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1:41 AM
@vicky_molokh Any time you're ready to confuse each other for half an hour followed by a few seconds of understanding let me know!
2:00 AM
Q: Can the Protection fighting style be used in this way?

Jamie WattsOne of the players in a party I DM is an Eldritch Knight and he uses "Protection " in every single battle. Here's what Protection is: Protection When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on t...

2:49 AM
@nitsua60 In a basement somewhere, there is an abandoned AI with the rudimentary goal of getting users to enter a password. However, the AI is not allowed to disclosed the password and can only give hints.
3:01 AM
Q: How should I handle a player attacking from the top of a tree?

JackThere is a player in my group whose character is developed around staying in trees, climbling, Athletics, Acrobatics, and such. He likes to climb trees and then leap down onto enemies from the tree branch in the beginning, but how should this be properly handled? According to rules, he should ta...

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4:01 AM
@BESW For me: Most of them!
4:23 AM
@BESW Ooooh yes Sundown OMG so much. And Bell Songs and Balikbayan and The Fifth Season (I'm also impatient for it because OMG WAAAAAAAAAAAANT) and Pasion de Las Pasiones because I am a sucker for romance melodrama
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7:08 AM
Q: Does a Lich need spell books to relearn all spells after rejuvenating?

user23856If someone takes the phylactery of a Lich, and carries it off, and then someone else "kills" the Lich, it reappears near the phylactery. But if the Lich is basically a wizard, then wouldn't it have to relearn all the spells? In that case, if the spell books weren't around (the phylactery wasn't...

Q: Contradictory parts of D&D Beyond: which is official?

user10063If D&D Beyond is considered an official source, how do you figure which part is official when parts of the site contradict other parts? Example: the monster page for the gelatinous cube says: Senses Blindsight 60 ft., Passive Perception 8 While the gelatinous cube's entry under Monster Sta...

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8:09 AM
Q: Can Counterspell be used to prevent a Mystic from using a Discipline?

Mick TheLickThe most recent version of the Unearthed Arcana Mystic (V3) can be found here. The way I read it RAW Counterspell has no effect on Psionic Disciplines but this seems extremely over powered and I find it difficult to believe that this is RAI. Can Counterspell be used to prevent a Mystic from usi...

8:44 AM
> I work here, btw. [image of D&D ampersand logo from WotC office]

It's been a few weeks, deciding whether I would go public. Then I found out that I'm the first Black person (or PoC in general) to be hired for narrative design.

I'm proud to be here. I have promises to fulfill. And I'm having fun doing so.
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7:02 PM
@trogdor I just realized that you made a "little mermaid" ref and I had in my head "Emperor's New Groove" ref. Good one, too. :-)
@nitsua60 This could get Hal killed, I think, somewhere in Chult ...
2 hours later…
8:47 PM
@KorvinStarmast lol
9:35 PM
it just seemed like the perfect reference
9:46 PM
@V2Blast Has anyone here mentioned the D&D Beyond article they wrote this week about Session 0? dndbeyond.com/posts/662-session-zero-a-foundation-for-greatness
It's pretty entry level compared to the discussion that happens in this chat, but putting that stuff out there on a platform like D&D Beyond is pretty cool.
(Also they call out an RPG.SE answer about Lines and Veils).
@RedRiderX Yeah, hiring DC was a great choice.

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