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12:10 AM
@BESW Oh man, that raise hand macro is exactly what I need. Why didn't I think of that?
@RedRiderX Hmm, I'm not seeing ways to have full characters on the board, like with aspects and stunts.
@linksassin There are so many great safety/coordination/calibration tools out there now.
But most of them are still super awkward to integrate into online play outside of (for me) needlessly complex tables like Roll20.
@BESW Some people just put everything on the "map": app.roll20.net/forum/post/2707515/…
But yeah, I could see only using Roll20 for Fate if it's what your group regularly uses for gaming and you're used to it.
@PeterCooperJr. I'm responding to RedRiderX's mention of fari.app.
@BESW Oh, sorry. I misunderstood.
12:34 AM
@BESW Ah true, looks like it's not a total solution.
> It facilitates describing scenes, keeping an eye on the characters and their fate points, tracking aspects.
Morning all!
Yeah seems like it's mainly for initiative, rolls, and jotting down aspects.
I know @doppelgreener had plans for a bare-bones Fate interface some years ago, but I think they've moved on since.
@Ben Morning
How goes the day
12:35 AM
@BESW oooh, nice
@Ben Pretty good. Yourself? Hope you're not too disappointed about the election.
@V2Blast Yeah. You can put safety emojis in Discord servers but it's... not the same?
@linksassin nah, can't be upset with the results :)
I'm pretty good, today's going to be pretty boring haha. Just going through my timesheets for the last two weeks for work, and working on the Corruption system :)
So far, I see me, @Rubiksmoose, @RedRiderX, @V2Blast, @Glazius, and maybe @BESW interested in playing a Fate (Accelerated?) one-shot. with maybe Glazius, BESW, or me GMing depending on a variety of factors. In my experience the only way to get from "Hmm, yeah that sounds like fun" to a game actually happening would be somebody setting up a time and just seeing who shows up. Glazius, if you're GM ("It's Not My Fault" sounds fun to me) what day/time slots would work for you?
12:43 AM
@linksassin I'll admit I was a little anxious to see the results though, seems I was more invested than I initially realised :D
I'm in Eastern Time, I always forget how that goes to GMT. It's 4 hours ahead because of daylight savings? So I'm clear Friday 2100GMT through Sunday 2011GMT, mostly. Still working from home.
@Glazius That system for setting up a premise reminds me of Fiasco.
Yeah, it takes most of the bite out of character creation.
@Glazius Yeah if you're using EDT it's UTC-4 time.is/New_York#time_zone
@BESW that's accurate
12:54 AM
@doppelgreener Fari has a lot of similar elements to what you had in mind, I think.
Maybe once I get some Brain Issues(tm) treated I'll see if I'll work on that.
@BESW So it does!
That's real neat
I am relieved it has the Good versions of the things I had in mind
It's incomplete as it doesn't support PC sheets, or stunts, but what's there seems solid.
(also that dice-rolling animation goes on for just a bit too long.)
for a while i wanted to make something like power2ool and then realised that was just a horribly wrong approach, simulating things in all the right ways but also all the wrong ways at the same time
i.e. simulate a physical tabletop space people pan around, with people with smaller monitors having simply less of a panning view
that design was terrible and leveraged the possibilities of an online platform poorly by simulating facets of the tabletop experience that should not be simulated online for this purpose
they're leveraging the platform well
1:39 AM
@linksassin @Someone_Evil Looking good in blue
@KorvinStarmast It matches my eyes :)
2:32 AM
Q: Is the additional target damage on Green-flame blade extra or is it also doubled on a critical hit?

RorpI'm thinking of a concept of a spellcaster that can go as a melee character from the moment I re-read the "blades" cantrip (Green-Flame Blade and Booming Blade), and realize that they can deal a lot of damage. Long story short, it turns out that I re-read the Assassin subclass, and think about ho...

@PeterCooperJr. I'm also in EDT. Currently busy Monday night every other week, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons weekly, Friday afternoons every other week, and late Sunday night every week. Free the rest of the time.
2:57 AM
Q: I'm a DM and I want a hiatus but don't know how to tell my players

Emily IversonSo I started DMing before this pandemic and I loved it, however the swap to online has been extremely rough and every session I am extremely stressed out to the point where I lose sleep and am picking up some of my old bad habits. I want to put the campaign on hiatus, but all the players have p...

No fair selling Hannibal a backpack nuke.
3 hours later…
5:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer (439): What happens if a caster is surprised while casting a spell with a long casting time? by Miss Jessica55 on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
6:39 AM
Q: How to determine the reason for unconsciousness?

Greenstone WalkerCan visual inspection tell the reason a creature is unconscious? Is there a difference between a creature that is sleeping normally, sleeping magically, or unconscious due to dropping to 0 HP? Does a stable creature at 0 HP look or behave different to an unstable one? This came up in game last n...

@Joshua The guy with the elephants, or the guy from the A-Team?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad ip for hostname in body, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted username, blacklisted website in body, +2 more (485): Is Regional College of Management Bangalore for an MBA a good college for placements? by revathinair on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
5 hours later…
12:11 PM
@nitsua60 I missed this! Congrats to all the new mods. I'm happy to give pointers if anyone wants them
12:53 PM
@Adeptus yes.
1:09 PM
Big big big congrats to @linksassin and @Someone_Evil!!
And @Ben Thank you for running!
@Ben should have tried walking, instead.
Today's dose of irony: getting the tag badge for telling someone how not to.
@nitsua60 hehe :) You deleted my +1 comment! :)
@NautArch Aaaaactually, I didn't.
@nitsua60 mmmhmmm :P
well, my players are finally learning not to just kill everything.
1:20 PM
They said it couldn't be done
@NautArch You're just going to have to run for mod next time, so you can see the truth yourself =)
@nitsua60 uhuh
@NautArch Was it the adherer-rustmonster-disenchanter combo that did it?
@nitsua60 It was the heavy-handed hint when they talked with the woman that gave them the mission. They had let a couple of big monsters go and told her and she commended them.
But i'm going to give them so nice things when they get their long rest. THe pace of this thing is crazy.
and then last night, they (after a few continued to attack) let the Deva go rampaging.
TO be fair, they were trying for awhile, but kept failing the DC 15 check.
@nitsua60 although, to be honest, i like to try and promote personal experience supported answers and call it out for others so was kinda bummed to see it go away.
1:49 PM
I say, [incomprehensible screeching] good fellow!
@Ben Self-portrait? ;-)
Haha. One of those "self observation" portraits :p
I may be as mad as one of the children of Cthulhu, but I look good doing it ;)
@Ben mad nuts, mad angry or mad passionate about something?
And if you say 'Yes' we're gonna fight. :p
@JohnP Yes
I said it for you @ben
/me whaps @AncientSwordRage with a large smelly mackeral
yeah, lame IRC chat references. That's all I got this morning.
hrm. I never realized that 'IRC chat' is redundant.
2:01 PM
@JohnP To be clear, this should be Internet Relay IRC Chat
2:12 PM
@NautArch Yeah--I tend to leave things like those around. I figure if a high-rep/notable user is taking a moment to point out something they think voters should consider, it's worth living on. (Esp. when upvoted.)
1 hour later…
3:13 PM
Is this question salvageable?
Q: How do I run an adventure with the party in competition with an NPC party in a race for the MacGuffin?

Ginger McMurrayHoping for advice: I'm looking at the next leg of our campaign being a "race for the MacGuffin" scenario. The PCs (Rolemaster) have been chasing an evil sorceress for a while now. I want to let them catch up but put them in a position where they can't actually kill her. She's working for someone...

@goodguy5 I think so. Though I don't know the rolemaster system so I'm not sure if I'm qualified to judge.
I know how I would answer it if it were in a system I knew though.
If we steer them away from asking for resources and just to focus on the problem I'm sure we have users with the experience to answer the question.
Q: FAQ Proposal Index

linksassinWe have a great FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag to their question, then at some point in the future once the post is mature a mod will add the faq tag to it. This g...

3:29 PM
@TheOracle The question is whether we add the FAQ Proposal Index to the FAQ
@NautArch Ah... that ones on me. Good start hey? 1 flag, 1 mistake. I've now undeleted it, got a little overexcited handling my first flag. My gut said it was useful but my brain went "a +1 comment is a +1 comment" and removed it.
@Medix2 I was debating exactly the same thing. Currently I think if this approach sticks is might be worth it, but not right now.
@linksassin What I've found helpful in those cases is to take a step back and consider it. If you took out the "+1", would the comment still be helpful? If so, then it can stay. If you really object to the +1, you can always edit that out of the comment and let the rest stand.
@JohnP Yeah, TBH I think it was mostly nerves about the first flag. Now that's out of the way. At least it was user that can understand.
3:47 PM
@MarkWells Anything specific about it?
@Someone_Evil It seems to be an exploration of the inherent tragedy of leveling up.
@linksassin no worries!
Like, the only way I can see this ending is that the wizard finally reaches the point where he can cast off his feeble humanity and reveal his true form, and then the Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack starts up and the rest of the party has to fight him, and the whole thing is a metaphor for growing up and losing touch with your family, or for transhumanism, or something.
@MarkWells That, or they fight an enemy with dispel magic and they fall out of the sky.
@linksassin Like Icarus! Because it's a tragedy about hubris!
3:57 PM
@linksassin That's ok. Nobody really likes @NautArch anyway. :p
@JohnP he's an idiot.
@JohnP I'll say for the record that I like @NautArch. And I don't like anything.
@MarkWells Meh, he means well.
I wonder if I could finish Linux+, Security+ and CSCS certification in 6 months...
1 hour later…
5:22 PM
@linksassin Are you able to delete any +1? Not just ones in comments? Like those ones that show up on the left side of most of the posts?
5:37 PM
@GcL Serious? Or sarcasm?
5:55 PM
My boss tried to say "oh, you were on morning shift today"

But she forgot the 'f' in chat.
And I immediately screenshotted it and posted in chat and we all had a hardy laugh
huh, so it is
6:19 PM
@JohnP Sarcasm. A site of only down votes!
@goodguy5 We call that "poopin' on the clock"
1 hour later…
7:25 PM
@MarkWells awww shucks.
@NautArch That could also be translated as he dislikes you a little less than everything else. :D :D
@NautArch - Just to be clear, I'm teasing. I think you're actually a pretty cool person.
7:50 PM
@GcL This intrigues me as a possible solution to SE's crippling inability to unlearn things.
@JohnP that's a win!
@JohnP I'm no martial arts expert, tho
trying to find, at my 8 year old's request, a 'fighting game' for PC. That's similar to Gang Beasts/Human fall flat and/or the fighting in lego games.
i'm totally lost.
@MarkWells I know. People are the worst.
@NautArch Minecraft Dungeons?
@NautArch I don't know fighting games, but there are quite a few similar listed if you search for "fighting games like gang beast"
@JohnP /facepalm
Alternatively, I've had good luck at Game Stop going in and saying "I liked this and hated that, what's similar that I would like in genre X?"
My fighting games tend to be a little more...immersive and 3d. :p
7:55 PM
@NautArch Does it have to be PvP and online? I liked Castle Crashers and still have that installed.
Hrm. "Install allen bolt to wrench with chair arm and tighten seat". I'm guessing that wasn't English originally.
@GcL I don't think so. local multiplayer is a big plus, though.
like huge. he has a sister.
@NautArch I have Shank2, but haven't played it. A friend recommended it to me as we loved Double Dragon when we were younger.... like... a lot younger.
Castle Crashers is local co-op. Kinda slap stick.
@GcL that sort of looks smashbros style, is it? He isn't intrested in that (thankfully for me)
@NautArch My nieces play gang beasts on the xbox.... and that looked very smash brothers to me.
7:59 PM
it doesn't have the constant craziness of animations
Castle crashers and Shank2 are side scroller whack everything kind of games.
pummel party looks interesting
nevermind, too bloody
but showed him the castle crashers video and he's in
thanks @GcL!
Okay: watched The Witcher on Netflix. Really liked it. Ripped through first six books in the last couple of weeks, really liked them. (A couple more are on the way.) Curious about the games: is it worth grabbing one? All? Should I just jump in with 3 or go back and start at the first?
8:16 PM
@nitsua60 Witcher III is the best of the group. Witcher I was good, but the gameplay is very dated and kinda clunky. Still worth it if you want to play the entire series, though. (Kinda like mass effect). Witcher II is good as well. All three can be played standalone. The open world in III is astounding, and the side quests are fairly seamless as well.
@nitsua60 still haven't seen it :( Also haven't seen season two of lost in space or the last agetns of shield. i'm way behind on tv.
@nitsua60 I didn't play Witcher 1, but started with the franchise with Witcher 2. Really liked it, tried to find all the witcher books I could, and Witcher 3 is the only game i've ever replayed.
Witcher II followed by III is what I'd say, and then I if you really want to do all of them in a series.
I've replayed Mass Effect, Witcher and Dragon Age. Dragon age is another good game series.
And the gamestate from Witcher 2 will pass to witcher 3.
@NautArch (Don't worry about 'behind on TV.' I've still got The Sopranos on my watchlist.)
I only played the last mass effect and liked it, but didn't absolutely love it.
the mechanics are fun, but it's really on rails.
which isn't a bad thing, just not the same thing
8:21 PM
@JohnP Cool. I may look into that.
haven't tried dragon age yet
@nitsua60 heh, either have i
(Then again, I'm also supposedly going to build a patio....)
(And finish shelving a couple-hundred more books....)
(And produce a podcast....)
(And occasionally do my job....)
@NautArch Dragon age is cool in that if you want to play the last one (Inquisition) you can go into a web interface and set up conditions as if you had played the first ones (This character is alive, that one is dead, I made choice D, etc)
8:37 PM
@GcL Lots body parts around even though I turned off gore
also, in a recent search for waterguns for the summer...i found this.
8:50 PM
@NautArch I'll always be a lifelong devotee of my ca. 1992 load-out: a Super Soaker 50, three full spare tanks on a bandoleer, and one of those little dollar-at-the-register trigger-pumped pistols in each pocket.
@nitsua60 dang
Never had a supersoaker as a kid.
@NautArch I spent... [does math] maybe sixteen summers variously as a camp counselor or waterfront director. It's good to have the old kit stashed in the back of a closet =)
My camp memories are of the homemade watergubs with the surgical tubing(?) And the open part of a pen.
@NautArch Looks battery powered. My experience that battery powered was bad for squirt guns. My super soakers got a lot of abuse and went in and out of lakes and pools.
What camp were you at? I spent a couple summers as a counselor at a private camp in upstate new york.
8:56 PM
Cracked case or handle didn't bother them. Squirt guns with batteries didn't live very long.
@nitsua60 The story in the games is told in a strange way. Witcher III is most direct, and the story is closest to what you see in season 1 of the show.
Also Witcher III is just really, really good.
Although Witcher III does often allude to characters and events from the prior games, so if you jump into III without any background info, there will be many moments of "Wait, who is this guy? How does Geralt know them?". Because by WIII, Geralt knows everybody.
@MikeQ and everyone knows the butcher of blaviken
9:20 PM
So...that was an interesting rabbit hole.
Started out with trying to download and compile angband on the dual boot laptop I just installed ubuntu on. Ended with reinstalling Raspbian on my raspberry pu with Plex media server.
@JohnP i prefer emby
hrm. Could be cool.
@JohnP It's got a really nice interface. Has a docker if you use those things.
@NautArch Not looking forward to ripping all my media down to files, but gonna have to be done eventually.
Does it support file sharing ala Kodi/xmbc? Or is it entirely self contained?
@JohnP I ripped it so long ago that my quality isn't great.
@JohnP There's an emby app from kodi, but pretty sure it's all shareable
pretty easy setup, too
I switched to it after windows media center was killed
9:31 PM
I'll have to look at it. I just finished the install, haven't activated anything.
<pours some out for WMC>
I'm trying to improve my linux skills. Hence the odd rabbit hole.
oh that reminds me, I need to set up raspbian to run headless.
@A.B. no monitor
@A.B. No monitor, keyboard or mouse. Access through SSH, so that you can tuck it away somewhere and remotely control.
10:28 PM
Ah. Interesting. What are you using it for?
10:40 PM
Q: In what ways are high level martial characters better than a high level spellcaster with True Polymorph?

VigilI am a DM running a high-level campaign. My group has recently leveled up to 17, and one of the casters has taken True Polymorph. They have stated their intent to turn into the most powerful kind of dragon allowed by the spell, and use it in combat. I am worried that the martial classes (Paladin &

11:07 PM
Can I get some help with an Anydice analysis?
I can at least give it a go, what do you need?
Opposed rolls of 1d6 vs 4d6, compare highest rolled number on each side and the highest wins.
I wanna know just how much more often the 4d6 side is gonna roll higher.
about 87% of the time unless I mucked something up
(I'm working on a mechanic where the closer you are to losing, the more dice you roll but with fewer riders attached to the outcome.)
11:26 PM
"Riders" here meaning "what you get when you succeed"?
Q: How do I run an adventure with the party in competition with an NPC party in a race for the MacGuffin?

Ginger McMurrayI'm looking at the next leg of our campaign being a "race for the MacGuffin" scenario. The PCs (Rolemaster) have been chasing an evil sorceress for a while now. She is currently on her own but will have the help of some hired guns by the time the PCs catch up to her. I want to let them catch up b...

@A.B. I use mine for an unraid backup.

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