a fantasy series.
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5:24 AM
I can thank RPGSE for Dresden Files game QA which led me to Dresden Files pulp fiction books. Very much pulps/hard boiled detective genre that is an American standard. Is it great literature? Hardly. But it's a form I've been reading since my teens, and it's easy to digest. Great for quality time reading when I don't want the brain to work too hard.
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6:29 AM
Q: How can I get reach for touch spells without spending an action per spell?

AndrásSnaptongue Gripplis with the Long Tongue feat can deliver touch spells from 10 feet. Aberrant Sorcerers can use the Tentacular Limbs focus spell1 to get a similar effect. Is there any other way? The goal is to stay a bit further away with a caster, and to improve action efficiency (no need to Ste...

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8:56 AM
@DavidW sometimes games aren't about winning but the experience getting to the end
9:26 AM
Q: Do magic users always have lower attack bonuses than martial charcters?

DacromirI'm new to DnD 4e, and my party is creating characters right now. We've noticed that weapon users seem to have attack bonuses in the range of 5-7 (3-4 from ability, and 2-3 from weapon proficiency). Spellcasters, however, seem to have attack bonuses in the range of 3-4, because it doesn't look li...

10:20 AM
@ThomasMarkov I think it is a pretty solid duplicate, with the slight difference that this one is asking if you can force someone to teleport away. The other is just asking if you can force someone to teleport. As discussed in the comments of the dupe target, the answers to these two questions would differ: you can force someone to teleport, but not to teleport away. (They can select to teleport to the same spot)
@GroodytheHobgoblin Is that what the question is interested in though? Focusing on the Flee option pushes rather heavily towards one over the other
@Someone_Evil, If you are about the dupe target, yes, its one of these questions that ask slightly different things in title and body. I tried to answer both -- I think "Flee" as a command is unlikely to force them to teleport, but for this spell in particular, they should level set what works with the DM. But answering the title, you can force someone to teleport if they can, which may not make them flee but still will waste their round and potentially spell slot.
10:38 AM
But I think, as both are concerned about teleporting away really (even if the dupe target's title does not ask that), it is a fine duplicate target. I was not the one who voted to reopen -- I just was responding to Thomas' question about what could be possible reasons to do so.
Right, fair enough
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11:44 AM
@AncientSwordRage Perhaps I didn't articulate that well. My issue is not the 66% loss rate, it's that the outcome is clear before that start of play. It's one thing to play a game with low odds of success, it's different to play a game with no chance of success.
2 hours later…
1:32 PM
"truth is, game was rigged from the start"
1:50 PM
@DavidW then some games are meant to be read instead of played
otherwise I say "Never tell me the odd!"
@AncientSwordRage that should be a book not a game then
Or split the difference and make it a gamebook?
@Someone_Evil Like Choose Your Own Adventure?
Or an RPG sourcebook
2:08 PM
@ThomasMarkov Updooted your answer for VictorB. That's a solid build for them.
@NautArch It's pretty similar to Dr. Bernardino Bjornnson.
Was actually thinking that
On the topic of support, I find that what is usefully described is when a character is focusing spells (and other resources) on buffing and helping as opposed to damage etc themselves (eg. taking and casting haste not fireball)
So I really support (hah) the plan they have for their infusions, but I'm not sure the rest is truly that related to being a support, is it?
@Someone_Evil There are a lot of good options in the artificer spell list for "support" type spells, but it still comes down to popping one of them and then slinging offensive spells.
@NautArch I'll add a summary of the professor as a case study
@ThomasMarkov The base artificer class doesn't have a lot of non-support spells as far as I recall, and I think the Alchemist spells lean the same way
2:18 PM
For Alchemist, theyve got healing word, ray of sickness, and acid arrow early on.
I shudder a bit at the thought of multiclassing out of a half-caster class though. Spell levels are slow enough to begin with
Oh, wait, they've removed that aspect from the Q at least
@ThomasMarkov Huh, ok. It does actually have a bit more than I thought
Faerie fire, grease, enhance ability, enlarge reduce, invisibility, lesser restoration, levitate, magic weapon, rope trick, spider climb, web
There are lots of options.
There's lots of support spells, yes. I said there was relatively few non-support spells
@Someone_Evil Right. I get a lot of mileage out of acid arrow and tasha's caustic brew.
Yeah, thoes two have been solid.
2:26 PM
And within the context of optimization, I'm not sure magic weapon really counts as a viable option
I'm not sure magic weapon ever is a viable option :P
Hey, this spell comes online when there's a good chance the DM is handing out magic weapons!
@NautArch Naut: magic weapon is never a viable option. Also Naut: "A +2 weapon would be gamebreaking."
But yeah, in a strict no-magic items 5e-designed world...it is useful.
@ThomasMarkov :D
@ThomasMarkov You couldn't cast it on the magic weapons we have. It really is only useful in a world with no magic weapons.
@NautArch I feel like you'd need very few magic weapons and a lot of resistance to non-magical for it to become relevant. Artificer is maybe mismatched in that world, but they also have an infusion available that is basically indefinite magic weapon (no slot nor concentration required)
@Someone_Evil That's pretty neat, but still only works on a mundane weapon.
I think we're in agreement here - unless the party doesn't have access to magic weapons, this spell really isn't useful. And by the time it comes online, magic weapons are becoming a thing.
2:33 PM
Sure, but that's some of the point, no? You want it in part because it turns a mundane weapon magical
But you get it when the party is generally starting to get magic weapos.
The arcane weapon spell included in one (some?) of the artificer UAs puts magic weapon (and elemental weapon) into an amusing context
But having it in a place like Eberron seems weird.
Aren't magic items prevalent there?
@NautArch Prevalent? More like "appliances". The average Eberron kitchen has no less than ten magic items.
@NautArch AFAIK. But since magic weapon exists, it'd be weird for an artificer not to have access to it
2:35 PM
I use a magic whisk to remove the snowballs stuck to my dogs' fur.
Absolutely - I'm just questioning it's existence :P
Putting on a different hat than optimization on, it think its fine for it to exist. It allows you to do a specific thing if you want it. See also Weapon Master, the armour proficiency feats, etc.
Oh, sure - it has it's place. Just like a lot of other very niche spells.
But having it ready when that niche is needed is the tricky bit.
And that's where it really works for the artificer. No resource use.
3:13 PM
Q: 2022: a year in moderation

JNat As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the preceding calendar year. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange network are moderated somewhat differently to other sites on the web: We designed the Stack Exch...

There it is!
A hump like a snowhill!
I hope I can find those spreadsheets
Pretty sure theyre on a thumb drive that I lost.
3:57 PM
If everyone has a different take on a definition does that make it opinion-based or is there a way for us to either improve the question or for me to improve my analysis?
@NautArch We've handled "hobby lingo" type questions before just fine. But I agree that "why does everyone hate it" is opinion based, and "what do I do about it" is a duplicate.
@ThomasMarkov I meant more that we're getting some different definitions - and the problem as defined by these answers seems different than the problem in the linked question.
Gotcha - I totally thought this was about something else with the link to the original question about death->new character->death->new characer - rinse.repeat. — NautArch 3 mins ago
4:15 PM
Out of curiosity - do people here make a mechanical character and then fill in the narrative story around them, or do you create a story-based character and then try and build the mechanics around that?
@NautArch I typically have a build idea first.
Dr. Bjornsson and Jackmerius were build ideas first, but Marty was actually the story concept first.
@NautArch If a term has multiple (conflicting) definitions, that's what a good/the best answer should say
@NautArch I've definitely done both
@Someone_Evil Hmm, i'll withhold voting until I see more come in. With the pyro's answer using that term with the linked Q&A, it seems like it may have more than one meaning.
Just thinking about how some folks seem to get super deep into character design before determining if the mechanics can fit. And that I usually build my character story as I make my selections for mechanics. Sort of using them to support each other.
But that's more as I've moved away from just most damage focus to more themed.
4:32 PM
@NautArch I feel like we saw that a lot in our group starting out. Folks coming with more ideas based on Other Media and with a splash of the "you can do anything" sales pitch which is really half-true
Then once they've dug into options, it switches more to wanting to play X-option, or the character/story aligned with it, than drawing on external
@Someone_Evil That's definitely become more of my process.
It's helped me move from the 'just powerful' mindset.
I still make powerful, but thematically powerful :P
4:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast Here to chat about Doomvault :P
5:26 PM
Q: Is this Alquir race balanced?

Alex SashThe Alquir are a race of semi-aquatic creatures that resemble newts and salamanders. They possess a potent regenerative ability and an affinity for watery magics. My main balance concern is the Regenerative ability, because while I don't want it to be overpowered I do want it to be useful and han...

5:45 PM
Q: Examples not desired as comments?

AlanPossibly related: further reading I'm still working on my very in good faith efforts of learning the community standards here. I very much appreciate the time people have spent writing comments and linking to metas here to things I have written that do not meet them. On that note, on this cloc...

If I ever thought I'm too trigger happy with downvotes on StackOverflow, you guys calmed me down with how easy it is to get downvoted on an answer with zero explanation for the votes here.
@matszwecja While I can understand that experience is frustrating, taking that tone isn't gonna make folks more motivated to engage with you to explain things
That said, is there a particular answer you're confused about
6:04 PM
@Someone_Evil Probably this one.
@TheOracle Also I voted to close this as a dupe of our FAQ on answer comments.
Q: I tried to stay D&D question neutral last year, how did I do?

AncientSwordRageI made a claim in chat roughly a year ago: I'm staying dnd-5e neutral this year, and I've just posted my first question, and made sure to ask a non-dnd-5e question :D1 And I'd like to reflect on how that went for me, and what I learnt. Motivation My motivation originated from me asking a spate ...

6:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov yup
7:09 PM
@NautArch My guys just got up to level 12. Can the doom vault be run in mini modules, or does it have to be a 'start to finish' deal?
It seemed to me to be modular when I reviewed it some years ago while reading the book. I am not a fan of the FR, so I have to morph it into something that fits into my brothers world if I do it at all.
It's 100% modular. And it can really go anywhere. Once you're inside - you're in.
Each section has a theme, too.
7:38 PM
@doppelgreener I see you flexin that gold meta badge
might as well :D
I'm still 101 answers short.
7:55 PM
@NautArch It may not be what I need for a couple of sessions in a few months since they do have an anchor in "head to the Fire Giant King's Hall and deal with him somehow..." at the moment, they have a price on their collective heads due to the Hill Giant and Frost Giant adventures, so they can't just ignore the Fire Giant King. He already wrecked a town while they were off on a short quest (from Candlekeep mysteries, mummy lord).
(The assassins got the drop on the two PCs who were left behind/not able to play, but with a monk being immuned to poison, the team of assassins were countered and the other hit squad, a fire giant, a bunch of ettins, a spell caster and a large pack of hell hounds, were repulsed ... but a lot of the town burned and over 50 citizens lost their lives.
8:22 PM
@matszwecja Personally, I downvoted that answer because despite technically answering the question – in this line: "death in comics, just like in DnD, is more a temporary incovenience rather than something serious and permanent; as characters coming back and forth from the state of death" – it doesn't really talk about the significance of that phrase in D&D/RPGs, or why people might complain about it. It addresses the basic issue, but not its overall relevance to/significance in tabletop RPGs.
Q: Effects of Beyond Morality Mythic Universal Path Ability?

niekellIf an Erinyes (Devil) Wizard 12 (Banisher) / Archmage 4 (Mythic) with the 3rd Tier Universal Path Ability of "Beyond Morality" uses the spell "Magic Weapon, Greater (Mythic)" (which they have from Mythic Spell Lore Feat) along with two uses of Mythic Power, on a +1 Longspear to enhance it to be a...

And it doesn't really add anything that the other answers (which were mostly posted within minutes of yours) don't also cover.
9:02 PM
@KorvinStarmast You could always take a few rooms and put them wherever you need to.
The content in that dungeon is huge.
2 hours later…
10:44 PM
@V2Blast I don't feel like any of your arguments are really valid. The OP question was simply about what does it mean, not its significance in DnD or the complaints. That's simply not in the question, as it was after editing out opinion based questions. While agree that other questions might explain it better, I dont think that makes my answer any less correct.
Looking at the downvote tooltip it says "this question is not useful". Isn't it? If that was only answer, would it be more harmful than helpful?
Nice room
11:14 PM
STRANGER&DANGER by Ben R. You cannot rely on each other. Not yet. But maybe you can help each other, grow together, and leave the world in your wake better than how you found it.
Crowdfunding: Ryne by furtive shambles. A pbta roleplaying game about life in the footsteps of gods
Hieronymus: Garden of Earthly Delights Edition by laurieoconnel. An apocalyptic horror RPG inspired by the works of the medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch
"Radically Faster Combat: Auto-Hits" by JB on B/X BLACKRAZOR.
"Tanya DePass on Bringing The Fifth Season to the Gaming Table" interview by Linda Codega for Gizmodo. The co-developer of the new roleplaying game based on N.K. Jemisin's Hugo Award-winning Broken Earth series talks about community and survival.
You're In Space, Have an Art Bundle! by Nevyn Holmes. A portion of this artwork was done for the game You're In Space And Everything's Fucked, but won't be used in the final project, so we wanted to make it available for others!
Little Gods (who hide on street corners) by Far Horizons Co-op. This is a game of small guardians, embodiments of the flavors and whims of the big city, who shepherd a Newcomer in their journey to find a permanent home.
Aeronauts: Flight After Fall (Alpha Playtest) by Electric Purple Studios. You and your friends tell the story of the crew of a small airship, trying to make their way in a world that is rapidly changing around you. Are you diplomatic envoys endeavoring to build connections, or are you a group of ragtag scoundrels simply trying to survive? It’s up to you.
Game jam: (TTRP + BOARD)GAME JAM hosted by Armanda. Grab your favorite item from a board game and make a TTRPG!
@BESW I'd like to add my thanks for recommending Murderbot Diaries. And also T. Kingfisher - I'm currently halfway through Nettle & Bone, and enjoying it.
Yey, glad to hear books are bringing people joy.
@BESW I like what I'm reading in this interview in terms of themes and focus for play, but I'm not seeing it reflected in the quickstart. In my experience the division of real estate on the player-facing game props are the best prediction of trends during play, and all the really cool Fifth Season theming and priorities seem like they're stuck in worldbuilding overlays.
The character sheet is pretty generic and has more focus on minutia of combat than I'd have hoped: fighting is an important part of stories in the Fifth Season, but the motives and fallout are what make it important, not my weapon's damage rating or what kind of armor I'm wearing.
11:33 PM
Q: What is the "revolving door of death"?

HFOrangefishIn this Stack Exchange question, we have the following statement, given while discussing players taking on ridiculous risk. Sometimes players bemoan the revolving door for life and death, I suspect your game might need a little bit more of it, though. And in this post on the Alexandrian, we hav...

11:56 PM
I believe it was someone on RPG SE (probably @Bardic Wizard) who recommended Knit Picks a while back; I was getting back into knitting so I tried some of the small free patterns there and am now working on a paid-pattern cardigan for my mom.

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