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12:08 AM
Q: Are there rules and/or lore in any edition of D&D for managing time-travel paradoxes?

LovellBackground & motivation On this question about weather prediction, user dsollen commented that someone could potentially use Druidcraft to predict the future, using the following steps: Make a plan with a chance of success Plan, in addition, to use Control weather to create an otherwise unlikely...

12:53 AM
see question on homepage: that's dumb, why would there be a rule for that?
See question in HNQ: oh, maybe?
Read question: wild idea... Hmm...
1:11 AM
Mmmmm... [checks time] -orning
@Ben ahoy
Is there a phrase for referring to yourself as me than one person (e.g "we")
Google only returns "Illeism" which is third person
I've heard it referred to as the "royal we"
There's a character in Saga (the one that's a sequel to Epic and precursor to Edda) that is waaay too into themselves who uses it
That last message was extremely useful information, I'll have you know
1:26 AM
I suppose that fite ("I say we but I actually mean I")
fite who? why fite?
@Ben probably not what you're after, but there's one, as in oneself
Yeah... It's no big deal, was just curious.
Streamers and YouTubers do it a lot "We did it!"
They do that to include the audience, but you can imagine what it would be like to be sitting alone in a room talking about yourself as a group of people
@Ben ahhh
In Modern English, we is a plural, first-person pronoun. == Morphology == In Standard Modern English, we has six distinct shapes for five word forms: we: the nominative (subjective) form us and 's: the accusative (objective; also called the 'oblique'.: 146 ) form our: the dependent genitive (possessive) form ours: the independent genitive (possessive) form ourselves: the reflexive formThere is also a distinct determiner we as in we humans aren't perfect, which some people consider to be just an extended use of the pronoun. == History == We has been part of English since Old English, having come...
1:36 AM
"Plural first person"... that seems like an oxymoron to me
It's not by definition, it just sounds like it
A: What's the origin of the second-person 'we'?

Ubi hattNice observation. There are four ways in which we can be used. In your example. what do we have here, it can be anything from given four options. It depends on the context. Whereas, do we have a problem? it is a condescending "we". There are four ways: Condescending we (Oxford Diction...

1:48 AM
@ThomasMarkov p.94 for the statblock.
If you're looking for which page it appears on, I'll need to skim....
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3:05 AM
Upcoming Kickstarter: Unfamiliar: A Tarot-Based Journey Through The Underworld by Ash Cheshire. A tarot-based storytelling game about a magical creature's journey through the underworld as they seek their magician. For 1-4 players.
Abandoned But Not Forgotten by vian nguyen. A small game about observing a shrinking city.
Pre-orders open now for the Game of the Year Edition of This Discord Has Ghosts in It by will jobst. A game of entering and exploring a haunted house filled with ghosts. That haunted house is a Discord.
momatoes shared on twitter her progress in making a #TTRPG check-in Discord bot.
Grant Howitt shared on twitter "the absolute basic GM 101 advice I wrote for Heart"
Infinity Card Template for Affinity by Brian Stauffer. A template for easily creating an Infinity Card with Affinity Publisher
Sanctum fo the Ori Magi by Brian Stauffer. An origami-themed adventure through the lair of a paper lich for the Mausritter RPG (made using the Infinity Card template above!)
"Jiangshi co-creator’s next game is a LARPG anthology inspired by Get Out and Hannibal" article by Alex Meehan for Dicebreaker. Banana Chan - co-creator of Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall - is co-designing another horror roleplaying game.
Bloodbeam Badlands by Viditya Voleti. Gunslinging Vampires in the Unsetting Apocalypse
That looks subtle, but it's a wve
3:46 AM
@linksassin Upon review, I feel like there might be another reason as to why people might "question" mod intentions. For example, I personally am always interested in how best to manage a site (as you may know I have put my name in for mod before), so questioning certain actions may not always be "double checking" on a mod's choices. I certainly learned something, and I agree with the intent. It makes sense.
However, I'm not exactly sure how that might come across in some situations. We can't always assume the best, or worst intentions in every case.
@Ben That's true. And definitely something I have done in the past. I'm not implying that isn't the case here. Just that I would prefer it doesn't become a regular occurrence. Happy to answer any question someone has for me, so long as I don't have to justify everything I do.
Perfectly understandable :) I've been in the same situation many times... It's always a matter of how you're feeling, how they're behaving, etc. that can play a part in how you respond. And as a "catch all" statement, it stands very nicely :)
4:54 AM
Okay, so club day was today, and our rpg club got a page and a half of sign ups!! We actually ended up putting dice on the table, along with our trifold (which I didn’t have to do cause I bugged the other officers into getting it done on time so that’s good) and a few other things — a copy of traveller mongoose and an old DCC free rpg day thing (both mine), and one actual d&d book.
Also, a mini of a griffin that I painted a while ago and brought today. And my friend’s character sheets with all her art on them
It was nice to see interest
Also, it was hilarious because at one point I said “come check out rpg club! It’s fun! We play games and roll dice and argue! Mostly we play games and roll dice though!” And my friend said “no, we mostly argue”, so I said “no we don’t! You’re wrong!” Which then led to her saying that I was proving her point. But it was funny
The unofficial officer (her frosh brother) called it “a prime example of what happens in rpg club”
2 hours later…
6:49 AM
That sounds like a good time :)
1 hour later…
8:17 AM
@BESW that's it, shut down the stack, we've solved it all
Also I now what that advice read out like Wear Sunscreen
@BardicWizard amazing 😁
2 hours later…
10:03 AM
Love that phrasing though "I can pat my chest to ensure that it is absolutely safe."
@Akixkisu spam or just a video game Q?
both q&a
And some thought went into it to make it unnoticed by the bots.
@Akixkisu well there's no link
so it's quite unusual spam
the url is in the title
no direct link though
but if you have any doubt, then look at the q&a set-up.
@Akixkisu Yeah I didn't spot that initially
10:17 AM
@ThomasMarkov I mean, the Blindsight Q isn't a dupe because it also asks about Trusight and Darkvision and just alternative vision in general
Looks like a dupe to me.
But your target doesn't mention Truesight at all?
Nowhere in there can I see an answer to the question "Do Blindsight and Darkvision count as seeing?"
“a creature with blindsight can still do anything that requires sight”
Maybe ask them to restrict the question darkvision and truesight?
I meant Trusight not Blindsight mb
Because “does blindsight count as seeing” has unambiguously been asked before.
10:22 AM
I really don't think that changes anything. They ask, explicitly, about at least three different kinds of vision and whether they count as seeing, and you closed it as a dupe of an answer to one of them
Q: Does blindsight or tremorsense count for line of sight?

yhw42If I have tremorsense or blindsight, do I have line of sight if I'm otherwise blind? In particular, would this allow me to teleport out of a Stinking Cloud?

Then the question should be closed for needs more focus.
Cuz we’ve got a question already for tremorsense too.
Hmmm, that may be true then. Time to comment
They also explicitly don't ask about tremorsense
Ooos tremorsense one is 4e
Q: Can Tremorsense replace sight?

user60913This question it prompted by the recommendation of Ryan C. Thompson in relation to their answer to an earlier question of mine. Does tremorsense, allow a monster to effectively "see" other creatures or does it only indicate location? The first option would have tremorsense function the same as bl...

Huh? It's 4e?
The first one I linked was 4e
10:28 AM
A: Does the Creature Sense ability of ulitharids grant them partial immunity to the invisibility spell and unseen attacker penalties?

Medix2Knowing somebody's location does not mean you can see them The rules on Unseen Attackers and Targets state (emphasis mine): Combatants often try to escape their foes' notice by hiding, casting the invisibility spell, or lurking in darkness. When you attack a target that you can't see, you have d...

I probably link most of the relevant questions in my answer there
11:04 AM
@AncientSwordRage I used the modern campaign along with the modern magic ua.
@Akixkisu how was the armour?
@AncientSwordRage worked fine, and was pretty intuitive.
@Akixkisu sounds good to me
@AncientSwordRage there is a pdf by Daniel Helmick with both of them in them.
@Akixkisu as in combined?
that's my risky click of the day
11:15 AM
@AncientSwordRage I wish wotc would be better at managing their stuff.
@Akixkisu It gives me a matrix-y feel
at least for the magic
@Akixkisu link description: a PDF of WotC articles consisting of: "My new d20 Modern Campaign" by Dan Helmick (13/04/2015) in the Behind the Screens column, and "Modern Magic" (ibid.) in the Urban Arcana column.
thanks DG
@doppelgreener Good thinking.
The only issue is that he designed it in 2015, so anything published after it that changed things isn't part of what he considered.
But I had a pretty good time running it.
I also briefly considered Mutants and Masterminds, but it didn't fit the theme of the campaign.
@Akixkisu I would love to play that again
11:37 AM
@AncientSwordRage I've ne'er played it.
Sep 5 at 13:30, by AncientSwordRage
It makes me think the best system for a m&m character I made years ago might be Fate? It was one of the few characters I made without knowing the system first so there's not a perfect match between how I imagined them and how they work in that system
Sep 5 at 14:29, by AncientSwordRage
They were a take on Spider-Man, but they turned into a tarantula person... Instead of Spidey sense they had a fear inducing power. And instead of webbing they had different poisons. Also really good at grappling.
it's a good system, but felt very complicated to make characters
play wasn't too bad from what I remember?
@NautArch it's v. good
12:00 PM
I don't know how it compares to Masks: A New Generation
With my upcoming TPK, I'm thinking about adding a twist. Unbeknownst to the players, they are actually all under a true polymorph. At some point much later in the dungeon if they experience an anti magic field they'll find out. Good idea / bad idea?
The "new characters" will wake up with no memories in the drow dungeon.
@NautArch seems little too much like DM fiat I guess?
fiat <- wrong word
Yeah, it very much could. Probably a bad idea.
That's a hard reset and a hard story change and a hard retcon. This is now a story about people waking up in a dungeon trying to understand what's happened and how they got here. Also, it tells the players: whatever backstory and life you had made up for these characters was basically lie.
I'll reopen this and yall can close for "needs focus".
12:03 PM
unless you start off with them being uncovered by the drow, and they know in advance
@doppelgreener if they buy into it, great, but not good to 'spring' on players
If the players confront a TPK is reached, I would present that as one of the options: "so where do you all want to go from here? New story? New characters in the same world? Also I've got this wacky idea that's an option, but we don't gotta go with it, here..."
@ThomasMarkov (PSsssstt.... or flag it for a mod to sort out)
@AncientSwordRage I dont think that's necessary lol
just VTC it and it'll go into the queue
@doppelgreener this group would very likely not care about that. But I still think it's a bad idea.
@ThomasMarkov it seems to be asking a consistent question though about different forms of sight?
12:07 PM
@doppelgreener Wait. You mean actually talk to the players?
@AncientSwordRage We already have questions covering two of the forms of sight asked about
@NautArch Yeah!
@ThomasMarkov then either this should be a canonical or closed as a dupe...?
Q: When designing an adventure, how can I ensure a continuous player experience in a setting that's likely to favor TPKs?

ZaibisI am planning to design a Adventure which has a strong political flavor and is taking place in the Nine Hells. Its gonna be an evil campaign. I plan to let the heroes start at level 15 and require the group to be lawful, as long their Character has no background provided, that clearly prevents th...

@AncientSwordRage Or just focus it on the things that havent been asked before.
Q: How should I handle TPK's and retrying in a dungeon crawl?

Eidolon108I will be running a group through Tomb of Horrors from the 5e adaptation in Tales from the Yawning Portal. For those who don't know, Tomb of Horrors is infamously sadistic. The book itself claims that much of the fun is had figuring out how to deal with the horrific things the dungeon will inflic...

Q: How can I prevent a TPK without obvious Deus Ex Machina?

C. RossI've gotten into a situation in my Pathfinder game where I will certainly kill my entire party (perhaps excepting one or two who can flee quickly) if I let the situation play out. We arrived in this situation since I underestimated a monster, and it quickly proved both more powerful and more res...

Q: Total Party Kill - What do I do as a GM?

MaximillianYour party has had a streak of bad luck and/or made a poor choice and are now staring down death. The rules were followed to the letter and loss is assured. How do you handle this as a GM? Does story trump rules? If you give them a means to pull out of the situation it could lead to the party...

There's some further reading for you
@ThomasMarkov yeah with an edit
12:11 PM
This seems like one clear coherent question to me. The subject is clearly defined: alternative forms of vision that aren't mundane eyesight. That we've covered some of this in other questions doesn't mean this is any less of a focused question, and doesn't mean the querent has to reduce their scope on account of those—just cite those past questions in answering this one. Requiring querents to ask a different question specifically because part of it has been asked before elsewhere isn't how we do things here. — doppelgreener 39 secs ago
@doppelgreener Im not expecting them to ask a different question...
@doppelgreener that seems sensible
4 mins ago, by Thomas Markov
@AncientSwordRage Or just focus it on the things that havent been asked before.
@ThomasMarkov I don't think the SE model always maps neatly to people real world problems unfortunately?
Usually we don't like to have multiple questions in one, and, in particular, we already have questions on this site addressing blindsight, blindsense, tremorsense, and creature sense. I think it would be best to reword this question to specifically ask about either Darkvision or Truesight (not both) and to explain where the confusion about whether they actually count as seeing stems from. — Medix2 2 hours ago
Both you and Medix2 suggested that the question should be altered to fit into the scope around past questions.
12:14 PM
Yes? You're explaining how Im not expecting a different question...
I'm saying: that doesn't make sense in how we operate.
Question A having asked about Z doesn't mean question B ought not ask about the broader picture of X+Y+Z.
@doppelgreener My understanding is that is always how we operate...
@Someone_Evil thoughts?
Is the question problematically broad? Is there a reason the more limited question can't just be a good resource for an answer?
I think it would help to define the vision types they are interested in. NOt quite sure darkvision is the same as truesight.
@NautArch alternative forms of vision. it's quite clear.
12:21 PM
@Someone_Evil It's asking about several different senses that all have their own unique rules, and several of those senses have already been covered in other questions.
@doppelgreener I just want to avoid "what about...X"
Maybe it's not necessary, but I think it'd be helpful.
I'll admit I'm a touch rusty on the visions thing, but doesn't it have a pretty general answer?
@ThomasMarkov This means those should be easy to cite.
@doppelgreener sight?
a good typo
12:23 PM
@Someone_Evil no, but they're all highly related
Does taking out blindsight reduce the actual scope of the question or just the number of question marks?
@Someone_Evil No, I don't see how a general answer is possible here.
@Someone_Evil I think so, it's more of the outliers like blindsight.
or tremor
@doppelgreener they typos was ex-sighting
@ThomasMarkov that's answer material: it varies case by case, here's the examples the question mentioned.
12:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'd love a question that just said "Alternate forms of sight - how do?" even if the answer was 2/3 links and summaries to other questions
If I were to write an answer to this as written, I would have to include a section for each sense.
@ThomasMarkov sure, and that's fine
@ThomasMarkov but a small amount could be just a link and a summary
what part of that is problematic such that the format doesn't work?
just ... write that for an answer. we've seen more complex answers to simpler questions.
If it varies by case, can't an answer give the general criteria and then show for each case, that doesn't sound too broad
12:25 PM
@doppelgreener that's basically my working definition of needs more focus
@ThomasMarkov that's the wrong definition then
"you need different sections in this answer to cover a few different things" does not make a question too broad
This just seems to me like a pretty open and shut "needs more focus" question, based on how we've used the close reason in the past. But I don't have a vote any more, so it doesn't really matter.
And I don't think it's obvious from the question why they're different, and I'd like to give an answer the opportunity to show why
One question can ask about a single multifacted thing when it actually makes sense to ask about them together and consider that a single multifaceted thing. "How do melee weapons work against different armor types?" for a theoretical small game could have a different answer for each melee weapon and each armor type, but that's on answers to tackle, and doesn't require the question to be split into individual one-to-one matches.
But "How do melee weapons work against different armor types? Also, how does a fireball work against cloth armor?" is two fairly distinct separable questions that don't have much connection and don't really have any case for being asked together; they can be asked separately.
(also the title doesnt match the body question.)
12:33 PM
@doppelgreener That is not how I meant that to be expressed. My idea is that the general case is too broad and a specific should be chosen
@ThomasMarkov the title adequately describes the various questions asked in the body, of which there are multiple
@doppelgreener No, the title is a much more general question, part of which is not covered in the body at all.
oh, you're right
@doppelgreener Voters could disagree with one part of the answer, which, as far as I'm aware, is something we try to avoid
well, it clearly indicates the topic and is clearly coherent with the body
12:35 PM
Fixed the title to match body scope.
@Medix2 Thats a solid point.
@Medix2 Not exactly: answers can always be a good answer but have something in them we disagree with. I can always get some part of my analysis wrong as part of answering a super standard question. That's not the trigger for separating these questions. The trigger is that the question has an entirely separable topic that doesn't make sense to be asked together, such that we'd be packaging multiple totally unrelated answers into one answer.
In this case, the facets of answers on alternative sight are in fact very closely related.
@doppelgreener "I disagree wth your analysis of truesight and tremorsense, but I agree with your analysis of blindsight and dark vision" How should I vote in this case?
Well, each one relies entirely on the wording of the feature, which are all different
@ThomasMarkov The same way you'd vote if someone asked me how fireballs work against cloth armor, and I got my section about attacks right but my section about critical hits wrong.
12:37 PM
But I can see how they're all a big related concept. I might just port over my other answer tbh
@doppelgreener confused thomas noises
You gotta use your considered personal judgement here.
@ThomasMarkov I'd assume for the hypothetical system in question critical hits are a thing with fireballs. If that was the cause of the confusion
@Medix2 right, that's true. to a querent, they seem collected and it's reasonable to just ask about them broadly. the fact they're different and case by case is in the domain of answers to point out—teach the author how to distinguish them.
Yeah I'll probably just get ready for today, pack for my trip, do homework, and if there's time left, start up a lengthy answer
12:39 PM
@Medix2 I suggest using that but defintiely not porting it directly.
@Medix2 100% link and summarise it I think would work well
New subject: I need a name for my goliath cleric.
@ThomasMarkov David
David Birdeater?
12:47 PM
So the name scheme I like to use is to have a thematically appropriate full name, and an anglophonic nickname.
For example, I played an elf named Daleloquen Winterblossom, nickname Dale.
David (and goliath) and the surname is from the Goliath Birdeater
@ThomasMarkov ok... I can work with that
But Dave might be a good root.
@ThomasMarkov thats what I'm thinking
although the nicknames section would really fit Birdeater too:
> Nicknames: Bearkiller, Dawncaller, Fearless, Flintfinder, Horncarver, Keeneye, Lonehunter, Longleaper, Rootsmasher, Skywatcher, Steadyhand, Threadtwister, Twice-Orphaned, Twistedlimb, Wordpainter
My clan title is Dusk-Hammer.
@ThomasMarkov nice
something like: Dav-Ethauk
1 hour later…
2:13 PM
Where's bobble when I need her? I'm getting 'share' links (site/q/<post-id>/user-id) evaluated to their full and proper title in preview on MSE, but when I submit it's an unlinked string... has that been seen before?
A: Replace trilogy raw links with the current question title?

Kevin MontroseFor intra-site links (like, SO -> SO) this is now supported. https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/49424/stack-exchange-sandbox becomes* Stack Exchange Data Explorer Like with tag rewrites this is done on post submission and is not currently reflected in the editor preview. It will always...

any excel gurus here?
2:28 PM
@bobble (not what you were looking for but relevant anyways)
Q: Why is there a difference between rendering of links in tag-wiki and in editing preview?

MartinI have recently edited this tag-info on MathOverflow. Only now I have noticed that links are shown as bare urls: On the other hand, when editing, the links are rendered as titles of the question in the preview. Of course, I should have been more careful and notice this after checking the e...

Ash Can Games (And So Can You!) made a twitter thread of "some AI generated avatars based on my game titles"
@bobble thats so old
@ThomasMarkov not really but kind of want to help regardless?
I'm all searched out; nothing more relevant, sorry
@AncientSwordRage I found a hack that worked.
@bobble ahh I meant more like "That's so old, well done for finding it. shakes fist to the heavens/SE overlords Why isn't this fixed yet!?"
but you know, if loses that nuance when said online
@ThomasMarkov 6 words that incite dread in any programmer/QA
2:43 PM
@AncientSwordRage Im the only one that looks at my code :P
@ThomasMarkov false, you and thomas in 6 month (and 12... and ....) looks at it
@AncientSwordRage s' not for short links, though, and it's for tag wikis
that's theoretically an infinite number of yous
@AncientSwordRage Probably not this time. I just have to get some data cleaned and sorted then do a statistical test to prove something once.
@bobble oh right! I must have disadvantage on my comprehension rolls today
@ThomasMarkov and next time...?
2:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage It's to justify an alteration to a certain procedure, so I won't have to do the same thing again unless we later reimplement the procedure, then decide we want to reunimplement it.
@ThomasMarkov fair enough
I'm an 'optimized much too early and regret it' kind of person
3:13 PM
This might be improved by linking to the various other Q&As on this topic. I haven't got them to hand, but maybe somebody else can come along and help out? — AncientSwordRage 7 secs ago
@bobble Maybe I should post a meta?
3:57 PM
@AncientSwordRage maybe? I don't use that feature often so I don't really know what search terms to use
@bobble no worries, I'll give it a punt later
1 hour later…
5:18 PM
posted on September 16, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

I was going to do one more week of the course catalogue for the Auraic Academy, but I’m not really inspired to do something like that right now, so instead I present: Making fingerless (and palm-less) gloves in a tiny amount of time, for fun, if not profit!  This is a recipe more than a pattern, but I’ll share the pattern I used to fit my hands, which I’m calling the Blue Gloves, and you c

5:33 PM
Q: Do alternate forms of vision count as being able to see for the purposes of spells that require the target to see the caster?

ant_aoeCertain spells require the target to be able to see the caster. Is a creature that uses blindsight considered able to "see" the caster? What about if they're seeing the caster via darkvision only, or truesight only, etc? For example would a ranger be able to cast animal friendship on a purple wor...

2 hours later…
7:09 PM
Confession: I had an easier time naming my children than naming my next character.
@ThomasMarkov Suggestion for the future: ask you wife to help you name your next character. 😉
@KorvinStarmast I named our children :P
@ThomasMarkov Ah, I had a different experience.
@ThomasMarkov Chain 1 and Chain 2?
Ive settled on Hotuaekhaashdavanoth, but my friends call me Dave.
Maybe I should just let my kids name my character
They named my Pokemon Sword character "Lisa Lisa"
reminds me of Little Caesar's
@G.Moylan After my brother got his wisdom teeth out, he started crying when we drove past Little Caesar's. "Poor little Caesar. When is he gonna grow up?" Do you want him to be big Caesar? "No, just medium." continues to sob
7:43 PM
@ThomasMarkov lmao that's fantastic
@ThomasMarkov But daaaavveeeyyy!
@doppelgreener Turns out, they're into the idea.
8:20 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm hoping this question goes somewhere
Q: Is there any user data that can be used to infer how many answers are read on individual posts?

frеdsbendOn Skeptics we are discussing the new "unpinned answer" feature and I had the thought that perhaps the discussion often assumes the premise that only the top answer is typically read. I don't believe that's true (on Skeptics at least), but I'd love to see some data. Does SE have any usage data th...

9:15 PM
@NautArch noice!!

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