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1:21 AM
I think the enworld linking is somewhat successful, it's showing up in the analytics now.
4 hours later…
5:47 AM
cool, is that accessible only by moderators?
2 hours later…
7:39 AM
:1511 Yes
5 hours later…
1:07 PM
Good morning gamers!
1:44 PM
Good morning!
(Waiting for my carpool, so I may duck out quick...)
... and here I am ducking out...
Adam Dray
2:18 PM
Hey, everyone!
2:48 PM
:1520 Hi Adam, sorry I missed you ...
2 hours later…
4:55 PM
Q: Maid RPG: encouraging people to roleplay

Marcus DowningMaid RPG is fun, but when we try to play it with our group we find that we're a bit too British: we're not extroverted enough, and too easily embarrassed. We end up playing it more like paranoia: all trying not to reveal our cards or do anything risky. Short of alcohol, what would people suggest...

I am /so/ greatly amused we now have questions about this system.
shrugs to each their own
the site isn't medieval fantasy RPG, or polyhedral dice RPG, it's RPG
Oh, I'm not bashing it, but it's almost certainly esoteric.
/me has never heard of it
One of the answers covers the theme.
I believe it's a translation of a Japanese RPG. There's a mansion staffed by maid girls. That's the players role. Things happen in/around the mansion and it's the maids job to protect the master of the house. Intended to be utterly silly.
sounds like I would need a fair amount of alcohol to even consider that :)
5:02 PM
Jeez, what's next, a question about 'Sketch!'? That would also amuse me.
not familiar with that one
Wow, the maid question has two seemingly decent answers (says the guy with no maid experience)
Sketch was a very generic superhero game with a chargen system I found amusing. Start with a sheet of paper. Draw your hero. The book has tips that anyone can draw. Even if it's a stick figure with rocket boots. They gave some sample ideas too. Once you've drawn your character, you pass it to the left. That player distributes a pool of points to each of your stats (pool determeind by GM). When done, keep passing to the left until the sheet comes back. Your stats are the average.
There were some variant tips too, such as having each player write on a seperate sheet of paper, to prevent bias as the sheet goes around.
That sounds like fun, link?
It's been out of print for ages, I forgot who the publisher is.
I bought a copy for a friend and he does not know where it is.
Found it!
The actual publisher is long since gone.
5:09 PM
Can I order it from those guys?
I'm surprised you could google a generic term that quickly!
If you find a way to order it, let me know.
Q: How should we promote this site

C. RossHow should we promote this site, when we reach public beta. So the SEO team has come out with some specifics for how they could help promote. What is the best way to reach the RP community?

Can y'all think of any incremental things we could do? SE is willing to spend a little money, just not throw cons :-)
Found an ISBN, now we're cooking..
I am not a promotions expert. :( I would suggest trying to buy some ads on gaming blogs. I don't know how to go about that though.
5:15 PM
:1555 lol, you guys are dangerous; I love SE
it would need to be highly targetted
I got a badge for dnd4.0 today. Didn't know that was possible
0-9658422-9-0 I can't find a bloody copy anywhere.
yes, there are tag badges
Guess its my consolation for having no shot at the generalist badge :)
are there silver/gold beyond the bronze?
Generalist is ridiculously hard
5:20 PM
@CRoss have you been active on other SE's? You seem to have a good base of knowledge
:1563 Yes, look at Jon Skeet
10,000 answers? wow
hmmm...just noticed that it is 12:30 and I have a 1p meeting. Guess its gonna be a late lunch
6:03 PM
Ahh. University work. Boss is gone. Boss is DBA. Chancelor of university wants information by end of day. DBA is the only one who can make sense of data!
:1566 Kinda shocked there isn't a 'John Skeet' badge.
1,000,000 Rep - You now have access to time travel functions within Stack Overflow
at 500k, they might get him a real unicorn :-)
6:22 PM
So then at 1M, you get to make a wish?
Something like that
Thinking of rep as xp ...
Q: Would a "Level Bar" or other "Gaming" mods be of interest for the Gaming SE?

JestaAlright, so I'd like to offer up some of the modifications we've made on EpicAdvice.com to the Gaming SE if the community would be interested. Most of our modifications are pure Javascript modifications to the SE Engine (1.0) that should easily carry over to the new 2.0. The primary one, if the...

Doing that may simply encourage 'farming'.
Rep doesn't do that already?
and we don't have too many sheep around anyway ...
2 hours later…
8:50 PM
That game seems very popular recently ...
I've been reading through it at lunch all week.
is it d6?
It has some holes in it, as it's seriously upscaling the power balance they set for the other two game lines using the ruleset. It's d10 based.
what are the other two games?
Dark Heresy - You are a servant of the Inquisition, out to seek Heresy, Witchcraft, and Xenos wherever they may be. Usually you are sent to do the jobs they can't do without drawing attention to their status.
Rogue Trader - You and your crew are a part of a Rogue Trader ship, essentially a privateer of the Imperium of man. You travel beyond the known reaches of space to look for things that mankind might be able to use. You're above most forms of law, so long as you share your findings with the Imperium.
That one has some great rules for space combat, as everyone has to contribute to running the ship, not just the pilot.
8:56 PM
yeah as it should be ...
A rank 1 deathwatch marine equals an ascended (epic) Dark Heresy character or Rogue Trader character of 14,000xp. A Rogue Trader is equal to a (non-epic) Dark Heresy Character of 4,000xp.
I need to ask some questions about d20 future space combat
The double move action in d20 future space combat always got me.
Yes ...
:1594 Is that intentional?
The move action?
I'm not sure how they justify it.
8:58 PM
as far as d20 future space, I thought it was weak on several points ... the size issue was the biggest
Is the ruleset similar to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game that was released last year?
I don't like the fact they keep adding classes who are only useful in part of the adventure.
I picked that up, we played a couple times...seems pretty cool
d20 Apoc. had the road warrior, d20 future has the fighter pilot
If I run a story arc in d20 future where the party transport has to land on a planet and can't leave it for some time, the person who took the fighter pilot class is going to feel ripped off.
:1606 A little, but it's a prestige ... unless they spend all their feats on it they'll still be able to participate
and remember, characters get beau coup skill points
9:05 PM
While on the topic of Sci-Fi, I do like how Rogue Trader and a few bits of a Dark Heresy supplement discuss that using guns on a ship that would blow a hole in your hole is DUMB. So there are lots of melee weapon use, shotguns, and spray weapons (Fire, toxic goo)
I just assume that a) ship hulls are relatively sturdy, b) people load JHP, which reduces penetration
JHP wont' go through that much drywall for crying out loud
Well, Warhammer 40k is also home of the bolter, the exploding bullet standard. :D
Because everything is better when you're actually shooting tiny missiles.
lol, 40k is also Sci Fi and fantasy
Of course when Space Marines use bolters on a ship? They have self-contained suits. Ruptures are tactical advantages.
I am intrigued and also afraid of a firearms stack.
That site will lead to questions like "Is firequest.com/GT125.html really BATF legal?"
Perhaps ... questions of legality would be sticky
but just think about a firearms site without all the "Obama's gonna take your guns!!!"
without all the pointless arguments over .45 ACP vs 9mm
9:13 PM
And "Would using this: firequest.com/G12-027.html on a home intruder qualify for a police investigation as intent to kill?"
Yes. off topic.
But /do/ read the disturbing description of that exotic 12ga ammo.
it's just hollow core slugs
"Can I legally own a Calico M960?" Okay okay, I'm done.
alas, I'm headed home, be back on there
Catch you later

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