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12:02 PM
Q: Should "What is the best kind of pet to give as gift?" be converted to a community question then closed?

James JenkinsThere have been a number of comments and edits to the question What is the best kind of pet to give as gift? . It originated as a suggest by @JoshDM in chat a day or two before it was posted. We all seem to agree that it is important to have the answer here. How to write the question, has been...

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5:50 PM
Q: Can I put any other fish in with a male betta?

Ashley NunnI had a male betta fish for a long time, and was told by the people at the pet store that I could put in a pleco fish (aka an algae eater), because it would stay near the bottom. Since, he claimed, the betta would spend all his time near the top, the betta wouldn't notice the pleco and they would...

Q: How can I keep my cat from climbing on my desk?

Ashley NunnMy cat loves to climb on my desk at home. Problem is, he is constantly knocking things off (he broke a cup and a couple other things this week), and messing up stuff on my desk, bumping my monitors, etc. I have tried spraying him with water to get off my desk, I have tried scolding him, I have t...

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8:29 PM
Q: What is the best kind of pet to give as a gift?

James JenkinsI want to give someone a pet as a gift. I was thinking of making it a Christmas gift, but it could be a birthday gift if I don't find the right pet soon. I was wondering: Should I give them a pet as a gift? And if so, what kind of pet would be best? Would a dog, a cat, or maybe something el...

"Is there anything I should know or consider before giving a pet as a gift?" is the only part of that question that fits the standards of a decent question. The "Best" of anything is purely subjective and asking them there confuses the question.
8:45 PM
Q: Why do Vegans own dogs and cats?

Evan CarrollIf a dog has to eat meat to survive then why would someone who religiously abstains from meat have an animal that requires it to survive? Especially when they don't need said animal anymore than they need a t-bone steak. I've always wondered if this is a glaring inconsistency in their moral phi...

apropos of nothing, don't feed the trolls
@Beofett a good reminder.
The question is dumb in any event. There's no moral ambiguity; dogs and cats are carnivores and need to be, humans are omnivores and intellectually capable of making the decision. Vegans don't have an issue with animals eating animals.
@JohnCavan And even if they do (because I have seen people trying to say that you should put your cat on a vegan diet), we don't deal with personal philosophy in this sense.
@JohnCavan Any similarity of timing between my chat message and a ceiling cat announcement of a ridiculous question is purely coincidental :P
9:03 PM
/pile on :p
Q: Do turkeys pardoned by the U.S. President live on as pets?

James JenkinsToday (November 28, 2013) is Thanksgiving Day in America, and as a country we tend to eat a lot of turkeys on Thanksgiving. It is currently the custom for the U.S. President to give a Presidential Pardon to a turkey. The turkey's life is saved and it lives through the day. What really happen...

I am confused as to what is wrong with that question
Would simply adding "Could I pardon a turkey from a turkey farm and adopt it as pet?" Save it?
@CeilingCat That desk climbing cat.. One of our cats succesfully uninstalled Sims3 game yesterday. I have no idea how he got to the uninstall screen, but before I could fully read the confirmation promt, he took another step on keyboard and hit Enter, no less.
9:20 PM
@EsaPaulasto Thats talent.
1 hour later…
10:27 PM
This site is getting more and more weird.
@iKlsR Weird how? Care to elaborate? :)
11:01 PM
In PhotoSE site I have my name and points and some useful links (chat, meta, etc) on the left side of search box (up over the rest of page)
Is it a fault of my browser, or is this really missing from Pets.SE site?
I'm on my work computer, which has a pretty old version of IE browser.. might well be it is just acting up on meh.
11:32 PM
It should be there. Not sure why it isn't.
@AshleyNunn You see it on your page then? Or is it missing from you too?
11:58 PM
I see it fine.

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