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12:05 AM
update re pesto
You know something's up when you encounter a lich that is currently at lvl 1
Have you offered them pesto?
Oh it tastes so good. Maybe it's confirmation bias. Never managed to get it smooth so it looks weird but it spreads nice. Thanks @BESW I have a tub for my grandma and the bits sticking to the cooking things for myself
12:33 AM
@bobble It looks awesome!
And honestly I kinda prefer the slightly chunky texture--especially with the garlic, because then you get pops of garlic as you eat it.
@Joshua That was the backstory for one of my D&D villains
@bobble I've never made all-parsley pesto before, but I've put it into other green pestos. Scarlet frills make a really nice spicy pesto.
1:04 AM
@BESW using all the remaining parsley and approximately the right ratios gave me one good tub, so I'm satisfied. Half of the point was so the greens wouldn't go bad
yeah, totally!
That's how I got started making Random Green Pesto
I substituted almonds for the nuts because it was that or pistachios from the campus market
Ooh, that's an interesting taste profile.
My grandma cooked for a living (she headed the kitchen at a retirement home) so she'll probably have some comments :)
1:19 AM
The overflow ingredients I have are now shredded cheese and almonds, but those are easier to work through
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3:53 AM
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5:13 AM
I left the pesto out of the fridge for <4hrs because I forgot to put it in after taking pictures :( Tasted it and it seemed to be the same so hoping for the best
5:31 AM
The cheese is the spoil-est of the ingredients, especially once it's all immersed in oil.
6 hours later…
11:41 AM
@bobble probably okay.
3 hours later…
2:35 PM
Did another taste check in the morning and, while it's lost some kick (to be expected if it's refrigerated overnight) nothing else seems different
7 hours later…
9:37 PM
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2 hours later…
11:36 PM
@bobble Less kick, but better flavor blending!
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