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12:28 AM
Morning all
So our group is deciding how/if we are going to to continue our monday night games remotely, and apparently, among the newer generation, Zoom is the new discord
Noooope don't use Zoom nope nope nope.
I already know this. I've had to use it for business, and thankfully all we've used it for is voice/video meetings
I also suggested Teams, as a joke. "Well, since you're suggesting Zoom, why don't we use Teams?"
Somebody suggested a prayer meeting over Zoom in lieu of the community being able to attend my dad's funeral, and... you do that, I'll be over here NOT using the software that saw no problem with leaving security loopholes on my computer that needed third-party software to remove.
12:38 AM
<insert "the problem with digital native narratives" rant here>
Well, this is satisfying:
@BESW New Challenge, Get one gold badge, and 2 bronze badges, without earning rep
The Bestiarum Geondica by Highland Paranormal Society. A crowdsourced collection of randomly generated creatures and the descriptions written for them by people on Twitter.
@DuncanRager Hi!
12:59 AM
@Helwar I suggest Mountain Dwarf Fighter for that array.
Yeah I'm not really interested in playing a Dwarf tho... I was debating between half-orc or dragonborn
Ok, lemme re evaluate. I like Half Orc Barbarian for that one, or Half Orc Champion like the one I played.
[17,15,12,11,9,8] hmmm
17 Str, 15 Con, 12 Dex, figure out the rest
Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.
for brutal critical + crits at 19?
Con 18 Str 17
yes, for that. :)
I don;t know why, and I know it's not relevant, but I've been playing Diablo 3 with my GF in the new season. I'm playing a Templar and he has quickly evolved into a Lightning Templar.
1:04 AM
At level 4 boos str by 1 and wis by 1
@Ben yeah, that's fun. I am running a Barb Lady, can't decide on Leap or Whirlwind or what ... still mulling.
Pretty much all of my equipment boosts or creates lightning damage, my skills are all lightning based.
So my GF just follows the lightning when she's trying to find me haha
@Ben Go all elemental all the time
yeah I'ts I think I always felt meh about the Crusader.... I like the idea of a meaty tank in the frontline, but it's always superior to focus on casting magic and not letting them come close
@Helwar There's a set and a legendary that let's one go nuts with blessed shield.
Been a few seasons since I did that. Use the cube to apply it in the background.
@KorvinStarmast the missus is playing Barb lady and went with Whirlwind. Spin to Win
1:06 AM
Whirly Barb is fine since Diablo II. :)
When I got the one that threw meteors every few seconds I think I peaked
haven't played much since :P
Twenty Years of Twisting the night away
@Helwar That was fun too but it made my video card choke
I started out with Barb, tried a bit of wizard (gave up a bit too early), fell in love with necromancer and now I'm really enjoying my Lightning Templar.
His name is Tom
@KorvinStarmast My gf's lady barb is called "SnuSnu"
Death by SnuSnu
@Helwar I have a minion Necromancer. It does that job very well
Anyway, sorry to interrupt @Korvin
With these kinds of games I always feel cheated. They advertise "destroy demons your way", until your way, o the way you find enjoying, isn't effective at all so you have to fall on the op builds
@Helwar Well, maybe you'd like my Diablo D&D game :P
Which is currently nowhere near done.
1:15 AM
#LLKoM #DungoensAndDiablo @BESW
you summoned him!
@BESW Lol nothing. Was just making a bad joke about how the things I want to finish have gone to die :P
@Helwar It's kind of hit and miss. I've found it to be most reliable with BESW, but I can sort of do it with @trogdor, @MikeQ, and for a while I was pretty good at summoning @doppelgreener too
@doppelgreener liked the high fives
@Ben I wanna get back to it, but it's just not the right shape for my brain right now.
I've been trying to publish one TRPG thing every month this year, but obviously March kinda got filled up with other stuff.
1:22 AM
@BESW Yeah I know the feeling. I'd just set up to get back in to it then everything got turned upside down again haha
Whenever I sit down with LLKoM to redesign it, it tries to become an overly complex and finely-tuned card game of all things and just. No.
I saw a post: "It's amazing to think that I've been alive in 5 different decades now... 1990s, 2000s, 2010, 2020s... March"
@BESW hahaha
@Ben I feel this in my bones.
My bones brittle from early-onset old age.
I'm 34.... how can I be?... doesn't make snese xD
1:25 AM
@Helwar Super Nintendo Entertainment System Experience
...................... *sense
So I just recently discovered this guy
They are great cos they're not really about anything specifically, just... life experience
And they are great
how cute
@Ben hmm?
I'm a lackluster genie, I see XD
1:41 AM
"Lackluster Genie" would be a good name for a band, though.
You should write that down
a peek behind the veil is, I am usually doing something but also in the chat when I'm awake
so if I get pinged I might or might not notice it at the time
but when I come up for air from doing something I usually give a look to my chat tabs and stuff XD
That just put an image in my brain.
A calm surface of the water, then a turtle head pops out for air, and as it's nose pokes out of the water, a tablet/phone descends. Then turtle then taps a few things, checks a couple other things, then the phone floats away, and the turtle submerges again
1:54 AM
@Ben how did you get a video of me? :P
Quietly, so as not to frighten you
anyway, yeah that is basically how it works, if I am actually paying attention I show up immediately, if not,... usually I show up but I'm late
that is basically my life XD
@Ben Hate you, now I'm watching all his videos
@Helwar Ikr. I did the same XD
Spiders are weak to doors, apparently
2:00 AM
Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, door beats spider
2 hours later…
4:21 AM
@BESW I don't see a big problem with those admin settings (after I checked the FAQ and confirmed that "admins" are basically account owners - ie, someone within your organisation, probably IT support - and not Zoom employees). If you're using a private account, nobody can snoop on you (apart from the host seeing if you're actually watching or not).
4:38 AM
First, it's set up to spy on you unless you tell it not to, which is a major locus of control violation.
And second, they've got a REALLY BAD track record that makes me distrust their interest in, and ability to, use their security controls responsibly with appropriate oversight.
We're talking about a company whose "uninstall" function left significant portions of their program still installed and active in ways that made it a backdoor into the systems of any user who thought the program was removed cleanly, and when this was brought to their attention publicly they didn't take appropriate measures to fix the problem and focused on downplaying its severity while letting third-party services handle the actual fixes.
They say they've cleaned up since then, but I'mo give them a side-eye because their protests now sound very much like their protests then.
Yeah, that's pretty bad... I was basing my comments purely on the link you posted
Hey, they just removed the code from their android app that sent meeting metadata on to facebook. /S
(The zero-day bug was reported to them in March last year, and then revealed publicly in July and Zoom's response was basically "Hey, no fair tattling.")
And a lot of their "features" are very abusable nanny-monitoring with little to no oversight, accountability, or even notification.
Here's Forbes trying to blame users for not using Zoom properly because why should a business magazine understand the ethics of locus of control?
4:54 AM
Q: Passive check and Gelatinous Cube Transparent traits

ordiSince Gelatinous Cube have the transparent trait, do you need to do an action perception check to spot it or you could use your passive perception? Transparent trait: Even when the cube is in plain sight, it takes a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check to spot a cube that has neither mo...

5:45 AM
@BESW That's like that ageing app that was released a while ago. It was in their T&Cs that they could basically control your account(s) if you posted the photos to social media
"Hey, we stated it in our T&Cs. That's your fault"
I don't think Zoom is actively malicious like that, which is arguably even more dangerous.
I think they're just kinda inept and more concerned with appearing competent than actually being competent.
I mean, yeah... Kinda "potato-tomato"
Sounds the same, functions differently
But yeah, everybody should also be suuuper sus about any app whose primary user interaction is "show us a photo of your face and give us access to your social media accounts."
If it's not actively malicious, it's still a target for malicious intent by third parties. Which is why Zoom's history of bad security and lax responses to being told about their bad security, is A Bad Look.
6:13 AM
I have a really good story about salamanders but it only works in Finnish :(
Tell it anyway!
6 hours later…
12:00 PM
@Ben that's so cute and so so awesome
Apr 25 '17 at 9:46, by BESW
> Mind Frog. You can use Athletics to defend against or overcome mental opposition.
@BESW I do not mind frog but I prefer chicken
> Power Word: Gill. Once per session you can grant the ability to breathe in water to any number of creatures within your zone. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.
> Fly. You summon a fly and eat it. Prerequisite: Mind Frog
> Power Word. For when you're not sure whether you need a WYSIWYG text editor or a slide presentation.
12:12 PM
@kviiri [groan]
> Detect Flies. You get +2 when using Perception to find insects, and you get an extra boost whenever you succeed.
> Prestiribbitation. You can perform small magic tricks while you have access to a frog.
> Telepathic Pond. You can use Rapport to communicate with small bodies of water.
> Power Word: Krill. Once per session you can feed any number of whales. This effect lasts until the whales finish their meal.
> Speak with Animals. Let's you talk with animals. (They might not understand you though.)
> Power Word: Sun. Once per session you can reduce the severity of a consequence by one slot if you spend an entire scene doing nothing but basking on a rock.
12:19 PM
> Pike. You wield a pike as a melee weapon. It doesn't like you for it.
> Raise Head. You can get +4 on Perception results after you roll, if you let the GM place the boost 'easy target' on you.
Recommendation question: My friend (& recurring GM) is looking into 2-player games to get his wife into tabletop rpgs. She tried and disliked campaigns with crunchy d20 rulesystems, but may be interested in something rules-light with mystery components.
13 hours ago, by BESW
Solos & Duets. A bundle of one-player (and a couple two-player) tabletop rpgs & larps, hosted by Lucian Kahn (@oh_theogony) with content from anna anthropy, astrolingus, jeeyonshim, Lucian Kahn (@oh_theogony), Meguey & Vincent Baker, et al.
I've suggested Gumshoe 1-2-1 and Cthulhu Confidential so far, but I've played neither
@kviiri Should probably be Speak to Animals.
12:23 PM
Jan 13 at 22:49, by BESW
Robert Angus of Lark Brigade has collected every single-player physical game and every two-player physical game on itch.io.
Jan 5 at 21:52, by BESW
Just the Two of Us Jam, hosted by Speak the Sky. This is a jam for 2-player tabletop roleplaying games, though interactive fiction, bitsy games, and similar digital games are also welcome as long as they're designed for two!
Hmm. As much as I'd like to give them a massive list of possible games to investigate, I was kinda hoping for experience-backed recommendations
Two-player mystery, eh.
I'll reach out.
If it helps narrow down the selections, she prefers modern and/or scifi, but not fantasy or supernatural. And probably nothing with TWs.
I've run Aeon Wave for one player without much trouble.
@trogdor can speak to the other side of that experience.
yeah it was fun
I didn't have any problems
12:39 PM
@BESW @trogdor Considering that it's for fate core, would it translate well to fate accelerated?
It'd take some effort to translate the character sheets smoothly, but yeah.
@MikeQ That's a winner, and it's creating far more food than most food production spells. :-)
@kviiri I already do this with my dogs. They are patient with me, waiting for me to learn how to properly bark.
yeah I think it would take some effort for sure
it assumes fate core
but I doubt at all that it would be impossible at least
For anyone who has run D&D 5e: I believe a friend of mine and his adult son will be playing a catch up session before the usual group game Thursday night. Does anyone have a decent two PC adventure for level 1, 0 XP characters. (I can wing something but if you've found or done something that was fun (and light hearted) I'd be grateful. @MikeQ how did your recent starter adventure in the store work out? Do you think it would work with just two PCs?
12:49 PM
@KorvinStarmast what level are you trying to get them to? Or is this less adventure and more encounter?
@KorvinStarmast It was okay but not particularly good. Felt more railroady than intended, since it's an event-based scenario. Definitely does not grasp the heroic aspect of heroic fantasy, if that's what interests the players. I will not run it again.
@MikeQ Part of my problem with recs is that most of my experience with twosies/duets is with Troggy, and we love playing together but when it's just us nothing works.
...I've done Roll For Shoes successfully with just one person, but somehow I don't think that helps.
@KorvinStarmast For a 2 PC adventure I will suggest what I did for my first time DMing, which was a buddy cop scenario based on various film & tv references
@NautArch Not trying to get them up a level. If they end up with 100-150 XP when it's over that's sufficient. The setting begins in a town after a wake: a VIP died and the rest of the party were looking into why when they ran into a dangerous encounter. If you've run something for a twosome "just starting out" yeah.
@MikeQ Cool, that's a neat idea. One of the PCs is a Monk, the other is .... he'll tell me tonight.
They must be LN ("straight shooter") and CG ("loose cannon")
12:54 PM
@MikeQ Yeah. hehehe. Bad Boys ... :)
Now I know the music I'll have on in the background.
Memory's a bit fuzzy, as 5e was new at the time, but I think the premise was an abridged version of Lethal Weapon
1:09 PM
@KorvinStarmast In my no-longer-active homebrew campaign, the first encounter was in a town square where a couple of skulks were skulking about. Gave a good intro to invisible mechanics as well as some opportunity for roleplay prior.
1:26 PM
@MikeQ OK, Murtaugh and Riggs.
@NautArch Hmmm, skulks. That has some potential given that they are in town ...
@KorvinStarmast and a potential plot hook for later (who summoned them and why?)
There is a later story tie in with undead, but I am not sure of laying a Death Dog on them right off the bat. Or zombies...
Yeah, lemme think about skulks for a moment, that seems like a good tie in, and there is a local cleric if things go horribly wrong ...
@KorvinStarmast They did fairly well against htem and the second encounter in the day was a group of smoke mephits(industrial waste) in an alley. They fell for the dancing lights like good PCs :P
Morning team
@goodguy5 how yous doing?
1:32 PM
not terrible. I miss my stuff, though (stuff = things I do regularly out in the real world)
And this one co-worker I have keeps forgetting how to do certain tasks and it's starting to make me concerned that she's going to get fired.
2:11 PM
Hello there!
Anyone know where I would go to ask question about Religeon
I thought we had a religion stack
There are also religion-specific stacks, depending on which religion
2:16 PM
ah, yea. which one?
Hm. Apparently there's no stack for that one? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/336954/…
hmm, there should be
or at least a stack for "other religions"
maybe reddit?
Q: Why not have religion.stackexchange.com instead of Christianity/Judaism/Biblical Hermeneutics?

Jane PandaFrom a categorization perspective, I feel creating particular sites for each aspect of religion eats up needless room, and spreads the religious answers thinner than they need be. I'm not going to exaggerate and bring up every minority religion's lack of representation, and every biblical text, b...

2:19 PM
I can't do reddit. My laptop doesn't work for it.
Your browser can't render reddit properly?
@MikeQ I'd guess a work laptop XD
home laptop
my mom never took the restriction off
Ah ok.
i moved out 17 years ago
2:22 PM
And you can't remove the restriction?
At the very least you could do a clean windows install
Yeah, seems kinda unusual to use the same laptop installation for the past 17 years. They're not built to last that long, at least without cleaning.
anyways, how is everyone?
Doing about as well as can be expected. Enjoying the high points of working from home.
How about you?
2:29 PM
I had to break into my kids school because they left something they needed for e-learning
We probably shouldn't be talking about breaking and entering here.
@Rubiksmoose Sadly, my wife turned on the oven when I still had my sourdough starter inside it (to help keep it warmer than the house).
killed it 3 days into the process :(
starting over today.
@NautArch oh no!
I actually started my starter yesterday!
@NautArch It was just a child!
@Rubiksmoose nice! Are you using that Joshua Weissman recipe i posted?
the police (basically) wired me to make sure I behaved
helo person who entered the room
2:34 PM
@NautArch I missed that you posted one! I'm using a recipe from Zingerman's bread book (a local place near here which has amazing breads everything).
@Rubiksmoose oh, i know the zingermans!
One of the kids was friends with a buddy of mine in brooklyn.
@NautArch oh! What a small world. :)
Mo, of Mo's Bacon Bar
That, and zingermans is pretty awesome in general.
It truly is. My first time doing sourdough. So I'm hopeful! I've had poor luck with bread in general though lol
Warforged named Tony Stark
2:38 PM
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Seems very appropriate
say that the crossbow is buit in and the wings of flying is a built in jet pack
@Rubiksmoose I've never really baked or done much baking. But this seems like a good time to start, and I freaking love bread. This is just pretty simple chemistry, so I figure if I follow the directions, it'll work.
@NautArch Fingers crossed! (I'm in the same boat basically, only a couple attempts in the past). Nothing is quite as good as freshly home-baked bread.
@Rubiksmoose I'm crazy excited and crazy bummed I'm delaying it another week.
@NautArch :'( Hopefully waiting will be the hardest part!
I'm a bit worried mine got too cold last night...
2:48 PM
@Rubiksmoose the oven trick did it for me (just beware of using the oven!)
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Hilariously enough, I may be joining a campaign this week and here's the brainstorming session I had with the DM: the party doesn't have any casters, so I think I want to roll up an Artificer. The party will be going into a gnoll cave and my character may be one of the prisoners.
I only realized this morning that this is literally the plot for Iron Man.
Q: Is Faerie Fire dispelled by the Darkness spell?

Jamie WattsWhile playing Dnd 5e tonight, I had a small party of players in a room with Darklings in which Darkness had been cast in two locations in the room. It was very dark and the players initially were getting pummeled by the Darklings. The reason Darkness had been cast in the room was because Darkling...

3:10 PM
@NautArch I am, except I'm just eyeballing the measurements despite his insistence that differences of 15g are important.
Oh, and I'm using different flours--just what I had on hand.
@nitsua60 I think as long as you've got unbleached, that's the big one.
So, I guess, "I'm not" would be a more-accurate answer?
I'm using the video you linked as a source of a couple of pictures of what starter should look like on various days =)
@nitsua60 i think the big sign is that's it's rising and falling each day.
Day 1 saw basically no activity. Day 2 saw some, and day 3 was very active.
mine didn't rise after being in a 240 degree oven.
3:12 PM
Then my stir yesterday smelled so strong/pungent that it turned my stomach. Not sure if that's right....
@NautArch That's a little too warm?
@nitsua60 juuuust a bit
@nitsua60 day 1, no activity for me lol
@NautArch Link to your recipe?
(too lazy to search)
Greetings programs.
Amish friendship bread. Good stuff.
Someone gave us some of that stuff when we moved to this town. I didn't appreciate being given a chore, and have never really warmed back up to the idea =\
3:21 PM
@NautArch So much more liquid than my recipe starts with!
Given a chore? Oh, the passing it along? Eh, I just freeze the starter and use it later for myself.
3:32 PM
Is there something further that is unclear about this question?
@nitsua60 Well, think of it as a pet that can make yummy bread from time to time!
@Rubiksmoose How are they determining 5' square? Is it unlimited vertical? How are the creatures ending up in the space without choosing to do so to bypass the can't end turn in someone else's space? If it's "whatever way you want", then how many rounds do we have to do this?
Personally, I think taking this out of game-rules and asking purely theoretically makes more sense.
@NautArch Aren't the answers to the first two actually answers to the question itself? If the rules don't specify then an answer should take that into account, and if they do then that is almost certainly what they are asking.
@Rubiksmoose I don't think so, because the bounds for the question should be set by the asker and not determined by the answerers.
I suppose it isn't unreasonable to ask, but supposing they say "whatever the rules say" I would think that would be enough.
Personally anyways.
3:39 PM
@Rubiksmoose then they have to define how many rounds they want it to take. If it's "whateer you want", then there really isn't a bar to measure answers against.
@NautArch I read the question as saying, "at the end of any given combat turn, what is the maximum number of creatures you can have in the same 5 foot square?"
Which implies any number of turns of prep should be fine. Does that make it unclear?
@Rubiksmoose If that is what they are in fact asking, then they could state that. That would clarify that bit for me. But understanding if they are looking at this at 5'x5'x5' or something else I think would also help.
I mean. coming at this from the other side, the answers are either 2 or infinite.
@Rubiksmoose yup, i generally agree with that.
so it's kind of silly, but folks can ask what they want
We'll see if they come back at all.
I suspect that there are clever ways to get something in between 2 and infinity though.
(possession maybe? gaseous form?)
3:53 PM
@NautArch I never realized that levitate even when cast on yourself is limited to a 60-foot sphere
You could use true polymorph ending, gaseous form, swallow-chaining (if that's a thing), and couldn't you just use Tiny creatures?
@Medix2 Swallow chaining sounds like some sort of pro Super Smash Bros. tech lol
@Medix2 I forget, is there any allowance for tiny creature to be able to share space?
@Medix2 Yeah, I use levitate a bunch with my now-dead wizard. Made keeping someone floating a bit more dangerous as I had to stay in range.
@Rubiksmoose not by choice. rules around them more easily passing through spaces.
But if their movement was abruptly stopped...
I definitely think the question just needs more details and have asked for clarifications on the thing I felt were necessary for answers to not have to make lots of assumptions about what's being asked
Yeah I think the questions are good. I hope we get some clarification.
@Rubiksmoose yup, which is why i didn't downvote, but closed for more details.
4:08 PM
Now I want to ask whether a caster using levitate on themself is limited to going 60 feet in the air...
@Medix2 may be a good question. I think they can keep going up, because they remain range of themselves the whole time.
Is the range measured from the caster?
@goodguy5 - How is your web dev? Node.js, ASP, and some mobile? i.e. react, redux, etc?
Q: Is 20 feet the maximum altitude for the Levitate spell?

BenSo in my current game, I am playing as an Air Genasi, which gives me access to the Levitate spell (emphasis mine): One creature or object of your choice that you can see within range rises vertically, up to 20 feet, and remains suspended there for the duration. The spell can levitate a target...

Does that touch on it?
4:10 PM
@Rubiksmoose I don't think so because that basically just says the target must stay within range
Though, hmm, it seems like spell range is measured from the caster (or point-of-origin maybe) since witch bolt uses the same wording
I guess "the spell's range" just updates as the caster moves
hey this is a bit of a discussion so I figured it wouldn't be a good fit for the main site what are some good supernatural abilities that cl 4 or lower monsters have? It has to be an active like an attack or a buff. Basiccaly something I can see the monster use, My dm let me use blue mage from final fantasy d20 (an older version) and said I can start with 3 supernatural abilities of monsters with cl 4 or lower of my choice.
Hey, I had an idea for homebrew
Barbarian, Duck Totem
this is for pathfinder 1e
cr not cl
@MageintheBarrel For a comprehensive list, the advanced monster search (formerly on d20pfsrd) is here
Any supernatural ability of a CR 4 creature... that's easily exploitable
i'm pretty sure there is an unspoken "within reason there" my dm let me do this because he trusts me not to exploit or abuse it
so i won't
4:20 PM
Given everything we've learned about your DM, I'm unsure what counts as "within reason"
Hey @NautArch nice edit on that answer. made me laugh a bit.
let's choose something balanced with a 1st level spell that exists in official content
@RevenantBacon ha, thanks :) I tried to be a bit nicer in the original "generally not considered", but that left more room than I intended.
there's also the caveat that after that I don't learn spells the normal way and I have to run into a monster with the ability I want after that
@NautArch pun intended?
4:30 PM
i highly doubt he'd let me get away with death gaze for example
Death Gaze (Su) By using natural or magical light that illuminates it (meaning the eye killer must be within the radius covered by a natural or magical light source), an eye killer can amplify the light and refocus it in a line that functions as a death ray to a range of 50 feet. The eye killer must make a ranged touch attack against its target as a standard action. If successful, the creature struck must make succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or perish. Even if the save succeeds, the victim takes 3d6 points of damage. An eye k
but seriously paizo is really bad at giving appropriate cr to it's enemies
sunlight vulnerability is supposed to balance out instant death?
@Someone_Evil Ha! It wasn't intended!
@MageintheBarrel TIL there is a Final Fantasy d20... interesting :D
And they say DnD 4e plays too much like a JRPG or a MMORPG
there's even a webpage for it that acts sort of like an srd
a quick web search of "final fantasy d20" should help you find it
Yeah, I'm just checking. Wasn't exactly surprised to find that it's a fan project and not an official licensed work, although I guess Square might be interested in working something like for real
@KorvinStarmast They've really put an impressive amount of work in the 13TA Druid haven't they?
4:47 PM
My next dnd character: Thri-kreen Elementalist
It features my least-favorite druid trope where one is only powerful in their terrain of choice but at least it's optional.
@kviiri I didn't do a deep dive in druid, but the initial pass I took was "looks like a druid to me" (My first druid ever was an Eldritch Wizardry era (1977-78ish) druid who was the first one our group had ever seen.
@JohnP rusty. I was in it pretty deep about 4 years ago, but you know how all that tech stuff is.
has a rapid halflife
ok. Have a look here lmk if interested.
@MageintheBarrel to be fair, it can only death-ray once per day.
4:50 PM
im not a fan of druids, I prefer the Shaman
@JohnP Can you see the payscale on your side?
@KorvinStarmast The basic idea is that you choose three out of six druidish tropes: Animal Companion, Shapeshifting, Elemental Magic, Warrior Druid, Terrain Magic or Healer. Or pick one as initiate and one as adept, giving a much greater power in the twice-chosen school.
@goodguy5 No, I just happened to see it because an old martial arts buddy had the company on his profile.
hrm. okay. thanks. I'll look it over more thoroughly, but I'm doubtful
if you have a wizard burn a level one Summon Monster and then someone slaps a light on it and send it into the room with the eye killer, you can bait out it's 1/day eye ray
4:53 PM
@KorvinStarmast And each of those has about as much detail as a whole class of its own
@RevenantBacon I had a character that would always keep pigs and chickens on hand for easy trap triggers
@goodguy5 you and I, we're peas in a pod.
and most kinds of traps leave the body in tact
so.... food!
If it's an incendiary trap, all the better
I once played a wizard who didn't belive in magic. It was all just a coincidence
I played a character like that too! Not in D&D but still. Quite fun.
In my case he was a magician that did real magic by accident.
5:03 PM
@goodguy5 I love those kinds of traps
Especially the ones that leave them wriggling
*licks lips
@RevenantBacon oh i missed that
I played such a character in Call of Cthulhu. Stage magician who aimed to debunk all the eldritch horrors.
i'll have to ask my dm how he wants to handle supernatural abilities with a daily limit
Q: Does the Voice of the Chain Master invocation allow me to see through my familiar's senses without using an action?

Olivier GrégoireAfter reading this Sorlock guide and a further discussion in the comments about this topic, it's still unclear to me if the Voice of the Chain Master invocation lifts the requirement of spending an action to perceive through the familiar's senses. The relevant part of the find familiar spell say...

@kviiri Aah, that looks pretty good but also makes for a lot of before first session research and choices to be made.
5:09 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yep :D it's not a beginner class by a long shot
At least 13th Age explicitly grants permission to retrain ~everything
Heinsoo seems to come right out and say "We presume that you have already played D&D a bit before coming to this game" In more than one place. And as for retrain, I am going over the spell/song choices again since it seems that I need to or get to switch songs/spells any time I go up a level. Will check later.
@KorvinStarmast IIRC you get to pick songs and spells every full heal-up
Correction, spells only. Non-spell powers are every level.
@KorvinStarmast I wish someone'd run me a game, I'd like to take those Monk mechanics for a spin... I really like the idea of chaining together combos from different forms
If you can retrain everything, then why not retrain to become the dm
5:29 PM
Has anyone ever seen the 5e spell supplement Grimlor's Grimoire?
Grimlore's sorry
@MikeQ I want to not be the GM
Or well
I do want to GM too, but I'd like to try these classes out myself.
Maybe I should just try to live vicariously through my players' characters x)
@RandomDudeWithAKnife i haven't, but third party stuff I'm generally pretty wary about. I think the only third party content i've actually used has been the Tome of Beasts by Kobold.
@NautArch it is unfact balanced I belive
5:36 PM
wait, what?
@RandomDudeWithAKnife you can play around with virtual rolling dice in this room
5:37 PM
didn't work
@RandomDudeWithAKnife Please use the dice rolling room
5:52 PM
@kviiri Hmm, for some reason I need to have a spell, as I have taken two songs. Maybe I should just go for songs and not have a spell at first level. :p
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