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1:15 AM
@Randal'Thor they applied that retroactively as well, right? I got small bumps in rep on various sites at some point, I think because of that change. Since I tend to answer more than ask on most of the sites I'm actively on, they weren't huge bumps though.
@Randal'Thor I think what happens is that I start with a question, then start looking into the question to frame it properly, and in the (often minimal) research I do to try to make the question good, I end up finding the answer, and so never posting the question.
While it's broadly true that answers are more difficult to write than questions, I think there are some excellent questions as well, that merit all the rep and upvotes that a well-crafted deserves
1:29 AM
For instance, I think this question is terrific.
7 hours later…
8:36 AM
@verbose Yep. It did a lot of shaking up of the reputation leagues on various sites. For instance, on Puzzling where I have 200+ questions, I was overtaken in summer 2019 by someone who never posted a question. Then they did the rep recalc, I gained 10k, and he still hasn't re-overtaken me since then.
And yeah, far be it from me to underestimate the value of a good question! Just on average, more work usually goes into an answer than a question. There are exceptions, of course, like your Ant-Man question which contains more research and references than many answers on this site :-)
> Ver Bose: so good at SE posting that his questions contain more information than others' answers.
2 hours later…
10:12 AM
@Randal'Thor As always, you're just too kind.
10:26 AM
Did all you LotR fans see the news about the lawsuit filed in Texas against (I kid you not) every member of Congress elected in 2020, every state governor, and every state's Secretary of State, plus (for some reason) Mark Zuckerberg? The lawsuit asks that the court overturn the entire legislative branch and install stewards by analogy with what happened when Aragorn left Gondor kingless.
Here's the relevant footnote:
I read the entire filing, and I'm not entirely sure why they're suing Mark Zuckerberg. I mean, the man doesn't even exist
Well, I missed a step: overturn the legislative branch, which means the counting of electoral votes for Prez and Veep was illegitimate (since no legislative branch exists), which means Biden/Harris (who aren't parties to the lawsuit) aren't legitimately installed, hence the need for stewards.
Very cute.
10:56 AM
Q: Is Candide more noble than Cunégonde?

PierreThe Candide novel starts with: The old servants of the house suspected [Candide] to have been the son of the Baron's sister, by a very good sort of a gentleman of the neighborhood, whom that young lady refused to marry, because he could produce no more than threescore and eleven quarterings in h...

11:07 AM
@Bookworm Isn't it just that because his father is unknown/unacknowledged, he has no quarterings anyway?
@verbose It's not even an accurate summary of Tolkien — the kings of Gondor didn't "abandon the throne" as claimed, rather Eärnur was killed by the witch-king
11:29 AM
@GarethRees Oh dear, the entire suit is likely to be thrown out on a technicality because they got that minor detail wrong 😢
11:39 AM
H’m I wonder whether Aragorn is eligible to be President. Does anybody here know whether Viggo Mortensen had a Caesarean birth?
The Constitution says the President must be a natural born citizen
11:55 AM
@verbose What the actual heck. ROFL.
@verbose Who's Viggo Mortensen? This is Literature SE, Movies & TV is that way ---->
> Despair thy charm; and let the angel whom thou still hast served tell thee, Aragorn was from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd. Then yield thee, Nazgûl, and live to be the show and gaze o' the time: we'll have thee, as our rarer monsters are, painted on a pole, and underwrit, 'Here may you see the Witch-king.'
@Randal'Thor here goes:
I was Caesarean born too.
Me, I sprang fully accoutred from out my father’s forehead.
5 hours later…
5:15 PM
@Randal'Thor They should go back to a system where question upvotes are worth 10 rep points at the summer solictice, 5 rep points at the summer solictice, and intermediate values between them.
@b_jonas I guess one of those "summer"s should be "winter"?
oops, yes. 5 rep points at the winter solictice.
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
Q: Looking for the title and/or author of an older book... It was a book I read in the 90's, paperback, red cover, kind of racy for the times

Briana Chablis(I've italicized the things that I know are facts. the rest is possibly confabulated memories.) a. I read this book in the 90's, I don't remember the actual storyline. I do remember that the main character was a man and that there was mention of cocaine use and hookers. I remember this because I ...

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8:41 PM
Q: Faust on necromancy

Frode Alfson BjørdalAs a comment on a disaster, someone quoted orally in German from Faust and during the brief interval we had explained it like that one should be careful with calling upon bad spirits. The German verb "mahnen" was used. May someone be helpful in coming to terms with where and how this is expressed...

9:07 PM
Q: Did Gaiman and Pratchett troll an interviewer who thought they were religious fanatics?

Rand al'ThorTVTropes says: In real life: Gaiman and Pratchett did a radio interview when the book came out, and slowly realized that the interviewer wasn't aware that the book was fictional, and thought they were a couple of religious kooks writing about what they thought would be the real apocalypse. They ...

@Bookworm @Randal'Thor I found a transcript of an interview where the two spoke about that interview... would that be an answer?
@bobble Sure, that would at least confirm that it happened.
I did not expect to write a Lit answer today, but that question was a bit too tempting. Posted.
@bobble We might go HNQ with it too.
true, with the title alone
9:19 PM
+2 / +2 in less than 20 minutes and an interesting title.
should I try to drive friends into upvoting it? o_O
Let it go naturally where it will.
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11:37 PM
Q: In the Whiter Shade of Pale is the miller's tale a reference to the "Miller tale" in Chaucer's, "The Canterbury Tales?"

John SandsChaucer's The Miller's Tale in the Canterbury's Tales is a weird story about a older Miller, his young, beautiful wife who sleeps with a young Oxford student and a admiring young clergyman involved in a strange sexual relationship


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