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12:06 AM
Sounds a lot like 4e to me, both in micro with power choices and macro with paragon paths and epic destinies.
@AncientSwordRage I think the Luxton Technique essay is super important as a pushback against "one size fits all" attitudes toward safety tools, despite most of the people involved being a bit sketch in terms of community.
Dee Pennyway wrote a twitter thread about their progress with the Weaver's Almanac.
Kevin Petker wrote a twitter thread sharing the results of his study into "What kids say they want in a game" versus "What adults *think* kids want in a game."
HARD WIRED ISLAND by Weird Age Games. Retrofuture cyberpunk, inspired by 90s anime.
FETCH by Grant Howitt. A diceless solo journaling bodyhorror game about gaining revenge on the bastards who dared to make you in the first place. A year ago you found out you were never real. You are twigs and string, rabbit-bones and feathers; a mockery, a thing discarded. How will you take revenge on your thoughtless creator?
12:32 AM
I hate the Discord log-in screen.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
Don't you dare tell me that once is enough, chatbox.
It just threw it in my face unexpectedly today, which with my sensory issues is like being slapped hard in the face.
It's not even possible to hold things over the screen to type in the details without looking at the swirly-whirly bits, because they're all round it.
The best I could do was copy and paste it with my eyes shut, and even then I had to do it twice because I left a punctuation mark off the password the first time.
Have you looked into TTS interface options?
Unfortunately, I'm even worse with computerised voices.
Some of them can be activated or deactivated pretty quickly so you can turn them on only when needed.
Thanks, though.
Also, I'm not sure how that would avoid having to use the log-in screen.
12:37 AM
Ah, that's a pickle. There are much better computer voices than there used to be, but the best are behind high paywalls and even if they weren't, you'd still have to listen to a lot of bad voices to find out if any are tolerable.
Haha, yes.
I keep hearing rumours of a command-line version of Discord, but when I look at them they always seem to be very complicated things involving compiling from source, and also apparently you can get banned if you're caught using them.
I have a friend who is sensitive to specific kinds of color and I try to help them by, like, warning about TV shows and computer games, but I have to guess because the only way to figure out exactly which shades of color hurt them... would be to show them a lot of colors that might hurt, on purpose.
Yeah it is annoying how brains don't seem to pick on any criterion that you could actually predict!
@BESW I had to look up the rice pudding, but I'm glad I did :-D
@A.B. It's one of my favorite Doctor Who stories. Very serious and very funny.
12:51 AM
It's good that the Luxton article is back up. That's a very good idea of the sort you often want to pass on.
Speak the Sky wrote a twitter thread about building their lightweight personal e-store for $30/year.
1:13 AM
I'm wary of "Hard Wired Island" because its blurb spends more time talking about its political stances than about actual things in the game, but, on the other hand, their soundtrack is by the same people that did "Drugs and Wires"'s, which seems like a good sign.
It also occurs to me that I don't think I've actually played any of the TTRPGs whose blurbs spend more time talking about their political stances than about actual things in the game, so I don't know whether it's really as bad a sign as it looks or not. Could be it doesn't actually reflect the contents at all.
(Not that I've anything against the politics, just that I don't take to having to think in weird social abstractions, from whichever end of the political spectrum.)
HWI is describing attitudes that influence design and setting in specific ways. Ways that many popular contemporary cyberpunk games ignore, which makes those games dull reskins of generic game content.
I see they've gone for "the cybernetics themselves are not scary". Fair enough.
Most things do seem to go on about this "the more cybernetics you have the more you lose your humanity", and it's about time somebody did something else.
It's odd to me that you think having a political stance is equivalent to working in social abstractions, though. Attitudes like HWI describes are grounded in very real, practical, everyday actions and experiences.
It's an approach that's confused me about your responses to my talking about books, as well.
I don't. I just get suspicious that they're going to spend their time talking about the social abstractions rather than the practical experiences, like they did in the blurb, and for me that's hard to digest.
Yes, that happens. But you can see in their descriptions how they're translating theory into praxis.
1:21 AM
Which is probably not the case, hopefully, thinking about it, because those are summaries and that's the way you talk more when you're summarising something.
eg, "It's about how technology without ethics can make social inequality worse" is directly tracked into "Instead of wealth, characters track their Burden, which represents how comfortably they can live on Grand Cross."
Praxis be hanged.
I know you're not meaning it in
That's nonsense, you're literally saying that you prefer stories that deal in theory to manifest it in praxis.
So I'm out.
a "I'm only talking to people who know our jargon" way.
I just run into some people who do.
No, it was just a poorly thought-out knee-jerk reaction to the word "praxis" vs. "practice" :-D
I couldn't really be sure what they meant by the Burden part, though it sounded good if it was what I was guessing it was. Have you actually read the game yourself?
@BESW That wasn't what I was saying.
1:37 AM
@BESW I think maybe it comes from multiple people using/promoting x-card and veil when they're not the ones suffering from the trauma?
Luxton is kind of a good idea because it provides instructions on what to do when you don't know what to do, but at the same time involves asking what to do rather than assume that the answer will be one thing.
Yeah it's tricky when somebody needs to decide how to deal with the problem that is not the one who has the problem and may not understand it very well.
2:22 AM
I'm lonely.
Ban is over in that puzzle server now but I don't really like to go back.
I can see what you mean about games that focus too much on politics and viewpoints as their selling points. If game devs want to convince me to buy their game, and the preview is limited to 1 web page worth of my attention, then the preview should focus on the gameplay features and what makes the game unique.
I suppose that for other audiences, sympathizing with the author's social/political/ethical stances is sufficient to get them interested in the game.
Yeah, I would but I worry that the game's going to be like the blurb which would not be good.
Which may be worrying about nothing. But the heck I'm going to find out from BESW.
It is ok to not be interested in a tabletop game that gets mentioned in chat here.
That's true. But I haven't anything else to talk about or anyone else to talk to.
Actually, I know it isn't because I remembered to look at the page previews. It's just the blurb that's selling it short (though I've seen worse ones in that respect). The game makes it much more interesting.
2:47 AM
It is very quiet today. Are you planning any tabletop game ideas? I've been in GM limbo for a while now so I'm hesitant to discuss my own game plans, as they tend to not happen.
3:00 AM
@MikeQ There's no point me planning any tabletop game ideas, as I have nobody to play with.
I'm still in that Vampire: the Masquerade living world game, but Vampire: the Masquerade smells.
@AncientSwordRage is this a canned response for when a mod declines any flag? "flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention"
@ThomasMarkov yup
That's odd, cuz it isn't true
NAA and VLQ flags send the post into the review queue, so those flags are not for posts that require moderator intervention.
those flags also go to the mods, who can handle them outside of the queues
3:16 AM
@bobble Right, but their scope of use extends beyond only content that requires moderator intervention.
VLQ and NAA posts do not require moderator intervention at all, but the flag declined message says VLQ and NAA flags are only for content requiring moderator intervention.
The Stack Exchange is kinda notorious for taking years to update its automated messages to reflect changes to its infrastructure, I suspect this is one of those cases.
You might get some results from a Meta Stack Exchange request.
A: What's With The "Please Only Flag For Content Needing Mod Intervention" Phrase

LouisThe meaning of "flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention" is pretty simple. It is the reason given when someone raises a flag asking that some action X be taken when in fact the community can perform X. A good example is if someone raises a c...

What flag flavour did you use?
@AncientSwordRage NAA.
The flag was reviewed once in the queue as looks okay, then got declined by a moderator.
Prestidigitation: not just for making mud pies taste like chocolate
3:34 AM
Not a clue then
I try to handle those or ignore them if I think the community is on track to sorting it out
@Joshua Once saw a campaign where a traveling merchant sold bottles of colored sugar water as magic potions and used prestidigitation to make them ping as magical to fool low-level attempts to check if they were real.
It was, ah. Not a particularly popular worldbuilding choice.
Had a wizard who used ritual detect magic at every reasonable opportunity when not in rounds
At least my friend wouldn't be fooled by that one
@BESW I can imagine, it just sounds like a mean thing to do
4:22 AM
Should posts that show no understanding of balance (X kills Level 20 Barbarians with guarantee, is X balanced?) be considered acceptable on the site? They're effectively low-quality posts and the editors and answers will essentially be writing content entirely from scratch to accommodate those questions since the base content is almost entirely unusable as a base.
a few of their "levitate"s are spelled "lavitate"
That's a spelling problem that is perfectly remediable by editors. What is not remediable is that the spell eventually does 100d4 damage with a +25 to hit. A rebalance would require an answerer to design a new damage distribution over spell level for the spell and overhaul a number of its properties to the point where it's probably not even the same spell idea. It would probably just become a reflavor of Catapult or something.
well yes, but it's what annoys my brain first, before the terrible brokenness :)
God forbid we start closing questions because of typos, lol.
We might lose half the SE
And I do not envy the member who has to go sifting through old questions and spellchecking them
that was me for a bit, anonymously, but I got myself edit-banned again and so am on a forced break
4:31 AM
Couldn't they just prevent edits from bumping for minor changes?
Q: Allow non-bumping minor edits, but review them on /review

Mad ScientistEvery edit, no matter how minor, bumps a question to the frontpage of an SE site. This behaviour is important to allow the community to review edits, but it also creates significant problems when a lot of edits are performed at once. What I propose is to allow minor edits that are not bumped to t...

Q: Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page?

Richie MarquezGiven that the Stack Overflow trilogy is to be a resource for googlers, I usually try to go back over my questions/answers and improve them in whatever way that I can. However, I feel this may be inappropriate if there is already an accepted answer because edits bump the (already answered) questi...

Q: It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page

MatthewWhile bumps are generally good, there are niche cases where they are harmful: I recently decided I would consolidate two tags on Stack Overflow: "openoffice" and "openoffice.org". They refer to precisely the same thing, and having two tags for them just fragments the organizational structure. H...

and I'm banned not for editing here but for "spam" edits on other SEs
Counterpoint to discussions about Homebrew Balance: I just discovered that the Helm of Teleportation, in 5e D&D, is only a Rare magic item, and it's broken AF.
Frankly, a spell that deals 100d4 at ninth level seems paltry by comparison. 😄
@Xirema The helm of teleportation being rare is expected to have a chance of being in loot piles by the end of the Level 5-10 tier, which is around when Teleportation Circle becomes an option. If you let people buy any magic item on the list for gold, you're causing the problem with Helm of Teleportation.
I ended up issuing a Helm of Limited Teleportation that reduces the uses of the helm from 1d3 times per day to 1 time per week, to get it to where I think it's an appropriate power level.
I just don't let people craft Major items.
4:37 AM
@Axoren It was rolled when I was rolling a loot pile for my characters at the start of today's session.
What level?
That's a perfectly fine level for it.
A bit earlier than the spell, but it opens up travel quite a bit.
That's around the level where travel should get phased out because random road encounters aren't very interesting anymore.
Eeeeeh, I really don't think so. Teleport is a 7th level spell, and this thing offers 2 uses per day on average. That, to me, shouldn't be offered below level 15 at minimum.
And even then I think it's more in the realm of Legendary items than it is Rare items.
I could kind of understand Very Rare, but even that seems like a stretch.
In a couple of our campaigns, Teleport solved no problems that a short horseback ride didn't because it was an urban campaign. It really depends on the game.
But Teleports are only valuable if there's a large distance between your party and where you want to be.
And closing that distance quickly isn't always ideal.
4:40 AM
Honestly, even if it were just offering Teleportation Circle twice a day I'd probably be more okay with it.
My only concern with Teleportation Circle is that it's only useful if two casters Coordinate or if there's some mentor NPC who has setup his own home.
MAYBE a ruin has one from an ancient civilization.
But it's really hard to make that spell useful until they've met more powerful magic users
My world has established that most major cities have teleportation circles established as part of their transit guilds' responsibilities, although they're usually guarded from the other side so as to deal with unauthorized travelers.
That was the crux of today's session, ironically: the party had to return to their major hub, but didn't know the teleportation circle sigils for that city (and would be attacked on sight if they used it), and were bartering with a smuggling group to get access to a secret circle.
I handed out the helm (after limiting it to one use per week) figuring that I hadn't made battle maps for the underground tunnels anyways so if they decided to skip that stuff it wouldn't be a big deal; but if I'd have kept it at its original power, they'd be able to TP back and forth basically at will.
5:01 AM
> Should homebrew-review posts that show no understanding of balance (X kills Level 20 Barbarians with guarantee, is X balanced?) be considered acceptable on the site? They're effectively low-quality posts and the editors and answers will essentially be writing content entirely from scratch to accommodate those questions since the base content is almost entirely unusable as a base.
Can't people just answer "No."?
@A.B. That's a fairly low-quality response.
5:27 AM
I think people are possibly assuming that this is a site where people ask questions and other people answer them.
5:59 AM
The Stack Exchange expects people to ask cogent questions to non-theoretical problems and other people to give them actionable answers.
We can make anything seem reasonable or unreasonable if we remove enough context and specificity.
"No" is not a useful answer; "no, because [reasoning]" is.
Fair enough. But it sounds as if it would be easy enough to explain why, and I don't see why "rewriting the whole thing until it's usable", as somebody said, would be necessary. I don't think it says anywhere that an answer to a "homebrew-review" question must provide a complete balanced version if it's not balanced, does it?
btw did you get my message and am I still in the dog-house?
@A.B. These are useful questions but no reasonable answer to them would result in the conclusion that "no" all by itself is a good answer.
@A.B. You're not in the dog-house. I just stop conversations when people snap at me because they don't like how totally unrelated people use words.
That was the second time you've started a conversation with me and then said something rude about a totally reasonable word to use. That you know I didn't mean to use the word in a way which upsets you, just makes it worse that you vented that frustration at me.
I'm here. They aren't. In the future, please choose your reactions accordingly, because I'm going to continue to walk away when somebody who starts a conversation with me then is rude to me for having that conversation.
Right, I thought it was about something else entirely. You said it was.
6:15 AM
Yeah. You snapped at me for using the word "praxis." A word I specifically chose because you were talking about praxis, and we'd had a nice conversation about what it means the other day so I was happy to build on that conversation. You know, as if we are constructing some kind of ongoing dialog like people who share a conversational space do.
I had no useful or reasonable response to that, so I left.
Yes, as if we had and then you totally ignored how uncomfortable I'd said it made me.
I must have massively misunderstood your conclusion to that part of the conversation, then.
in Here There Be Dragons, yesterday, by A. B.
Didn't know that, that's interesting.
Well... sometimes I say stuff I don't mean because I can see it's not going to go down well if I keep on disagreeing. I had forgotten I'd said that.
Fair enough, then, if you believed me.
At any rate, a tip: if you ask someone to talk about psychological stickiness don't be surprised if they walk away when you say "the hell with that" when they use the word psychology.
I just... probably another case of making distinctions between who I'm talking to, kind of don't like saying that kind of thing because if I said that round here I'd be considered a pretentious twerp.
6:20 AM
And if you tell someone you think learning about praxis is interesting, don't be surprised if they walk away when you interrupt a conversation you started about praxis to tell them "praxis be hanged."
"The hell with that" and "praxis be hanged" are phrases that end conversations. There is no room for me to respond with anything except "Okay" and then we're done talking.
I mean, probably doesn't make sense because you wouldn't consider "praxis" to mean "I'm not talking to you" because you use that word yourself.
I'm the only person there.
And anyone else who's in the room probably isn't listening.
You are talking to me.
So no, you aren't in the doghouse. But I'm increasingly wary of starting conversations with you because they seem to cause you distress.
And I just don't have the emotional energy to walk through the verbal minefield of someone who starts a conversation with me but doesn't think I believe what they say and is sometimes talking to people who aren't here and who I've never even heard of.
It's basically not that, it's that I'm already in distress about other things and have to hide it, which leads to confused conversations. I do my best.
Is it OK if I say, when it happens to be true:
"I don't particularly know whether I buy the belief system that that's a shibboleth for, but that apart..."?
(If it's not meant as a shibboleth, then I don't know what it is.)
6:28 AM
Drawing lines and establishing parameters is good for conversations.
Thanks. That's nice.
("Praxis" is jargon common to many different professions and fields of study. It's not a shibboleth any more than "scalpel" or "Phillips screwdriver" are shibboleths or imply belief systems. I suspect, based on things like your references to a "woke/pariah" spectrum, that you may be working with an entirely different way of looking at communication and learning than most of the people in this room are even aware exists.)
(Are you familiar with the term "sealioning"?)
(It's what you get a warning from the mods for if you ask too many questions about things that are obvious to Americans of a particular age and social circle.)
Like I say, a lot of the problem may be that I'm upset about other things but have to act like I'm not, and then I end up confusing that with whatever I'm talking about right then. I'm trying to come up with better ways of keeping that straight.
By the way, I forgot. I didn't understand what you said about the other thing.
> These are useful questions but no reasonable answer to them would result in the conclusion that "no" all by itself is a good answer.
7:36 AM
Anyhow, whatever.
1 hour later…
8:54 AM
@A.B. I think this may make conversation difficult (for you included). The alternative is not pretending to be upset about other things with us, so then we know why you're responding the way you are... We may ask you to calm down before carrying on, but that doesn't mean you're not welcome entirely
It'll take time, but I'm sure we can figure out productive ways of communicating
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
Q: Can the use of the Crusher feat enable a Sling to force 5 feet of movement on a hit target?

Payden K. PringleFeat: Crusher (UA is identical to released content for the following quote.) Once per turn, when you hit a creature with an attack that deals bludgeoning damage, you can move it 5 feet to an unoccupied space, provided the target is no more than one size larger than you. This sounds like it was ...

1 hour later…
11:40 AM
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, I'd much rather talk with someone who's upfront about being sad or frustrated or whatever. But I think it's also important to say that while this room is absolutely fine with talking to people who aren't doing okay, we are neither therapists nor entertainers.
There are needs and moods the people in this room are not qualified to handle, and that's another reason it's important for us all to be as honest as possible about how we're doing--so we can tell when it's just outside the scope of this space to deal with.
Yup yup
And we have dealt with big topics, but only because the topic-bringer was open and honest
1 hour later…
12:51 PM
@Payden K. Pringle not sure if you use chat, but you might want to read rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/9112/44723
If the @ doesn't autocomplete, they haven't been in chat recently enough to get the notification.
@BESW thanks.
1:15 PM
@Axoren There's no possible way to screen that, though: imagine the number of ways that changing a '2' to a '8' could completely bork a question or answer....
@KorvinStarmast if you expand on that, it would be a good answer rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/184289/…
1:58 PM
@Akixkisu you are correct, I need to find the time to get my sources together and craft one.
@KorvinStarmast very relatable.
2:21 PM
Is anybody else experiencing a new mobile behavior where answers are apparently in some sort of tiny scrollbox so scrolling down a question with a lot of answers just gets stuck?
Oh welp... apparently it doesn't happen in Google so it must be some sort of Samsung Browser or Samsung Browser + My Specific Phone issue. Guess it can't really be a bug report then :(
@BESW And in my experience, when a conversation gets to be outside of scope/comfort of the room, that gets stated kindly and clearly and without judgment or sanction. This really is a refreshingly-civil and -kind and -supportive place.
2:56 PM
@Akixkisu @PaydenK.Pringle for your attention
@nitsua60 I can think of a number of conversations in which switching a 2 and an 8 will yield drastically different reactions.
I guess it's probably on the safer side to just limit high-rate editors.
3:09 PM
@Akixkisu I left a comment on one of their posts, we communicated.
@Axoren "Have you ever thought about having kids?" "Yeah, I've always dreamed of..."
(he he he)
@nitsua60 "How tall are you? I'm only into tall guys." "I'm 2 8 meters tall."
SE chat really needs a formatting legend.
The only reason it doesn't is developer neglect :'(
There's so much room next to the Send and Upload button.
3:25 PM
Q: Chat Easy Input Tools - Provides keyboard shortcuts for common text formatting commands

rlemon About Provides keyboard shortcuts for common text formatting commands, reducing the dependency on mouse usage. Current version does not have a configurable set of hotkeys but later versions will. How to use. All of the following commands are run if the user has focus in the chat input area. ...

closest thing I found on Stack Apps
3:41 PM
Am I getting downvote brigaded here? rpg.stackexchange.com/a/184302/14873
Fairly bizarre response to an accurate answer to the question.
Might be people thinking it's an easy/boring solution?
Forcing rerolls are actually pretty rare in 5e. Not including Wish as one of the only ways is pretty incomplete. It also seems like an XY question because they're picking the rarest mechanism to deal with Legendary Resistances.
shrug. Also, does fit on that question? It's not about optimization or how to optimize, just whether something exists. (Though that something will be used for optimization, but that makes it seem more meta-taggy)
4:23 PM
@bobble Probably not
There's no optimization problem "maximize X with respect to Y constraints"
@Akixkisu THe recent artificer questions support my views on the quality of the artificer :P
5:03 PM
@NautArch you inspired me to play one (it has been quite some time since I joined a 5e game as a player) ;)
My friends and I have been trying to write a homebrew replacement for some weaker subclasses that fill in gaps in the Int-based character archtypes. One we have been working on is Rogue (Assassin) by giving it Preparations. Like a wizard, it makes preparations after a long rest and gets access to a number of additional Assassination-based preparations.
WotC went into 5e with an obvious neglect of the Int score.
Artificer solves a few problems, but it's really jank in its implementation it feels.
@Axoren what do you mean by neglect?
@Axoren do you mean the way the arificer uses the int score is janky or do you mean that the artificer as a class is janky?
@Akixkisu Only Wizards really have incentive to invest in Int. Int saves are fairly rare until you start fighting illithids. Even EKs are incentivized to ignore Int and focus on their physical stats.
@Axoren When you say incentivised, you mean other than having access to some of the best skills, right?
@Akixkisu As a class.
@Akixkisu Proficiency scales faster, and there are a number of ways to boost skill checks without investing a significant amount of point buy into a stat you don't use for anything else.
5:13 PM
What kind of incentive do you desire?
I was playing an 8 Int character that was better at investigation than someone with a Detective Background
5e is a flater game, after all.
Yeah, but the reason being that the Detective lacked Expertise in Investigation and investing in Int would have made him perform worse in combat, which much of the campaign was.
That seems to be more of a campaign issue, unless I'm misunderstanding something.
D&D overall tends to be combat heavy by design. You have to run your game fairly different from how WotC expects you to run it to maximize those aspects of play.
Of the three pillars they target, Social Interaction, Exploration, and Combat, the only one seriously fleshed out is Combat.
5:19 PM
So how are you going to change the incentive with your assassin?
Intelligence is used to determine how many different preparations they can make per day, as well as being saving throw DCs for things like Prepared Poisons, etc.
We're still workshopping what ends up on that list, but it would essentially be like Vancian Maneuvers.
This means that the Assassin has a reason other than the minor benefits of the skills driving them to invest in Int, which gives them to opportunity to benefit from those skills as they come up
Interesting, what do you dislike about the artificer?
5:38 PM
Don't really dislike it, just that it's kind of janky.
I don't think they truly meant for people to be casting spells through a miter saw. Thematically, they should just be able to cast spells without it having to be a tool in their hands.
Flash of Genius is a good support ability, but it doesn't really make sense thematically.
You have to do your own work to make it thematic.
Sorry, trying to get ready to leave the house.
It's always kind of just been the inventor-archtype to show the steam-punk aspect of Eberron, from what it looks like.
3 hours later…
9:23 PM
@Axoren There's also artificers, now. Some may focus more exclusively/heavily on Int, whereas others might still want to have good Str or Dex.
1 hour later…
10:30 PM
@Axoren "Not in-line with your title question, but potentially relevant to you: Monks are VERY good at eating away through legendary resistances with Stunning Strike, as in a single turn, they can force an opponent to make 3-4 saving throws in a single turn or risk being Stunned."
@Someone_Evil Thanks. I don't have enough rep to view deleteds.
Deleted comments is diamond only :)
Should I add it to my existing question? Or a separate one?
I think you could add it your existing answer easily. It might want to acknowledge that using a 9th level spell to bait out legendary resistances probably isn't very efficient anyway, and that would lead well into the monk idea as that is efficient
11:16 PM
Q: Do clumsy and flat-footed penalties to AC stack?

Anne AunymeLet's assume I am playing my character in Pathfinder 2 and am attempting to stab my foe. This foe is clumsy 3 (because of a spell my friend casted earlier) and I somehow also have it flat-footed. As far as I know being clumsy gives a status penalty to AC, as does being flat-footed, and those two ...

11:41 PM
Q: Is there a way to force a reroll on a saving throw?

AdianuIs there a way in D&D 5e to force a creature to reroll a saving throw they just succeeded on? I know there are lots of ways to impose disadvantage or other penalties, but I’m specifically looking to make them reroll a successful saving throw. My DM is always very smart with what they do/don’t use...


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