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6:24 AM
@lila Never heard of it, but it reminds me a lot of Bulgarian folk musik youtu.be/m31hj6lsN38
6:45 AM
Good morning o/
7 hours later…
1:39 PM
I have returned.
@JourneymanGeek journey i like that comment.
Its just everyone else is like "The bot isnt in the chat? Malfuncion?" and your like "....we have a bot?"
Ok, review my answers please. I added a source, and a truckload of information from the source. Thats good right? Because you guys said thats what answer contains.
and dont take that as aggression because it isnt.
please ;)
Regarding pets.stackexchange.com/q/31396, isn't there a custom 'Go see a vet' close reason now?
and hi lila
There is?
when did that come into effect?
@Sarov There is
I think it applies here
@Sarov under community specific reason
1:53 PM
When did this come into effect though?
Don't recall exactly when.
Man SE is just changing everything up right now.
Anyway, rather than answering, that question should be flagged as Needs Improvement->Community-Specific->Go see a vet, iirc.
well to be fair
1:54 PM
I think we discussed having it for a while, since we get a lot of questions that we cannot answer and only a vet could
I did add a source, and they do need to go see a vet
or their cat will be dead
I think a comment is enough for that, like Allison C did
Yeah; as a general rule on all SE stacks, don't answer low-quality/closeable questions.
@JosephCasey phoenixproductsco.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/… MSDS's are always useful in these cases.
@JosephCasey I don't take that as aggression, but your behavior is (and was) extremely demanding. We do not exist or visit this chat to follow your every whim and reaview your edits whenerver you feel like it. You've had your chance writing good answers. Constantly prompting us (and even pinging users) to read your old anwers is extremely tiring and I kindly ask you to stop.
1:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek Oh dang, cats should NOT eat that...
@Sarov more importantly, it tells you what first aid to take, while contacting a doctor
> Ingestion: Do NOT induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth out with
plenty of water. Consult a physician.
@Sarov that Q sets off my extremely fake alarm
Yeah, though I wonder if that will always be the same for non-humans.
@JosephCasey Haha actually this time it was not SE changing this, but we did it with Elmy the Moderator :D we announced it in the chat some time ago, then for making sure I made a post and it seems that until today nobody has even read it :D
Actually, is there a generalised question for poisoned mammals?
1:59 PM
A: "Go see veterinarians" as a close reason?

lilaNew custom close reason has been recently added to the list and is now accessible for use. It is available in the closure menu; please follow these steps to access it: "Close" "A community specific reason" "This problem needs direct veterinary care and cannot be reasonably solved via self-help a...

@motosubatsu Really? Why?
@Sarov the unnecessary repetition of the Full Product Name(TM), the "I don't understand this product because I'm male" schtick
I have to agree, smells fishy
@motosubatsu if your cat ate your girlfriend's dye... and you're pancing...
Maybe they are just trying to justify what happened
2:04 PM
Granted, I would be "Vet, google MSDS..."
@JourneymanGeek "Pancing"?
however its spelled
I am always amazed by people with the first instinct to post on the internet
I really do not know why they think it will help when the issue is time critical
@JourneymanGeek I googled images of the product. If you're panicking, there's no way you would read these exact words from the bottle and write them in a question
@Elmy Well, I'd take a photo...
But people are stupid under stress
2:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek Thousand times this. Plus, some people might not think it's as big an issue as it is, or don't trust vets, or the closest vet is an hour away so not their first choice...
@JourneymanGeek That's what I'm saying. Looking at the bottle, I read "Oreor Creme 30" and "L'Oreal" and "Developer Oxidant Revelador", but I'd never come up with "L'Oreal Paris Oreor 30 Volume Creme Developer"
@Elmy that's exactly what I googled up :D
I see what you mean
Yeah, that's sus
sorry just had to remove the notification.
Once pinged, you're pinged. Think before you ping
Ok guys what the heck do you want from me? I mean seriously if my answer on the 11 month old kitten isnt enough, then just ban me right now because then i dont think ill ever be enough for you guys...
..I didnt earn 539 rep just to be downgraded by people with a higher rep than me. You guys arent my boss, I am in charge of my own life, ok? You guys are really starting to tick me off because i am trying right now and you guys just downvote, downvote, downvote. Thats all you guys do and you dont try and give me examples of how to make my questions better. If you guys want me or anyone else to improve, then let us improve without downvoting our every answer.
One more time and im out.
2:25 PM
There is a comment on that answer explaining the downvotes
"Just copying and pasting a random chunk of a website that was found by googling the question title doesn't necessarily help" isnt helping at all.
@JosephCasey calming down would be a start.
Im || this close to making my LoA note on meta.
Journey i have been nothing but calm until i got 2 downvotes 5 minutes after i post my answer.
@JosephCasey Which shows that you're not calm now. Hence, 'calming down would be a start'.
Im almost done with you guys. Apparently you guys forgot how hard it is to make 500 rep because you guys are 1K+. So please, understand this. I am trying and you guys downvoting is not helping in fact it is actually discouraging people from answering questions.
And to have it all flushed by downvotes is not helpful at all
Im going for today.
Good day.
2:32 PM
@JosephCasey That's... kind of the point. One of the two reasons for the existence of downvoting is to discourage low-quality posts.
2:45 PM
@JourneymanGeek My first guess on anything is ALWAYS "call the vet immediately," and never "Let's google around for places to ask pet questions and then ask a question there and then wait for a bunch of strangers who probably have no qualifications to answer the question while my pet potentially suffers"
@AllisonC Yeah, vet first
but having detailed info on hand is useful
I rushed off to the vet once because of "pink vomit with bits of foam in it." (Turned out the darn cat had chewed something with a lot of pink dye in it, ate spilled Captain Crunch cereal, and then puked from the sugar overload, the little jerk... but at least he wasn't bleeding internally and eating pieces of foam.)
@JourneymanGeek very true! I'd go personally with "grab the package and toss it in the car with the cat on the way to the vet, maybe have someone else google up the MSDS while I drive," but that's me :)
@AllisonC I don't drive
@JourneymanGeek one of my housemates is in the same boat so tends to approach things maybe a little more calmly than I do
(I drove the other one to the vet a while back for an emergency when his car was in the shop at the time... sadly the dog didn't make it but she got a fighting chance.)
I think the few times we did that, parentals fed ash something that didn't agree with him
3:05 PM
Many people seem to think that this is a place where qualified vets just wait to answer their questions for free
@Elmy sub vets with other things and...
that's a good description of the network :D
I mean, in many cases it's true. Look at SO. Qualified devs are just waiting to answer questions for free.
True, but a qualified tech geek maybe shouldn't replace a vet consultation. But that's exacactly what some people expect. I mean, in a way I can understand them, vets are expensive, but on the other hand, what in life is ever for free?
Death is suprisingly expensive
funerals, taxes...
3:12 PM
It can be. But it can also be free.
(and unlike dogs, you can't put granma in a large plastic bag and leave her for trash pick up)
(you can but there will be problems later)
cascets or cremations, a lot in a cemetry, you even have to pay for a piece of paper that certifies that X is actually dead...
You can actually legally do that in landed properties for pets but...
I can't imagine someone being that...
@Elmy yup
For the most part, vets will answer some basic questions over the phone for you for no cost, even if it's just the question of "how urgent is this?"
(I have a paid vet "subscription" where I can also do 24 hour vet chats to ask about concerns and free office visits... so thankfully I didn't pay for the jerk who ate the Captain Crunch to get an exam.)
Breaking up the cost can help a lot when it's an option
3:15 PM
"Breaking up"?
Instead of paying the full cost of each visit, paying a smaller amount per month
So I pay about $35/month per cat (give or take), and then when I take them in twice a year for an overall exam and get scheduled vaccinations, I don't pay at all at the visit. (And if I take them in for other things, I don't pay for the visit, just any extra tests or prescriptions.)
@JourneymanGeek Haha this is a little dark and reminds me of how I joke sometimes that if one day I get sick and die then no ambulance nor police would be involved, only a garbage truck will come to dispose of my remains :D
@lila So - there's 'proper' pet funerals - you book a slot, they have a 'little' cremation oven they load your ex-pet into and you pick him or her up in a urn a few hours later, or they'll dispose of it at sea...
One of my co workers was asking and she was like "Its pricy" ...
and the other option is... well, the trash
And she was "Nooooooo"
@JourneymanGeek Locally we have a pretty fancy pet cremation service that used to be a human one. So their system is "we do one pet at a time along with some additional services, then you're guaranteed the ashes are your pet only and not mixed with any others." Pretty pricey, but they're the one I used for my previous cat.
3:32 PM
Well, there's also the option to "leave your pet at the vet's office", but in reality they also have a special dumpster and your pet ends up in a "kadaver processing plant"
@Elmy oh so...
we kinda paniced
Ash passed on at night on my dad's lap (and he was... quite very dead so...)
I called the vet the moment they opened and asked them what to do
and the crematorium they suggested is the one they use in situations like this
I must admit I have no idea if you have to pay for the disposal of your pet... we buried our dog in the back yard, which is exactly what people are NOT supposed to do. Cremation is definitely the safer and cleaner solution, especially in urban areas
Worse than sky burial?
(that's for small animals. there was a seperate dog page)
@Sarov :But where are you going to find vultures this time of year?
Wolves also work.
Still technically considered sky burial.
Failing that, neighbours' pets!
3:41 PM
Sky burial is something specific
Urgs, should not have googled that... In Germany dead pets can be disposed of in the communal "animal body disposal" where it will be chopped up, sterialized and dried
in fact Pharsi funeral rites also include being eaten by vultures and... its not a sky burial
@Elmy No matter how diginified the passing, its still grim
and most people don't consider animals 'people'
I was taught that sky burial is basically just leaving the corpse out to be eaten by animals. It was practiced by Zoroastrians because they believed the carrion animals would cleanse the evil from the corpse.
Ah I think the Zorastrian thing is the tower of silence
Sky Burials are tibetian
3:43 PM
and If the pop history book I read as a kid is correct - fire is holy and they don't want to corrupt the earth with a corpse... so the vulture's like...
a way to get rid of the body without either
Yeah. They have 3 means of dealing with corpses, basically.
1) "Sky Burial" to cleanse it
2) Fire to cleanse it
3) Build a gigantic stone case to entirely and air-tightly enclose the corpse to seal the evil inside, and then bury that.
Because corpses are evil. Because only evil people die.
Somehow I find the idea of being eaten by vultures more applealing than being processed into carcas meal.
If you accumulate too much evil, it overwhelms you and you die.
"Daddy, why did grandma die?"
"Because she was evil."
Zoroastrianism is messed up.
Reminds me of medieval beds that were so short you had to sit in them. People in some regions thought that only dead people lie down, so if you sleep lying down (maybe because you're ill or weak) you invite death to take you
.... kinda like minbari beds being sloping :D
3 hours later…
6:33 PM
post deleted, thanks for reports
7:05 PM
7:18 PM
hi <*)>>><
@JacobB I am happy you finally got the grey medal for 250 first posts, you stopped for a while at the moment you were already close and I had small guilt trips about "stealing" too much first posts from other people.
7:31 PM
@Sarov By the way, I know that there is a method called "wet cremation" that involves dissolving corpses with strong alkaline solution as sodium hydroxide. It is more "environmental friendly" than normal cremation because it does not generate fumes; all that remains is green-brown liquid and proteinless bones which are esily crushed like chalk. But it is unpopular for people because the funeral is basically reduced to flushing one's remains down the sewer drain and it is seen...
... as not dignified enough for human bodies.
@lila Thanks! :D I didn't even notice that I had so many first post reviews until I saw the badge appear.
And I've been pretty busy lately, so I wasn't able to be on Pets SE as much, so there's no reason to feel guilty about "stealing" anything. :D
8:20 PM
@lila That's always been a strange subject, to me. We find things like that 'undignified'. Yet examine the polar opposite - where you taxidermy grandma and keep her in her favourite rocking chair in the living room. That would be 'creepy'. There's no real consistency. They're not just bones and meat so we can't flush them. But they're not people so we can't stick them in the living room.
And on that note, why is pet taxidermy opinion-based whether it's creepy or not, while human taxidermy is universally considered creepy?
@Sarov I think the opinion would largely correlate with 1: Do you regard pets as members of the family? and 2: Do you regard human taxidermy as creepy? (Because there are some strange people who surprisingly think that's okay.)
@Sarov For me also, it is interesting you brought up taxidermy as polar opposite, I would have said that polar opposite is mummification and burial in special building structures. Flushing down the drain is how we deal with 1st, 2nd and 3rd bodily excretions, so we (as humanity) would like to think we are more than that.
Okay but if you don't consider them family... why would you pay to have them taxidermied?
If you put Spot and Grandma on a similar level of "part of my family," then you're more likely to find taxidermy of Spot and Grandma both creepy (unless you're someone who should probably be on a watchlist). If you regard Spot as "just an animal," you're probably more likely to taxidermy them
@Sarov Misguidedness? "Oh, my kids liked the dog so let's keep him around."
(I'm in the "it's creepy" camp so I'm not really sure what might motivate them)
@lila I actually thought of mummification too but it muddied the point I was making so I didn't mention it. :P
...Wait 3rd?
8:27 PM
@Sarov Let me think, interesting question, but for now I see that beyond creepy/noncreepy, there are a lot of legal problems because you technically cannot own a human corpse like you would a pet corpse.
@Sarov v*mit :D
@lila Hm, good point.
Would blood be 4th?
@lila ...oh I was thinking something else
@AllisonC Do I want to know?
"flushing" is connected generally with "waste" though, so it does seem more disrespectful toward creatures
@Sarov Probably not! :D
There are too many excretions.
Though I can't imagine why anyone would want to flush e.g. sweat.
8:37 PM
@Sarov Haha maybe, but some diseases and disorders could cause blood to be included as a bonus with 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so referring to it via 4th would maybe complicate things? :D
The same could be said for 1 and 2 if you're a bird.
Oooh okay okay, if you are a fish then 1st is nonexistent because most fish don't metabolize ammonia any further into fancy compounds as urea or uric acid, they immediately excrete ammonia through gills.
And 3rd is nonexistent too, as far as I know even quite high animals as rabbits and rats are physically incapable of 3rd-ing.
"quite high"? XD
Rats don't generally need to. They can eat and digest almost anything.
Except arsenic.
8:41 PM
oh okay :D I meant "evolutionary high"
imagines rodents using a hookah
Oh oh did you know did you know that arsenic is actually essential micronutrient to rats and chickens?
Chicken meat is primary source of arsenic exposure in humans in some regions, I'm serious!
So rats need trace amounts of rat poison to live?
8:45 PM
@lila Oh cats will "3rd" all the time. XD (Dogs too, but cats can be particularly pukey with kibble--they eat it too fast, it swells in their stomach, they regurgitate it.)
@Sarov yes they do, and it is not the only rat poison that they require; vitamin D (as pure chemical compound) is also used as rat poison; but normally in nature, rats and chickens acquire arsenic via natural diet, not by ingesting rat poison; it is like saying that since iron is essential trace element, we need to eat small amounts of nails, knives and reinforcement bars.
@lila Wait you mean you don't go around saying that? :P
@Sarov There goes my plan for selling bags of sour cream and onion roofing nails
@AllisonC I know, I didn't include cats and dogs on purpose :D sorry I was not clear, I implicitly assumed rats to be lower than cats and dogs because they are smaller; but they are arguably more intelligent than both.
@Sarov Haha you reminded me of this man Michel Lotito who I still honestly do not know if he was legit, but he "Lotito's performances involved the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and other materials. He disassembled, cut up, and consumed items such as bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, and a Cessna 150, among other items. The Cessna 150 took roughly two years to be "eaten", from 1978 to 1980."
@AllisonC Random thought: I need to have a vendor selling 'Sour Cream and Ogre' chips in my tabletop game.
8:55 PM
@Sarov Yes. Yes you do. :D

The cat is making a statement about your fashion sense.
9:13 PM
I wish that user would actually answer the clarification question I asked... they seem fairly convinced "it's my cat being mad" and not willing to review the other (more likely) possibilities. :/
I guess I'll see if they finally added the clarification when I look back in tomorrow, I'm being told rather emphatically that it's time for kitty lunch.
Have fun.
10:04 PM
hey sorry for bumping closed question to front page
10:21 PM
My two +400 points bouncies will be expiring in 16 hours, if nobody posts answer they will be awarded to the highest score existing answers (Henders and Trond Hansen) even though these are not optimally what I was looking for, but I do not want the points to get wasted and disappear into thin air.
And yes, "bouncies" - placing them bounces the post to front page - hence, "bouncies" :D
10:57 PM
@lila Wait don't expired bounties go back to the bounty-placer?

I was curious so I asked vet.
Apparently, if cats have a problem with/don't like someone, they might pee on that person's clothes.

But sometimes, they find that they like it better than the litter box and it just becomes a habit to pee on clothes regardless of how they feel about the person.
@Elmy Nice! And I am a bit surprised, I assumed all people heard it at some point, this song was used as a sample in popular radio song from 2006 and it was playing all around, people had it set as their mobile phone ringtone, I remember I had a few months without Internet access at that time and once finally my mom agreed to sign to install Internet access again then this song was one of the first things I searched for :D
@Sarov No, there is no way to make the reputation go to bounty placer once it is placed, you can only give it to someone else. Moderators technically could cancel a bounty which makes reputation go back to the placer as if it never happened, but it is reserved only for cases where you made a mistake (placed bounty on the wrong question) and you need to ask for cancelling as soon as you placed it, if it is 6 days after then no moderator would help you to cancel that.
Maybe I could say "pretty please with sugar on top" and some moderator might cancel it for me? But I do not think it will work, moderators don't like me too much as it seems :D
On serious note: no I do not want to cancel them, it would be so low and cheap.
11:21 PM
@Sarov I have read a few months ago a man who was describing his cat and how she loved him, and how cats are best pets in the world. He was then describing one of his ex-girlfriends: at one time he had started dating a woman, it was bad from the start, they were arguing all the time and during the most violent argument that made them split, his cat afterwards urinated and took a dump in that woman's handbag :D

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